This Woman With Breast Cancer Already Has It Rough, But Then Was Humiliated By TSA

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents are very important when it comes to flight safety, but some have been known to take security measures way too far.

One recent incident left a radio host and mom with breast cancer feeling violated and completely humiliated. When Denise Albert was traveling through Los Angeles International Airport on December 4, she received terrible and insensitive treatment at the hands of two agents who repeatedly ignored the fact that she had special items to carry on board because of her illness.

The co-host of SiriusXM radio show “The Moms” was pulled aside by TSA agents after informing them about the medical cream she needed in her bag.

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Despite the fact that she is a Pre-Check passenger, meaning that she should get faster screenings without having to remove her shoes, they made her take them off anyway. Her feet were covered in sores from her cancer treatments, which prevented her from standing for long.

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Millions Of Women Experience Postpartum Depression, But This Woman Had It Far Worse

As many as one in seven women experience postpartum depression and anxiety. Common symptoms include uncontrollable crying, exhaustion, and loneliness, but what young mom Holly York experienced is way worse.

Holly and her husband, Adam, were ecstatic to be pregnant and welcomed their baby boy Leo on September 6, 2016 with open arms. The birth went well and the baby was healthy. Everything appeared to be just fine.

But everything wasn’t fine. For the next nine days, York never slept. She whizzed around the house, cleaning, cooking, and talking a mile a minute to her husband.

The new mom told The Sun that her nonstop energy reminded her of the Hollywood film “Limitless.” She said, “I was running around the house saying ‘I’m limitless, I’m limitless.’ I literally thought I was Bradley Cooper. I felt like I had taken a drug like ecstasy or something.”

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However, it wasn’t long before York’s lack of sleep began to catch up to her. She began to have visions of her own dead body and ordered her husband to remove anything dangerous from the house, including knives and tweezers.

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The once happy-go-lucky young woman didn’t want to harm her husband or son, but she was seriously considering killing herself. This wasn’t just postpartum depression. It was postpartum psychosis, a much rarer and more serious illness.

Dr. Kathryn Bundle, a consultant at Perinatal Psychiatrist Southmead’s Mother and Baby Centre explained the condition:

“Postpartum psychosis is a rare but severe mental health disorder, which usually occurs in the first few days or weeks after giving birth. The condition often has mood disturbance as a prominent feature, either manic (elated) mood, low mood, or sometimes a mixture of both high and low moods rapidly alternating. There may also be confusion and psychotic symptoms such as delusions, hallucinations, and muddled thinking.”

Disturbingly, both the birth center and emergency responders told York and her husband there was “nothing they could do.” The mom said, “They left me and Leo and Adam in the house together, alone, overnight. I kept saying ‘Am I dead or alive?’ and walking into the kitchen and seeing myself dead on the floor.”

Finally, 16 hours later, a psychiatrist showed up to take York and her baby to the hospital. After several days of taking anti-psychotic drugs, she was allowed to return home.

These days, York is feeling much better, but she still doesn’t understand why it took so long to get help or why doctors allowed her to leave in the first place.

She said, “It terrifies me and makes feel really sad because I just had a baby who I loved, and they could have taken all of that away from me. I will dedicate my life to making sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

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If you or someone you know is experiencing postpartum depression or psychosis, there is help available at PPD Moms. Call 1-800-PPD-MOMS. Most importantly, remember that you’re not fighting this battle by yourself.

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What Happens A Few Seconds Into This Video Is A Real Condition — And It’s Kind Of Terrifying

When you hear the word “narcolepsy,” you probably think of a slapstick punchline to a joke from a movie or sketch. But the reality of living with this sleep disorder is no laughing matter.

Sarah Elizabeth was recording a traditional Japanese dance tutorial when she accidentally captured what it’s really like to deal with this debilitating condition. She had been exerting herself for hours, which made the attack particularly intense. Combined with cataplexy, a condition that causes people to collapse after intense fits of laughter, Sarah’s narcolepsy makes her life so much harder.

Sarah hopes that the video helps others understand why this disorder is so terrible. Similar to epilepsy, she has no control over when the attacks happen, but she also doesn’t let this hold her back.

