These Parents Got Matching Tattoos Of Their Daughter’s Birthmark So She Won’t Feel Different

Love really is more than skin deep. H/T Daily Mirror.

1. This is the Phillips family of Grimsby, England: Tanya, Adam, and their daughter, Honey-Rae.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

2. Honey-Rae was born with a birthmark that covers a good portion of her body.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

Tanya told the Daily Mirror: “It is bright red and it covers almost half of the right side of her body. It stretches from her toes to her lower back. It hasn’t faded with time. In fact some days, it looks darker than others.”

Knowing their child might be treated differently, the Phillips decided to take action to help their daughter not feel alone.

3. An incident at a grocery store is what initially prompted them to do something.

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“I was at checkout, when I saw an old couple whispering and staring at Honey-Rae’s leg. I was distraught. It was the first time I had taken her out without covering her up and it confirmed all my worries and fears,” Tanya told the Daily Mail. People are cruel without even realizing.”

4. The couple already had leg tattoos, but to show solidarity with their daughter they decided to get tattoos that matched her birthmark.

“Most people might think it’s very extreme, but to us, it was the natural thing to do to ensure our daughter never felt different or alone in the world,” Tanya told the Daily Mirror. “We wanted her to feel special, that her birthmark was something to feel proud of and not embarrassed by.”

5. Adam got his tattoo this past Christmas, with Tanya following suit last week. She said the process was tough, but worth it.

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“It was incredibly painful, especially as I had a flower to cover some old star tattoos, but it was worth every second of the pain,” he told the Daily Mirror. “When the swelling went down, I showed Honey-Rae, and she gently touched it and smiled as she said ‘match,’ pointing to her own leg.”

6. The family stands by their descision, and believe they made the right choice for their daughter.

Michelle Rawlins LTD.

“She now constantly touches mine and Adam’s tattoos, then her own birthmark and giggles – I couldn’t be happier,” Tanya said.

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Boy Explains To Mom Why He Doesn’t Want To Eat Octopus

Boy Explains To Mom Why He Doesn’t Want To Eat Octopus

Over the week, Flavia Cavalcanti published this adorable Portuguese video of a young boy Luiz Antonio explaining to his mom why he doesn’t want to eat his octopus gnocchi. He simply explained that animals must be taken care of and not killed just to be eaten.

Mom was touched to the point of tears, and so was the web, helping the video quickly amass over one million views

Now, Raffaella Ciavatta has added English subtitles for the English web to enjoy, and now this video is trending as well, appearing on ClipNation, LaughingSquid, TastefullyOffensive, and MostWatched


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Dad Doesnt Get Why His Fiance Is Always TiredThen He Walks In & Sees Who Shes Sleeping With

“When I come from work she is always ‘tired’. Now it’s me who has been at work doing stuff all day…”

Sometimes, working dads just don’t understand what it is their stay-at-home momsactually doall day while they’re out slaving away and making the money. Such was the case for Tony Emms.

His fiance always talked about being tired, but he never really got it…that is, until he walked in on this one day after work. That’s when it hit him.

Tony snapped a pic of thesnoozing mama and baby along with an eye-openingFacebook postthat has since went viral for all the right reasons. He wrote:

“I sometimes don’t give this woman the credit she is due, when I come from work she is always “tired” now it’s me who has been at work doing stuff all day, but lately I’ve been thinking what this amazing woman does while I’m out..surely she just sits with the baby and watches tv and has a chilled day right?

NO is the answer, when I leave for work she fears woken up by me and has to Spring straight in to action to get up and get her self sorted for the hectic day she has…so gets up baby is kicking off cause he is hungry but so is she, she doesn’t eat but baby does..then sits and plays with him, then changed a disgusting nappy, then plays again, he falls asleep..brilliant mummy can have a nap, no she doesn’t she does the washing, cleans up baby’s toys and starts washing the pots from the night wakes up and is hungry mummy hasn’t had breakfast but she still doesn’t eat she gets baby set for his lunch, after his lunch he then wants attention and plays…remember mummy still hasn’t eaten..all the cleaning she done earlier is now time wasted as baby’s toys are everywhere.

I come home from working and get annoyed that o have to tidy up and say mummy hasn’t done anything yet she has worked her ass of all day to make sure the baby is healthy and happy…if any other daddy’s out there feel like me think about what you’ve done and what mummy has done. Respect the mother of your child. She is a special type of human that has given up everything to bring up your baby. I truly love my 2 sleeping baby’s and they both deserve their rest. Charlotte Sperry

Well said, Tony.What this dad intended to be a touching messageabout his hardworking woman turned into a viral mantra for mamas everywhere.

He’s overwhelmed by the attention it’s received, as he made clear in this follow-up Facebook post a couple days ago:

Not all moms are out making the money, but that doesn’t make them any less of a bread winner. We love seeing dads like Tony shower their woman with the love and appreciation she deserves.

