People Can’t Get Enough Of This Woman Trying On Her New Chewbacca Mask

Be true to yourself. That’s what I learned from this lady unboxing a Chewbacca mask.

Joy. A simple feeling that most people spend their lives chasing. It’s different for everyone and often manifests itself in ways we would have never expected. A rogue bunny in a playground. A fall breeze. Watching some skateboard dude fall in a hilarious Vine.

Joy comes to us when we least expect it and leaves when we most need it. Maybe that’s the point of joy? To help us appreciate the good times and reflect on the bad. To give us an emotional barometer that helps us become rounded individuals.

Anyway, this lady bought a Chewbacca mask, and it made her happy as f*ck.

Her name is Candace Payne, and I’ve never wanted to be anyone more in my entire life. That moment in front of the camera shows her experiencing joy that wasprobably only matched by people who were there when America found out we won World War II.

The Internetrightfully can’t get enough of Candace and her journey into being a Chewbacca mask owner.

Be real, it made your month.

It’s like video drugs.

ONLY SIX?!?!? Please, you’ve JUST begun having this video be part of your life.

The sad irony of life.

Go out and find your own personal metaphorical Chewbacca mask. Unless for you, that is an actual Chewbacca mask, in which case you can probably just go to Target and buy one.

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Kylie Jenner Gave This Artist A Simple Tattoo And Actually Didn’t Mess It Up

So, apparently Kylie Jennerearns her own money, pays for all her own stuff, walks the walk, talks the talk and tattoos people when she feels like it.

If her Snapchats are anyindication, Kylie recently needed to get a new tattoo and a few of her tattoos touched up. So, she went to Jon Boy’s West 4 Tattoo in New York City to get the job done.

According to Daily Mail, Jon Boy did all of Kylie’s previous tattoos.

Everything appearedto go according to plan. Kylie seemingly got her fourth tattoo, a red line on the inside of one of her fingers, according to reports, and got at least one other tattoo checked out.

But then, either Jon Boy or Kylie must have suggested she tattoo the tattoo artist. Check out Kylie’s Snapchats to see how it all went down.

First, Kylie needed to get some of her tattoos touched up.

Onetattoo she appeared to touch up is apparently her grandmother’s name, Mary Jo, in her grandfather’s handwriting. How sweet.

Eventually, you hear Kylie say, “But, I’m going to do it for you” to Jon Boywho says, “You have to do it for me. It has to be perfect, you know I’m a perfectionist.” They seem to be joking…

…but then, Kylie actually starts giving Jon Boya tattoo.

It’s hard to tell whatthe tattoo is, but based on this and other photos, it appears to bea “K” with a crown above, presumably standing for King Kylie.

You do you, Kylie and Jon Boy.

A photo posted by c/s Jon Boy p/v (@jonboytattoo) on Apr 30, 2016 at 11:44pm PDT

Jon Boy seemed to enjoy the process, even saying “awesome” in one of the clips to describe the tattoo. Well, hopefullyhelikes his new tat because few people can say Kylie Jenner tattooed them, and it’s permanent!

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10 People Reveal The Strangest, Most Awkward Reasons They Dumped Someone

We all have our deal breakers when it comes to dating. For me, it’s being rude to waiters and too much mushy talk. For my friend, it’s guys with weird fingernails. You get the picture.

But, how much do those tiny thingsmatter? Well, according to a 2015study, dating deal breakers matter more to us than positive qualities. In other words, I could be dating the world’s most perfect guy and he could be rude to ONE waiter ONE time and that would be enough for me to call it quits.

I love hearing about what everyone’soneweird thingis, the quality so hugely important that they absolutely cannot continue to see this otherwise-perfect human being.So, I asked around. And, boy oh boy, did the people in my life really rise to the challenge.

Thesedeal breakers are hilarious andridiculous. Read along and see for yourself.

His dance moves were a little TOO good.

It was college and this guy was THE hottest boy in our grade. And he liked me! I was over the moon about the whole thing.

We were in the same group of friends, our personalities had insane chemistry and, as I mentioned before, he was extremely hot. Things were looking perfect until we went out one night and I saw him dance. He was TOO good. It was awkward. Like, I just didn’t know what to do with my body compared to his ‘Dancing With The Stars’-level moves.

That was it. No matter hanging out with him for me.

