This Woman Is Using Fruit To Show You Exactly How To Finger A Woman

The line between art and pornography has always been a blurry one, which can make it difficult to objectively sort something into either category without someone suddenly appearing to tell you why you’re wrong.

For this reason, I hesitate to group the videos featured on Stephanie Sarley’s Instagram into either of these categories.

Over the past few weeks, Sarley has been posting videos of her fingering different kinds of produce, which — much like the art of Maude Lebowski— could be defined as “vaginal.”

I’ve heard people say art is defined as anything that elicits an emotional reaction from the viewer, and based on the many conflicting emotions I felt while watching these videos, they would certainly be classified as “art.”

Sure, there’s nothing inherently dirty about someone delicately fingering the cross sections of various types of fruit for longer than any person should, and while I wouldn’t call these videos “pornographic,” I also wouldn’t want anyone to walk in on me while I was watching them.

I’ll let you take a look at a few examples before you decide if you feel the same way.

A strawberry…

A papaya…

An apricot…

AMeyer lemon (it’s a squirter)…

Lemon Squirt – My second favorite video to the Blood Orange

A video posted by Stephanie Sarley (@stephanie_sarley) on Apr 27, 2016 at 7:01pm PDT

…and a kiwi.

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Little Girl Hilariously Tries To Con Her Mom Into Revealing A Surprise

There has been a lot of talk recently about who will be the next James Bond.

Idris Elba was rumored to be taking the spot for a while, then, just last week, Tom Hiddleston was supposedly in talks for the job. But both of these rumors are off the mark. The truth is this little girlnamed Lily (who tried to trick her mom into telling her what she was getting for a surprise) is officially going to be the next 007.

I don’t mean she is going to play the character in a movie —who cares about that? That’smake-believe for f*ck’s sake — no, this little girl is going to become an actual spy with a license to kill and punch people off trains. That’s how bright a future she clearly has.

Because if she’s pulling dope tricks like this as a little kid, think about the caliber ofespionage she’ll be capable of as an adult. She’s going to make Edward Snowden look like a tattletale.

This precocious little kid tried to get her mom to reveal the surprise gift that she’d bought her daughter with this diabolically cute note.

Seems Legit

If I wereher mom, I would just fall for this on purposeto teach her trickery and deceit are the most important skills if she ever wants to become president. Also, I seriously just can’t get over how she thought her dad would call his wife “wife.”

Well done, Lily. Well done.

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The Way This Country Uses Toilet Paper Will Completely Blow Your Mind

People on Reddit are posting toilet paper roll holders from around the worldbecause the internet is weird. Very weird, in fact, because here I am getting paid to write about Reddit talking about toilet paper.

Let us begin.

Now, at first, I was tempted to make this piece a sober reflection on the importance of multiculturalism in the wake of Brexit, but then, I remembered I was writing about toilet paper.

And in thetoilet arena, there can be but one victor.


The Japanese are more dominant in the category of “Cleaning Butts” than Michael Phelps is in the category of “Stoners Who Swim.”

Behold this miracle of design, convenience and simplicity.

Next up: Australia, which is decidedly less innovative.

What Australia lacks in toilet-roll dispensing, it makes up for in gun laws. YES!!!! I MADE AN ARTICLE ABOUT TOILET PAPER POLITICAL!!!!

Of course, Germany’s is both convenient and somehow threatening.

Basically, it uses the same principle as a shotgun. But instead of bullets — anyway, you get it. Wow, more gun stuff.

This South African toilet roll dispenser is harrowing.

View post on

Please note the Uncle Sam-esque text that reads,


And finally, AMERICA.

… I seriously didn’t plan this whole gun motif when I started.

The other main form of American toilet-roll dispensing is this.

How My Housemate Replaces the Toilet Paper

This is, of course, my preferred method. I just like to know there is already some fecal matter on the toilet paper BEFORE I use it.

But in this beautiful country, UNLIKE ENGLAND (#politics), we encourageVARIETY and DIFFERENCE.

View post on

We don’t do that, obviously. We just say that in speeches and do the opposite of that. (Wow, this is legit becoming a very political article.)

Anyway, um, AMERICA.




I can see the need for two rolls of toilet paper.


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10 Times Kit Harington And Rose Leslie’s Love Gave Us Life IRL

Warning: There are some spoilers ahead, but you’ve probably already seen them all on the Internet.

