5 Drug-Themed Things To Watch On Netflix If You Finished ‘Narcos’

Narcos Season 2finally arrived on September 2.

If youre like me, you probably binge-watched most of it over the weekend (or finished it altogether).

Finishing a series can be really emotional and leave you wondering, Where do I go from here?

I get it, Ive been there. But Im not going to let you go through this alone.

If youre feeling a little lost and dont know what to watch next, dust those Doritos crumbs off of your shirt, pull yourself together, get some more snacks and check out one of the fantasticmovies, documentaries or TV series from the list below.

Ifigured it might be hard to stray into other topics so soon after Narcos (its hard to let go), so all of these suggestions are drug-themed to reduce stress and maximize entertainment.

Breaking Bad

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‘The Get Down’ Becomes The First Netflix Original Drama To Not Get A Second Season

It was the day the music died on Netflix.

The streaming giant announced on Wednesday it would not be picking up a second season of Baz Luhrmanns sprawling 70s hip-hop drama for a second season, marking the first time Netflix has canceled one of its original dramas after just one season.

It sounds like the reason for the cancellation had to do with Luhrmanns busy schedule. The director posted on Facebookhis undivided commitment to the series has kept him from pursuing other projects, and although he wishes he could continue making the show, he is going back to working on movies.

marked Luhrmanns first television project.


The creator did tease that some plans for a future continuation of have been discussed, particularlya stage show, but it sounds like Baz is going to be refocusing his career back to movies now.

The cancellation is a notable move for Netflix,considering the platform is known for renewing its original series for multiple seasons almost without fail. Every other original drama on Netflix either has already had or has been renewed for a second season.

The only original programs Netflix has ended after one season are,, and,two of which are comedy revivals that felt complete after a short reboot, and the last of which was simply meant as a quick showcase for contemporary sketch comedians.


Alongside Baz Luhrmanns high demand, another reason for the shocking cancellation is likely the insane cost of.

The 12-episode first season of the show reportedly cost Netflix a whopping $120 million to make, according to Deadline. Additionally, it famously suffered from a number of production delays and split its first season into two parts airing 8 months apart.

Despite the show being canceled, its young cast, largely full of previously unknown actors,is set up for a promising career because of. The shows lead Justice Smith (Ezekiel Book Figuero) is cast in,Shameik Moore (Shaolin Fantastic) is set to voice Spider-Man in an upcoming movie, andYahya Abdul-Mateen II (Clarence Cadillac Caldwell) is going to be in.

I guess the exciting bit that we can take from this sad news is that Baz Luhrmann is working on new movies!

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This ‘Stranger Things’ Theory About Eleven Is So Insane It Must Be True

Spoiler alert: Im going to be talking about a lot of key Stranger Things plot points and if the theory below is correct, I may even be spoiling a huge reveal thats to come in future seasons of the show.

Anyway, consider yourself officially warned.

Stranger Things fans have come up with a slew of theories, some more valid than others.

Like the theory about Eleven being Chief Hoppers daughter? No, just stop. Leave that poor girl alone.

Did the Monster kill JFK? Yeah, absolutely, Im 100 percent onboard.

However, theres a theory out there thats just so crazy, its probably completely and utterly true and seems like a move the Duffer brothers might make.

The theory,as stated by Uproxx, claims Eleven is the Monster.

Well, right off the bat, theres a moment in the show where Eleven literally tells Mike shes the Monster.

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This Is What Happens When You Replace Women In Everyday Situations With Men

“You’re so funny. I usually don’t think guys are funny.” Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/v/MgVvswGSZPo. BuzzFeedVideo / Via youtube.com

2. What would the world be like if all magazines looked like this…..

What would the world be like if all magazines looked like this.....

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BuzzFeedVideo / Via youtube.com

3. Or if guys always heard this….

This Is What Happens When You Replace Women In Everyday Situations With Men

View this image ›

BuzzFeedVideo / Via youtube.com

4. If these don’t feel right, is it ok in reverse?

This Is What Happens When You Replace Women In Everyday Situations With Men

View this image ›

BuzzFeedVideo / Via youtube.com

Video featuring Nicole Zyana, Gary Curtis, Corey Flaspoehler, Mary Preston, and Becky Harris.

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Which "House Of Cards" Character Are You?

Unfortunately, we can’t all be the Underwoods… Also, this quiz is relatively spoiler-free.

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Which "House Of Cards" Character Are You?

