7 Hacks To Save Money On Your Heating Bill This Winter

The temperature outside may be nearing zero, but your bank account wont be!

1. Replace your boiler with JFKs Eternal Flame: Why pay for heat when you could have the iconic presidential memorial provide you with never-ending warmth instead?

2. Turn down your thermostat during arguments with your family: The body heat individuals generate during quarrels with family members is more than enough to supplement your furnace running on a lower setting.

3. Call your heating utility and ask them if theyre sure they want all of the money that theyve billed you for: Its possible they only want some of it.

4. Blow big mouthfuls of nice warm air into your couch cushions: Unplugging your cushion warmers and doing it the old-fashioned way will not only save you money, but its also good exercise for your mouth.

5. Only allow your warm children to sleep inside: Send the cold ones away.

6. Insulate your attic: If you dont have an attic, make sure to build one right away so that you can insulate it for the winter.

7. Ask your heating provider if they have a Shivering Mans Discount: Some utility companies offer discounts to customers who shiver the most. Get in touch with your provider to see if you qualify.

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8 Amazing Facts About Your Favorite Household Item: Duct Tape

Odds are, you probably have duct tape in your house or apartment.

It’s a cheap, versatile tool that’s always good to have around.

  • Need to fix something that’s broken? No problem.
  • Want to make something look prettier with colored tape? Sure!
  • Want to make a prom dress out of duct tape and win a scholarship? Yeah, you can do that.

But here are some things you probably didn’t know about America’s favorite “tool.”

1. It actually was called “duck tape” first. Yes, first.

You might want to correct anyone who says “duck tape” instead of “duct tape,” but technically, they’re not wrong. Apparently, soldiers used to call the tape “duck tape” because it would repel moisture “like water off a duck’s back.”

2. It helped save the Apollo 13 astronauts.

When the Apollo 13 team was struggling to get home, the engineers at NASA created a solution that required cardboard, plastic bags, space suit components, and duct tape. The astronauts created an adapter that filtered out the carbon dioxide in the capsule, essentially saving their lives.

3. Duct tape is an amazing survival tool (even if you’re not a doomsday prepper).

4. You probably shouldn’t use duct tape on actual ducts.

In 1998, the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory tested how well duct tape actually sealed ducts. It didn’t perform too well.

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5. It prevented infections in hospitals.

Thousands of people die from hospital-acquired infections every year (which are preventable deaths). That’s why the Trinity Medical Center hospitals came up with a solution to keep their staff healthy and improve efficiency. With duct tape, the hospitals would mark “safe zones” outside of a patient’s room, allowing physicians to talk to patients without changing into sterile gear and risking exposure to infection. (This saved the hospital system both time and money.)

6. Using duct tape is easier than you think.

7. There are many, many different kinds of duct tape.

You can buy specialty varieties of duct tape, including (but not limited to) outdoor duct tape, printed duct tape, licensed logo duct tape, double-sided duct tape, glow-in-the-dark duct tape, translucent duct tape, and even nuclear-grade duct tape.

8. It’s great for crafting and DIY, too.

See? There’s a reason almost every homeowner has a drawer full of mismatched duct tape rolls. That stuff is amazing.

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What Obscure Life Hack Should Everyone Use?

The internet has shown us hundreds of supposed game-changing life hacks, but whether or not they’re effective is up for debate. Do you have a pro tip that actually works?

1. As someone who lives in a tiny New York apartment, I actually do use soda tabs to expand my closet space.

As someone who lives in a tiny New York apartment, I actually do use soda tabs to expand my closet space.

View this image ›


(I’d share an actual picture of my closet but my room is insanely messy.)

2. For summer barbecues, I’ve found it’s way easier to carry one muffin tray to the back yard instead of 5 bottles of condiments.

For summer barbecues, I've found it's way easier to carry one muffin tray to the back yard instead of 5 bottles of condiments.

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Via tumblr.com

Seriously, it’s SO MUCH EASIER.

3. Do you have a life hack that actually works? We want to know! Share your pro tips in the comments below!

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You’re Going To Go Crazy For These Ridiculously Easy Sweet Treat Kitchen Tricks

Pretty much every night at around 10 p.m. I start craving dessert.

…That’s precisely why I don’t keep sweet things in my apartment. Whenever I do, they “disappear” in a matter of days, if not hours.

If you’re like me and can’t get enough in the way of the most important meal of the day — dessert — then you’re going to want to check out these delicious kitchen tricks. You can whip these dishes up in just minutes!

