The Moment Deaf Woman Hears For First Time Will Warm Your Heart

The Moment Deaf Woman Hears For First Time Will Warm Your Heart

Joanne Milne suffers from Usher Syndrome, a rare disease that left her deaf since birth and even took her sight in her twenties. 

Thanks to the power of science, she has just regained some hearing with the help of a cochlear implant.

British news channel Birmingham Mail News posted the powerful moment, originally uploaded online by Joanne’s friend Tremayne Crossley, when she hears for the first time at the clinic, and naturally breaks down in tears. 

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He Couldnt Believe What God Was Telling Him to DoWhat Happened 2 Months Later FLOORED Me!

He almost ignored God because it seemed too outlandish, but then the “impossible” happened.

Eugene felt a tug from God that he was supposed to do something life-changing for a person in need, but the call seemed so outlandish that he continued to ignore it for about 2 months.

Finally, it became so pressing that he knew he needed tofollow through with what God was asking of him. He came across a video on social media of a man named Arthur who had been mugged, shot, and paralyzed. Despite his extreme hardship, Arthur had faith that one day he would walk again.

That’s when Eugene knew what he had to do. Hequit his job at a research company in Northern California to hike from the California/Mexico border to Canada. He took footage of his journey and raised money along the way foran $80,000 device designed to help Arthur walk.

The doctors thoughthe’d never walk again, but “with God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26). Watch howEugene finally helps Arthur achieve his dream, as the two grow from strangers to friends…to brothers.

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Dear Moms of Adopted Children, This Is Why I Recognize You from a Mile Away…

The thing is, I knew you right away. I recognize the fierce determination. The grit. The fight.

First, a quick note: I wrote this piece after reading an essaywritten by Lea Groverin the Huffiington Post,titled Dear Less-Than-Perfect Mom. The post by Lea was wonderful, and it made me think about us moms who foundour sweetbabies through adoption, and how we face unique challenges. I hope you enjoy it, whether you arethe parent of an adopted child or not.

Dear Mom of an Adopted Child,

I met you in adoption education class. I met you at the agency. I met you at my sons school. I met you online. I met you on purpose. I met you by accident.

It doesnt matter. The thing is, I knew you right away. I recognize the fierce determination. The grit. The fight. Because everything about what you have was a decision, and nothing about what you have was easy. You are the kind of woman who Makes.Things.Happen. After all, you made this happen, this family you have.

Maybe you prayed for it. Maybe you had to convince a partner it was the right thing. Maybe you did it alone. Maybe people told you to just be happy with what you had before. Maybe someone told you it simply wasnt in Gods plans for you to have a child, this child whose hair you now brush lightly from his face. Maybe someone warned you about what happened to their cousins neighbors friend. Maybe you ignored them.

Maybe you planned for it for years. Maybe an opportunity dropped into your lap. Maybe you depleted your life-savings for it. Maybe it was not your first choice. But maybe it was.

Regardless, I know you. And I see how you hold on so tight. Sometimes too tight. Because thats what we do, isnt it?

I know about all those books you read back then. The ones everyone reads about sleep patterns and cloth versus disposable, yes, but the extra ones, too. About dealing with attachment disorders, breast milk banks, babies born addicted to alcohol, cocaine, meth. About cognitive delays, language deficiencies. About counseling support services, tax and insurance issues, open adoption pros and cons, legal rights.

I know about the fingerprinting, the background checks, the credit reports, the interviews, the references. I know about the classes, so many classes. I know the frustration of the never-ending paperwork. The hours of going over finances, of having garage sales and bake sales and whatever-it-takes sales to raise money to afford it all.

I know how you never lost sight of what you wanted.

I know about the match call, the soaring of everything inside you to cloud-height, even higher. And then the tucking of that away because, well, these things fall through, you know.

Maybe you told your mother, a few close friends. Maybe you shouted it to the world. Maybe you allowed yourself to decorate a babys room, buy a car seat. Maybe you bought a soft blanket, just that one blanket, and held it to your cheek every night.

I know about your home visits. I know about your knuckles, cracked and bleeding, from cleaning every square inch of your home the night before. I know about you burning the coffee cake and trying tofix your mascara before the social worker rang the doorbell.

And I know about the followup visits, when you hadnt slept in three weeks because the baby had colic. I know how you wanted so badly to show that you had it all together, even though you were back to working more-than-full-time, maybe without maternity leave, without the family and casseroles and welcome-home balloons and plants.

And Ive seen you in foreign countries, strange lands, staying in dirty hotels, taking weeks away from work, struggling to understand whats being promised and whats not. Struggling to offer your love to a little one who is unsettled and afraid. Waiting, wishing, greeting, loving, flying, nesting, coming home.