  1. You got: Claire Underwood

    Cold, elegant, and deadly. You’re a little sentimental, but you know when to put feelings aside and go in for the kill. God help anyone that gets between you and whatever you’re trying to do. On a lighter note, you’ve got impeccable style!

  2. You got: Lucas Goodwin

    Look, it’s tough being the smartest guy in the room. You’ve got it all figured out except when it comes to making everyone believe that you’ve got it all figured out. Also, while I’ve got you here, you might want to reconsider who you’re dating.

  3. You got: Doug Stamper

    All right, hear me out: Being Doug isn’t all bad! Doug’s analytical, ruthless, and surprisingly complicated. He’s not the nicest guy in the world, but he knows that loyalty and survival are the two most important things in life. Which is sort of noble, if you think about it.

  4. You got: Frank Underwood

    Congratulations, you’re basically the coolest person in the room. But you might also be a sociopath, so watch out for that. You’re quick with a smile and quicker with a knife in someone’s back. But remember, don’t let that get to your head or everyone will realize how evil you truly are.

  5. You got: Zoe Barnes

    You’re plucky and dedicated. You’re just someone trying to figure out a good work/life balance. Also, you might be in over your head professionally; remember, slow and steady wins the race.

  6. You got: Jackie Sharp

    Damn, you’re one big badass. Don’t listen to everyone saying you need to play by the rules, you know how things are supposed to be done: Your way. Fight the good fight, Jackie!

  7. You got: Christina Gallagher

    You’re surrounded by total assholes. It’s got to be tiring being the nicest person in the room all the time. Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being decent and well-meaning. Just make sure no one’s taking advantage of you!

  8. You got: Remy Danton

    You’re smooth and you’re all about one thing, getting results and making money. You’re always working and that’s OK with you. I mean, what else would you be doing?

  9. You got: Garrett Walker

    Ah jeez. Sorry, you got the President. Hey, at least you’re in charge right?


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10 Actually Good Films That You Can Watch On Netflix

While Netflix is arguably winning when it comes to original TV content, their film selection isn’t exactlyrenownedfor being great.

People spend more time browsing than they do watching, and it’s far tooeasyto miss the actually good films, buried among the rubbish.

But, those actually good films are there, you just have to find them. We’ve dug out ten, all with high “audience scores” (meaning that it’s not just film critics, but us ordinary folk – the users of Rotten Tomatoes – who think that they’re great).

The Lives of Others (96%)

Set before the fall of the Berlin Wall, The Lives of Others takes a look at a member of the East German secret police (the Stasi), who is assigned to spy on a playwright and his actress girlfriend.

The more he watches, and the more he learns, the harder he finds it not to get involved in their lives…

A dramatic thriller (as opposed to ones with guns and explosions) The Lives of Others is riveting, powerful and very tense. Check it out.

Good Will Hunting (94%)

Matt Damon, Ben Affleck and Robin Williams star in Good Will Hunting – the story of a gifted but troubled young man who is spared jail on the condition that he study mathematics, and see a psychotherapist.

Nominated for nine Oscars, Good Will Hunting is uplifting and hugely entertaining. If you haven’t already seen it,then do.

Short Term 12 (93%)

Before Brie Larson was winning an Oscar for Room, she starred in Short Term 12: an indie film that looked at a group home for troubled teens. Larson played Grace – the home’s young supervisor – while John Gallagher Jr. played her colleague and boyfriend, Mason.

The supporting cast – Mr Robot’s Rami Malek, Brooklyn 99’s Stephanie Beatriz and Selma’s Keith Stanfield – all got their start with Short Term 12, and it’s definitely a film to be proud of.

As one critic wrote:

“It’s a wild, unruly mess of rampant emotions, and yes, some of them are painful, but there’s a great deal of warmth and love here too. It’s a truly wonderful movie.”

Check out a trailer here:

Beasts of No Nation (92%)

An unflinching, brutal look at the human cost of war, Beasts of No Nation follows a young boy, inscripted as a child soldier after civil war breaks out in his country. Starring Idris Elba as the boy’s sadistic commander, this film is unapologetically bleak and harrowing, but “still somehow hopeful”.

It’s definitely not one to watch if you’re in the mood for something bright and breezy, but Beasts of No Nation is a worthy look at a very difficult issue.

Check out the trailer:

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (92%)

Probably one of the most popular films from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: The Winter Soldier sees Captain America team up with Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) to defeat a dangerous, secretive assassin known as the Winter Soldier.