Jane,* 21

His pet situation was not quite perfect.

I had gone on a couple of dates with this guy and was still sort of feeling things out, but honestly leaning towards I liked him until he told me that he had a cat. It wasn’t just that he had a cat, but it was the way he talked about his cat. Something about the whole thing creeped me out.

Natalie,* 25

He went a little too big for Valentine’s Day.

He wore a red shirt and khaki pants on Valentine’s Day. That, and he made me go see the movie ‘Valentine’s Day.’”

Emily, 24

He wasway too into me.

He just, like, straight up liked me too much. He was completely normal otherwise, but he said ‘I love you’ literally after a week like it was NBD. It made me so uncomfortable.

We’d be having a perfectly normal conversation and he’d be like, ‘I love you.’I’d just be like, ‘That’s chill.’ So, I broke up with him and then something like threeweeks later he started dating one of my friends —and pulled the same weird shit with her.

Gigi, 25

His sense of style wasn’t up to par.

I hated his sunglasses.

Elizabeth,* 22

He was a grown man with a ‘blankie.’

I was dating this guy in his thirties, and he was a legit man-child. The first time he invited me back to his house, he had his disgusting, old, ratty baby ‘blankie’ folded at the end of his bed.

When I asked him about it, there was no shame in his voice when he proudly told me it was his baby blanket and that he sleeps with it every night and smells it because it’s comforting. I decided to forget about the blankie and continue on with the night.

Then, after things got hot and heavy and we were laying in bed, he asked if I was hungry or thirsty. I replied, ‘No,’ so he gets up and comes back to bed with a [peanut butter sandwich]and a Capri sun, in true man-child ways. Then he tells me he also has a dolly and a stuffed bear in his closet that he keeps around — in addition to the creepy tattoos of his mother and sister on both biceps.

I told him I wouldn’t be seeing him anymore.

Courtney, 28

His morning routine just did not mesh with mine.

He was really cool, but liked to listen to rap music after he woke up. He’d make me lay in bed and listen with him. I hated every minute of it.

Hayley, 23

He showered mewith a little too much attention.

This guy would have been perfect, except every morning he insisted on texting me, ‘Good morning, sunshine.’ The whole thing repulsed me. I just couldn’t get over it.

Charlie,* 24

He had absolutely no game.

I have two stories for you. One was this guy in college, who was a friend of a friend that I started talking to. He was just so eager and had no game and just became annoying. It didn’t help that he had horrible breath. I felt bad because he was just so nice, and so I had to do the slow ‘fade-out’ to get out of it because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings.

Another guy just really irritated me by our second date. Perhaps it was the constant, donkey-like nervous laughter?

Marie,* 23

Her laugh wasoff.

I stopped seeing a girl because she had a delayed laugh. It took her too long to determine whether something was funny or not.

Gregory, 24

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Couple Captures An Insane Tornado In The Background Of Their Prom Photo

We’ve all seen some pretty amazing photobombs.

From furry little creatures that happen to wander into the frame at the perfect moment to random strangers whosimply want to add some pizazz to the background of your pic, there are all sorts of things that can turn a normal photograph into a truly memorable moment.

However, not many people can say they’ve been photobombed by a damn tornado.

On Saturday, Ali Marintzer, a freshman at Wray High School in Colorado, was posing in the yard for some pre-prom pictures with her boyfriend, Charlie Bator.

However, right as Ali’s mom, Heidi, went to take the picture, a giant funnel cloud comingdown from the stormy sky snagged a spot right in the middle of their picture!

That’s right. These two were photobombed by a massive swirling vortex of wind.

I know, talk about one seriously dramatic prom picture.

It turns out the tornado was about 3-miles away from them and showed no signs of immediate danger.

So the high school couple continued their pre-prom photo shoot with this badass tornado looming in thebackground, and even took a moment to snap some epic tornado selfies on their phones.

Seriously, these prompics are so outrageous, it’s almost hard to believe they’re real.

Over the weekend, Ali Marintzer and her boyfriend, Charlie Bator, were posing for some prom pictures when they were photobombed by a giant tornado!

Apparently, the tornado was pretty far away and didn’t pose a threat. So, the two were able to capture some awesome snapshotswith this massive tornado swirling around in the background.