Year after year, week after week, “Game of Thrones” fans suffer through the horrors of the show in the hopes they will eventually get a glimpse of something pure and joyful.

For example, Jon and Sansa’s reunion this season was a GLIMMER of happiness, and hearts around the world welled with emotion. Of course, because anything but crippling sadness is fleeting on the show, last week’s Hodor reveal put fans back in their place.

However, there is one thing that keeps “GoT” fans going: Jon Snow and Ygritte.

Before you yell at me, “YGRITTE’S DEAD, THANKS FOR REMINDING ME YOU SPINELESS WENCH!” hear me out. While I may have a hard time differentiating between reality and fiction (“GoT” is extremely realistic, after all), I recognize the love between these two characters truly exists on and off the screen.

Kit Harington and Rose Leslie have been dating outside the Seven Kingdoms, and I’m confident their love could single-handedlyconquer the Iron Throne (if Ygritte wasn’t, like, super dead).

Here are 10 times Kit and Rose proved to us we would all know nothing about love if it weren’t for them.

When this duo isn’t bundled up for the winter, they’re SLAYING on the red carpet.

Rose Instagrammed this and we all died (too soon?) a little inside.

They have the swag of a young Jaime Lannister.

Find a man who can rise from the dead AND appreciate a good GAP t-shirt.

Ugh, she’s fallen harder for him than Bran Stark.

Kit even sang this song for Rose with Coldplay.

*~A Stark in the streets and a Wildling in the sheets.~*

“Winter’s not the only thing that’s coming soon.” (What I image Kit is whispering to Rose.)

Ugh, they are so effortlessly in love (and alive).

Thank you, Kit and Rose, for showing the world true love exists in the real modern world.

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Gigi Hadid Just Did The Cutest Thing To Show Her Love For Zayn Malik

Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik have some serious PDA going on.

The couple constantly show their affection for each other on Twitter and Instagram,and Gigi even starred in Zayn’s “PILLOWTALK”music video — where they made out the entire time.

They also had the hottest Vogue photo shoot ever, and one time, Zaynmade a dirty joke about Gigi touching his man junk.


Now Gigi Hadid is showing love for her boyfriend in a new, more creative way.

The model attended Drake’s“SNL” after-party this weekend and wore a t-shirt that let everyone know she’s taken by Zayn.

Gigi Hadid’s t-shirt said “lol ur not Zayn Malik.” Aw, how precious.

Of course, Zayn tweeted out the photo to show off his girl’s creation. GET A ROOM, YOU TWO.

According to ELLE,this isn’t the first time Gigi worea t-shirt for aboyfriend. The model apparently rocked a G.I. shirt when she was dating Joe Jonas, which naturally led to G.I. Joe jokes.

I wonder how much of Gigi’s closet is filled with clothing for her bae. And what happens if Zayn and Gigi break up? Does she donate the shirt to charity or something? Maybe she uses it to mop the floor.

Hopefully they stay together forever so we never have to find out.

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How To Stay Healthy When You’re Dining Out This Summer

When summer rolls around, I don’t want any obligations.

I want to work just enough to keep collecting my paycheck, then leave the office behind and frolic in the glorious sunlight. I also want to spend a minimal amount of time in my apartment. Whywould I want to waste the precious summer hours by scrubbing mybathtub or dusting myapartment?

And you know what I really don’t want to do? Cook.

I mean, my apartment is roughly 1,000 degrees during the summer. Can you blame me? Why would I hang out in a sauna, sweating while making my own food, when I could be sitting on a shaded patio consuming food someone else has made for me?

I want to eat out in the summertime. Period. The problem is that I also want to look good in myswimsuit, and eating out doesn’t have the best reputation for your health.

Yet recently I learned that frequenting restaurants doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your health. So, if you’re like me and eat out all the timein the summer, here are nineways you can do it and stay healthy.

Instead of an entre, order an appetizer or side for your meal.

One of the biggest problems with eating out is the insane portion size you get at most eateries. While it makes you feel good about getting value for your money, your waistline is screwed if you eat the whole thing.

Instead, order an app or side as your meal. The portion is smaller, which will keep you from overeating.

Order aside salad as a substitute for fries.

A side of fries used to be a special feature on fast food menus. But these days, it seems like every restaurant offers you a pile of fried potatoes withyour meal. Resist the urge and ask for a side salad instead.

If you do want fries, get a side for the table to split.

