Kylie Jenner’s 2017 Met Gala Look Is Her Best Outfit Yet

I think its safe to say Kylie Jenner is the 19-year-old whos having the best week.

Shes got a new boyfriend (well, kinda-sorta-maybe) andshes going to the 2017 Met Gala.


Geez, when I was 19, I was trying to pass finals and get the attention of a junior engineering major.

My life was all about my college hoodie and a messy and oftentimes greasy bun along with clothes that carried a strong odor from the food inthe cafeteria, which usually undercooked or burnt.

But heres Kylie, getting all glam at fashions biggest event.

Ive got to hand it to her she is definitely winning. I bet the food at the eventis a notch up from what I used to have at Lockes Loft, too. That makes me even more jealous than this whole ~fashion~ thing.

But back to the 19-year-old who gets to go tothe Met for something other than a Saturday-afternoon stroll through the exhibits.

Here she is with her little tiny angel baby big sister hours before the big show.

Id just like to point out that were all rocking the same leggings right now, so that totally makes me fashionable.

And here she is arriving for the event.

I have to say, Im super impressed with this selection. She looks prettychic as opposed to Katy Perry who looks something.

This years theme was inspired byRei Kawakubo/Comme des Garons, a Japanese designer with a flare for the avant-garde.

Andrew Bolton, curator of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute talked toVogue about the designer and said, By inviting us to rethink fashion as a site of constant creation, recreation and hybridity, she has defined the aesthetics of our time.

All the more reason for Kylie to be at the event, right? Shes certainly defined some aesthetics of her own.

Do we need to get into our love for her coveted lipkit?

So whether its donning a sexy dress and blonde bob at the Met Gala,trying to toy with Tygas heart with an array of revenge Instagram posts or getting her own reality series as you do at 19 its definitely Kylies world and were just living in it.

Weve got to wonder whats in store for her sister Kenny, though.

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Kylie Jenner (Yes That Kylie Jenner) Just Made Her Rap Debut

Remember that time Kim Kardashian released a truly horrific single?

Here, let us refresh your memory:

Think that sounds bad? Just wait until you hear the new song her little sister Kylie Jenner is featured on.

The youngest Kardashian/Jenner sister surprised the music world on Wednesday by dropping a new track with Atlanta Rapper Lil Yachty and producerBurberry Perry.

The song, titled “Beautiful Day,” is a twist on the classic “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood’” theme song, so you know, not only is Kylie messing with music, she’s also messing with our childhoods.

Kylie performs on the track, which is included on Perry’s new self-titled EP, alongsideJustine Skye and Jordyn Woods. On it, Kylie simply talk/sings:

Jordyn, come on, I’ve never been on a song before! This is a f*cking

But then she does a synth-y:

It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood.

Sure, her part is small, but it’s enough to get the whole world talking.

Listen to the song for yourself and hear Kylie’s first (and hopefully last) musical performance below.

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This Tweet To Kylie Jenner Proves It’s Time To Shut Down The Kardashian Game

Must. Become. A List.

1. Basically everyone has lost their freakin’ minds playing this Kardashian game.

Basically everyone has lost their freakin' minds playing this Kardashian game.

View this image ›

Glu Mobile

2. And it looks like it isn’t just us either.

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Kylie Jenner Is In Hot Water For Appropriating This Hairstyle Again

Despite her many critics last time she donned cornrows, Kylie Jenner apparently hasn’t learned muchabout cultural appropriation.

On Thursday, the 18-year-old white reality star posted an Instagram selfie with her hair braided into cornrows, atraditionally African hairstyle.

Many of African descent consider cornrows to be an important symbol of their culture.

Thatis why many also consider Kylie in cornrows to be “cultural appropriation” she appropriated, or took, this important piece of culture for her own.

This is not the first time Kylie’s claimed the hairstyle under the Jenner name.

Almost a year ago, she posted a nearly identical Instagram and received criticism for her cultural appropriation.