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These Adorable Ring Bearers Are The Real MVPs Of Every Wedding

Having kids in your wedding party can add the most adorable touch before the bride’s entrance. You may really have your heart set on having a very special friend or family member do the honor, adding extra cuteness to the day.

You have to be prepared with a possible element of surprise though, since kids will be kids. Sometimes with adorable comes mischief.

Children can also get spooked and change their mind about walking down the aisle at the last minute. They’re the bosses and make their own rules. It’s also possible they will get distracted along their way. And one never knows if they will start to cry, pick their nose or throw a temper tantrum that can ruin or totally charm the moment.

Each child is different and the moment will be unpredictable. After all, the spotlight is on them. It can be a complete nerve-racking experience for a toddler to walk down an aisle with tons of adults looking at him/her and taking pictures. Some kids will be fascinated by it; others will be understandably much less enthusiastic.

But if you do decide to have one or two (or more) little ones, they certainly have the keen ability to effortlessly steal the show. They will also be the ultimate addition to your special day.

A ring bearer has tons of swag with a bowtie

…and probably knows how to flirt it up with the ladies.

This dude knows what’s up…

…while this one has a killer smile for the cameras.

Some know how to walk the walk

Others know how to talk the talk.

Some can totally rock those shortslike they were made for them…

…and come on, suspenders and matching sneaks are going to melt everyone’s heart.

When a bro has your back, it goes a long way.

Let’s be real, what little flower girl could pass up this offer?

Some kids make for fierce competition

…especially with devilish grins…

…and a man’s best friend will always be a loyal choice for the role.

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How You’re Going To Sabotage Your Relationship According To Your Zodiac Sign

Why do we click on zodiac articles? Because we are craving answers, correct? I knowI am.

Oh dear stars, whatHAIRCUT should I get next? What kindof KISSERam I? How should I being having SEX? What LIPSTICKshould I be wearing?The list goes on and on and on.

We turn to astrology to discover all the wonderful, positive, amazing things about ourselves … butsometimes weneglect to look at the bad parts. Each sign has fantasticqualities, but each sign also has some pretty dark sh*t nestled in with the good.

We can’t just hear what we want to hear and ignore the rest. We must look ourdemons in the eye, even if it’s really hard. We must face the scary shadow sides of ourselves if we ever want to GROW. Trust me, I hate it, too. I’m the reigning queen of avoidance myself.

I love you (even if I don’t know you, because I’m just a reckless lover like that), so I’m going to push you into the dangerous ocean today. I’m going to tell you exactly how you’re going to sabotage your relationship based on your zodiac sign.

You’re probably going to hate me. But hey! I’m doing it out of love! I’m forcing you to look in the mirror and examine your naked face! This way, you can see how you really behave, and maybe change these bad habits before it’s too late and you end up alone. FOREVER.

And I don’t want you to end up alone, because again, I LOVE YOU.

Aries (March 21 – April 19): You’re going to impulsively leave the love of your life for a distracting fling.

Aries is the first sign in the zodiac, so you are impulsive, playful and a whole lot of freewheeling FUN. You’re the kind of person whois oh-so-easily tempted bya ~good time~ if you catch my drift.

So I regret to inform you that you are going screw up your relationship by LEAVING the love of your life for someone you locked eyes with across a crowded subway car.

You won’t think about the consequences. In fact, you won’t think at all. You’ll be blinded by lust and will abandon the love of your life just because you got swept away in amoment that wasn’t even real.

And when the fireworks with this new person burn out, you will realize that you walked away from the best thing you ever had. And herein lies the trouble with partners who are the best: THEY WILL NEVER TAKE YOU BACK, AND THEY WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU FOR ABANDONING THEM.

And you will be stuck with this meaningless flinguntil you find the next meaningless fling.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20): You will scare off your partner while in the throes of a jealous rage.

I’m a bull myself, so I get it. We’re calm, cool, collected, fabulous in bed and deeply sensual. Our partners feel safe in our strong, steel arms, don’t they? We’re all flickering candles, cups of blood red wine, kisses for days andstability.

Until our vile inner jealousy rears its ugly head, and suddenly we’re dangerously fuming. Because we LOVE our partnerswith every fiber of our bull-headed being, but we don’t want to ever share theirgorgeous souls and bodieswith ANYONE ELSE.

