The Kardashians Had Their Annual Slutty Christmas Party

We may not believe in Santa anymore, but we do know that the best part of Christmas Eve is getting drunk with our families. The Kardashian-Jenner's decided to take this to the next level with the Kardashian Kristmas Party. ICYMI, every year cool mom Kris Jenner (when is she going to change it back to Kardashian??) throws an insane Christmas Eve party, which is basically an excuse for the Kardashians to look hot as fuck and get drunk – at this point they really don't need excuses anymore.

This year Kendall and Kylie wore matching, couture, slutty mummy costumes. Like actually, they look like they came from a chic horror movie. There's a lot going on with Kylie's dress – the huge boobs (has to be stuffed), corseted waist, lips the size of Kim's ass, and enough eye makeup for all of the Victoria's Secret Angels. Kendall wore the nice girl version of Rihanna's crop top and skirt ensemble from the Met Ball, but she's a legit model so it worked out okay. Khloe wore basically the same thing she wore to French Montana's birthday – black dress, low cut, huge side slit. Kris wore a sequined mini-dress because Kendall told her the party was themed 2005. Bruce got a quarter of his face into a photo with Kendall and Kylie. Even with all of his Botox, compared to Kylie he looked the most like a human being.

Kimye, Kourtney, Scott and their small army of children did not make an appearance, either because they were busy doing normal family activities or because Kanye didn't like Kim's dress.

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Kylie Jenner Gave This Artist A Simple Tattoo And Actually Didn’t Mess It Up

So, apparently Kylie Jennerearns her own money, pays for all her own stuff, walks the walk, talks the talk and tattoos people when she feels like it.

If her Snapchats are anyindication, Kylie recently needed to get a new tattoo and a few of her tattoos touched up. So, she went to Jon Boy’s West 4 Tattoo in New York City to get the job done.

According to Daily Mail, Jon Boy did all of Kylie’s previous tattoos.

Everything appearedto go according to plan. Kylie seemingly got her fourth tattoo, a red line on the inside of one of her fingers, according to reports, and got at least one other tattoo checked out.

But then, either Jon Boy or Kylie must have suggested she tattoo the tattoo artist. Check out Kylie’s Snapchats to see how it all went down.

First, Kylie needed to get some of her tattoos touched up.

Onetattoo she appeared to touch up is apparently her grandmother’s name, Mary Jo, in her grandfather’s handwriting. How sweet.

Eventually, you hear Kylie say, “But, I’m going to do it for you” to Jon Boywho says, “You have to do it for me. It has to be perfect, you know I’m a perfectionist.” They seem to be joking…

…but then, Kylie actually starts giving Jon Boya tattoo.

It’s hard to tell whatthe tattoo is, but based on this and other photos, it appears to bea “K” with a crown above, presumably standing for King Kylie.

You do you, Kylie and Jon Boy.

A photo posted by c/s Jon Boy p/v (@jonboytattoo) on Apr 30, 2016 at 11:44pm PDT

Jon Boy seemed to enjoy the process, even saying “awesome” in one of the clips to describe the tattoo. Well, hopefullyhelikes his new tat because few people can say Kylie Jenner tattooed them, and it’s permanent!

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This Tiny Detail On Kylie Jenner’s Tattoo May Mean She’s Done With Tyga For Good

Kylie Jenner and Tyga are done for good, guys. And this time, Jenner made the breakup permanent by havinghertattoo dedicated to Tyga changed to have a completely different meaning.

Jenner previously got a tiny T written in cursive tattooed on her inner left ankle. The T obviously stood for Tyga, but now, it’s been changed to say LA in cursive. Bye forever!

Honestly, I’m impressed by how easily the tat was revised. Tattoos are amazing, people. You should try them sometime.

Tyga might be feeling a little sore about this, considering Jenner already got matching tattoos with her new boyfriend, Travis Scott.

They each got matching butterfly tattoos on the backs of their ankles, even though they’ve been dating for, like, three minutes. Yeahhhhh, that’s got to sting, Tyga. You doing OK, bud?

The meaning behind the butterfly tattoos is rumored to be confirmation that Scott’s song, Butterfly Effect, is about Jenner.

Back in May, Scott posted a picture of Jenner leaving an airplane and captioned it, BUTTERFLY EFFECT. So yeah the song is probably about her.

In the song, Scott says,

Heatin’ up, baby, I’m just heatin’ up / Need ya love, not a need, it is a must / Feelin’ stuck, you know how to keep me up / Icy love, icy like a hockey puck

It’s all about feelings for a new woman, and the butterfly effect post along with the matching butterfly tattoos all but confirm our suspicions that the song is about the youngest Jenner.