In the comments of that Instagram post, criticssuch as actress Amandla Stenberg explained it was not the hair itself that was problematic.

Instead, it is the idea of white women picking and choosing pieces of black culture to take without supporting or acknowledging the black women in their struggle against racism.

Apparently, Kylie was not affected by thecriticism she faced from Amandla and many other black activists at the time.

Once again, people have taken to Twitter to express their concerns.

At this point, it seems Kylie just doesn’t care what black women and other activists of color think and feel. Sigh.

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Kylie Jenner Also Appears In Her Sister Kendall’s September Vogue Issue

If you thought Kendall Jenner was the only member of theKardashian-Jenner squad to appear in Vogue’s September issue, think again.

The family recently celebrated Kendall Jenner’s Vogue cover story with a special video congratulating the 20-year-old star.

Everyone from Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian to Khlo and Ryan Seacrest appeared in the video. Check it out.

What people didn’t realize is that Kendall’s younger sister Kylie Jenner also appeared in the September issue with her.

According to Entertainment Tonight, 19-year-old Kylie appeared in the issue where she modeled breathtaking fall looks for a segment called “Fall’s New Look: 8 Rising Stars in the Season’s Freshest Styles.”

Now, Kylie wasn’t sporting one of her usual ‘fits you might see on her Instagram or Snapchat accounts. Instead, she modeled a sleek Gucci dress, which featured mink cuffs and gold embroidery along its collar.

In addition to the dress, which is pretty conservative compared to Kylie Jenner’s usual style, she topped off the outfit minimally with a single Cartier bracelet.

The description reads,

Kylie Jenner wears the sort of Gucci dress that might have been dreamed up specifically for social-media royalty. Note not just the attention-grabbing ruffle-puff shoulders but the graphic chevrons, the trendy long sleeves, the soft mink cuffs and the selfie-friendly gold-embroidered neckline.


Kylie’s friends Willow and Jaden Smith also made an appearance in the issue.

Watch out, Kendall! It looks like you’ve got some strong competition on the runway! Maybe next time we’ll get a “73 Questions with Kylie Jenner.”

Kendall, I always knew you had it in you to grace the cover of Vogue draped in the finest threads.But damn, Kylie. I guess it’s safe to say you can rock anything from Supreme t-shirts and Yeezys to presidential Gucci ‘fits. Who knew?

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The 12 Stages Of Emotions When Trying To Buy A Kylie Jenner Lip Kit

I had a panic attack this morning. It’s not because I had an interview or a big date. It’s because I was trying to buy the Kylie Jenner lip kit, set to go on sale at 4:30 EST.

I’m aware there are scarier things in the world. There are certainly far more serious ones that I should’ve been more concerned about, like whether my nail salon sterilizes its tools or whether Donald Trump will be the next president of the United States.

However, I like to take things one at a time. Today, my goal wasobtaining the new Kylie Jenner lip kit in Dead of Knight, which appears to be a matte black gloss. My biggest foe in this endeavor? Time. Also, the occasionally shitty office WiFi.

I love black lipstick. Bitch lips are kind of my thing. I’m also really curious to see how this will stack up against the black lipsticks I already own, like the MAC Lipmix in Black and Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Witches.”What else am I supposed to spend my money on? A 401K? Paying off my student loans? Charity? Yeah, screw that.

The thing is, getting your claws on a Kylie lip kit entails an emotional roller coaster. I did this once before a couple months ago, and it was the single most grueling thing I’ve done in my entire life (and I trained for the marathon three years ago, damn it).

Like grief, getting a Kylie lip kit meant I had to go through 12 stages. Spoiler alert: One involves ugly crying.

Stage One: Hunger.

Fact: Trying to get a Kylie lip kit automatically makes you qualified for a job as a detective. You aggressively stalk every single one of Kylie’s access points to the real world: Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram. You try to enlist your friends to help you, but they think you’re cuckoo bananas and ignore your group chat. You consider getting new friends, but a life with Kylie lip kits is a life best lived solo.