I had no idea it was so easy to make ice cream! And those donuts are sinfully simple.

Which trick will you try first?

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20 Life Hacks To Make Parenting More Fun

As wonderful and important as children are, raising them can be a whole lot of work. From changing your babies’ diapers and dealing with their childish tantrums to keeping your teens out of trouble and… dealing with their childish tantrums, parenting can take a toll on parents. [Read more…]

Fortunately, the internet has come up with a bunch of tips, tricks and life hacks to help make mommies’ and daddies’ lives a little bit easier. These aren’t just quirky gimmicks – some of these seem like really innovative ways to either make parents’ tasks more efficient or to teach your kids important lessons, like saving energy, sharing and listening to others. An astronaut duvet can make our kids excited about going to bed while Forget-me-not Kid Mittens will give your kid a cute and cozy way to hold your hand in a crowd.

Everybody’s probably got some kind of great parenting tip – either something that worked with their kids or something that worked on them. If you’ve got one, share it with us! If not, which of these would you like to try?

1. Get a Baby Stroller and Scooter Hybrid

Image credits: pixstudio

2. Use a Rope To Swing Your Kid While Having a Beer

Image credits: reddit.com

3. Make This Table Hammock With A Bedsheet

Image credits: joyfulabode.com

4. Use An Old Box to Make Them A Cardboard Slide

Image credits: imgur.com

5. Use A Fan To Inflate Your Children’s Bed Fort

Image credits: grosgrainfabulous.blogspot.com

6. Make Your Kids Get Along with a Get-Along Shirt

Image credits: sheridanfrench.blogspot.com

7. Stop Losing Your Kid with Forget-me-not Kid Mittens

Image credits: oeufnyc.com

8. Keep Your Baby’s Eyes Safe And Dry with a Baby Shower Cap

Available at: Amazon.com

9. Play Videogames Together With Them And Their Disconnected Controllers

Image credits: cheezburger.com

10. Use These Cute Outfits to Help Others Tell Your Twins Apart (Or For You, But Don’t Tell Anyone)

Image credits: snugattack.com

11. Make Your Infant Clean The House with A Baby Mop Suit

Image credits: dailymail.co.uk

12. Use These Animals So They Don’t Forget To Brush Their Teeth

Available at: Amazon.com

13. Use This Knight’s Helmet to Help Them Keep Warm

Image credits: cutecraftycrochet

14. Get Your Children To Bed With This Astronaut Duvet

Available at: Amazon.com

15. Use Socks To Keep The Toilet Seat Warm

Image credits: life hacks

16. Give Them This To Help Them Battle Scary Monsters At Night

Image credits: happygoluckyblog.com

17. Use a Muffin Cup To Protect Them From Melted Icecream

Image credits: life hacks

18. Teach Your Children To Save Power With These Eco-Reminder Stickers

Image credits: Hu2

19. Wear This Jacket to Teach Them a Lesson

Image credits: imgur.com

20. Use a Vacuum To Tie Your Daughter’s Hair

Image credits: life hacks

How about you? What parenting tricks do you know?


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You Can Do Some Pretty Awesome Things With These Tiny Plastic Hooks

As you shipped your sons or daughters off to college a few weeks ago, I’m willing to bet that Command strips were on your list of must-haves.

But this company makes products that are good for way more than hanging decorations. Command also makes hooks that are amazing for when you want to hang things like towels and coats without committing to a nailed-in rack.

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As it turns out, Command hooks are full of life-hack potential! To get you started, here are 15 uses for these little guys that you probably never thought of.

1. There’s nothing worse than having to constantly hold your iPad while watching TV in bed. Why not try this inexpensive wall mount that will give you a little freedom?

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2. Hang bags in the car to keep all your trash in one place.

3. Unraveling cling wrap can be a bit unnerving when you’re trying to tear and unroll at the same time. Rig boxes of cling wrap, aluminum foil, and wax paper by hanging them up with Command hooks.

4. Rotate your kids’ drawings by clipping them to clothes hangers and hanging them with Command hooks. No nails necessary!

5. Use them to increase storage in your cupboards by mounting lids on cabinet doors.

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6. Keep unwanted visitors out of the fridge with two hooks and a hair tie.

7. Prevent your trash bag from falling inside the can by securing the handles with hooks.

8. Living in a world with technology can mean that you have to deal with lots of misplaced wires. Keep them hidden with a few plastic hooks.