I know, sometimes you NEED those fries. Trust me, I get it. But instead of getting your own heaping helping, order a side of fries for the table to split. You’ll satiate your craving without overindulging.

Set aside a portion of your meal to take home.

Similar to ordering an app for your entre, this one is all about portion size.

If you set aside a part of your meal in a takeout container when you START eating, you’ll forget there’s more food than what is in front of you. That will trick your mind into thinking you finished your food, leaving you satisfied. It’s all about the mind games.

Choose greens over grains.

This is a simple way to get any meal you want, but health-ify it. (FYI, I’m coining “health-ify” as your new wellness term for 2016. You’re welcome, world.)

Real life application of this principle: If you love eggs benedict, have your eggs over greens instead of an English muffin. If you can’t say no to that burger, have it in a lettuce wrap instead of a bun. It will alleviate your food guilt.

Choose the dessert that does the least damage.

FRUIT. If there’s a dessert with fruit, then that is what you should order. You’ll be able to walk away having satisfied your sweet craving, but without feeling slovenly.

For your entre, choose protein, not carbs.

Basically, choose the chicken or the fish, NOT the pasta. Protein will help you to stay lean and avoid the food coma.

Go for a long walk while you digest.

If you’re on a date, a long walk will give you a chance to be romantic after dinner. If you’re with your best friends, it’ll give you a chance to dish more about that girl who’s flirting with your ex on Instagram. (There’s ALWAYS one.)

The bestpart:It’ll make you feel exponentially better than you would sitting for hours in that after-dinner movie.

Give in to your cravings once in a while.

Everything in moderation isn’t just a saying it’s a way of life.

Staying healthy in the summer isn’t about depriving your taste buds. It’s about weighing those indulgent moments with healthful meals.

So do get that vanilla cone from the soft-serve truck on the corner just do it after eating a Mediterranean salad.

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10 Daily Improvements Your Body Will Thank You For

There are mountains of material things we will possess over our lifetimes. Well buy hundreds of pairs of shoes (we hope), cycle through 50-plus pairs of jeans and throw out myriad accessories that well only wear once.

Material goods come and go. When they lose their luster, theyre easily upgraded. But your body? Your body is forever.

We only get one body, and that body needs to be cared for. It cant be replaced, so we have to preserve it as best we can.

Yet if we approach caring for our bodies in an extreme way, it can overwhelm us. Crash dieting is a crash course in failure because its impossible to keep up. Hitting the gym seven days a week is an unrealistic goal because life gets in the way.

Its best to break down our wellness into smaller, achievable improvements that we can tackle every single day. That way, taking care of our bodies wont seem like an insurmountable goal. Youll feel accomplished because youre doing something to continuously upgrade your sense of well-being.

How can you get going? Its not as daunting as you might think if you start by incorporating these 10 daily improvements. Your body will thank you for it.


We used to make fun of our middle school gym teachers for espousing the importance of stretching, but we know better now. Stretching your muscles will set you up for success by releasing the tension in your body and keeping you limber. When youre properly stretched, youll be ready to tackle anything that comes your way.

Read a book before bedtime.

Thirty minutes before you ideally want slumber to hit, settle down in your bed and cuddle up with a good book. Reading will immerse you in a different world without stimulating your senses the way your phone does. Itll lead to a better nights sleep, which is an upgrade we could all use. You never know, it might even spark some pleasant dreams.


In the same way stretching eases your muscles, meditation eases your mind. If you take time each day to quietly meditate and reflect, overall you will be less stressed and we all know how bad stress is on our bodies. Besides, in this busy world we live in, meditation is the perfect excuse to keep me time on your daily to-do list.

Eat meals that are actually well-balanced.

For me, a typical day begins with the decision of whether Im going to eat healthfully, which for me, at least means consuming lots offruits and vegetables. Though Im resolute in my decisions through breakfast and lunch, come dinnertime, my willpower breaks and I eat something thats processed and teeming with artificial ingredients.

Instead, I should be striving to eat meals that are well-balanced. If I were to ensure that each plate has greens, fruit, protein and carbs, I would be far less likely to binge at all. Moderation in everything, as they say.

Take the stairs.

Elevators and escalators are wonderful modern inventions, I know. But if you opt for the stairs, youll get where you need to go, and youll exercise in the process.

Bonus: The stairs are a great way to tone your butt and thighs, giving the phrase step it up a whole new meaning.

Really look at yourself in the mirror.

