Watch This Little Girl Spread Love And Joy In A Grocery Store

Little kids don’t have the same hang-ups about talking to strangers that adults do. If we don’t know people, we typically pass them on the street without a second thought. While that might get us where we need to go a little bit faster, it also forces us to miss out on connecting with those around us.

We could learn a thing or two from this kind little girl. Joey is a one-year-old who takes time to greet everyone she meets instead of letting them pass like ships in the night.

Isn’t that the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? We can only hope that she keeps spreading joy in her community for many years to come.

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The Wedding Between A Nurse And ALS Patient Will Bring You To Tears.

When Adam met Hollie, she was his nurse at the hospital in Thousand Oaks, CA where he was receiving treatment for Lyme disease. Over the course of a year, they spent hours together, three days a week, during his treatment. During that year, the two fell deeply in love.

After kicking that disease, Adam spent more time with Hollie and her son Joshua. The couple even decided to take things to the next level by moving in together. Then, tragedy struck again: Adam was diagnosed with ALS. The prognosis of someone affected by the debilitating disease is grim. Each day is a fight against their deteriorating body. But, as Hollie explained, that never changed the way these two felt about each other.

“He tells me right then and there, ‘I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I want my last days seeing your face, kissing your lips, sleeping by your side. I understand if you don’t want this burden on you. But if you want me, I want to marry YOU. What do you say?’” 

She, of course, said yes.

While the disease took its toll on Adam, eventually forcing him into a wheelchair, they planned their perfect wedding day.

The outside ceremony and indoor reception were both free of any bumps in the road that could get in the way of Adam’s wheelchair.

“He whizzed by greeting everyone in his wheelchair upon each person’s entrance,” Hollie says.

Hollie remembers the whole day going perfectly, even though the awful disease was never far from their mind.

During their first dance, “In My Life” by The Beatles, Hollie sat on his lap with her arm around his neck while he rolled them in circles.

After the ceremony, her cousin surprised them with a hand painted sign to hang on the back of Adam’s chair.

After the wedding, Adam adopted Joshua (who only ever knew him as “dad”).

The newly minted family began their limited time together.

In October, 2013, Adam passed away.

But Hollie has no regerets. She remembers Adam’s strength and passion, how he would say, “I may have ALS, but God knows I’m going out with a BANG!”

(H/T: Elite Daily.)

Their incredible story is one of the truest examples of love conquering all, even in the face of such extreme adversity.

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When An Elderly Man Was Being Judged In A Restaurant, His Son Did The Best Thing

Being open-minded and accepting of others is easy when they are like you. But the moment you face a person who is truly different…that’s how you know if you are an open-minded person.

For example, take this moment an elderly father shared with his son…

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Hundreds Of People Surprise A Kid Who Built His Own Arcade But Never Got Customers

The tale of Caine’s Arcade is probably one of the most moving stories we’ve shared in a long time.

At the tender age of nine, an inspirational boy named Caine started building his own elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto parts store. After months of getting no customers, one stranger walked in and did something incredible.

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See how the man shocked Caine. I dare you not to tear up!

Caine’s Arcade isn’t exactly bustling with kids and gamers, since it’s in the front of his dad’s auto parts store.

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Inside, Caine proudly displays his numerous arcade machines and games that are all made out of cardboard. The nine-year-old even built his very own claw machine!

Caine takes his work seriously. He even made himself a staff shirt! As much as he loves his bright blue shirt, he only rocks it on weekends because he’s afraid he’ll be made fun of for wearing it to school.

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Caine has trouble getting customers because his dad does most of his business on eBay. When he told the kids at school about his arcade, they made fun of him.

But the little guy never gave up. One day, a man named Nirvan Mullick saw the arcade and was blown away. He spent a while playing and once he got home, he immediately went online and posted to social media. What followed left the little boy absolutely speechless.

Watch the entire heartwarming video below. Seriously, take 10 minutes out of your day for this. It’s well worth it!

Mullick’s video of strangers doing such a sweet thing for Caine went viral, and for good reason. People wanted so much to be a part of Caine’s success that a scholarship fund was started for the young boy that now has nearly $250,000 in donations. Those funds will help this industrious little boy excel later in life. He clearly has more than enough determination to make his dreams come true.