Ive seen you down the street at the hospital when a baby was born, trying to figure out where you belong in the scene thats emerging. Ive seen your face as you hear a nurse whisper to the birthmother that she doesnt have to go through with this. Ive seen you trying so hard to give this birthmother all of your respect and patience and compassion in those momentswhile you bite your lip and close your eyes, not knowing if she will change her mind, if this has all been a dream coming to an abrupt end in a sterile environment. Not knowing if this is your time. Not knowing so much.

Ive seen you look down into a newborn infants eyes, wondering if hes really yours, wondering if you can quiet your mind and good sense long enough to give yourself over completely.

And then, to have the child in your arms, at home, that first night. His little fingers curled around yours. His warm heart beating against yours.

I know that bliss. The perfect, guarded, hopeful bliss.

I also know about you on adoption day. The nerves that morning, the judge, the formality, the relief, the joy. The letting out of a breath maybe you didnt even know you were holding for months. Months.

Ive seen you meet your childs birthparents and grandparentsweeksoryears down the road. Ive seen you share your child with strangers who have his nose, his smile people who love him because hes one of them. Ive seen you hold him in the evenings after those visits, when hes shaken and confused and really just wants a stuffed animal and to rest his head on your shoulder.

Ive seen you worry when your child brings home a family tree project from school. Or a request to bring in photos of him and his dad, so that the class can compare traits that are passed down, like blue eyes or square chins. I know you worry, because you can protect your child from a lot of things but you cant protect him from being different in a world so intent on celebrating sameness.

Ive seen you at the doctors office, filling out medical histories, leaving blanks, question marks, hoping the little blanks dont turn into big problems later on.

Ive seen you answer all of the tough questions, the questions that have to do with why, and love, and how much, and where, and who, and how come, mama? How come?

Ive seen you wonder how youll react the first time you hear the dreaded, Youre not my real mom. And Ive seen you smile softly in the face of that question, remaining calm and loving, until you lock yourself in the bathroom and muffle your soft cries with the sound of the shower.

Ive seen you cringe just a little when someone says your child is lucky to have you. Because you know with all your being it is the other way around.

But most of all, I want you to know that Ive seen you look into your childs eyes. And while you will never see a reflection of your own eyes there, you see something thats just as powerful: A reflection of your complete and unstoppable love for this person who grew in the midst of your tears and laughter, and who, if torn from you, would be like losing yourself.


Kathy Lynn Harris is a transparent writer whose greatest accomplishments to date include raising the worlds smartest and most beautiful little boy, marrying a handsome and funny husband who cooks up a mean taco, and adopting two untrainable golden retriever mixes who rack up so many food and vet bills she has to crowdfund them. Read more at her blog.


Article Name
Dear Moms of Adopted Children
Kathy Lynn Harris

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A Great Case For Why You Should Smile Back When Someone Smiles At You

Even if your dad only tells three jokes, you should laugh at them.

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Unmarried Woman Gets Flowers at WorkThen Her Office Finds Out About Her Husband …

A woman at the office saw them delivered to her desk. The name on the “From” tag left her speechless …

Kayla Miller shares a heartwarming story in a Facebook postbyLove What Mattersthat shows the true meaning of everlasting love. When she saw these flowers delivered to a fellow co-worker, it was like a movie scene clipped straight out of P.S. I Love You.

Her husband died two years ago, but the preparations he made to make sure his sweetheart would feel forever cherished will just melt you to pieces. Her post reads:

“I got to witness a real-life P.S. I Love You story. These flowers were delivered to work today for a lady I work with. They are from her husband who passed away two years ago. Every holiday/birthday since his passing she has been receiving flowers, presents and jewelry from him. Before he passed he lined all of this up for her so she wouldn’t feel alone on those days that would be the hardest to spend apart. I am sharing this story not only because it’s amazing and it warms my heart, but to show girls that true love is real. You don’t have to settle for someone because you think no one else will love you. You don’t have to put up with being cheated on or lied to or being talked down to. You are a prize to be won, and there is someone out there that will love you forever and even through the afterlife. I hope this brightens your day and P.S. I Love You.”

Photo courtesy of Kayla Miller

Well there you have itflower-petaled proof that true love doesn’t die with the body. How unbelievably sweet is that?! Be sure to share this with your friends if you wereas touched by this beautiful story as we were!

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She Says Hateful Things to Her New HusbandThen She Sees What He Wrote on Her Closet Mirror…

“I’ve said the cruelest most hateful words to my new husband.”

You know that feeling when life throws you a curveball, and then another, and another…and pretty soon it’s like you’ve got one of those batting cage pitching machines malfunctioning and flingingall kinds of crazy at you?