This film will thrill fans of the superhero genre – and probably everyone elsetoo – as it revives “the pleasures of… old-school action, surprising character development and intriguing suspense.”

The Help (89%)

In the adaptation of hugely popular novel, The Help, Octavia Spencer and Viola Davis play Minny and Aibileen – black maids who are approached by an aspiring journalist (Emma Stone) who wants to expose the racism that they experience at the hands of white families.

Set in the 1960s American South, The Helphas been praised as “appealling, entertaining, touching and perhaps even a bit healing”. Watch a trailer here:

Fruitvale Station (87%)

Oscar Grant was shot in the back (while lying on the floor handcuffed) by police in the early hours of the 1st January, 2009. This film depicts the day before, and the events which led Oscar to be at Fruitvale Station – the wrong place at the wrong time – that night.

Starring Michael B. Jordan (who has since gone on to appear in Creed and Fantastic Four), this film – in simply portraying what was essentially a completely ordinary day –serves as a “celebration of life, a condemnation of death, and a triumph for star Michael”.

Check out the trailer:

There Will Be Blood (86%)

Daniel Day Lewis plays a greedy prospector, desperate to make his fortune during the oil boom of the late 19th/early 20th century in There Will Be Blood. He travels to California, where he buys the land of a local preacher (Paul Dano).

This film predominantly examines the relationship between these two men (and their two egos). One’s a man of God, the other issolely concerned with profit, and – as you might imagine – they don’t exactly see eye to eye.

If you’ve got a rainy afternoon to kill,this film was hailed as “a masterpiece”, and is definitely worth a watch:

The Grand Budapest Hotel (86%)

In Wes Anderson’s most recent film, Ralph Fiennes stars as Gustave: concierge of the Grand Budapest Hotel, while newcomer Tony Revolori is his lobby boy, Zero. They run into some trouble when Madame D (Tilda Swinton) – one of the hotel’s guests –dies, and leaves her most valued possession to Gustave.

Her family aren’t thrilled about this, and before too long Gustave has been accused of murdering Madame D, and he and Zero have an assassin (Willem Dafoe) chasing them.

You will not be bored in this colourful, over the top, charming (and star-studded) adventure. It’s funny, it’s delightful and in places it’s silly. Watch a trailer here:

Chef (85%)

In a film that is all but guaranteed to make you hungry, Jon Favreau stars as the titular Chef,who has a run-in with a food critic, and then quits his job at a high end restaurant to buy and run a food truck instead.

While Chef might be a tad predictable, it manages to avoid clichs. It’s funny, charming and full to the brim with food porn.

One for a Sunday afternoon.

Tell us your favourite Netflix films in the comments!

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5 Netflix Documentaries To Make You Love Being Alone On Valentine’s Day

Wintertime blues are real.

Those blah feelings are only exacerbated when you find yourself single, and you’re thrust headlong into the blaring red and pink drug store aisles, where candy canes and snowflake-adorned oven mitts once stood.

Although I now have a fella, I remember that death march to V-Day all too well.

It’s a time when your unattached status is constantly being brought to your attention by people and heart-shaped candies alike.

Sometimes, the only course of action is to fill life with dysfunctional people and situations, so your life of solitude suddenly looks preferable.

But,what do you do if all your friends are happily attached or non-trainwrecks themselves?

Well, as is the case with most situations, turn to Netflix to see what you are notmissing out on.

Just a couple clicks away are a bevy of documentaries that will make you feel like being alone is not the end of the world after all.

Things could always be worse.

Here are five Netflix documentaries that will make you happy to be single:

1. “Crazy Love”

If you’re bemoaning your relationship status, the title of this movie perfectly summarizes what it’s about and why you should watch it.

The film recounts the story of a couple who met in the 1950s and how their relationship survived jealousy, adultery and an attempt at permanent disfigurement using lye.

I bet I had you thinking it was all sunshine and rainbowsuntil the lye.

The bizarre tale of codependency will make your feminist senses start going offlike mad.

A life of living by yourself will start looking mighty good by comparison; this I promise you.

2. “Dear Zachary”

Long before “The Jinx” and “Making a Murderer,” there was this true crime documentary about love gone wrong.

Warning: It will make you cry more tears than the human body seems capable of producing.

Thank heavens Netflix has kept thisstreaming so that the maximum amount of people can be floored by the emotionally scarring roller coaster of feelings. (Theres safety in numbers.)

Idont want give awaytoo much about it because the twists and turns need to be unexpected in order for this documentary to be heart-rending tothe highest degree.

