Marine Asks Betty White To Ball

Marine Sgt. Ray Lewis follows the lead of his fellow marines and decides to ask a celebrity out to the Marine Corp Dance. But he’s not interested in the young and beautiful. No, he wants Betty White. Let’s just hope this doesn’t become a full fad.  


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I Wish I Could See The Look On The Taliban's Faces When Malala Revealed What Scares Her

This is what it sounds like to be the youngest-ever Nobel Peace Prize winner.

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First The Military Helped Invent Video Games. Then Video Games Pushed The Military To New Places.

When military drone operators start telling news outlets that their job is just like playing video games, we should take notice.

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These Special Forces From Around The World Are Insanely Cool. Wow.

Let’s face it, the military presence of almost any nation is incredibly intimidating. People in the military are usually some of the toughest guys and girls we know. It would only make sense that their uniforms would make them look even more awesome than they already are, right?

You may be most familiar with American forces, but they aren’t the only sweet-looking military in the world. Check out some of these intimidating military uniforms from countries across the globe:

German KSK Forces

French Special Forces

Norway’s MJK Forces

The Danish Huntsmen Corps

Peru’s Special Forces

Taiwan’s ROC Forces

That makes me want to join the military in ANY country. Share this post if you love the military or know someone who served in any of these forces.

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Honor Guard Fails Compilation (Video)

After the Ukrainian’s honor guard fail earlier this week, Uniformedia put together a video compilation of the best ceremonial guard fails out there:


Air Force Jam Band Perform Rolling In The Deep

A group of talented men and women in uniform perform an acoustic version of the summer hit pop song, Rolling In The Deep by Adele. There are seven talented Airmen playing the guitar, percussions, and even a violin.

But who really steals the show is the Airwoman who sings. She has no microphone and no computers to help, but she sounds like a real star. Get this woman to American Idol now! They pulled this together while just ‘taking a little break’.


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This Is The Most Emotional Holiday Ad You Will See This Season (Video)

Scent is deeply tied to memory.

The smell of a leather baseball glove, for example, can bring back a thousand games of catch with dad in the backyard.

Often, nostalgic smells pull at our emotions and remind us of the people we care about most.

With that in mind, scented spray brand Air Wick created customized scents smelling of home for military man Kearen Feller.

Feller’s been serving in the Middle East for 11 months, all while missing his six children and wife at home.

Kearen’s practically home for the holidays, courtesy of this festive Air Wick ad.

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These Look Like Normal Photos From Afar, But They’re Very Much Alive

When practical photography was born in 1839, the simple act of capturing basic portraits and images of everyday objects was a feat of epic and almost unfathomable proportions. That being said, it didn’t take very long for burgeoning photographers to start experimenting with form and function.

About 80 years after the craft’s inception, Arthur Mole and John Thomas decided to develop a series that was unlike anything that had ever been done before. By organizing groups of American soldiers into iconic images that pay homage to some of our nation’s most influential figures, the two achieved an effect that’s beyond impressive (even by today’s standards).

Thomas was in charge of organizing the troops into recognizable images, and Mole was tasked with climbing an 80-foot viewing tower and capturing the photos.

The Human U.S. Shield (1918) — 30,000 officers and men


The Living Allied Flags (1918)

Mole fittingly referred to the pictures in this series as “living photographs.”

Living Portrait of Woodrow Wilson (1918) — 21,000 officers and men

Living Portrait of Woodrow Wilson (detail)

These photos boosted morale as U.S. troops continued serving in World War I.

The Zion Shield (1920)

Human Statue of Liberty (1918) — 18,000 officers

Most impressively of all, every picture was captured with a simple 11 x 14-inch camera.

Living Emblem of the United States Marines (1919)

(via Amusing Planet)

To see more pictures from this collection, check out the rest over on the Library of Congress website.

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Her Babysitter Canceled On The Night Of Her Big Exam, So Her Professor Took Over

Being a single mom is one of the hardest jobs anyone can have.

To be a student on top of that makes for some crazy nights. When ROTC student Monica Willard’s babysitter canceled on her the night of her military history exam, she had no choice but to bring her four- and five-year-old kids with her. She was worried her professor, Dr. Daniel Krebs, would be upset, so she set her children up with a laptop to play in the hallway while she took the test.

When Dr. Krebs heard the kids outside, he did something incredible — he went out to play with them.

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A fellow student, Victoria Henry, posted on Facebook about the kind gesture.

“Witnessed one of the most caring gestures of my college career tonight. After just a few minutes of the kids playing loudly, the professor went to the hall and simply started to play with them to keep them occupied while their mom took the final.

Such a kind and caring act committed when the reaction could have been the complete opposite. My heart is warm tonight.”

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