WaPo checks in on search for what might have motivated the Manchester suicide bomber

By Tuesday morning, ISIS had claimed responsibility for Monday night’sterror attack outside the Manchester Arena that left22 people dead. Media reports identified the attacker as 23-year-oldSalman Abedi, who was known to authorities. Police had also arrested another man in connection with the bombing.

It’s also been reported that the bomber hadclear ties to al Qaeda and might have been trained in Libya.

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Thieves Dig 50 Foot Tunnel To Steal Thousands Of Pounds From Cash Machine

Greater Manchester Police are said to be searching for seven short individuals with pick axes.

1. Thieves in Greater Manchester have stolen tens of thousands of pounds by tunnelling under a cash machine.

Thieves in Greater Manchester have stolen tens of thousands of pounds by tunnelling under a cash machine.

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2. The criminals tunnelled from nearby wasteland and stole cash boxes from the Tesco Express on Liverpool Road in Eccles.

The criminals tunnelled from nearby wasteland and stole cash boxes from the Tesco Express on Liverpool Road in Eccles.

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Google Maps

The raid took place between midnight and 6am last Friday night.

3. Police believe the well-constructed tunnel took months to build.

Police believe the well-constructed tunnel took months to build.

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In 2012 a similar tunnel was used to raid a cash machine in Fallowfield area of Manchester. At the time police linked it to previous attempts to tunnel under cash machines in the region.

4. Detectives say they want to talk to anyone seen acting suspiciously on Friday night.

Detectives say they want to talk to anyone seen acting suspiciously on Friday night.

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They are particularly keen to to speak to anyone who was seen “covered in soil” in the local area.

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Harry Styles Surprised A 14-Year-Old Victim In The Manchester Bombing With A Phone Call

Harry Styles made oneManchester bombing victims day a little brighter by giving her a surprise phone call as she lay in the hospital, recovering from injuries she sustained during the attack.

14-year-old Freya Lewis had attendedthe Ariana Grande concert with her friend Nell Jones, who was killed in the bombing.

Lewis has been in the hospital since the tragic night, suffering from lacerations, fractures and burns, according to Manchester Evening News,

Her sister, Georgia Lewis, had the idea to summon Harry Styles.

Georgia created a Facebook post and encouraged peopleto tag the former One Directioner.

So my sister is currently in surgery having herself mended after the Manchester bombings and I need to do something to

Posted by Georgia Lewis onTuesday, May 23, 2017

Shewrote in thepost,

As Im pretty sure most of you know my sister is the biggest Harry Styles fan Im pretty sure in the world. All she does every second of every day is talk about how much she loves him

I dont expect this to work but if this post is shared enough times we can see if we can get Harrys attention.

Her plan worked!

Freya was resting when the pop star called her room for a brief chat. Her parentswrote about the experience on a blog site, where theyhave been documenting her recovery.

They wrote,

The phone rang, and it was Harry Styles. Freya woke up, Harry said he lovedher, she said she loved him, then Dad said he loved him!!

The PICU unit at Manchester Childrens Hospital has just been given a lift like you can not imagine! Harry, we salute you sir, Holmes Chapel is very proud of you!!!!

Georgia also shared her excitement on social media.

She admitted that she is now a Harry Styles fan.

Cannot believe it, Mr Harry Styles just rang my Dad. Hearing his voice has been a great lift and Freya has totally woken

Posted by Georgia Lewis onSaturday, May 27, 2017

Styles had previously expressed his feelings about the Manchester bombing on Twitter.

He also held a moment of silence for victims during a Mexico concert.

Stylessaid in a short speech,

I went to my first show in the arena, and Ive had some of the best experiences of my life playing in Manchester.

We have a choice, every single day that we wake up, of what we can put into the world, and I ask you to please choose love every single day.

Clearly, he backs his words up with action.

Him deciding to spread love by callinglittle Freya Lewis did more than make her day; its something she will likely remember forever.