Hey, that’s just about as good as a nap, right moms?!

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Little Boy Goes off on His Mom for Getting Pregnant (Video)

A little boy named Tré finds out his mom is pregnant and doesn’t seem too happy about it. In fact, he finds the whole idea of mommy having another baby exasperating:

Original upload by Shanee Gibson Hart via Youtube search. A copy spotted here.

Somebody Forgot to Flush the Toilet (Video)

A Scottish mom busts through the doors and yells at her daughters for not flushing the toilet.

Warning: strong language.

via Daily of the Day

Dear Mom: 7 Reasons You Need To Get Over Your Antiquated Dating Ideas

Relationships are phenomena. Finding someone you like who also likes you is one of those rare occurrences that must be paid special attention. I mean, you finally get to have consistent sex without spending your food money on 6-am Ubers.

So why, Mom, do you have to ruin it with your weird, outdated dating philosophies and ideals? Why do you have to take something good and turn it into a lesson on morality and respect? Why do you have to make me feel weird about something I feel so good about?

I know its hard for you to wrap your head around this, but things have changed. Things are so different, in fact, that telephones are now only used for ironic art shows and taxis only come in the form of Robert De Niro references.

Your rules and ideas about modern day relationships need an upgrade even sooner than your iPhone 4. Like the way we’ve been forced to accept your generational values and codes, you must start looking at ours in a serious way.

People aren’t getting married before they have kids. In fact, people aren’t getting married at all. Sex is no longer immoral and closeted, and swiping right is an acceptable style for picking up women.

Basically, your antiquated dating ideas are infringing on my modern day relationship.

We don’t adhere to traditional gender roles

Those ideas about being a good wife and showing a man you can keep a good house are just a slap in every modern womans face.

The roles no longer work like that. Now, its less like roles and more like improv. People are just trying to be themselves and find someone who accepts them for that.

Weve witnessed the divorce rate that stemmed from these traditional roles of man and wife and decided it cant hurt to try it another way.

Were not trying to have it all right now

I dont want a house; I just want a boyfriend. Just because Im not on the fast track to baby food and wedding vows doesnt mean the steps Im taking arent important.

My generation is different; we want different things at different times. Rather than a three-bedroom house in suburbia, Id rather have a fourth-floor one-bedroom walkup in an expensive city.

Were dating longer, marrying later

No one is in a rush to get married. Why would we be? We have no reason to get hitched and spend the rest of our lives wondering if we rushed it.

Women no longer need money, men dont need maids, and we all dont need the aggravation of it. One day, well get there. But for now, its more fun to just play pretend house.

We don’t have to live with someone to marryhim

While I know moving in with someone is a big step, I look at it as a vital step before taking any bigger ones, like, hmm, marriage.

I know you grew up differently, during a time when marriage before sex was considered respectable, but today its just moronic (and the vital downfall to Charlotte Yorks perfect marriage).

How can you rationalize marrying someone if you don’t even know what it’s like to live with them (or sleep with them)?

Were not bringing home every boyfriend as our future husband

Not every guy Im dating is going to be the one. Just because Im with him right now doesnt mean I see myself with him in five years. Were just having fun — something unnerving to those of your generation.

Every relationship is unique and important outside of the marital scale. They’re not all auditions for husband number one.

We’re judging who they are, not where they’re from

Hes Jewish, and his dads a doctor is no longer grounds for a suitable mate. Im not choosing my men based on that criterion, and you shouldnt be judging them on it, either.

Whoever I bring home doesnt have to live up to some impossible standards dictated by antiquated notions and ideals. Whoever I chose will have their worth based on who they are right now, not who they’ve been or who they know.

We’re happy being different

Even though you don’t understand why we do what we do, we know why we’re doing it, and that’s enough. Even though you don’t approve of all our choices, we think we’re doing something good.

We’re not always right, and we definitely make mistakes, but at least we’re sticking by each other. We’re a generation of individuals who are determined to find a new way of pursuing happiness.

Just because we’re getting married older, saving for houses later and living together before marriage doesn’t mean we’re not taking our adult lives seriously. We’re just not trying to be serious adults.

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Groom Shares Wheelchair Dance with Mom Battling ALS& It’ll Break Your Heart in a Million Ways

For some moments there are no words. This is one of those moments.

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Chipmunk Mom Trying to Put Her Baby through a Hole in a Bumper (Video)

Chipmunk Mom Trying to Put Her Baby through a Hole in a Bumper (Video)

A mama chipmunk shows great determination while trying to fit her baby into a tiny hole in a bumper of a motorhome


Mother’s Day Breakfast in Bed Fail (Video)

Two little boys, Carter and Cayden, fail at bringing a surprise breakfast in bed to their mother. Twice! Definitely a Mother’s Day to remember…