Well that’s exactly howImgur user mollywho was feeling. Her personal and professional life had hit a serious rough patch. She was fighting to move up at work, just got married (despite not being able to pay for the wedding), had a falling out with friends, had no family to turn toandthe one man she could turn to, she was pushing away.

“I’ve said the cruelest most hateful words to my new husband,” she said in her post.

Just when she thought she couldn’t go on any further, she flopped onto her bed in tears after a trip to San Francisco. But when she glanced up from her sobbing mess, her jaw dropped at the words written across her closet mirror:

She wrote, “I’ve been juggling a LOT lately. Trying to move up the (ahem) corporate latter. Just got married. Couldn’t afford a wedding. Family is sparse. Falling out with friends, yaddadyadda. But, the thing is, amidst all the struggle, my husband has relentlessly tried to cheer me up. I’ve not been the easiest person to deal with. In fact, sometimes I’ve said the cruelest most hateful words to my new husband. But he somehow forgives me every time. I have a long journey ahead of me, and I know he probably realizes I’m mentally ill. But he holds my hand, and he tries his best. Today when I came home from a trip to SF, I flopped onto my bed in tears. I looked to my left, and saw these words painted all across my mirror. I think he wanted me to remember how much he loves me. Because he knows how quickly I forget. He knows I struggle to see good in the world, and especially the good in myself. But here it is. A testament and gesture of his love…I needed it today…”

Though some of the adorable doting comments aren’t quite legible, just a quick glance at the top 5 is enough to make you blush.

  1. She is my best friend
  2. She never quits on herself or me
  3. She gives me time to work on my crazy projects
  4. She makes me laugh, every day
  5. She is gorgeous

And who cares if the Sharpie never comes off? That’s the kind of thing that can stand to be permanent anyway.

Brownie points galore for this gracious hubby who responded to bitterness with something Oh-so sweet. When he said, “for better or for worse,” this guy meant it.

That’sthe kind of Jesus-style graceevery marriage needs!

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People Rescue Dogs All The Time, But For This Woman, It Was The Other Way Around

Spend five minutes online and you’re bound to come across stories of humans saving animals in need.

They pull cats from dumpsters, puppies from boxes on the side of the road, and old dogs from painful lives spent on dirty street corners. They do important work for those who cannot do it for themselves — animals that rely on human kindness that will never come.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCBP_ATF’); });

But if you have a pet, you know that they do just as much saving. They do it every day. They curl up in our laps when we’re crying and run around like crazy when we’re laughing. They sit on the floor next to us when we’re too tired or too stressed or too sad to get up. Shannon Kopp knows that better than anyone. Had it not been for the love of shelter dogs, she may never have gotten up again.

The lifelong animal lover and accomplished writer dealt with more than her fair share of hard knocks growing up. Her dad, although a loving man, struggled with addiction. She dealt with a few demons herself, and those demons almost killed her.

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For years, Kopp fought an eating disorder that often left her feeling broken down and isolated. “My eight-year battle with bulimia started with a plan to lose some weight. Not to lose my teeth and hopes and dreams,” she writes.

But as the years wore on, that disorder slowly stole everything. In an effort to regain control, she saw therapists. She took medication. She spoke to strangers on hotlines across the country in an effort to feel grounded from where she sat, and sat, and sat next to the toilet that collected every meal when it came back up.

But all of that changed when she stepped into the San Diego Humane Society. Therapy never worked, prescriptions never helped, but shelter dogs saved her.

googletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display(‘VN_PG_DCI1_BTF’); });

In her words, “It was there, in dirty kennels and tiny rooms, that an unexpected and transformative kind of healing took place.”

“The anxious and broken person who walked into the kennel faded into the background, and in its place, there was simply an outpouring of love between a girl and a dog.”

As anyone who has ever suffered with emotional or psychological trauma will tell you, those wounds linger. But instead of making room in the pit of her stomach, Kopp now spends her days making room in her heart for the dogs that come into her life and change it forever.

Kopp wrote a book that pays due reverence to her struggles and celebrates her triumphs that rode in on the backs of shelter dogs.

To hear the rest of Shannon Kopp’s story, be sure to grab a copy of her book. For a front-row seat to her many adventures, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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A Comedian Silences A Room For 9 Minutes. It's Not An Awkward Silence.

Comedians spend years honing their stage persona, but when all-star comic Anthony Griffith tells the story of his life as a comedian and as a father, not even he can keep it together. To be honest, I couldn’t either when I watched this video. It’s so important to remember that the people we idolize aren’t the two-dimensional, easily digestible caricatures that we see of them in the media. I’ve seen some breakdowns before, and this was the first one that felt real.

At 0:56, he receives a phone call that will change his life forever. 
At 2:12, Griffith takes the stage and blacks out. 
At 3:04, he starts to tear up.

