I Love This Bollywood Star's Approach To Dealing With Questions About What Being Gay Means

It was a sad day for the LGBT community and activists worldwide when
the Supreme Court of India ruled to uphold Section 377 of the penal code,
which criminalizes homosexuality. Indians in India and abroad
opposed this ruling, which leaves many people in fear of
harassment and, worse, punishment by the law. I give Bollywood actor Imran Khan
a thumbs up for his clever answers and for helping to educate people
on what it means to be tolerant.

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When Hanging Out With A 9-Year-Old Tanzanian Boy Doesn’t Look Like A Feed The Children Campaign

For years, we’ve been guilted into opening our wallets. Finally, something different.

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When Women Are Able To Decide *When* To Have Kids, Look How The World Can Change

Thinking about how to help bring the world’s poorest people out of poverty can feel overwhelming. So overwhelming that for a lot of people, it’s more appealing to move on to less challenging problems with easier solutions. But here’s a basic solution we might want to consider, and it gets bonus points for being empowering, too.

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His DNA Was Shredded By 2 Atomic Bombs. So What Happened When He Had Kids?

Post-apocalyptic genetic mutants are one of our favorite ways of scaring ourselves. But this crazy story challenges some of our basic sci-fi assumptions about what happens to human DNA when it’s exposed to gamma rays. Cuz it’s not like some of us haven’t already lived through a nuclear bomb, right? What about two?! Yes, that really happened. Nothing stranger than real life, people. Listen in!

At 6:10, our hero starts a harrowing journey with a destination you won’t believe. The “second nightmare” starts at 10:00, but absolutely don’t miss the conclusion starting at 14:10. You will be so glad to hear it.

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I Once Had A Boss That Told Us, 'If You Get Fired, You're Firing Yourself'

My response? “Can I give myself a raise, then?” Something tells me that particular boss was about as clueless as the main guy in this clip from Australia.

Notes for non-Aussies:
At 0:55, “superannuation” means retirement funds, 401(k), etc. At 1:22, the “award system” is basically the same as our Fair Labor Standards Act, setting minimum wage, max hours worked per week, etc.

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Guess What, Ronald? The Folks Who Work For You Have Had Enough.

McDonald’s recently saw workers walking out and going on strike at hundreds of locations around the world. Here are some images and clips from those events; prepare to be inspired.

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You Should See What This Woman Sees Every Day. It's Gorgeous And Really Messed Up.

Forget all the politicians and corporations and talk shows playing tug-of-war in the “what climate change is and isn’t” game. This woman beats all of them. I’m joining her team.

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