And sometimes, our vivid imaginations, the expansive minds that make us so beautifully creative, can turn on us. Theycan spiral a little out of control, and suddenly we’ve crossed over to the dark side. And all of that calm, cool and collected energy will EXPLODE. And we will have an epic freakout and spew out accusations of irrational jealousy that will leave our sweet partnersrunning for thehills

Yeah, sorry about that. But we make it up to our partnerswith mind-blowing makeup sex. Wepromise.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20): Your fear of commitment will ruin your lifeand leave you alone forever.

I love a sexy Gemini. You’re hot as hell, intoxicatingly charismatic and keep us guessing with your ever-changing personality.

You’re just charming as hell. Everyone likes you. All sides of you.

The trouble is, you know that a little too well, don’t you? With so many options, you’re afraid to commit to one person.

When you’re faced with one personwho could possibly make you happy for the rest of your days, you will mess it up. Because you will be terrified to commit to him or her, and he or she will say, “SCREW THIS, I can’t handle this roller coaster. I deserve commitment,regardless of how charming you are!” And he or she will walk away and never look back.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22): You will smother your partner until he or she can’t TAKE IT ANYMORE.

I’ve dated more than a few of you Cancers. And you’re an amazing, special breed. You’re super kind, gentle and deeply sensitive, and you authentically care about the person you love. And it feels good to be loved so much (especially if you have rejection issues like me).

However, you’re SO loving and SO caring and SO sensitivethat honestly, you can be a little on the NEEDY side. You need to constantly be told how “loved” and “appreciated” and “perfect” and “wonderful” you are. It’s validationoverload.

And that sh*t gets real old, real fast. HOW MANY TIMES CAN I ASSURE YOU THAT I’M YOURS?

You also want to take care of your girlfriend or boyfriend all of the time, which is sweet at first, but it leads to some serious resentments. It will make your partnerseventually explode and say, “I CAN TAKE CARE OF MY DAMN SELF, AND I NEED SOME SPACE, DAMN IT!”

Your partnerswill then proceed to leave you because they arehungry for independence.

Leo (July 23 – August 22): You will constantlybe lookingfor someone better, so you will drive the best away.

Oh Leo, you’re one of the most powerful signs of the zodiac! You’re smart, and your fierce energy is totally palpable and addictive to the rest of us. You like to be in chargeand in controlof any situation.

You’re ambitious, and you crave someone just as powerful as you are.

So what’s the trouble with all this? You consider yourselfmost amazing creature in the world, soyou think you deserve the most amazing creature in the world.You’re just always lookin’ for better.

Even if you’re blissfully happy and deliriously turned on and deeply challenged by your partner, you will always have one eye open searching for something a bit better, and a bit better, and a bit better.Until you drive the best away, and are left in the dust of your own loneliness.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22): Your obsession with cleanliness and organization will make your partner EXPLODE before leaving you.

A Virgo has some amazing qualities. You’re beautifully idealistic, you’ve got a killer eye for style, you strive for perfection, and most of all, you are the ultimate organizers of the world. A mess like me is drawn to someone like you.

Yourhouse is spotless. Your closet is probably color-coordinated. There is never a dirty dish neglected in the sink. The pillows arefluffed before you leave your apartment. The products are organized by brand and by type. You keep travel-sized bottles of every beauty product you own so you don’t have to mess up the perfectly arranged display in your bathroom when you go on a trip.

While I’m madly drawn to this type of extreme organization, it can really IRRITATING at times.You know why?Because no one can match your unmatchable fussiness. And your inability to compromise and relax and let your partner occasionally kick her shoes off in peace without a lecture from your Virgo lips will drive your partner away.

No one, not even a fellow Virgo, will be able to match your ridiculous standards of PERFECTION. So eventually, your partner will feel like he or she is living in a goddamn detention center and will try to break out.

Libra (September 23 – October 22): Your love of love will tempt you into having an emotional affair with someone else.

Libras, you just love LOVE more than any other sign.You’re notorious for falling hard, and falling fast, and falling deep. However, your natural tendency is to bounce from lover to lover, because you have so much love to give that it can’t possibly be pouredinto just oneperson.

Plus, let’s get real: You’re easily bored because you shine bright like a diamond! And you have an unquenchable thirst for freedom! All of this is a recipe for heartbreak.