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Here’s Everything You Should Know About Those Dark Circles Under Your Eyes

I think most ladies would agree that under-eye circles are the absolute worst.

I mean seriously, theres nothing that will put a damper on your morning quite like waking up, looking in the mirror and discovering two gigantic, raccoon-esque rings under your eyes.

I mean, dont get me wrong; dark eyes look adorable on these little woodland creatures, but when it comes to people, those shadowy circleslookanything but chic.

Oftentimes, we blame our under-eye bags on not getting enough beauty rest.

But did you know those pesky creases under your peepers can be caused by a lot more thana lack of shut eye?

Yep, it turns out inadequate sleepis just one of the manythingsthat can keep your eyes from looking their best.

So before you curse yourbrightening cream ortoss yourfrozen spoons out of the window in a fit of rage, heres everything you need to know about those circles under your eyes and the best ways tofix them.

Whats the deal with dark circles?

Dark under-eye circles occur when light reflects off of the blood vessels beneath the surface of the skin and shows through the thin layer of skin around the eyes, known as theperiorbital area.

Fatigue is a common culprit.

When you dont get enough Zs, your body producescortisol to give you the energy you need to stay awake.

The release of cortisol causes all of your blood vessels, including the ones in your eyes, toenlarge, which makes the dark-colored vessels more apparent in the area beneath your eyes.

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And so are allergies.

Allergies cause inflammation in the blood vessels under the eyes. Oftentimes, the inflamed vesselspress against the thin skin of the eyes and make the skinappear darker.

Common symptom of allergiesincludes itchy, watery eyes, which often causes you to rub your eyes, damage the blood vessels and make the circles even worse.

But thats not all. Allergies can also result in blocked nasal passages, which cause the veins from the eyes and nose to dilate and become darker. This also contributes to the appearance of dark circlesunder your eyes.

If allergies are the issue, you can try taking an OTCantihistamine toalleviate some of thesymptoms or use a neti pot to clear your nasal passage and reduce congestion.

Your genetics can also be to blame.

There are a variety of hereditary conditions that can causecirclesbeneath your eyes.

If you are born with fair or relatively thinskin around the eyes, the blood beneath the skin willbe more visible, making thearea under your eyes darker.

People with darker skin tones are oftenprone toperiorbital hyperpigmentation, a condition in which the body produces more melanin in the skin around the eyes, thus giving theskin a deeper pigment.

Bags to the bone.

Sometimes, the circles under your eyes are caused by your bone structureinstead ofyour skin.

Deep tear troughs under the eyes can produce ashadowing effect that causes the skin under your eyes to look dark.

If youre looking to fix the problem, youre best bet is toeven out the under-eye area by getting dermal fillers.

Face Mask Hacks For That Summer Glow [LABS]

Youre so vein.

Are the bags under your eyes predominately blue? If the answer is yes, your blood vessels may be to blame.

Blue veins show through the transparent skin aroundyour eyes, which makes you look like you have dark bluish circles beneath your peepers.

If youre looking for a way to cure the blues, acolor-correcting concealershould do the trick.

Easy on the eyes.

Constantly rubbing your eyes will make dark circles even worse, sinceit causes the fragile blood vessels in your eyes to break and leak blood into the affected area.

In addition to damaging blood vessels, rubbing your eyes also creates friction on the skin, which canlead tohyperpigmentationof theskin aroundthe eyes.

To avoid this problem, stop rubbing your lids andmake sureyou are extra gentle when removing eye makeup.

It only getsworse with age.

As you age, your skin starts to become thinner and more translucent as it loses collagen. This makes theblood vessels beneath the skin become evenmore visible and makes the whole areaunder your eyes appear darker.

To combat the problem, you can use a collagen-building treatment, such as retinol cream and an eye serum that contains Vitamin C to brighten the skin.

Why You Shouldn’t Take A Power Nap Before Going Out [There’s No Place Like Home]

Makeup can make it even worse.

If you reach for your makeup bag ever timeyoure plagued with those pesky circles, you might actually be making your under-eye woes even worse.

Beauty products applied around the eyes can irritate the skin and cause allergic reactions, which worsens the circles.