At 4:41, he describes the most bleak situation I’ve ever heard.

At 6:26, the doctors drops a serious bomb.

At 7:31, Griffith has his ‘Denzel Washington from Training Day’ moment.

At 8:33, the real truth comes out.

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Boyfriend Gives The Look as She Hops Under a Blanket With a Homeless Man5 Days Later, Hes So Glad She Did

They were stranded in a London train station at 2 a.m. on a freezing-cold night.

After a night out on the town, 22-year-old Charlotte Ellis and her boyfriend, Taylor Waldon, found themselves stranded on a train platform in London. It was about 2 a.m. and the couple had mixed up the train schedules, causing them to miss the final train home.

Facebook: Charlotte Ellis

The station wasnt scheduled to open for another four hours, and the couple was left waiting in below-freezing temperatures for a cab to arrive.

Thats when Charlotte heard an unexpected voice from behind her.

You can borrow my coat and duvet if you want? It’s a long wait and it’s freezing tonight.

The voice came from a young homeless man named Joey. He owned hardly anything, but offered the little he had to the stranded couple.

Charlotte didnt think twiceshe jumped right under the blanket as Taylor gave her the look.

You know, the one that youre already imagining in your head, because, who just goes and shares a blanket with a homeless man? Yep, Taylor was thinking it too.

Most people probably wouldnt accept such an offer, but Charlotte insists, There was something about [Joey] that was so sincere.

As the three of them chatted and got to know each other more, Charlottes mind was made up: Joey would come home with them. No one deserves to be out in these conditions, she writes in her Facebook post.

As the cab arrived, Joey declined, initially thinking that Charlotte was joking.But she refused to leave without him. It took Taylor explaining that hed never get his girlfriend home if Joey didnt come with them.

Of course Charlotte knew that her insistence to bring a young homeless man to her house would be met with mixed reactions by her parents and friends. She also knew shed likely be criticized for being so trusting. But as she writes in her Facebook post, she didnt care. I’m not saying that you should trust everyone you meet on a street corner, but who exactly should you trust?

Charlotte believes that as unsure as they may have felt about bringing Joey home, he must have been feeling similarly unsure. Faith in a positive outcome wasnt one-sided. Joey put all his trust into us. As much as we put all our trust into him.

After taking the cab home, Charlotte, Taylor and Joey spent more time getting to know each other, sharing stories about life, and becoming really good friends.

Before even having a shower or his first night in a bed for some time, Joey offered Taylor the coat off his back, as a token of gratitude for the young couples friendship and hospitality.

In my eyes this gift had such a powerful meaning behind it, more than any ever gift you could ever receive, shewrites.

Thats all it took. One night of building friendship and memories, and giving a homeless man a warm bed to sleep in, turned into so much more than anyone could have ever expected. Joey has continued to stay with Charlotte and Taylor, who clearly have no intentions for him to leave.

They introduced him to Charlottes family and their group of friends. As soon as [my mom] met him she understood why we had done what we had done. I knew she would understand.

Then they took Joey to get a haircut, gave him a phone and treated him to a warm meal. Some of their friends offered Joey clothes and spent time getting to know him as well. In just a few short days, Joey had become a part of their tribe.

(Pictured from left to right–Bradley Munro, Joey, Taylor Weldon) Facebook: Charlotte Ellis

For Charlotte, what may seem like a naive and irrational decision to others has turned out to be anything but.

Yes he was ‘homeless,’ she writes on Facebook, but after spending the past 5 days with Joey I despise even considering him as ‘homeless.’ Joey is our friend, and he was just down on luck.”

Charlotte and Taylors friendship, grace and trust was all it took for Joeys life to completely transform. In just five days he went from living on the streets in below-freezing temperatures to having a community that was committed to loving him and lifting him up.

The group of friends helped Joey land a job interview and a job in the same day.

…I can now confirm that he now has a job. IN 5 DAYS!!! Joey is now not living on the streets!!!!

She writes that becoming Joeys friend was easy because they just treated him as they would treat anyone else. We have faith in him, we help him. But more importantly we give him our time and friendship.

She says that sometimes all someone needs is someone to give them a little bit of their time. Someone to restore their faith in humanity.

Thats all that Joey needed, someone who would have faith in him and be the stepping stone he needed to get to a better place.

Charlotte says that Joey isnt the only one whose life has been transformed as a result of the unlikely friendship.

Joey is the most amazing, caring and incredible human that we have ever met, and I’m so blessed to of been a part of getting him off the streets.

Facebook: Charlotte Ellis

The young friends have now created a charity fund to help end homelessness.

Today we met the young couple whose random act of kindness changed one man’s life forever. Watch the heartwarming interview again below👇

Posted by This Morning on Tuesday, January 17, 2017



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