Kudos to Harry Styles for bringing thesunshine!

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Police treating fatal blast at Ariana Grande concert as ‘possible terrorist incident’; 19 confirmed dead

As Twitchy reported, concertgoers fled the U.K.’s Manchester Arena Monday night following what many described as a loud bang or explosion following an Ariana Grande concert.

Police have cordoned off the areaand justconfirmed that there were at least 19fatalities, with around 50 more people injured.

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24 Rainy Manchester Problems

Bring your brolly.

1. When you check the weather forecast and it looks like this.


2. Every day.

James Daniels @el_melocoton

Definately the wrong shoes to wear in manchester #pissingitdown

Lorrie Hearts @LorrieHearts

@froovyjosie That's what Market Street is for. CHEAP SHOES. It's Manchester – you can only wear shoes <5 times before the rain kills them!

12. And you’ve basically given up on any hairstyle that’s not “windswept”.

Ruth Ibegbuna @MsIbegbuna

It's impossible to cultivate and wear a proud afro hairstyle in Manchester! My inner Angela Davis spirit is thwarted by endless rain #sponge

13. You start feeling sorry for tourists who didn’t get the memo.

Urban_Savage71 @Urban_Savage71

Listening to tourists in Manchester…… “It I'll stop raining soon” ….Mmmm not been before have you! #pissingitdown

14. But you’re used to it now, so you don’t have too much sympathy.

Adam Mills @Number1Adam

So True #Manchester

17. Sometimes this happens.

Anthony Hilton @TruthfullTony

Well thats something you don't see every day, a half naked man playing the violin on his balcony in the rain! #Manchester #Random

18. And this.

Bingley Life @bingleylife

It's #manchester and it's #rain

20. You’re constantly looking for things to shelter under.

The Oast House Mcr @TheOastHouseMcr

We've got some special guests making the most of the weather! #manchester #rain #ducks #oasthouse

22. You worry you’re actually starting to like the rain.

Clark Nova @beatniksalad

I pull into the city, the skies darken, the rain begins. It's good to be back. #Manchester

The Lucky Rainbow @TheLRainbow

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, raaaaaain!!!!! #Manchester

23. You even miss it when you go away.


24. Because, honestly, it feels like home.

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15 Amazing Vintage Shopping Destinations In Manchester

Happy hunting!

1. Retro Rehab on Oldham Street

With its recognisable mint-green exterior, Retro Rehab remains a firm favourite for vintage shopping in the Northern Quarter. There are racks of items for £5 and even £1, and frequent sales. Who said vintage has to be expensive?

Best for: Bargain men’s and women’s clothing and accessories.

2. Cow on Church Street

Cow has branches in Birmingham, Nottingham, and Sheffield and you can buy their stuff online too.

Becky from the Manchester store told BuzzFeed Life that the vintage scene in Manchester is very influenced by the musical history of the city: “People are still passionate about bands like the Stone Roses and the ’90s is a big thing for Manchester, so Cow does really well.”

Best for: Denim, shoes, bags, sportswear, and cosy jumpers.

3. Pop Boutique on Oldham Street

Oldham Street in Manchester is home to the first Pop Boutique store, although there are now branches in London, Leeds, and Liverpool.

They stock reworked vintage pieces – perfect if vintage clothes don’t often come in your size – and there’s even a cafe to quench your thirst after a hard afternoon of shopping!

Best for: Men’s and women’s clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, and furniture.

4. Junk Shop on Dale Street

Junk is my personal favourite Manchester vintage shop. Jessie from Junk told BuzzFeed Life that Junk is an ethical retailer that doesn’t follow trends:

“We’ve got a selection of handmade-in-Manchester pieces, using materials from recycling mills,” she said. “We reuse curtains and bedsheets to make some of the dresses in store. There’s also a range of Junk sewing courses – from real beginners to learning upcycling, tailored dressing and prom dressmaking, there’s something for whatever you’re interested in.”