9. Show off your green thumb by creating your own hanging pots that you can use inside and outside.

10. Decorating for the holidays just got so much easier. Keep Christmas lights in place using small Command hooks.

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11. Can’t find your car keys? Ditch heavy-duty key racks like the one below and use Command hooks in the same way.


12. Hang a wreath in place without leaving a nail sticking out when you take it down.


13. Sideways hooks inside your bathroom cabinet make for an inexpensive toothbrush holder alternative.


14. Our teacher friends won’t have to worry about disappearing headphones. Hang hooks on monitors so kiddos know exactly where to put them back.

15. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so make sure you’re eating a balanced diet by measuring out the right portions with this simple hook hack.

I don’t know about you, but I’m hooked on the idea of using these simple hacks. (I’m sorry…I had to.)

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These Vintage Life Hacks Are From The 1900s. The Weird Part Is, They Actually Work.

We all generally see life hacks as a new trend to make life better and cigarettes as an undeniable way to, eventually, make life suck. (Sorry, smokers.)

However, way back in 1900-1910, the two clashing ideas were combined to create these helpful cards which came along with the purchase of Gallaher’s brand cigarettes. But unlike the fact that cigarettes are in no way beneficial, these old-timey tips actually hold up. Channel your inner boy scout and see for yourself!

1.) How To Extract A Splinter

“Fill a wide mouthed bottle with hot water nearly to the brim, and press affected part of hand tightly against mouth of bottle. The suction will pull down the flesh, and steam will soon draw out the splinter.”

2.) How To Fell A Tree

“Have decided which side you wish the tree to fall, cut alternatively a downward and inward cut as shown. When about half through, proceed to cut the other side a few inches higher, and finally pull tree down by means of ropes.”

3.) Keeping Plants Watered While Away

“Fill a large pail with water, and stand it a little above the level of the plants and group round or near as many plants as practical. Loosely plait two or three strands of wool together, immerse completely in water, and place one end in the pail, weighted, and touching the bottom. Rest the other end on the soil: a separate plait of wool is advisable for each pot.”

4.) How To Light A Match In The Wind

“The familiar difficulty of lighting a match in a wind can be to a great extent overcome if thin shavings are first cut on the match towards its striking end, as shown in the picture. On lighting the match the curled strips catch fire at once; the flame is stronger and has a better chance.”

5.) How To Make A Chair To Cross A Stream

“Fasten a strong rope to a tree and let a boy swim across the stream and fasten the other end to a tree on an opposite bank. Make the chair, fasten it to a running look or a block pulley, and by means of a light rope fastened to the middle of (the) chair and held by a scout at each end, those unable to swim are safely passed over.”

6.) How To Make A Fire Extinguisher

“Dissolve one pound of salt and half a pound of sal-ammoniac in two quarts of water and bottle the liquor in thin glass bottles holding about a quart each. Should a fire break out, dash one or more of the bottles into the flames, and any serious outbreak will probably be averted.”

7.) How To Make A Water Filter

“A most handy and efficacious filter can be made out of an ordinary perfectly clean zinc water pail, through the bottom of which a hole has been drilled and a small pipe fitted. The water percolates through the layers of fine and coarse sand, and clean picked gravel and stones, with which the pail is filled, filtering through to the bottom in a clear state.”

8.) How To Preserve Eggs

“Eggs for preserving must be newly laid, and by simply putting these into a box or tin of dry salt-burying the eggs right in the salt and keeping it in a cool dry place — it is possible to preserve them for a very long period. No air whatever should be allowed to get to the shell.”

9.) How To Stop A Mad Dog

“A scout’s staff, a walking-stick, or even a handkerchief or hat may be held before you as shown. The dog invariably endeavours to paw down your defense before biting, thus giving you the opportunity of disabling him by a kick.”

Hopefully you’re never in a position to need that last one, but it is good to be prepared.

Share the timeless tips with your friends using the buttons below!

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Got An Empty Or Broken Lighter? Don’t Worry, You Can Still Use It To Start A Fire!

Nothing’s worse than realizing that your lighter doesn’t work on a camping trip.

And if you didn’t bring matches or any extraordinary wilderness survival skills with you, you’re completely out of luck when it comes to making a cozy campfire — at least, it seems so if you don’t know this awesome trick.

A broken or empty lighter is all you’ll need to warm yourself on chilly nights in the great outdoors. Don’t believe me? Just check out how YouTuber Grant Thompson gets it done.

It’s so simple that you’ll be able to pull it off easily!

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How cool is that? I’ll definitely have to try this the next time I go camping — if only to impress the pants off of my friends.

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