Gelato Flowers Are A Thing Now, And It’s Better Than Flowers!

Everyone loves getting flowers, and everyone loves ice cream, right? Well, the good ice cream makers at i Creamy in Sydney, Australia, have married the two together to create the prettiest ice creams we’ve ever seen!

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Instead of your usual one-scoop-on-top-of-another style ice cream, the store creates its ice creams in the shape of flowers, which quite frankly, are too pretty to eat! How do they do it? Well, i Creamy co-owner Pichaporn Sapsittiporn told the Broadsheet “we do it petal by petal,” and revealed that she uses a shoehorned shape spatula to carve the flower petals from the tubs.

She then places the “petals” in the centre of a waffle cone, and builds a weave outwards until the cone looks like a flower. Or a kaleidoscope.

If the prettiness isn’t enough for you, the flavours are equally as exciting! “We are all Thai, so we wanted to develop Asian flavours,” Pichaporn continued. “You might find some bright orange Thai milk tea; black sesame; or white chocolate made with miso.”

Ice cream that’s pretty and with outrageously exciting flavours, c’mon, what’s not to love about this?

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