Mom Calls C-SPAN to Scold Pundit Sons (Video)

Mom Calls C-SPAN to Scold Pundit Sons (Video)

Brothers Brad and Dallas Woodhouse – one Democrat, the other Republican – where surprised when their mother called into their debate on C-SPAN to scold them for fighting over the holidays…


Man Picks Nose During TNT Broadcast of Knicks-Trail Blazers Game (Video)

Meet the most confident nose picker in the world! He was caught picking his nose during Thursday night’s Knicks and Trail Blazers game and decided to follow it up with a cocky wink directly at the camera. Deja vu?

Video via Youtube. H/T: SB Nation

ABC 12 News Reporter Draws Penis on Live TV (Video)

ABC 12 News reporter Siobhan Riley unintentionally drew a penis while drawing out an area in Saginaw, Michigan, that might be affected by construction work. Who knows what was she thinking at the time, but there’s no mistake – that map doodle looks exactly like a giant penis.


Shaq Shows Off His Horrific Feet on Live TV and Nobody Can Handle the Gross Factor

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Spider Videobombs BBC Scotland News Broadcast (Video)

A big spider makes an appearance during BBC Scotland’s live TV newscast…

via Arbroath

Shirtless Guy Asks KTLA Reporter On Date During Live Wildfire Report (Video)

KTLA‘s Courtney Friel was reporting about a fire near L.A., when a shirtless man took the opportunity to ask her out. Because what reporter can resist a shirtless guy with a dog, right?! Watch the crazy video below:

via Gawker

Snowplow vs FOX 29 TV Reporter Steve Keeley (Video)

Steve Keeley, reporter for Philadelphia’s WTXF–TV, gets blasted with a wall of snow from a snowplow in Woodstown, New Jersey.

H/T: Hypervocal

Reporter Ian Rapoport High-Fives an NFL Fan in the Face (Video)

NFL Network’s reporter Ian Rapoport turned around to high-five some fans during a live TV broadcast from Manhattan, but one guy got an eye-five instead!

Video via Youtube search. H/T: Deadspin

Serbian Weather Woman Dancing Blooper (Video)

Unaware she is on the air, weather woman Lidija Marković starts dancing on Serbian national TV program ‘Ovo je Srbija’ (This is Serbia), prompting the news anchor to say that ‘we didn’t get the complete information but the weather will be nice for the weekend’.


Two Shirtless Guys Videobomb German TV Reporter (Video)

German TV reporter Ute Lawrentz gets videobombed by two dancing, shirtless guys during a live newscast about hurricane Xaver.

via Schlecky Silberstein