When sh*t gets real, you find yourself embarking on an emotional affair with that hot, forbidden co-worker who sits two desks to your left. It might never become sexual, but some of us (me) happen think an emotional affair is far worsethan a sexual affair.

And since you’re pretty honest, you will probably tell your partner, and he or she will feel so horrendously betrayed that his or her heartwill shatter into a million little tiny shards of glass and THAT WILL BE IT. FOREVER.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21): You will cheat because you’re so goddamn horny and YOU JUST CAN’T STOP YOURSELF.

I feel a special kinship with you,Scorpio. My rising sign is Scorpio, so trust me, I know exactly how it feels to be an insatiably sexual person who just can’t get enough. And I know what it’s like to be overcome with dirty thoughts that plague youevery day.

However, you Scorpios have a sexual prowess that people like me can’t top. You’ve just got swag, babe. And no one will EVER turn your sexual advances down. You’re both intoxicated by sex and intoxicating to others.

To you, being in a relationship is like being a recovered heroin addict surrounded by heroin you can’t have. You can’t have sex with strangers, but you’re surrounded by hot people willing to give you oral at the drop of a hat.

And you won’t give in … until the force becomes too great. And suddenly, you’re getting down and dirty with that forbidden fruit.

That’s cheating. And you WILL get caught. Because cheaters always get caught. Eventually.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21): Yourfeisty, quirky, SPUNKY sense of humor will make your partner’s family detest you.

Sagittarius, I love you. You’re just so full of SPICE and PERSONALITY. You dominate the social scene and are a fabulous addition to a party. You crave admiration and attention the same way girls like me crave chilled champagne on a hot summer day.

However, your need for attention and your uncensored humor will backfire the moment your partner decides to take you home for the holidays. You will be so excitedand eagerto impress the family that you will push it a little too far. Auntie Jane just doesn’t like being made fun of for her snaggletooth, OK?

The next thing you know, you will be blacklisted from the family. And I hate to break it to you, but when the family doesn’t approve, you’re doomed.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19): Your ego willf*ckyou up.

I’m magnetically drawn to Capricorns. You’re organized, you have wonderfully high standards and you are the great perfectionists of the zodiac. You just like your thingsto be neat, and I respect that. You like to WIN, and I respect that, too. You just want the best,and I like the best, too.

And you love when your partnerstell you how AMAZING you are, don’t you? “Oh honey, you’re KILLING it at work.” “Oh honey, you’re so SMART.” “OH BABY, NO ONE ORGANIZES THE CABINETS LIKE YOU. YOU’RE SO SEXY. F*CK ME ON THE KITCHEN TABLE RIGHT NOW.”

These compliments are like drugs to you. However, you don’t like when the switch flips, so when your partners dareto critique you, you go nuts.

“Well if you don’t LIKE my blue dress, you can find another girl in a DIFFERENT dress,” you will cry as you slam the door in your lover’s face, letting your untamable ego steer the ship.

It’s a shame. Because you’re a really great partner when you leave your ego at the door.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) You will leave someone brilliant just to go back to that toxic ex you can’t shake.

Aquarius, youhave traits that make all of us want you. You’re charismatic. You’re FUN. You’re wildly eccentric, andno one will ever forget you. You’re a fabulous individual in a sea of faceless drones. Who doesn’t want a fabulous individual in a sea of faceless drones?

It takes you a while to fall in love, but when you do, you fall HARD. Real hard. The only trouble is when you love, you love for life. You’re like a goddamnpenguin.

Loving another human being for life is great, but when that human being is “the one” (if “the one” exists, which it DOESN’T), it sucks when this human being is toxic. Because when you leave your toxic partner, he or shewill still belingering in the depths of your heart and soul, and you won’t be able to shake him or her.

Eventually, you will meet someone new. Someone healthy and positive and amazing. But that toxic venom from your ex will still be immersed in your heart. And you will leave a beautiful, kind, giving person only to fall back into the arms of your devil ex.

I recommend you see a therapist before you end up living in the ex vortex for the rest of your life.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20): You will blindly fall in love with the wrong person.

Aw,Pisces. You’re so sweet. You’re like an adorable puppy who just wants to be loved, loved, LOVED. I’m a lover, too. Let’s cuddle! Let’s immerse ourselves in a sea of love and affection for the rest of our dismal days on this dismal planet.

