Joyce Carol Oates suggests Bill Maher look into complexity of free speech issue before slamming Berkeley

Bill Maher exercises his freedom of speech a lot more than we’d like him to, but he’s dead-on in his assessment of the University of California, Berkeley, and its apparent inability to host “controversial” (i.e., conservative) speakers without being shamed into finding aspace safe enough to allow free expression on campus.

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Joyce Carol Oates: Slavery over for everybody except minimum wage workers!/JoyceCarolOates/status/406458678439444480

Author Joyce Carol Oates recently said that one day meat eating will be looked upon with as much disdain as slavery, and she’s now added “minimum wage jobs” to the enslavement list.!/notmydayjob/status/406536141416845312

Just a little.!/lachlan/status/408643562184507393

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