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This Kitten Was Seconds Away From A Horrible Death, But Then A Hero Saved The Day

Tony Miranda is in charge of sorting through thousands of cans, bottles, and bits of paper in a recycling center. He’s seen some odd items come down his conveyor belt, but he was shocked one day when he spotted a pink-nosed kitten among the debris heading into the compactor. He quickly scooped the tiny kitten out of the trash. The poor thing was seconds away from being crushed to death.

But after enduring that horrible ordeal, the kitty received the best holiday gift of all — a loving home!

It’s a good thing Miranda was so attentive on the job that day. If he hadn’t been so vigilant, this kitten’s story would’ve had a heartbreaking ending.

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After Losing His Wife Of 63 Years, This Man Received The Sweetest Surprise.

After a long and loving marriage of 63 years, this Belgian grandfather lost his wife to a disease. If that wasn’t enough heartbreak, he also lost his dog four months earlier.

To bring some new love and happiness into his life, his family decided to surprise him with a cute puppy to take care of and keep him company. Watch the very emotional video below, and have the tissues ready, you’ll need them!

(Source: Davy Vanhaesendonck)

What a beautiful family moment that was, I hope this gentleman will have many happy moments with his new little friend.

Share this heart-warming video with your friends and family below.

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Miracle Happens When Woman Is Taken Off Life Support And Whispers To Her Husband

No family wants to be left with the difficult decision to pull the plug on a cherished loved one.

When a person falls into a coma and remains unresponsive for days, or even weeks, there’s often not much more doctors can do. In most cases, the life support machine is the only thing keeping the person alive, and even still the quality of life isn’t where it should be. It is in this moment that every family’s nightmare becomes a reality. Do you keep them hooked up to the machines and keep the faith, or do you pull the plug and prepare for the worst?

The Pellettiere-Swapp family was tasked with this difficult decision when their loved one made a miraculous recovery.

Steven Pellettiere-Swapp came home one day to find his 45-year-old mother, Lyndee, unconscious and unresponsive. The woman had slipped into a coma, but was not pronounced brain dead.

Read More: Her Condition Is Hard To Diagnose And The Symptoms Can Be Absolutely Debilitating

After 12 heartbreaking days, doctors stressed to the family that it would be in their best interest to consider taking their mother off life support. Honoring the woman’s wishes of being an organ donor, the family made the decision to pull the plug in hopes that her organs would one day save someone else.

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This Dog And Tiny Baby Make The Cutest Music Together — This Is Too Funny!

I learned how to play the piano when I was little, but I never had such a devoted sidekick to sing along with my tunes.

Occasionally, I was graced by a violin, but the sweet sounds that are created when these two cuties come together is unmatched.

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As the little girl in the video below hits the keys on her trusty piano, her beautiful boxer seems to want to add his own input to the song. Just watch — you’re bound to instantly fall in love.

What a beautiful moment between these two best friends.

I bet it won’t be long until they are taking center stage at some big concert hall!

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Amazing: This Man Agreed To Be In His Friends Flash Mob Proposal, Even Though Its For The Girl Hes Secretly In Love With

Wow. This is the most incredible video youll watch all day. Check it out!

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3-Year-Old Girl Joins Man She Thinks Is Santa So He Doesn’t Eat Alone (Video)


Undoubtedly the best characteristic children have is their naivety: They’re too young to be jaded by life, and they appreciate everything with an honest, wide-eyed innocence.

One little girl proved this all too well when she joined a Santa Claus look-alike during his solo breakfast.

Three-year-old Gracie Lynn Wilson from Evansville, IN, was at a Bob Evans diner with her mother when she spotted a round, jolly-looking man enter the restaurant.

With a great white beard, red pants, suspenders and a holiday-themed shirt, the man — later identified as the Eastland Mall’s Santa impersonator — looked exactly like Saint Nick.

When Gracie noticed the man was eating his meal alone, she joined him at his table for some conversation.

The little girl apparently didn’t even ask him for anything; she just sought to keep him company.

“Santa” later told reporters from WFIE News that he thinks Gracie is “quite a special young lady.”

The photos of the encounter have been shared all over the Internet, melting hearts everywhere.

Even though he’s not the real Santa, we have a feeling this little girl will be having a very special Christmas.

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