So, if you notice that your newmascarais makingyou rub your eyes a lot, you might wantfind a different formula.

Protect your peepers.

Its no secret thatthe suns rayscan wreak havocyour skin, but did you know it can alsoexacerbate you under-eye issues? The skin around your eyes is incredibly thin and delicate, which makes it extremely susceptible to sun damage.

Sun exposurecan dilate blood vessels, which makes them more visible through the transparent skin under the eyes. Or, it can prompt your body to produce melanin, which makes the skin appear darker.

Therefore, its important to protect your under-eyes with SPF andwear shades as much as possible.

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How Yoga Can Help You Harness Gratitude In Life, According To 2 Instructors

From my experience, millennials seem to thrive on multitasking and hustling from one day to the next, and while I applaud our generation’s unyielding determination and drive, I think what a lot of us lack is balance. Blame it on social media or a cut-throat job market, but we’re constantly on the go, and while that might be necessary for our career paths or just to keep up with society in general, we rarely, if ever, pause for a moment and give thanks for the here, now, and what we’ve already been given in this life. An easy way to express our appreciation to both the universe and our individual selves is to practice yoga for gratitude.

I began practicing yoga as a coping mechanism for my anxiety. At first, the cultural aspect felt a little awkward for me, as a person who used to only go to the gym to exercise. I was coming from a world of barbells, HIIT cardio, loud pump-up music, and even louder crowds, where training was mostly about pushing your body to lift heavier and sprint faster.

Yoga, on the other hand, is equal parts body, mind, and spirit. The second you step onto the mat — be it on your living room floor or in a studio space — you’re not only engaging in graceful movements, but the practice itself becomes a lesson that focuses on how your energy is connected to the universe.

If I’ve learned anything from my yoga instructors and solo practices, it’s that when you put out love and gratitude into the universe, it all comes back to you.

In fact, there are actually specific yoga poses dedicated to inspiring gratitude.

In her book , certified Ayurvedic, holistic, and sports nutritionist Sahara Rose explains how the mind and body are interconnected, and that when you implement heart- and hip-opening poses into your flow, “you’re sending signals of gratitude to your mind.” She tells Elite Daily,

One of my favorites is wheel pose, called ‘urdhva dhanurasana’ in Sanskrit.

The wheel-pose, a heart-opener, allows you to express yourself openly to new opportunities and love. Any heart-opener requires vulnerability, which is essential for a gratitude practice. Through practicing this pose, you are saying to the universe, ‘Yes I am open to whatever you have in store for me and grateful for it all.’

Incorporate wheel pose into your own practice by lying on your back with bended knees, keeping your feet hip-width apart. From there, place your arms behind your head, palms pushing against the floor, fingertips facing your shoulders. Once you have the correct form, push up with your hands and feet, and move in a circular motion, like a wheel.

Yoga poses like this are designed to awaken the body, but they’re also developed with the intention of sparking emotions, and these sporadic moments of passionate emotion are nothing short of deliciously satisfying.

Power poses, especially, spark feelings of self-assurance.

I truly believe positivity is contagious and that a favorable mindset can change your entire perspective on the world, a specific situation, a person, or even yourself.

CNN reports that, according to a 2010 study performed by Harvard researchers, “power poses” that require you to sustain an open-body posture for two minutes or more “decrease cortisol and increase testosterone, a confidence-boosting hormone, for less anxiety and more self-assuredness.”

The first step to feeling grateful for your body, of course, involves self-love, but it’s also important to push your body to new heights, which is exactly what a yoga practice can do for you.

These practices can also encourage gratitude for the physical body.

As someone with a history of body dysmorphia and disordered eating habits, doing yoga once or a few times throughout the week has helped me come to terms with my mental illness by rebuilding a healthy relationship with my body.

Because there are no weights or machines involved in the practice, you really have to rely on the strength of your own body and trust that your legs, arms, and core are capable of bringing you into the next pose with grace.

Jamison Monroe, Jr., a yoga instructor and founder and CEO of Newport Academy, tells Elite Daily that yoga is particularly constructive for those who suffer from body image issues because there’s a sense of “coming home to your body” that cultivates feelings of gratitude, self-awareness, and above all, self-acceptance.