Before you ask, don’t worry. Jenner’s butterfly tattoo isn’t on the same ankle as the ex-Tyga one. The butterfly is on the back of her right ankle, and the newly revised LA tattoo is on the inside of her left.

No matter where it’s located, though, I definitely don’t think Tyga is OK!!! I don’t know. Maybe he is. BUT I WOULDN’T BE.

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Kylie Jenner Says She Isn’t Secretly In A Band, But Not Even Kris Believes Her

Dang, Kylie Jenner is really committing to this whole secret band shtick.


Denying a Taft-size bathtub overflowing with (purely circumstantial)evidence suggesting Kylie is, in fact, the lead singer of Terror Jr, the reality star told Snapchat followers shes not involved with the band.

The 19-year-oldsaid,

Hey guys. Public announcement: Im not the singer of Terror Jr or whatever. I love their music, but for those wondering its not me guys. Its not me. So, yeah, I dont know if the band is trying to get a little attention or whats going on, but its not me.

Um suuuuuure, Kylie. Pretending youre uncertainwhether the band is even called Terror Jr or whatever isnt enough to divert the masses from our certainty youalready unleashed yourmusic debut on the world.


Kylies own momager questioned whether her youngest child is the voice behind songs like 3 Strikes, Come First and Super Powers that, in the grand tradition of feel-good pop music, all sort of sound the same.

Kylie said,

My mom just asked me if I was a part of this Terror Jr band and Im like, Is this that serious?


Perhaps Kylie hopes by releasing content under the pseudonym Lisa Terror she can avoid her familys brand overshadowing her musical contributions, similar to sister Kendalls concerns early in her modeling career.

Unfortunately, were onto her big time. Big time major. Holy tremendous big time major supreme.

Behold, for though she may look like a duck in an oil spill, this is the body of a hitmaker.

Come clean when youre ready, Ky.

When You Realize You’ll Never Look Like Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner Proclaims Herself The Designated Ugly Fat Friend

Kylie Jenner tried to be funny the other day and wore a graphic t-shirt (no that's not the joke, but yeah it's still pretty shocking to see a Kardashian-Jenner wear anything that costs less than Kim's soul) that said “I'm Somebody's DUFF”. If you don't know what a DUFF is, then you probs are one. It stands for “Designated Ugly Fat Friend” aka the girl in the friend group that makes the other girls look better aka book version Jenny Humphrey.

It's nice that Kylie is being ironic, maybe she's finally passed the 10th grade, but it's really just a backdoor compliment. Maybe she's “Ugly and Fat” in the “my pores are massive before my morning facial, and I broke 110 pounds last week” kind of way, but compared to the rest of the American population (see anyone at Six Flags) she's doing just fine.

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Kylie And Kris Jenner Face Swapped And It Will Really Freak You Out

Kylie Jenner swapped faces with mom Kris Jenner and found it so weird — but possibly for different reasons than the rest of us.

If you or I face swapped with our parents, it’d undoubtedly be strange.

I look enough like my mother that her features wouldn’t seem totally out of place on my head, but it would also look a lot like some creature from a nightmare where I contemplate my mortality and the futility of attempting to escape becoming my parents.

Kylie and Kris, on the other hand, look so alike, due to either moderate plastic surgery ora deal with the antichrist, the weirdness of their face swap lies more in the lack of weirdness.

This just serves to validatea theory I shared two years ago on a now-defunct Web show for a media outlet we’ll discreetly call “Blosmo” in which I insisted the Kardashian/Jenner family wasactually just one woman and, like, seven different moving mirrors.

Essentially, if you boughta Kylie Lip Kit, there’s a chance you purchased it from the reflection of a cardboard cutout of a stock photo of a dark-haired woman.

DON’Tunderestimate the power of mirrors. Stay woke.

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Kylie Jenner’s Response To The Kim K-Taylor Swift Feud Was Pure Genius

Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian may be fighting right now, but Kylie Jenner just became the real MVP.

If you haven’t been on social media lately, let me quickly recap what’s going on.

On Sunday night, Kim Kardashianposted video footage of Kanye West’s phone call with Taylor Swift where the two discussed his lyrics in the song “Famous.”

In the Snapchats, Kanye ran the line, “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex,” by the 1989singer, and she called the lyric “a compliment.”

The two have been fighting over the controversial words for months now, but these videos reveal Kanye did call Taylor about the one line.

However, Taylor’s team argues she never approved the part where Kanye calls her “that bitch” and takes credit for her fame. OH.

It looks like fans have mostly sided with Kim K in the fight because the hashtag #KimKExposedTaylorParty was trending on Twitter.

Here’s where Kylie Jenner comes in. The 18-year-old reality star has been promoting her new Lip Kit, which coincidentally is called “Exposed.”


