14 Incredible Things You Can Do With A Hair Dryer (That Don’t Involve Hair)

Even if you have long hair, you might not consistently use a hair dryer. Drying your hair can be a long, annoying process that can, for the most part, be avoided. That means, most of the time, your hair dryer is just sitting in a closet, collecting dust.

Here’s some good news! You can actually use a hair dryer for lots of little tasks! (Now you have some logical justifications for why you might need that new hair dryer the next time you’re looking to upgrade.)

1. Those annoying stickers don’t have to be annoying.

Heat up the adhesive by aiming a hair dryer at an annoying sticker. Then, you should be able to peel it off with ease.

2. You can make your tight shoes fit.

If you have a pair that’s a little too tight, put them on while wearing thick socks. Then, aim a blow dryer at the tight spots to loosen them up.

3. Get your towels nice and toasty without using any kind of towel warmer.

You’re already in the bathroom — why not pull out a hair dryer and make sure your towels are nice and warm before you use them?

4. Eyelash curlers can become even more effective.

Try warming up eyelash curlers with a hair dryer…they’ll make your lashes extra curly! (Just don’t get them TOO hot.)

5. If your glasses are fitting funny, you can adjust them yourself.

Use the hair dryer to heat the parts of your frames you’d like to adjust. Then, put them on your face and you can bend them until they fit better.

6. Pulling off a Band Aid doesn’t have to be painful.

If you warm up a band aid before removing it, it’ll be a lot less painful.

7. Serve uber-frozen ice cream the easy way — just heat it up with your hair dryer.

Sure, there are other ways to make ice cream soft enough to serve…but using a hair dryer is just fun.

8. Get that wad of chewing gum out of your carpet or clothing.

It may be gross, but heating up the gum with a hair dryer will melt it slightly, making it easier to remove.

9. Clean out that gross keyboard of yours without ever having to touch it.

You can get all of the dust, dirt, fluff, and grime out of a keyboard without ever touching it yourself. Just use a hair dryer on the keyboard turned on its side.

10. You can freshen up your shoe polish…without using any polish.

A quick treatment with a hair dryer can make your leather shoes look spiffy in between polishes.

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11. Try making a shirt look presentable without getting out your ironing board.

You could iron the entire shirt…or you could just use a hair dryer to make a single wrinkle go away.

12. Remove crayon artwork from walls in an easy, no-fuss way.

This might not work on every wall, but it’s worth a try: warm up the wax with the blow dryer. Then, you can wipe it away. (Just make sure not to smear it.)

13. You can still inflate an air mattress (when you can’t find the pump or cord).

Don’t panic — you can still make sure your guests are comfortable when they visit, even if you don’t have the air mattress pump. Put a hair dryer on the cool setting and blow it up yourself.

14. Hot air can make a cake look extra classy.

Make your frosted cake look glossy and professional by blowing some warm air on it. Just don’t get too crazy, or icing will go everywhere.

Hair dryers: they’re your new best friend.

(via MentalFloss)

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12 Ridiculously Clever Ways To Store Things At Home

When you can’t move to a place with more space, all you have to do is get crafty with your storage!

With these ridiculously easy home storage hacks, not only will you dramatically increase the amount of space you have to store everything you’ve accumulated, but you’ll feel way more at peace with your living situation, which is all we can ask for as adults.

If you have way more stuff than your tiny home or apartment can handle, try out a few of these 12 tricks!

1. Scarf Hanger

Use shower rings on a hanger to deal with all of those scarves that you definitely need no matter what your roommate says.

2. Hidden Pot Cupboard

This James-Bond-style drawer will help you discreetly get those clunky pots and pans out of the way.

3. Activity Mats

Tell the kiddos to put their toys back on this mat that can be tied up neatly seconds. After all, no one likes stepping on LEGOs. No one. Pick yours up here.

4. Jewelry Picture Frames

With a picture frame and some wire, you can keep your earrings tidy and use them as decor at the same time!

5. Fold-Out Shelves

This cabinet wizardry is perfect for bakers who have lots of heavy equipment in the kitchen. Fold-out storage units are the ultimate in space optimization.

6. Space Under the Bed

Why waste all that free space under your bed? Find some dividers at stores like IKEA and store unused clothes there during different seasons. (Or just stuff everything under there and hope for the best like I do.)

7. Toilet Storage

Your toilet probably has a perfectly good (and perfectly flat) top on its tank, so grab some wire organizers and store things like candles, toilet paper, and magazines up there!

8. Additional Fridge Shelves

Think about how much extra space you have in your refrigerator that you can’t use because the shelving that comes with it hates you and everything you stand for. Head back to IKEA for organizers that’ll help you store the 50,000 condiments you don’t need but have anyway!

9. Toilet Roll Cord Organizers

You could let all those toilet paper rolls go to waste, or you could put them to good use as mini storage units for your many, many phone chargers.

10. Narrow Chests for Tight Spaces

Have a little extra room next to your bed or a gap next to your toilet? Snag a few narrow chests like the one pictured above to take advantage of tight spaces.

11. Floating Shelves

Mount single shelves on the wall to make use of vertical space.

12. Magazine Holders

Grab a few of these at Target and use them to store everything from hair tools to tablets. You could also use them for, ya know, magazines.

Sure, living in cramped quarters might be a drag, but you can seriously improve your situation by getting smart about storage. Which of these tricks will you try?

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