This article is about getting our bodies to thank us, but a huge part of that is thanking our bodies. We should stand in front of the mirror each morning and really look at ourselves. We need to love our own reflection. The sooner we do that, the better shape well be in inside and out.

Count your blessings.

Our mental state is a huge factor in the health of our bodies. When were living day to day, focused on what were dealing with in the moment, we lose sight of all the good we have. Lets commit to counting our blessings every day so were reminded that we always have something to celebrate.


Dehydration is not a fun situation. The headaches alone are, well, a headache.

Stay hydrated throughout the day by consuming a steady stream of water. Youll ward off the symptoms of dehydration and feel refreshed from morning to night.

Eat a piece of dark chocolate.

Is it possible to go through a day without craving something sweet? I dont know anybody who has conquered the beast of longing for a piece of chocolate.

The good news is that its totally okay for us to indulge when were consuming dark chocolate. Eat a handful a day and your taste buds will be thanking you along with your body.


Journaling isnt just for 12-year-old girls to write about their crush-du-jour. Its actually a super helpful tool that promotesmindfulness.

Journaling can help us keep track of our health as well as major life events. We can keep record patterns to tell our doctors, and hopefully use the information to make necessary tweaks in the future.

When we have a million obligations pulling at us, it’s hard to remember the value of focusing on ourselves. But these daily improvements will help us to do just that: Put our bodies first and show them some love every single day.

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Compensation for this post was provided by CLEAR CARE via Elite Daily. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of CLEAR CARE or Elite Daily.

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How To Turn Your Pixie Haircut Into Perfectly Messy Waves

So you just cut off all your hair, and you’relike, Now what? Or, maybeyou’re considering taking the plunge but need the extra encouragement to go there.

One of the most fun things about a pixie haircut, in my opinion, is how versatile short haircan be with just a few tricks up your sleeve. When I first cut off my hair, I wondered if I’d still be able to curl it and have that wild look that I love. If it was a concern of mine, chances are it’s a concern for others so let’s get it!

Turns out, curling short hair issuper easy to do, as long as you have the right curling iron and a little know-how. Thisultimateguide to short hairstyling could be thenudge you need to actually hack it off. Trust me it feels good!

Start curling.

I like to start on thethickerside of my hair, and prefer to curl my hair away from my face.

Start by placing the iron at thebase of your first section, then hold the ends of your hair out while you twist the wand to feed the rest of the strandsin. Leave around a half inch of hair out at the ends for amore beachy look.

Keep the sections consistent.

Try to keep each section roughly the same size for the best results.

Continue on the other side.

When you’re finished with the first side, move over to the other side of your head and curl away from your face.

Add texture.

Add your favorite sea salt spray once your curls have cooled off.

Now, rough it up.

An asymmetrical or really short haircut really lets you getplayful with your styling game. Take your fingers and shake them through your waves to create a wild, unkempt finish.

This hairstyle is definitely an easier one, but feel free toplay around if you want to take it to another level. Try adding a bunch of different-sized curls to really amp up the texture. Remember no rules!

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Why Texas Needs To Be Your Next Vacation Destination

Have you ever noticed howpeople from Texas are literally obsessed with it? When you head to any destination in the state, you seetheemblem of the state flag on pretty much every piece of merchandise imaginable.

But then you visit Texas, and you seeexactly why everyoneis obsessed with it.

Texas has literally EVERYTHING: metropolises, lakes, deserts, hills, beaches, national parks and even something called Cadillac Ranch, which is a collection of old cars buried in sand (look it up, it’s amazing).

Turns out everything isactuallybigger in Texas including the lists of why you need to visit.

First off, queso. All of the queso.

I mean, you could choose to just dip your tortilla chips in store-bought salsa for the rest of your days. OR you can take a trip to Texas and discover something life-changing: fresh, ooey-gooey queso. Bowls and bowls of it.

Queso is a decidedly Texas creation. Every Tex-Mex restaurant you go to in cities like San Antonio will have the best queso of your life, all in different levels of spiciness to appeal to every palate.

Breakfast tacos. All of the breakfast tacos.

Before fast food chains started adding this item to their menus, it was a Texas-only phenomenon. But Texas is still the place that does the breakfast taco justice.

Scrambled eggs. Bacon. Chorizo. Peppers. Cotija cheese. Onlythe best ingredients are stuffed into these breakfast tacos, making it much easier to get up in time to order breakfast.

You know what? Lets just sayTex-Mex in general.