Eventually, Kylie or one of her lip-kit goons reveals a time for a release. It’s like Christmas, your birthday and Frappuccino happy hour rolled into one.

Stage Two: Delirium.

It’s the day of the release, and you can’t stop refreshing. What if Kylie tricked us? What if it was actually in EST not PST? What if the site link changes? You can’t be left in the dark.

You set up notification alerts for the Kylie lip kit Twitter account and pray.

Stage Three: Anger.

You haven’t slept. You haven’t eaten. Your pointer finger is getting tired from pressing F5.” You’re pretty sure you haven’t blinked in eight hours. How could Kylie do this to you? How could she destroy your life like this?

You almost consider backing down but remind yourself that lip-kit glory only comes to a chosen few. You wait. You begin to wonder how many calories are in a Kylie lip kit.

Stage Four: Depression.

You’re convinced 4:30 will never come. The lip kits will never go online. You’ve failed in your mission to yourself, to Kylie and to humanity.

You’ll never know the feeling of swiping a matte black liquid lipstick on your lips. You’ll never have lips like Kylie. You might as well curl up into fetal position and cry yourself to sleep now.

Stage Five: Hunger (again).


Stage Six: Hope.

It’s so close, you can almost taste it. You almost have your hands on overpriced liquid lipstick greatness. It’ll soon be over. You will soon click complete my purchase and move on with your life.

Until then, keep refreshing like Ryan Gosling is standing behind you and egging on your matte lip dreams.

Stage Seven: Pain.


The site says they’re restocking. You’re almost there.

At this point, you’ve been refreshing so much that your finger has cramped and you’re well on your way to becoming a zombie. But, like, a chic zombie.

Stage Eight: Confusion.


Stage Nine: More Pain.

The act of clicking physically hurts after refreshing for the last three hours. It feels like a release, but also, you’re pretty much dying.

Stage 10: Desire.

OK, so you dropped Dead of Night in your basket. Should you get Dolce K, too? What about Koko K? Is this like Pokmon and you should catch ’em all?

Stage 11: Anticipation.


Stage 12: Bliss.

I’m ugly crying. I can’t breathe. I can’t.

I can die happy.

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Kylie Jenner Isn’t Sure What ‘Friends’ Is, But She Knows The Emoji She’d Be (Video)

Kylie Jenner doesnt know what Friends is, and anyone who does is an ancient bag of gray hair and bone dust.

If your eyeballs havent atrophied over the bazillion years youve been walking the earth trying to decide ifyoure a free-spirited Phoebe or an obsessive compulsive Monica, check out a new video by ELLE wherein Kylie is asked to select her favorite character on Friends.

She replies,

What is that?


Maybe her parents know what Friends is, but not Kylie. She was born in August 1997, when every home in her neighborhood had a Mac PowerBook and the Heavens Gate cult members already committed mass suicide.

When pressed further, Kylie insists,

I know what Friends is. I mean, I dont WATCH ‘Friends.’

Of COURSE, she doesnt watch “Friends,” duh.

Friends does not apply to Kylie Jenners life.

She is not:

A.) Collecting social security

B.) An AARP subscriber

C.) 500,000 years old

She does own a Jazzy Power Chair, but she only uses it for photo shoots.

The truth is, Kylie Jenner doesnt need to watch a show about six pals trying to have it all in the big city because she already definitively has it all in several major cities.

Shes living the dream we all attempt to experience vicariously through David Schwimmer.

The only thing Kylie worries about is what her spirit emoji — upside-down smiley face — says about her.

Shes forever young, forever successful and forever exhausted by your outdated references.

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Kylie Tells Paparazzi She’s Marrying Tyga And We Can’t Tell If She’s Joking

All the Kylie-Tyga breakup madness just took a confusing turn.

After the American Music Awards on Sunday night, the reality TV starlet answered yes when asked by a paparazzo if she was going to marry (ex?) boyfriend Tyga.