Positive affirmations, or mantras, are ways to express those feelings of gratitude and appreciation for both ourselves and the universe.

Oftentimes at the beginning, tail end, or even threaded into the content of a class, yoga instructors will have their students repeat either a word or phrase in Sanskrit (one of the ancient languages of India used during yoga practices) or their native tongue to spread positive thoughts and feelings of gratitude.

In exercise, it’s easy to lose yourself in the physical motions and aspire to perfect each movement or pose. So taking the time for these little moments of reflection can help remind you why you’re practicing in the first place.

Monroe tells Elite Daily,

A simple mudra (hand gesture), such as Anjali mudra — hands in prayer position at the heart center — can increase our sense of connectedness with ourselves and with the world around us, which catalyzes gratitude.

There are also specific Sanskrit mantras designed to help cultivate an attitude of gratitude, such as ‘Kritajna Hum’ (I am gratitude) and ‘Dhanya Vad’ (I feel gratitude). Repeating these mantras helps us focus on the quality of gratitude.

The language and mantras woven into each practice are really what makes yoga less of a program and more of a lifestyle. You might not be able to drop into a down dog at any given moment of the day, but you can take a few minutes — even seconds — to acknowledge words of positivity and gratitude.

Above all else, the happier you are, the more grateful you’re bound to feel.

Because I’m so hyper-focused during each practice, my resting b*tch face is all too real. But the truth is, unless I’m struggling to master a pose, I’m genuinely having a blast when I do yoga. And while I’m a firm believer that there is good in aspects of life, that there’s always light hidden among the darkness, there’s no denying that when you feel happy, you’re more grateful about what you have in this life.

There are so many awesome, complex movements in yoga that can make your practice feel more like training rather than a spiritual session. But if you drop the pressure, all that’s left is free, therapeutic movement that can feel almost childlike.

Writer and happiness coach Silvia Mordini explained on Do You Yoga,

Often the biggest mistake we make as yoga students is taking the yoga too seriously.

This makes yoga harder than it should be and is counterproductive. There are benefits to digging deeper and striving [for] our best, but the way we practice doesn’t need to create more tension.

Happiness in, happiness out. There are so many ways that practicing yoga can inspire gratitude both on and off the mat. Find your way, get into something comfy, and stay thankful for the universe, for loved ones, and for your individual self.


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Soon We’ll All Probably Be Getting Birth Control From Apps Instead Of Doctors

In today’s world, if you own a smartphone, you can order just about anything from the palm of your hand. You have access to thousands of apps that let you read the news, pay your bills and put in an order at Starbucks andskip the line without ever pausing your music.

And now, apps are available to help you get your birth control without even stepping into a doctor’s office.

Apps like Lemonaid, Nurx and Maven, which have gained traction fairly subtly and largely through word of mouth, have made it possible toorder birth control straight to a nearby pharmacy or even your home address.

Each app has a different process, but generally, they require patients to fill out a questionnaire or provide their answers in video form. From there, a doctor or pharmacist reviews the provided information and can get birth control to the person rather quickly.

This is amazing news because, let’s be honest, going onbirth control for the first time can be turned into a bigger deal than it actually is. The more access young women have to birth control, the less likely unwanted pregnancies are going to happen.

These apps provide even more access to birth control to women who might struggle with getting it in the first place or dread asking their doctors about contraceptives at all. The convenience of using these apps also eliminates the procrastination we all practicewhen it comes to setting up doctor appointments.

At first, some women who discovered the apps were skeptical— how could an app collect all the necessary information that comes with prescribing birth control? Lemonaid, for example, only requires that patients pay $15 to have a doctor review the information they provide to thengive access to birth control.

Many have come to trust the apps, however, probably because the benefits seem to outweigh the concerns: Apps make the whole birth control process quick and painless at an affordable price.

Healthcare providers are obviously tuning into what Gen-Y needs in terms of accessibility to important health concerns, as well as trying out new ways to work around the political contention usually associated with women’s reproductive health matters.

More companies are likely to follow suit, making birth control more accessible than ever.

