His Daughter Wanted A Dream Room — What He Built Would Blow Most Adults Away

When you were a kid and you saw people on television with incredible bedrooms, you probably got jealous. You wondered what you needed to do in order to get a cool room like that. You’d beg your parents to give your room a makeover — a bunk bed at the least!

Well, this dad listened to his daughter’s pleas and built her an amazing fantasy room. You need to see this to believe it. Even full-grown adults will feel the pangs of jealousy.

This was his daughter’s old room. Plain, uninspired, and drab.

So this dad sketched out an amazing room plan for his daughter and got to work.

He measured out where everything needed to be in order to build it correctly.

Then he began crafting a steel skeleton. He used steel rebar and rods from Home Depot.

Steel rings were used for the branches — those would come later, though.

Here is the general outline of the tree he was building.

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Needless to say, it took a lot of hard work.

With the skeleton completed, it was time to bring the thing to life!

He wrapped the skeleton with expanded metal lathe.

I think she likes how it’s coming along.

Lights were installed in key places.

He then applied concrete and papier–mâché on the branches to give them an authentic look and feel.

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Then he started painting the tree — he took tons of photos of trees to really nail the look.

But he didn’t stop at the tree! He began painting the walls…

Added hardwood floors…

And left some room for “grass” to be added later.

Here is what those little lights ended up looking like — he calls them fairy lights.

He added some leaves for authenticity.

And here’s the finished product!

His little girl seems to enjoy it a lot.

(source Reddit)

It took this dad a long time to complete the room and you can tell. It looks like he is a crazy perfectionist. Hopefully his little girl appreciates it for a long time!

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The 7 Places You Can Vomit In The Jungle

The forest in Africa is called the jungle. If you need to throw up there, there are only seven places youre allowed to do it.

1. On the crocodiles

Everywhere you look in the jungle, you will find crocodiles floating at the surface of ponds, offering up their dry, gorgeous backs as if to say, Here is a nice, warm tray for you to do your retching on. Please, go ahead! When you vomit on a crocodile, all the other crocodiles swim over to you in hopes that you will make your sauce on them, too.

2. Upon the leafy canopy

The jungle is sprawling with millions of pounds of flora and fauna, and what better example of this than the majestic leafy canopy? The great news about the leafy canopy is that if you climb up a tall tree and regurgitate upon it, the nutrient-rich leaves will photosynthesize the vomit and transform it into crisp air or sweet jungle fruit. This is why the leafy canopy is frequently referred to as Earths lung.

3. In the toilet

Maybe there is a toilet in the jungle? No one can say for sure. If you find a toilet, you may vomit there.

4. On the equator

The equator is the strongest, hardest part of the planet because it is closest to the sun. Most of the jungle ecosystem is incredibly delicate and can be wiped out by something as little as stomping too hard, but the powerful, leathery, inspiring soil of the equator is equipped to weather any harm thats inflicted on iteven the boiling hot vomit of a large human man.

5. Underneath a bed of moss

Moss is a soft, green fungus that is often referred to as Earths lung due to its ability to absorb harmful toxins in the atmosphere and transform them into luxurious, damp moss. Vomit underneath some moss and then just sit back and watch the miracle of nature unfold. Wowza!

6. On the floor

Vomiting on the floor would probably be fine, too. Just be sure to spray it down with a hose after youre finished.

7. The Man With The Bag

The one place where youre always guaranteed to be allowed to vomit is inside the bag belonging to The Man With The Bag. But heres the thing: Youre never going to find The Man With The Bag. No ones ever been able to find him. Hes always on the move, always thinking two steps ahead of everybody else. Hell taunt you and leave you notes that say, Please, I invite you to spit up into my bagoh, wait, that is right, you will never catch me, and it will drive you to insanity, just as it has for so many explorers throughout history. So, on second thought, maybe just do yourself a favor and vomit somewhere else.

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Modern Motorcycle Diaries Travels 22 Countries In 500 Days

Motorcycle enthuseist Alex Chacon has made the ultimate Modern Motorcycle Diaries. Over the course of 500 days, he biked from Texas to the Southern tip of Argentina, and then all the way back up to Alaska.

Finally, he compiled all his 600+ hours of riding footage into this epic video that is going viral!

The video has already garnered over 350,000 views, and is covered on LaughingSquid, MilkCookies, PetaPixel, and MostWatched.


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If You’re Having A Rough Day, Look No Further Than Nature. This Is Beautiful.

Yesterday, I realized that when times are tough and I’m struggling, there is one unique place to look for inspiration: nature. Because if nature teaches us anything, it’s that it will always find a way.

Life is tough.

But that’s when you grow.

That’s when you find a way to overcome.

Even in the most ridiculous of times.

And the most depressing times.

Get up and face your problems.

They won’t keep you down forever.

Before you know it, you will be standing far above them.

Looking all beautiful.

And maybe a little weird.

But that’s what makes you…you.

So push through. I promise tomorrow’s a better day for you.

If this made you feel a little better, share the inspiration with someone else. Because there’s always a way.

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Artist Finds Fallen Tree Branch On Road, Turns It Into Shelf

IKEA doesn’t always have to be the answer when you need a new shelf. Sometimes a fallen branch lying around will do. Chilean artist

 Here’s some of his previous work that also use tree branches:

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In Ohio, The Cicadas Are Invading And It’s Horrible….So, So Gross

Some of our readers might remember the so-called cicada plague that much of the U.S. suffered through during the summer of 2013.

Well, as it turns out, cicadas actually hatch much more regularly than you think, depending on which region of the country you’re talking about.

This year, the state of Ohio is one of those that has to bear the creepy grossness that is the emergence of a new cicada brood. If you think that they’re not that bad, just wait until you see these pictures from Redditor FourFootGecko.

There are mounds of cicada shells at the base of seemingly every structure.

They also blanket pretty much every tree.

Luckily (I think), these cicadas will only make life a living hell for a few weeks before disappearing again for almost another 20 years.

This brood (as they’re called) has been slumbering underground for the last 17 years. With their emergence, they will mate and then die.

It’s a strangely beautiful dance of life and death…

But if you have to deal with it on a daily basis, it’s also pretty gross.

Having gone through this same thing in New York a few years ago, I’m sending good vibes to Ohio. Cicadas might be harmless, but they’re still no fun. Oh, and they’re ridiculously loud.

Good luck getting any sleep for the next few weeks…

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This Is What It’s Like When A Whale Watch Gets A Little Too Real…That Was Close

Whales are some of the most majestic and often gentle creatures in the ocean. That’s why going on a tour to spot them can be such an amazing experience. However, if you get too close to them, things can get pretty harrowing…and fast. Take what happened to these kayakers in British Columbia, Canada.
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They got excited when they saw a humpback whale mother and her calf and got just a little too close to the action.

You have to watch all the angles…wow.

As someone with a phobia of water, this scares the absolute hell out of me. I would have peed myself and frozen up. Good thing I take care to stay away from any and all oceans.

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