Talk about a bombshell.

The likeliest explanation for Kylie’s sudden wedding announcement is simple: She’s being sarcastic. After all, she and Tyga only broke up last week. Even if they were hanging out again, it’s unlikely they’d jump right into marriage.

Nonetheless, several clues point to a more complicated answer.

First, several media outlets reported Tyga was planning to propose to Kylie at his birthday party last week (yknow, the one that she and the rest of the Kardashian Krew were noticeably absent from).

Then, theres the fact that Tyga was with Kylie when she dropped the marriage bomb on the paparazzi, so its clear they’re spending time together. Whats unclear is if theyre spending time as friends, or as a betrothed couple.

And finally, after her radio silence on Tygas birthday, Kylie posted a video to Snapchaton Tuesday showing her and her maybe-bae partaking in an intimate belated birthday celebration, which suggests theyre still close.

So what does it all mean?

I have no idea. But if I had to guess, I’d say Kyga is back on — or maybe, they were never off.

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Kris Jenner Just Posted The Cutest Baby Photos Of All Her Daughters

I LOVE baby photos. I mean, who doesn’t love baby photos, really? Babies are just so cute and pudgy, and they’re justconstantly smiling and laughing.

Of course, I would imagine most mothers agree with me, but now I know for sure Kris Jenner agrees with me. The 60-year-old head of the media powerhouse we all call the Kardashians just posted the most adorable throwback photos: one of her two daughters,Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner, and one of her three other daughters,KhloKardashian, Kourtney Kardashian and Kim Kardashian West.

Oh my God, all the Kardashian girls arematching! It’s hilarious how easy it is to tell who is who (from left to right: Kourtney, Khlo, Kim).

Kris Jenner wrote in the caption,

My girls… all matching, of course! LOL #TBT#family#love@kourtneykardash@khloekardashian@kimkardashian

Well, since the famous momager posted a #ThrowbackThursday photo of her Kardashian daughters, she naturally had to post a cute photoof Kylie and Kendall.

Awwwww! How cute! They’re hugging and smiling!

It reminds me of myself and my younger brother as kids. It was usually more of chokehold or strangle rather than a hug, but I digress.

Kris Jenner wrote in the caption,

These cuties… where does the time go?! I couldn’t be prouder of these two!! @kendalljenner@kyliejenner#proudmama#timeflies#family#memories#love

And she has every reason to be a proud mama. Herdaughters are basically runningthe world right now, whether it’s Kourtney doing whatever Kourtney does, Kendall killing the fashion game, Kim winning awards for breaking the Internetor Kylie releasing her newest Kylie Lip Kit color and selling out bikinis.

It just goes to show even the most successful people in the world come from adorable, sometimes matching roots!

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Tyga’s Ferrari Got Repossessed While He Was Car Shopping With Kylie Jenner

The saga of Tygas crushing debt continues, and this time, hes actually losing a car because of it.

TMZreports onTuesday, officials showed up to repossessthe 26-year-old rappers red Ferrari.

Ironically, while this was happening, Tyga was reportedly out shopping for yet another car with Kylie Jenner at a Bentley dealership in Calabasas. Gee, I wonder how Tyga got into so much debt?

According to TMZ, Tyga missed a couple of lease payments on the Ferrari. In California, most lenders are legally able to repossess a car as soon asthe leaser defaults on a loan, even if the payment is only a day late.

Kylie has already bailed her boyfriend out of his debt once this month forthe $480,000 Tyga owed for rent on his Malibu home.

But even after Kylies help, hes still $186, 275.89 in debt, according to F&S Investment Properties.

So as to why hes out Bentley shopping still is anyones guess.

Luckily for Tyga, even though he lost the Ferrari, Kylie Jenner still has plenty of cars for him to drive including two Tyga himself bought her.

OK, Im starting to see where all of Tygas money might have gone. Rack City can only get you so many cars!

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