It maynot the most uplifting film, but I have yet to meet anyone whohas seen it and hasn’trecommend it.

As a bonus, it will also leave you mildly untrusting of any romantic partner from here to eternity.

3. “The Final Member”

I promise you will love this documentary once youre able to fully absorb the films premise.

TheIcelandic Phallological Museum is looking for its first human specimen.

The museum is the world’s only penis museum, and it has already collectedspecimens from every other mammal.

The two mencompeting for their place in the museumwill leave you feeling less than boy crazy.

One wishes to donate while he is still alive, with some strange caveats.

Once you consider these are the kinds of single guys whocould be potentially on the market, you will happily log off Tinder for two seconds and breathe a long sigh of relief.

4. “Tabloid”

This crazydocumentary tellsthe story of a beauty queenwho was arrested with the rape and kidnapping of a Mormon missionary in the 1970s.

I surely wish I could say the plot was that simple, but 90 minutes in, the twists and turns to crazy town quadrupled.

Its enough to make your worst blind date look pretty darnamazing.

Also, the lady in question, Joyce McKinney, has an over-the-top, slightly unbalanced Suzanne Sugarbakerquality I cannot get enough of.

If her brand of delicious insanity is what being a single lady of a certain age looks like, I could get on board.

5. “Love Me”

This documentary is about a very lucrative service that findsAmerican mensomelovin on the other side of the world (usually from some sexy, yet war-torn and oppressed nation).

It may say a lot about my psyche, but the subject of mail-order brides is one I find both intriguing and confounding.

The whole process of going overseas, finding someone and then only communicating through translator seems too exhausting to wrap my practical mind around.

Would it even be possible to mail order a groom? Maybe.

Perhaps I just never looked hard enough when I was single.

Your hearts will go out to themen of “Love Me”because theyare clearly being bamboozled by women who just want money or green cards.

If thiswas my only hope ofmarriage, I’d personallyelect to be alone.

If this list of documentariesisnt enough to soothe your soul, then maybe just stick to wine.

Wine always works.

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Make Your Friday Extra Spooky By Listening To The “Stranger Things” Soundtrack

It’s Friday, which means that all you need to push through to the weekend is a creepy soundtrack that’ll make you terrified at your cubicle. Hey, you have to have an incentive to somehow meet those deadlines!

Well, if you’re willing to shell out $9.99, you can make Volume 1 of the eerie, synth-heavy “Stranger Things” soundtrack your very own. And no, you don’t need Mr. Clark’s long rangeham radio to listen to it.

I think we can all agree that Mr. Clark is basically the benevolent, cooler version of Walter White, right?

“Stranger Things” fans were adamant about getting access to the moody, ’80s-nostalgic music, and, for a while, it felt like Netflix was withholding the soundtrack from us, just like the lunch lady withheld a hoarded stockpile of chocolate pudding.

But thankfully, the first installment of the two-part soundtrack by Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein is now available on iTunes, withthe second volume available on August 19.

Also, Volume 2 might have some unused tracks! Fingers crossed will get to hear songs like “Requiem For A Barb.”

So, if you’re going out tonight, be sure to hijack control of the pregameplaylist, play all three dozen of these mini-masterpieces and turn the speakers up LOUD.

Sure, you might lost a friend or two or all of them, but who needs friends when you have talking Christmas lights?

By the way, do you remember that time Michael Scott played the iTunes preview of “Goodbye My Lover” over and over again after he got dumped?

Well, Inow understand the appeal because you can stream samples of all 36 songs released in the first volume below. Go ahead, play the 30 second version of the title sequence song 17 times in a row.

I won’t judge.

The hard CD copies of Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 will be released into the world (and the Upside Down) on September 16 and September 23, respectively.

Personally, I think releasing them for Walkman would be more fitting, don’t you think?

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‘OITNB’ Cast’s Version Of “Twas The Night Before Christmas’ Is Glorious (Video)

Just because the ladies of Litchfield Prison are living a seemingly endless nightmare, that doesn’t mean the world stops spinning.

Time flies by, and holidays like Christmas are celebrated with what little cheer there is to be found for the characters of “Orange Is the New Black.”

Fictional convicts love a good holiday poem, this I know, but these particular inmates serve up a jailhouse remake of the classic “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas” aptly titled “‘Twas a Night in Litchfield.”

The good news: Everyone gets presents.

The bad news: Everyone gets shots.

It’s still Litchfield, after all.

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