I know we’ve delved into the finer points of queso and breakfast tacos, but let’s just acknowledge that Tex-Mex, which is literally named after the state of Texas, is a prime reason to visit the Lone Star State.

Everywhere you go in Texas, whether it’s a nice restaurant, a food truck or a gas station (no, really), you’re getting a high quality taco on a homemade tortilla. What could be better? (The answer is nothing.)

San Antonio is taking this favorite cuisine to the next level with something called “Tex-Next,” infusing heritage with culinary innovation. Nowhere is this on display more than San Antonio’s campus of the Culinary Institute of America, which turns out the city’s most innovative chefs. You’ll definitely want to make this a stop on your next trip.

San Antonio’s River Walk is a gem.

San Antonio isbringing the romance with the picturesque River Walk. At night, string lights and lanterns bathe the River Walk in a certain glow that just screams magic.

After you’ve fallen in love withthe River Walk, you can head over to the La Villita Historic Arts District, which features an adorable collection of pueblos that have been turned into showcases for local artisans. In fact, art is a huge part of San Antonio culture, mixing American and Mexican influences.

Live music is a huge part of Texas culture.

In every Texas city, live music is a constant source of entertainment. Country, folk, indie rock they all have their place in the music venues of cities like San Antonioand Austin.

And why wouldn’t they? After all, this is the same state responsible for producingtalents like Selena, Miranda Lambert, Willie Nelson and (the queen herself) Beyonc.

San Antonio is bringing a dose of history to its music venues, as well. Downtown, theAztec Theater offers a wide variety of acts, frommetal to indie rock, all in a building that is anarchitectural work of art.

The Alamo lives up to the hype.

San Antonio’s main tourist draw is the historic Alamo, and it’s a draw for a reason. Every trip needs its throwback fix, and the Alamo is the best Texas has to offer.

Walk around the expansive Alamo grounds to learn about the infamous battle and its participants, as well as get a taste of what life was like inthe 1800s.

And if the architecture of the Alamo is something you’re dying to see more of, you’re in luck. San Antonio is also home to UNESCO World Heritage Missions, a networkof five frontier mission complexes including the Alamo situated along a stretch of the San Antonio River basin and built by Franciscan missionaries in the 18thcentury.

The local drink pickings are incredible.

Texans aren’tafraid to show theirlove of partying. How else are you going to work up the guts to get on that mechanical bull?Luckily, the state makes it really easy to drink locally, with tons of breweries and distilleries. Texaseven hasa burgeoning wine scene, with more than 40 wineries scattered throughoutthe Texas Hill Country wine region.

Shout out to a few of the manystars of the local bunch (and my personal favorites), Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Shiner Bock beer.

Going out dancing means the two-step, not grinding.

Anywhere else, you go to a club, and you see the same dance moves over and over again. Feet planted in one place, hips moving, arms swaying to the music.

But Texas dancers put everyone to shame. The two-step is intricate and amazing to watch. If you’re lucky, maybe a cowboy will even offer to teach you the steps himself.

Youll never know the meaning of barbecueuntil youve had Texas barbecue.

Sure, in your city there may be a restaurant that claims it has authentic barbecue, but they don’t even know what they’re talking about.

Texas barbecueis out of this world. The brisket will blow your mind. There’s a reason the majority of the best barbecuerestaurant rankings reside in the Lone Star State.

The barbecue is so good in San Antonio it’s even a totally appropriate brunch option. Popular restaurants like Smokehouse are serving brisket like there’s no tomorrow every single day. You know it’s good when you can smell the mesquite pits from the parking lot.

You’re (obviously) going to bookyour trip to Texas ASAP, and when you do, make sure San Antonio is your first stop.

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11 Super Easy Things You Can Do Every Day To Save Money

Most days I wake up and find myself wishing I wereindependently wealthy, living off my substantialtrust fund. I could go on trips and hire people to pay my bills for me. I could be comfortable. I could not worry about saving money because Id already have a bank account full of it.

Alas, this is but a dream.

I am not independently wealthy, and I have to work to support myself. I have to pay my own bills, so I know exactly how much everything costs, from my expensive electric bill to my more expensive cell phonebill.

Its exhausting, but its reality. As a result, Im constantly looking for ways to save money and stretch every dollar I make. This mentality is what helps me save for friend tripsto other countries, tickets to concerts and multi-courseanniversary dinners. The kinds of experiences you remember forever, you know?

