Neighbors Take in Dying Moms 3 KidsThen Strangers Invade Their Home With a Heart-Stopping Surprise

Try not to cryI dare you.

FOX5 Vegas – KVVU

If youre like most people, you probably wave to each other, maybe your kids are friends, or maybe you just know that they have a lot of different balls that somehow miss the fence and wind up in your yard.

Statistics estimate that nearly 35% of the U.S. population never speaks to their neighbors, and only about 17% actually interact with their neighbors one to two times weekly.

Tisha and Audrey were a similar reflection of these statistics. Some of their kids were very close, which ultimately brought them together as friendsmore than most neighbors.

Last year, Audrey knocked on Tishas door and asked if her 3 kids could spend the night. She had to go to the doctor for some tests in the morning. The kids were excited, and Tisha didnt think much of ithaving five children of her own already, three more wasnt much of a difference for her and her husband Kevin.

Those tests changed Tisha and Audreys families lives forever.

Audrey learned that she had stage 2 esophageal stomach cancer. The single mother of three asked Tisha and her husband to become their legal guardians. Without hesitation they said “yes.”

Audrey passed away quickly after that.

For Tisha, growing her family from 7 to 10 was a no-brainer. She had been raised in an orphanage, and didnt want these kids to endure anything she had to go through in the foster care system.

She and Kevinare now working on becoming foster parents so that they can be more than just legal guardians for Audreys kids. Tisha hopes this will protect them from being separated or passed around in the system.

The trouble is, their house isnt sufficient enough for the state to grant them permission to be foster parents. Two of the boys share a loft, which isnt considered a room because it needs a wall, and many of the other kids share beds. Tishas oldest kids are 16 and 18 years old. One sleeps on the couch recliner, and the other has a make-shift room with a futon off of the kitchen.

Las Vegas Fox 5 Surprise Squad showed up just before Christmas to be the family of tens guardian angels. With the help of the community, and various businesses who were willing to offer their services, the team sent the family to stay in a hotel for a week while they put up the needed wall.

Little did they know, the surprise squad was up to a lot more than just building a bedroom wall. The community donated money and items so that the familys house could be completely re-painted, have new carpets installed, all brand new furniture, and a bed for every single family member!

The transformation came as a complete shock to the family, who came home to a totally improved living space with new surprises around every corner.

And the blessings didnt stop there. Thanks totheir partnership with Albertsons, the Surprise Squad gifted the family with a full year of free groceries. They also financially supported Tishas oldest son with his goal of moving out, and the local Nissan dealership that partners up with the surprise squad, presented the family with a brand new 12-passenger vehicle!

Thanks to the surprise squad, this family was given the well-deserved tools and resources they need to keep moving forward.



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The Voice Performs Hallelujah Cover In Honor Of Sandy Hook Connecticut Shooting Massacre

The country, and much of the world, is still trying to comprehend the utter evil which took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on last Friday.

To honor the children and teachers slain in the unimaginable gun shooting massacre, The Voice performed a special tribute cover of Leanard Cohen’s timeless classic Hallelujah which already has over 1.9 million views

The video is further featured on Today, Yahoo, and HollywoodGossip.


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Why You’re Being Smart For Not Liking This Little Girl

Dear compassionate users of the Internets,

There’s a big fat Facebook fib flying around online that you should really know about.  If you ever see a post featuring a little girl with Down syndrome appealing to be Liked, ignore it!  The photograph was stolen from her family’s website by a cyber impersonator and is being posted all over the Internet to entice you to leave your Facebook address. 

What’s inspiring about this story, though, is that millions of people Liked the little girl and wrote some wonderful comments about her, not realizing that they were being duped. Check out one of the many versions of the fake posting below. It’s the Facebook scam that backfired in a great way.

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Ellen Surprises the Socks Off of This Deaf Mother When She Does THIS On Air!!

This deaf mom just thought she was sitting down for an interview, but watch what Ellen does next…

Sarah was born with defective DNA that stopped the hair in her middle ears from forming. Because of this, she spent 34 years not knowing what it’s like to hear.

From chirping birds, to thunder, to her own laugh and her husband’s snoreit was all foreign to her…until recently.

The procedure that allowed her to hear is nothing short of miraculous, but it’s also crazy expensive, $30,000-per-ear expensive.

Sarah and her husband couldn’t afford it by themselves, so Sarah’s mother-in-law Lari decided to cash in her retirement savings to help pay for Sarah to get one ear done. There was no insurance, so this was straight out-of-pocket.

Ellen was so moved by whatLari did that she invited the family on the show to share their story and give them a HUGE surprise! Watch this family’s reactions as Ellendoes what Ellen does best: Surprise the socks off of peoplewho deserve it most!!

And seethe tear-jerking video of Sarah hearing for the first time here (Warning: you’ll need some tissues for this one, if you haven’t already used up the whole box!):

Sarah has started towrite about her journey in her blog, In the world, but not of the world. She’sbeen through quite a tough and emotional ride, but she’s remained positive and thankful through it all.

In one post entitled “Thankfulness,” sheshares how grateful she is for the man who invented the device that has changed her life:“The one thing I always think of when people mention ‘being thankful’…..but certainly not the least. I’m continually thankful for the man who sat at his kitchen table 30+ years ago and drew up the design for the Esteem Implant I have.Sadly, he was killed in a car wreck before ever seeing the fruits of his labor.

She addedthat his daughters attempted to get the Esteem implant off the ground, but they couldn’t afford it.

They ended up selling the patent to their Father’s design, and after millions upon millions of dollars, much testing, research, blood, sweat, and tears spent…….the Esteem came to fruition, she added.“I met these ladies at a shareholder meeting and was brought to tears as they told me their father would’ve been so happy to see his device helping others like me.”

