Measles Are Marching Back Into Our Lives, And Here's A Real Reason Why

There are a lot of bloggers and personalities who are experts on giving their opinion but are not experts on presenting actual facts to back up their claims. So it’s often easy to misplace your trust in people who use their voices to be a personality but aren’t scientists. This video from “The Daily Show” addresses this phenomenon and makes a few digs at people who deny science facts across all political persuasions.

Watch it to the end, and if you like what you see, you may want to pass it to a friend who needs a little fact check.

Here are some time-stamped facts for you:

0:50 Infectious disease expert
Dr. Paul Offit (director, Vaccine Education Center) — the number of people choosing not to use vaccines is increasing, according to Forbes, Mother Jones, and PolicyMic.

1:21 Before vaccines, rubella caused 20,000 birth defects a year and measles infected millions.

1:34 Because of anti-vaxers, outbreaks started in
California, N.Y., and Oregon.

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HIV-Positive, Homeless, And Gay In New York At The Age Of 16? Give This Story A Listen.

This is a doozy of a listen. Although I haven’t been through any of the hardships that Jahlove Serrano has had to deal with, something about his life story is really accessible. Give it a spin.

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Seth Rogen Testifies Before Congress And Is Surprisingly Well-Received

Seth Rogen speaks candidly about his relationship with Alzheimer’s disease and what lawmakers need to do about Alzheimer’s education in America. As a bonus, his testimony is pretty funny.

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Why People In Other Countries Wouldn't Get The Premise Of 'Breaking Bad'

Some folks have called “Breaking Bad” the best show in the history of television, and speculation is already building around a possible return.

One thing’s for sure: The premise pretty much only made sense in this country.

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This Is What Happens When Kids Grow Up On Unlimited Access To Pornography

Not that surprising: Brains of the first generation of young men that grew up with unlimited access to Internet pornography are different from older generations. Very surprising: Their bodies are fighting back in a bizarrely ironic fashion.

Some highlights: [1:15]: How’s Internet porn any different than old-timey porn?
[3:21]: Hey, you got a real girl! Now what?
[3:44]: Experiment hits a snag after discovering single college-aged males that have never looked at online porn do not exist
[8:25]: Do you enjoy a little frisky digital action every one in awhile? Could this be happening to your brain?
[10:26]: The dramatic physical affects taking place to young men’s bodies that’s leading to a growing widespread abstinence from Internet pornography.

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'The Daily Show' Tries To Report On Obamacare As If It Were Fox News. This Is The Result.

We’ve all heard a lot about the disaster that would follow the Affordable Care Act, so “The Daily Show” decided to follow up — you know, just to make sure everything hasn’t gone to hell under our noses.

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FALSE, 4 Pinocchios: Brit Hume truth-BOMBS Kamala Harris and her pre-existing conditions LIE

For weeks, Kamala Harris has been perpetuating a lie about the number of Americans with pre-existing conditions. She has been fact-checked and corrected many times and yet she continues to push this falsehood because it makes the GOP look like big ol’ puppy kickers.

Seems Brit Hume has had enough:

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