However, you’re a little thin-skinned. You’ve been called fragile a few times, haven’t you? You’re beautiful, but easily broken. And I get it. I’m sensitive, too, and it’s hard out there for us sensitive kittens.

While your vulnerability is fabulous (don’t ever change), it causes you to trust the wrong people. You open your heart up to people whodon’t deserveyour love and attention, but you won’t be able to see that. Because you’re in love.

“But I LOVE HIM!” are your four favorite words.

Remember that LOVE IS NOT ENOUGH. You must lovewith your eyes open.


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The Collected Works Of Matthew Thomas, America’s Foremost Photographer Of Cats Who Just Can’t Even

Few American photographers have contributed more to the listicle as an art form as has Matthew Thomas (1943-2013). Throughout his storied career, Thomas compiled some of the greatest viral photograph collections the internet has ever known, including 12 Cats Who Just Don’t Get It, 15 Things Only People From New York Will Understand, Parts I and II, and Sloths Revisited. While Thomas will likely be remembered for his celebrated photographs of cats who just can’t even, a closer look at his work reveals that he was, in fact, a master of many photographic forms, including memes, GIFs, and things only ’90s kids will remember.

This collection attempts to demonstrate the astounding breadth of Matthew Thomas’ artistic output. It presents the cat photographs that made him a national icon, but it also features the lesser-known works that made him a critical darling and, ultimately, the most influential internet photographer of the present century.

Cat, Overwhelmed, October 2006

Cat, Overwhelmed was Thomas’ first major photograph of a cat who just couldn’t even, and it immediately became a sensation. Although Thomas had been generating considerable buzz within the art community for years, it was Cat, Overwhelmed that made him a national celebrity and heralded the arrival of one of the greatest talents in American photography.

In Pursuit Of Fine Dining: A Meditation, April 2006

The Ineluctable Proliferation Of The Bike Messenger, from the collection 25 Things Only San Franciscans Will Understand, February 2009

Solitude, That Heady Elixir, from the collection 45 Things Introverts Absolutely Can’t Live Without, October 2007

The Food Trucks In Twilight, from 18 Reasons Why Living In Austin Ruins You For Other Cities, April 2009

That Feeling When The Loud Guy At Work Spoils ‘True Blood, December 2010

Thomas’ foray into GIFs was met with overwhelming acclaim. While many initially believed that a change in medium as drastic as that from pic to GIF might prove disastrous to his career, Thomas made the transformation flawlessly, and That Feeling When The Loud Guy At Work Spoils ‘True Blood’ remains one of the most celebrated GIFs of the current century.

Brunch: A Still Life, June 2008

Untitled, August 2010

Thomas’ experimental period began with a form-breaking triptych entitled “3 Dogs Who Think They’re People.” The piece is unlike anything viewers had ever encountered in the listicle form.

Ascending Figure Study No. 4, June 2011

familiarus, June 2011

Ephemera, June 2011

To this day, 3 Dogs remains deeply controversial. Some critics see it as a brave step forward for the listicle, while others condemn it as self-indulgent and aggressively inaccessible.

Yet even while Thomas attempted these startling experiments, he continued to keep the mainstream artistic community satisfied with a reliable output of cat photography.

Columbus In Boots, December 2013

In December 2013, three months after his death, Thomas’ estate released the posthumous masterpiece Columbus In Boots, a cat photo so incisive, and of such technical brilliance, that since its publication, it has been widely hailed as one of the finest cat photographs of all time.

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7 Reasons Fetty Wap’s ‘Again’ Is The Most Honest Love Song Of Our Generation

The ’70s had Barry White’s Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe. The ’80s had Cyndi Lauper’s Time After Time.The ’90s had Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.

And what do we have? Fetty Wap’s Again.

Yes, that’s right. In honor of the low-key feminist rapper’s birthday,I want to make the case for “Again,” thelove ballad to the trap queen Fettylost to a life of fame and fortune, as one of the greatest love songs of our generation.

I’ve broken down the lyrics to discuss how powerful each line really is. Let’s get started.

“I want you to be mine again, baby.”

He wants her back. Life without her was just too much to bear. And you know what my favorite part is? Even though she is very obviously not in his life at the present moment, he still refers to her as “baby.” She will always be his baby. Wait OMG, someone call Mariah Carey.