My mind is officially blown.

This is too much for my brain to currently handle.

And it looks like I’m not the only one who’s freaking out.


Killin’ it, Kylie. KILLIN’ IT.

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Diddy Cropped Kendall And Kylie Jenner Out Of A Pic Like A Total Savage

Earlier this month, New York City celebrated the Met Gala in honor of the Metropolitan Museum of Arts Costume Institute.

This event is arguably the biggest night for fashion out of the year and demands a star-studded red carpet with just about every celebrity you can think of wearing some pretty outrageous attire.

Of course, the Kardashian and Jenner family attended, and so did their bare butts.

Here is Kendalls

and heres Kylies.

Also in attendance was P. Sean Combs the Diddy (Thats what he is going by now, right?) looking like a vampire and mermaid all at the same time.

Getty Images

Hey, Im not going to tell you what to do Diddy, but it does look like you might be a safety hazard in case of a fire.

Just because Kylie didnt call to tell me directly that her and Diddy are tight, I guess that technically doesnt mean it cant be true.

Exhibit A: Kylie recently posted this behind the scenes Met Gala pic, complete with sister Kendall, their middle fingers and Diddy.

Diddy, loving the photo so much, reposted it, with one, tiny altercation. The Jenner sisters were mysteriously and oh-so smoothly cropped out.

And lo the #Diddycrop was born.

Now you see them, now you dont.

I, wanting to believe the best in everyone, am going to assume Diddy just wanted a pic with the bros, and didnt intentionally leave the famous sisters out to throw shade. Plus, he captioned it black excellence, which well the sisters

Theyre Armenian excellence.

However, this isnt the first time Diddy disassociated himself with the Kardashians via a little cropping magic. Hes been here before.

Hm, just Diddy and some of his best friends like Jay Z, Beyonc and


N0 Kim Kardashian Anna Wintour for that matter.

Cold, Diddy. Cold.

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Kylie Jenner Just Showed Us Her Tattoo That’s Basically On Her Butt (Photo)

There’s nothing like waking up to a nice cup of coffee and a picture of Kylie Jenner’s butt on Instagram.

OK, it isn’t exactly her butt, but it basically is. And it’s INKED.

Early this morning, Kylie shared a lovely photo of her new tattoo. It looks like the 18-year-old star got her fresh ink at Bang Bang NYC tattoo shop.

YUP, here it is. Welcome to the world, Kylie’s tat! So nice to meet you.

The caption reads,

All red.

Yeah, that’s all we get. According to a few of her fans’ comments, it looks like people are confused AF about its meaning.

Some people think it’s supposed to mean “sanity” written out in its phonetic pronunciation; others don’t give a sh*t what it means and are already planning to get it for their next tattoos. WE CAN ALL LOOK LIKE KYLIE JENNER NOW.

I’m sure we’ll get more details soon. Good morning, everyone, from me and Kylie’s tat.

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Kylie Jenner Denied Butt Implant Rumors: ‘I Know My Angles’

Its official Kylie Jenner has finally addressed the ongoing rumor that she got butt implants.

When she isnt releasing new cosmetics, the 19-year-old star is letting the truth be known about a variety of different topics.

Kylie Jenner took to her official app and website to address a handful of wild rumors that simply arent true.

For starters, she spoke on the rumor that insists she got facial reconstruction surgery. She shut that rumor down REALLY fast. Take that, haters!

She followed up by addressing the rumor that shes hooked up with Scott Disick.

Thats another rumor that simply isnt true, according to Kylie. As a matter of fact, she called it disgusting.

Next up (because the people MUST know), shes addressing perhaps one of the biggest rumors of them all:Did she or did she NOT get butt implants?

Lets be real here Kylies butt is quite, well, large (in the best way).

Since rumors regarding facial surgery and lip injections began swirling, it makes sense why everyone would just assume that literally everything about the 19-year-old lip kit mogul is fake.

Well, today is your lucky day, rumor spreaders, because Kylie is addressing that one, too.

Kylie stated,

[I havent had] ass implants. You know, I used to be 120 [pounds]. I was really skinny. Now Im pushing, like, 136. But its all right, I like the chunkiness.

So, aside from the fact that she willingly put on some weight and now appreciates her chunkiness, why exactly is Kylie Jenners butt big enough to assume its fake?

She continued,

I dont really think I have the fattest ass, but I know my angles.

AH, THE TRUTH COMES OUT! She knows how to strike the right pose that really brings out her derriere.

Lets take a look, shall we?!

Sorry to burst your bubble, but nope no butt implants here

Its ALL in the pose! Well take your word for it, Kylie.

When You Realize You’ll Never Look Like Kylie Jenner

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