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How The CIA Is Kind Of Like A Psychic

From the Central Intelligence Agency’s World Factbook, here’s a chart that measures the life expectancy in every country on the planet. Spoiler alert: The U.S. doesn’t do so well. In fact, citizens of Greece, Spain, Japan, Italy, Canada, and 45 other countries live longer than Americans. It’s kind of like the World Cup, but way more depressing.

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YouTuber Gets Hit By A Drunk Driver In Thailand And Vlogs About His Recovery

Jacob Laukaitis did travel a lot during the last three years. In over 60 countries and tens of thousands miles on his bike he didn’t have one accident. And then he went over the street to get a foot massage in Thailand… After the horrible crash with a drunk driver he made an interesting video about his story. Glad to see you’re getting better, buddy!

“I was hit by a drunk driver while traveling in Thailand and ended up doing a $10,000 plastic surgery for which my insurance company didn’t want to pay. I couldn’t be happier I’m still alive and I cherish every single second of my life. I sincerely hope this video will inspire you to love more, smile more and be happy every single day. Life is beautiful!”

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5 Celebrities Who Swear By Apple Cider Vinegar And All Its Magical Benefits

Honestly, the benefits of apple cider vinegar remind me of Mary Poppins and the never-ending items stashed away in her purse they just keep coming.

Apparently, celebrities have been hip to the wonders of this vinegarelixirfor awhile now.

In case you’ve been asleep (which, is totally fine, I’m here to help), some of your favorite A-list celebs absolutely swear by this magical stuff.

And the best part is that each of them have found different ways to use apple cider vinegar(ACV), underlining all the amazing ways it can aid in overall health.

1.Katy Perry

Getty Images

The pop star has used apple cider vinegar all her life, and she’s even attributed it to why she’s never had to cancel a show due to health-related reasons.

She told,

I was drinking strange green juices and apple cider vinegar my whole childhood.

My mom made sure that whatever was put into my body was good for my body. I really am glad for that, even though it was disgusting.

2. Miranda Kerr

This Victoria Secret model told she loves to drizzles apple cider vinegar on her salads:

I always make a big salad with finely chopped fennel, cucumber, feta cheese, baby spinach, avocado, olive oils, and a dressing of macadamia oil, apple cider vinegar, and Bragg’s amino acids.

She also touted the excellence of ACV when it comes tomaintaining her gorgeous long locks:

Hair-wise, I love using coconut oil as a treatment and apple cider vinegar for shininess you put on a little bit in the shower as a rinse, and then wash it out.

It stinks a little, but then you use conditioner and the smell goes away. I’m obsessed with having clean hair.

I bet you thought a Victoria’s Secret model was all glamour, huh?

Kerr is living proof thatthe most glamorous looks can come from the most raw, organic, and fundamentally healthy lifestyles.

Take notes, people.

3. Scarlett Johansson

As for this gorgeous actress, she loves using apple cider vinegar in her skincare regimen.

She told,

A while back I started researching natural skincare.

If your skin is problematic or you’re having a lot of breakouts, [apple cider vinegar is]really healing. It’s a little bit stinky but if you’re not sleeping over at your boyfriend’s it’s really effective!

Good on you for lookin’ out for your SO there, Scarlett. Thanks for the tip, girl.

4. Megan Fox

Fox is all about using ACV to tame the symptoms of her PMS:

It just cleanses out your system entirely. It will get rid of, for women who retain water weight from your menstrual cycle and all that, it gets rid of it really fast.

The star told that she also tends to use apple cider vinegar to detox her body whenever she’s been on a sugar kick for too long.

I’ve been on a sugar kick for like 25 years, so should I just buy out the store, or?


Fergie has said she loves doing shots of apple cider vinegar:

I do vinegar shots. It has to be organic apple cider, unfiltered, two tablespoons. For some reason I’ve noticed a difference to my stomach.

Sounds a little gross, but if Fergie gives it a stamp of approval, it has to be *Fergalicious* right?!

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If You Think Talking About Sex Can Feel Taboo, See What These Pregnant Ladies Go Through

In the African nation of Malawi, expectant mothers are afraid that if they speak up about their pregnancies, someone might put a spell on their unborn children. So how do they learn about what’s going on with their bodies?

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