Best for: Reworked classics, jewellery, and sewing classes.

5. The Retro Games Shop in Afflecks Palace

Flickr: angelaypablo / Creative Commons

If you fancy getting nostalgic about your childhood games and handheld consoles, pay this quirky little store a visit.

Best for: Fans of the Nintendo Game & Watch, the Nintendo GameCube, and Sega Dreamcast.

6. Mustard Tree on Oldham Road

If you want to shop for retro goodies while also giving a little something back, Mustard Tree is the place to go.

Soraya from Mustard Tree described the shop as “a charity that’s been helping the homeless and marginalised of Manchester for over 20 years, so rest assured the money from your vintage bargains is benefiting the local community”.

Best for: Furniture, men’s and women’s clothing, books, shoes, and homeware.

7. J’adore Vintage on Bury New Road

Prestwich-based J’adore Vintage started as an online boutique and a pop-up shop in a cafe. It now has its own premises and caters for women of all sizes. Samantha Ludlam, the store’s owner, will even hunt down items if customers are looking for a particular piece. Its Facebook page has handy examples of how to put vintage outfits together in a contemporary way.

Best for: Women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

8. The RSPCA on Oak Street

Tucked away behind Home Sweet Home is the Northern Quarter branch of Manchester’s RSPCA. It might not look like much from the outside, but it’s a treasure trove of vintage finds and is busy with bargain hunters every weekend.

Best for: Clothes, shoes, accessories, and china.

9. Milner & Son in Afflecks Palace

Harriet Williamson / Buzzfeed

Milner & Son sells everything from Polaroid cameras and vinyl to vintage board games and Mr Potato Head toys.

It has an extensive range of clothes and tons of pre-loved shoes crammed into an impossibly small, TARDIS-like space.

Best for: Vintage toys, Doc Martens, outerwear, lumberjack shirts, sportswear, and electrical items.

10. Blue Rinse Vintage on Oldham Street

It’s a bit pricier than some of the other mentions on this list, but Blue Rinse Vintage is definitely worth a visit. They usually have a good range of sizes and colours, and everything is laid out in a way that makes it super easy to find what you’re looking for.

Best for: Vintage sportswear, oversized jumpers, and denim cut-offs.

11. Wowie Zowie on Manchester Road

If you’re looking for 20th-century homeware and decor pieces, your search is over. Wowie Zowie is packed with retro goodies, including vintage posters, art prints, and shoes for adults and children.

Best for: China, glassware, ornaments, and art.

12. Kuhl Vintage in Afflecks Palace

This little vintage boutique makes up for what it lacks in size with plenty of substance. All the retro items are handpicked, and you can find truly unique gems like brand-new beach and swimwear from the 1920s to the 1980s.

Best for: Blazer jackets, dresses, army surplus, gloves, and handbags.

13. Oxfam Originals on Oldham Street

If you’ve got money to spend, head to Oxfam Originals. It’s not really for vintage shoppers on a budget so don’t expect charity-shop prices, but it’s well-stocked, most items are in good condition, and it’s staffed by helpful volunteers who are clearly passionate about vintage.

Best for: Outerwear, Christmas jumpers, silk ties, and cowboy boots.

14. Hope Direct on Chorlton Road

Buzzfeed / Harriet Williamson

Hope Direct is one of the largest charity shops in the North West and you can spend hours going through the racks, separating the trash from the treasure.

Best for: Furniture, homewares, sports clothing, books, and shoes.

15. Pop-up shops and vintage fairs

Harriet Williamson / Buzzfeed

Just wander round the city centre and the Northern Quarter on a Saturday and you’re bound to stumble across a fair or one-off vintage event such as the kilo sale above where you can buy in bulk. These events are perfect if you’ve not found what you want in your regular retro haunts. Try Ruby Lounge for the Remake/Remodel vintage fair, or check out Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair, which travels round the UK, making an appearance in Manchester every couple of months.

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