Sarah continues to live life to the fullest, choosing to hear all sorts of sound in full, blaring, living color. She even went to see rockband Megadeth!

“I recently got to spend a few days in Vegas thanks to Megadeth front man, Dave Mustaine,” she writes. “It was our first trip to Vegas, and my first rock concert. It was loud, but good!!! We were impressed with his guitar skills!!!”

We’re so happy for this inspirational young woman who refuses to take the little things for granted. We hope she continues to march to the beat of her own drum and hear her amazing laughter along the way!

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I Waited A While To Make Sure That This Is THE Best Nelson Mandela Tribute

I’m gonna trade you ALL of the official Nelson Mandela tributes for this one performance by 11-year-old Botlhale Boikanyo. The mini-poet blew away the judges of “SA’s Got Talent” over a year before Mandela died. Her delightful poem is way too good to stay hidden on the Internet, so press play and if you like it, share it.

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The Scariest Horror Film Of The Year Is Actually A Documentary

A nation of children worrying about how they’re going to help support their families has got to be a red flag. The American middle class is on the precipice of a pretty brutal reality.

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Pregnant Mom’s Heart Stops After Unusual HeadacheBut Her Husband Refuses the Doctors Orders

I couldn’t finish the text message, I couldn’t send it…”

Sasha Belcher and her husband Nathan were just glowing with excitementover the anticipation of welcoming their second child into the world. At 4 months along, the expectant mother was nearly halfway through the beautiful journey that would soon bear their brand new bundle of joy.

All signs indicated that she was happy, healthy, and stablebut one morning, a single piercing pain down the middle of her forehead changed everything.

Sasha had experienced migraines since she was about 11 years old, but something about this one was different. Concerned over his wife’s unusual headache, Nathan urged her to go to the hospital. Though the symptoms may not have seemed ER-worthy just yet, his intuition told him something was wrong.

And thank God, because his gut instinctwas dead on.

Photo Credit: Sasha Belcher

By the time they got to the hospital, Sarah was already unconscious, and her heart stopped just moments later. Before Nathan could even process what was happening, his wife was flown to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences where they immediately started emergency surgery.

They had already cut her hair, they had all the tubes in her, I was terrified out of my mind,” said Nathan. “I didn’t know what was going on.

He was informed that Sasha’s surgery was supposed to take approximately 8 hours, but just one hour into the procedure, doctors came out with gut-wrenchingnews. They spotted a tangle of burst blood vessels in her brain that had formed a 2-inch clot, and Sasha was too unstable to have it safely removed.

By medical standards, it was unreachable. Inoperable.

There was nothing more they could do.

But thankfully, God wasn’t finished yet.

The best the surgeons coulddo to alleviate pressure on the brain was to remove the fluid around the mass, but they had no hope left for her survival. They regretfully informed Nathan that his wife would likely not last through the night.

“I told them I didn’t think she would survive the night. I had done everything I could to help her, but the rest was up to God at that point,” said Sasha’s neurologist, Dr. Abla. I remember talking to people who were in my operating room that day who went home and criednurses in our operating roomafter this surgery.”

They tearfully told Nathan he needed to make the dreaded “call.”

It was time for friends and family to say their final goodbyes.

But Nathan just couldn’t do it. Sasha would survive against all odds. He knew it in his bones:

I couldn’t finish the text message, I couldn’t send it… Because it felt like, if I would have told them that my wife is dying, then that was me giving up on her.

Photo Credit: Sasha Belcher

Nathan couldn’t bear the thought of losing not only his wife, but his best friend.

“We met in tenth gradegeometry classshe told me I had horrible hair… She kind of gives me direction, she’s made me a much better person.”

Miraculously, Sasha survived whatthe doctors sworewould kill her. One week later, she went back in for one more operation.

“Just like the first time, they came back after an hour, we were terrified,” said Nathan. “The last time they did that they told us she wasn’t going to make it, but it was the polar opposite.”

Sasha bounced back remarkably and fully recovered.

Photo Credit: Sasha Belcher

However, her unborn son was still in peril after being without oxygen for so long.

Dr. Abla is convinced that this warrior mama bear’s will to live kept her and her baby fighting:

This is someone who definitely has a will to live, who subconsciously is thinking about her baby, as soon as she came around, you could tell that she was touching her stomach. You could tell this was someone who was fighting not only for her life, but for the life of her child…

Afew months later, the adorably perfectJack Grayson was born.

He suffered no ramifications fromhis mom’s recent health scare.
Photo Credit: Sasha Belcher

For the Belchers, this beautiful baby boy’s face will forever be their reminder of the saving hand of God and the sheer will of a mother to create living miracles.



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Nicest Good Samaritan Ever Helps Stranded Motorist On Highway

ButUncle Mulletis not most of us. The kind good Samaritan loves helping others and knows enough about cars to actually fix the problem. In this video, he,and many others kind strangers, helps a woman whose minivan broke down on the highway on an extremely hot day. We need more people like this guy.


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Deaf 26 Year Old Hears For First Time With Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implants are amazing, relatively new technology that gives certain hearing-impaired people the ability to hear in a very real sense by replacing the hair cells that do not work in the inner ear with special hardware. 

The Internet‘s viral video world was first introduced to the power of the implant when then-deaf Sarah Churman heard for the first time in an emotional viral video from 2011. That video currently stands with over 16 million views

Now Catherine Arnold‘s 26 year old deaf niece Amy has gone viral after this touching six month old video of her first experience with her new cochlear implant started making the round online this weekend. 

Amy has never heard her parents or her son before her implant and now she finally can hear her little six year old boy yell, “Hi mom!” 

Ironically, it’s the little things in life that we often take for granted that are the most magical.


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