These Photographers Will Trick Your Taste Buds With Their Delicious Pictures.

I hope you aren’t hungry right now, but if you are… Well, you will probably change your mind when you imagine taking a big bite of one these tasty looking treats. Artists T.Q. Lee and Jessica Dance have incredible talent when it comes to creating food out of things you definitely don’t want to eat.

For Lee, he found inspiration in the vintage food photography he grew up with in the 80s with their brightly colored, picturesque portraits. However, he decided to take a different, “modern,” approach with this ingredient list. Dance created her woolly odes in collaboration with photographer David Sykes for their project, “The Comfort Food Series.” Take a look!

“Waxed Rolled Socks w/ Dirty Hot Shaving Cream”

“Lamb Burger”

“Brekky Bricks w/ a glass of Red Oxide Turpentine”

“Knit Dog”

“Bicycle Tyre Burger w/ Bendy Straws”

“Knitted Christmas Dinner”

“Hot Rubber Glove w/ a Suds Spider”

“Knitted Left Overs”

“Intercontinental Pizza w/ extra Currency”

“Knitted Full English”

“Teddy Bear Tacos w/ a Fishnet Dip”

“Triple Layer Mud Cake”

Actually, I’m still pretty hungry after looking at these. Maybe just one bite won’t hurt?

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Extremely Chunky Pet Beds Knit By Anna Mo

Anna Mo, whose

See more of Anna Mo’s work here

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This Rocking Chair Knits You a Hat as You Rock Back and Forth

At the École cantonale d’art de Lausanne’s (ECAL) low-tech factory, two graduate design students have built a whimsical rocking chair that knits you a hat as you rock back and forth.

Swiss designers Damien Ludi and Colin Peillex use a series of gears that are triggered by the rocking chair’s motion to knit the hat.

Low-Tech Factory is a project by ECAL. The university of art and design is based in Renens (in the urban area of Lausanne, Switzerland) and is affiliated to the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland.


ECAL Low Tech Factory
The Rocking-Knit, “Low-Tech Factory” by ECAL
YouTube: ECAL Low-Tech Factory / Rocking-Knit
My Modern Met: Ingenious Rocking Chair Knits a Hat for You as You Sway Back and Forth

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What One Woman Did For A Girl With Cancer Turned Into A Force For Good

When Holly Christensen heard that her friend’s young daughter had cancer, she felt helpless. Beyond offering comfort and support, what else could she do? But when she sat down and thought about everything that little girls lose while undergoing chemotherapy, she had an idea.

While remedying the symptom of hair loss might seem superficial, it can do wonders for a little girl’s spirit. That’s why she started The Magic Yarn Project.

This is two-year-old Lily, who was diagnosed with lymphoma. She completed this adorable princess look with a gorgeous Rapunzel wig.

While she’s beautiful and strong regardless of what her hair looks like…

…the smile that lights up her face when she wears this yarn wig is priceless.

It’s amazing what a little boost of confidence can do for morale!

Soon, mothers from around the nation with daughters who were diagnosed with cancer started asking if Christensen would make wigs for their little ones.

How could she say no? Making these fighters look like Disney princesses makes them feel special.

She started making as many wigs as she possibly could.

Eventually, she needed more help. That’s when these volunteers stepped in. They donate time and resources to this noble cause.

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You can contribute by making some beanies! They serve as bases for the wigs.

You can also donate a bit of money to help cover costs.

(via Bored Panda)

For updates on how this wonderful organization is doing, follow them on Facebook, and remember to donate! Even the smallest contribution can help these little girls smile. The strength to keep fighting is just as important as receiving the right medical care.

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