“I know my lifestyle is driving you crazy.”

He understands her and where she’s coming from. He gets that she’s not just some crazy bitch. The only reason she’s crazy right now is because he made her that way.

“I cannot see myself without you.”

She is a necessary component of his life (and not in a creepy stalker way). He doesn’t need her to live or breathe or anything stalker-y like that. Fetty just can’t really be his most swag self without her.

“We call them fans though, girl you know how we do.”

I’m going to be honest: I haveno idea what this linemeans. I even did some research, and I still don’t fully understand.

In “Trap Queen” (another song I’m assuming is about this same girl), Fetty raps, “Everybody hating, we just call them fans though.” So, is it some shared lingo between the two of them? I’m not sure, but I’d like to think so.

“I go out of my way to please you.”

Her happiness is a priority to him. He will go out of his way to do something if it means it will just put a smile on her face.

“I go out of my way to see you.”

He wants to be with her, and that’s a priority to him. It doesn’t matter how busy he is with work, parties, doctors appointments and whatever else it is that Fetty Wap is up to on a daily basis. He will go out of his way to make sure he sees her.

“I aint playing no games. I need you.”

Ah, this is a true modern Millennial marvel. He’s not playing games. No, these aren’t just meaningless words to keep her on the hook. He actually needs her. It’s as simple as that, and he’s not afraid to say it.

Happy birthday, Fetty. I hope this girlcomes to her senses and goes back to you. (Maybe as a birthday present?)

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Chrissy Teigen And John Legend’s Daughter Just Met ‘Auntie’ Kim Kardashian

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s daughter is not even 2 months old yet, but she’s still achieved what some “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” fans have been wanting to do their whole lives.

On Sunday, baby Luna got to meet “Auntie” Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, as the couple met up with Teigen and Legend for lunch around Los Angeles.

Like any decent human being would, Chrissy decided to share a couple of pictures of their afternoon date with the world through her Snapchat.

Who says social media’s good for nothing?

The image of Kim Kardashian holding Luna is as cute as you’d expect.

Soon, it would be Kanye’s turn to hold Luna, and she got what most never can: a smile from Yeezy.

Safe to say, anyone who can take Kanye out of straight-face mode has to be something special.

Sunday, however, technically wasn’t the first time Luna and Kim met. It’s just the last time we saw these two together, Luna was inside her mother’s womb and Kim was throwing Chrissy a baby shower to remember.

If anything, their lunch date this time around reminds us just how good of friends Kardashian and Teigen are.

Yup, just two super normal, yet famous friends who have an awkward time taking selfies, just like the rest of us.

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7 Times Your ‘Fitspirational’ Gym Clothing Went Too Far

I’ve never been big on working out, but after a recent health scare, I decided I needed to get off the couch, put on a pair of stretchy pants, and hit the gym.

The only thing really motivating me (besides that whole “fear of death” thing) was thefact that being forced to work out means I get to purchase a whole new wardrobe of leggings, sports bras and those strappy workout tops that only look good on Victoria’s Secret models (and me, because I don’t give a f*ck).

The thing I quickly discoveredduringmy very brief introduction to fitness is thatthere is a scary underworldof gym shirts and other workout wear that goes a little too far. Those “motivational” printed tees populating Etsy go from Pinterest” to scary real quick and there is nothing cute about that. I’ve rounded up some of the most obnoxious/horrifying/nauseating examples below.

Uh, no, thats just me crying.

Besides, I take extreme measures to make sure my fat is a happy camper. I treat my fat better than I treat most people.

My happy hour is my happy hour.

If there are no margaritas and $5 gin and tonics, I think it’s more of a sad hour than a happy one.

You should probably get that checked out.

Wait, does that mean my fat cries glitter? That’s kind of awesome, actually.

This is a TAD too aggressive.

You should really get your anger issues checked out, girl.

This doesn’t sound very accurate.

If the only thing keeping you alive is a pair of thick thighs, you need to get that checked out. Like, yesterday.

That’s just rude.

I don’t even think Regina George would approve of these.

That got NSFW real quick.

Yes, I know these terms refer to weightlifting. No, that doesn’t make me feel any better about the word“snatch.”

So maybe heading to Lululemon after work isn’t the worst idea.

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