In that spirit, here are 11 easy things you (and I) can do every day to save money.

1. Make your own coffee three times a week.

Spending 2 dollars here on a coffee and 4 dollars there on a latte doesnt seem like much, but it really adds up after a while. Instead makeyour own coffee at home Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Save fancy barista coffee for Monday and Friday as a special treat to start and end the week.

2. Go grocery shopping with a list every week.

The more groceries you have in your house, the more options youll have for meals and the more likely youll be to eat at home. The more you eat at home and cook those raw ingredients, the more money youll save on restaurants and takeout. Its simple logic.

But grocery shopping is more than the effort of pushing a shopping cart through the aisles. You want to make sure youre shopping smart once youre there, too. Preparinga list will help you avoid last-minute decisions drivenbyexhaustion and hunger.

No more will you be compulsivelysnacking on graham crackers while throwing anything that sounds remotely appetizing in your cart.

3. Use those groceries to pack breakfast and/or lunch for work every day.

As youre making your dinner at night, prepare an extra portion for the next days lunch. And in the morning as youre getting ready, leave an extra five minutes to prepare a quick, delicious breakfast. If you eat both meals at work, you will be satisfiedthroughout the day and won’t feel the need to run out and buy snacks to tide you over.

Of course, if you dont have time to pack both meals, thats totally okay. Even packing one is a step in the right direction.

4. Don’t buy your household items at grocery stores.

Products like toilet paper, paper towels and laundry detergent are marked up at grocery stores. Dont settle for ahigherprice, even if it is convenient. Shop online or goto drug stores and big-box stores to get prices that are more in line with your budget.

5. Unplug “phantom appliances” like your cable box when you leave your home.

As the New York Times reported, about one-fourth of all residential energy consumption goes towarddevices that are off or in sleep mode while still plugged in. Appliances like cable boxes, coffee pots, TVs and modems are using energy whether you think you turned them off or not.

If you unplug such appliances before leaving the house, this will cut your electricity bill AND save energy. Youll be doing something good for your bank account and the environment.

6. Embrace using coupons and rebates!

Taking advantage of coupons and rebates doesnt make you old. It makes you smart, thrifty and prudent.

If you buy something for 90 dollars and you have a 200-dollar rebate, you would be crazy not to send that in the mail ASAP. Thats free money! And if you buy a head of lettuce for 4 dollars instead of using a coupon that would make it 2 dollars? Thats just silly.

Pro tip: Even specialtygrocery stores like Whole Foods offer competitivedealsevery week you just have to be on the lookout for them.

7. Invest ina reusable water bottle so you aren’tconstantly buying bottles of water with lunch.

Most of us are lucky enough to live in a place where water is an abundant resource. There are faucets in your home and your office, and sometimes even a filtration system. So, instead ofbuying bottles of water, take advantage of those resources and purchasea reusable water bottle.

For all you seltzer fans out there, you should also look intobuying a soda maker, which will turn that tap water into the stuff of your dreams. Your reusable water bottle will be the perfect storage vessel for your precious sparkling water.

8. Transferat least 1 dollarevery day intoyour savings account.

Just think, if you can put aside at least 1dollar every day for your savings account, youll have saved 365 dollars in onlya year. Thats no small amount. And if there are days whenyou can put aside more because you were extra good that week, then you could end up with even more money at the end of the year.

To make this process simpler, you could even joina service like Digit, which links to your bank account and automatically withdraws small sums of money multiple times amonth. It then transfersthat money into a personal savings accountthat you can withdraw at any time.

9. Always eat the free food in the office.

There is no shame in indulging in free office food. It’sconstantly someones birthday or baby shower, sowhy notreap the benefits? Have at it! You’ll also beless hungry later in the day, so instead of opting for a large meal, you canbuy or cook a cheaper snack.

10. Research where your impending big purchase is the cheapest.

Just as you can never be too young to clip coupons, you can never be too young to shop for the best price. When youre buying an appliance, a plane ticket or anything else that will stretch your wallet, be smart about it and look around, both in-store and online. You may even save enough money to make two big purchases.

11. Opt for BYOB restaurants and skip the apps.

This one pains me too, I know. But alcohol and appetizers are what usuallytake your restaurant bill from manageable to ridiculous. Skip the apps and opt for a more filling meal instead.

Plus, just think about it: If youre at a BYOB restaurant, your group of friends can share a bottle of wine for the price of one glass. The math really does add up.

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