Outrageous CONAN Season 3 Supercut Music Video

Outrageous CONAN Season 3 Supercut Music Video

NSFW Language Warning

It feels like just yesterday when Conan O’Brien was basically fired from The Tonight show on NBC and made the decision to jump ship to TBS on basic cable.

Thankfully, it all worked out for the best, with CONAN turning out to be a popular hit. 

To celebrate season 3, animators Smearballs and Cyriak assisted Team Coco to help make this impressive and entertaining supercut mash up music video from the best scenes from 150 hours of Coco footage. 

WTF never felt so good. 


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Party Rock Anthem Sponge Bob Mash Up

Obviously, some Internet users have severe forms of psychosis and enjoy seizure inducing videos like this one.  made this short mash up of Sponge Bob Square Pants and  Party Rock Anthem that might make your head spin. The crazy video was posted a month ago, but just went viral now, and is featured on Tosh.0


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Ultimate Movie Confrontation Mash Up

Patrick Peris published this video that just went viral today, already amassing 30,000 views, and being featured on b3ta and TheHighDefinite. Peris mixed amazing confrontation scenes from timeless films, like Pulp Fiction, Terminator 2, and 300, and mashed them all together with an epic soundtrack. The results are mesmerizing. 


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The Gay Rights Movement Mash Up

The younger generation, who is so used to once shocking trends, such as a black president, a woman secretary of state, and openly gay celebrities and public figures, would be shocked if they saw how America, the land of the free, really once was. Gays were detested and hated with great venom, and it was only through time, effort, and difficult struggle that more Americans are considered equal than ever before. There is more work to do, but let’s enjoy how far we’ve come. The video is shared by LGBT rights activist, and Star Trek celebrity George Takei



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The Hobbit Mean Girls Mash Up Trailer

The Hobbit Mean Girls Mash Up Trailer

In honor of the new Hobbit film, The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug, animator and pop culture nerd Only Leigh mashed the latest Lord of the Rings film with Mean Girls.

Bilbo Baggins quickly discovers cliquiest, coolest, and meanest group of friends in Middle Earth. The Elves.

This is Mean Elves


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Super Smash Wars 3: Return Of The Hero Part 1

Super Smash Wars 3: Return Of The Hero Part 1

After their viral Empire Strikes Back spoof, mash up master James Farr has returned with the third episode of their epic Star Wars-Nintendo mash up.

Naturally, this episode parodies Return of the Jedi with all your favorite Nintendo and Mario characters. Wario makes a perfect Jabba the Hutt. 

They really need to make this a movie. 


Thanks April!

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20 Most Overplayed Songs Of 2013 Mashup

20 Most Overplayed Songs Of 2013 Mashup

One minute mash up master Chad Neidt is back to review the year. 

In this 2013 wrap up video, he quickly covers the top 20 most overplayed songs of past 12 months, including Thrift ShopRoyalsRoar, and more. 

Which song is your favorite and which can’t you stand? Better, which songs did he leave out?


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Saying The Movie Title In The Actual Movie Compilation

It’s a nice little zing when you hear the title of the movie you’re watching in the actual dialogue. There’s some form of subconscious satisfaction from hearing those words that you read before the movie. honsco cut up and mashed together 80 movies that said the name of the movie in the conversation.

Here’s an older video with the same idea:

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Miles Davis And LCD Soundsystem YouTube Duet Mash Up

This video was originally published online by  way back in 2011, but it has only started to trend now. In just a matter of days, the video has garnered over 180,000 views, and has been covered on popular sites, like MetaFilter, LaughingSquid, and TheDailyWhat

With seemingly little effort, Grespan creates a beautiful ‘YouTube Duet‘ by playing LCD Soundsystem’s New York I Love You and a little Miles Davis on YouTube in two separate windows. 


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