Note to baby from Hillary Clinton, ‘grandmother to us all,’ fills Amber Tamblyn’s heart like a diaper

According to CBS News, the under-looked news story in an Instagram post by actress Amber Tamblyn (“Inside Amy Schumer,” “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants”) was theunveiling of the name of her baby with husband David Cross a “humble-brag” on Tamblyn’s part, seeing as Hillary Clinton helped leakthe confidential info.

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‘Shocked, I tell you!’ Joan Walsh makes ‘least surprising endorsement ever’

Earlier this week, Joan Walsh bemoaned the use of “the generic male pronoun” by Dem politicians. It’s “jarring,” she said.

Well, today, shefought back against the sexist patriarchy with a stunningly bold move:

Wow. Who could’ve seen that one coming?

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Newspaper corrects ‘Love Trump’s Hate’ punctuation error

Embarrassing! The other day we joked that Hillary Clinton’s new “Love trumps hate” bumper sticker could be photoshopped to make it look like Hillary supporters“Love Trump’s hate,” but little did we know a major newspaper would make that very error in print.

From Canada’s Globe and Mail:

Although not everyone is on board with Hillary’s original “love trumps hate” message anyway. The DNC is actuallyselling pro-hate swag:

So it’s OK for Dems to hate Republicans? Good to know.

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‘Transparency!’ Christmas Eve brings ‘heavily redacted’ Benghazi email dump

Surely it’s just coincidence:

More from The Hill:

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI) released a handful of sensitive documents Thursday morning dealing with [terrorism] suspect Anwar al-Awlaki and the terrorist attacks in Benghazi, Libya.

The Christmas Eve document dump includes16 pagesof heavily blacked-out emails about the events surrounding the 2012 terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya, that killed for Americans.

The ODNI emails about Benghazi are heavily redacted and appear to contain little new information. A few of the emails discuss the drafting of a assessment of the threat level ahead of the attack, which was being prepared for Congress in the months after four Americans were killed in Benghazi.

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HA! Hillary’s description of her new role is nothing short of hilarious (Hint: ‘#TheStruggleIsReal’)

Since an election she says was lost in no small part because of James Comey and Wikileaks, Hillary Clinton now describes her role in society as this:

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Fusion asks if Clinton blew the question on her white privilege

We’re not suggesting it’s a rhetorical question; it just seems a bit odd that Fusion itself, which aired tonight’s Iowa Black and Brown Forum featuring the three Democratic candidates for president, would so soon after the event ask if one of the participants blew a question. As Twitchy pointed out, however, eagle-eyed journalists quickly observed that Hillary Clinton managed to totally evade answering preciselyhow she personally had benefitted from white privilege. “Where do I start?” wasn’t much of an answer.

Did her husband, the first black president, coach her on these questions?

The old white guy?

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‘Not very Constitutiony, is she?’ Hillary wants to ‘take back the 2nd Amendment’ from NRA ‘extremists’ –

Hillary Clinton is taking her “Val the bartender” show on the road today in New Hampshire today:

Hillary has joined those who are calling for the country to “act on gun violence,” and she’s got a fresh approach:

Instead of “get rid” of the 2nd Amendment, she wants to “take it back” from the NRA (who we didn’t know had it), and then possibly wipe it clean, like with a cloth or something.

No she isn’t.

That isn’t happening!

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‘No sh*t, SHERLOCK.’ Hillary’s brag about Bill not ‘tweeting’ problems as pres goes HILARIOUSLY wrong

Bill Clinton didn’t tweet about his problems in the White House, so brags his wife and two-time failed presidential candidate, Hillary.

Ya’ don’t say?

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‘There go the hard drives’: Fire reported at Bill and Hillary Clinton’s Chappaqua home

Bad news for Bill and Hillary Clinton today:

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Hillary Clinton says she respects role of guns in our culture

Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have traded paint a few times as they race toward the Democratic nomination, with democratic socialist Sanders consistently pushing Hillary Clinton to the right. The reliablyliberal Sanders seems to be all over the road when it comes to guns and gun control, though, giving Clinton some breathing room to talk guns during her visit to New Hampshire today.

Raise your hand if you can picture Hillary Clinton firing a gun.

For someone who reportedly respects the role of guns in American culture, Clinton hassaid in debates that Australian-style gun control(handgun confiscation) is “worth considering.”

That sounds like common sense gun control to us; keeping firearmslocked in a gun locker’s a good idea too.

These days, though, Hillary’s hunting for votes and most often seen shooting selfies.

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