If You Love Netflix, You’re Going To Need To Check These Codes Out

Netflix is one of the best little luxuries on the planet. You can stream and watch thousands of movies, TV shows, and excellent documentaries (for hours on end, if you like to binge). The site is pretty much ubiquitous throughout the world.

If you really want to take watching Netflix to the next level, you need to check out these search codes. You see, Netflix is designed to show you certain categories that the service thinks you might like, but the process is always based off of what you have previously viewed. If you know how to use these search codes, you’ll be able to see way more options!

All you need to do is add the code to the end of this URL (where CODE is): http://www.netflix.com/browse/genre/CODE

That’s right — binging on Netflix just got even better.

Just try out a few of these codes:

  • 36103 will take you directly to Quirky Romances
  • 4576 will get you to Critically Acclaimed Gory Crime Movies
  • 2443 will show you every John Ritter comedy under the Netflix sun (which, unfortunately, they appear to only have one, currently)

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For a full list of the codes, click here (and finally learn how to adequately hack your Netflix account). They’re oddly specific — gone are the days of being in the mood for a certain genre but being unable to find any good movies to watch!

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‘I just want to give #Mitt a hug’: Netflix documentary wins over viewers


Netflix on Friday premiered its exclusive documentary, “Mitt,” which promises “an authentic view the public rarely glimpsed during the media frenzy of a national campaign.” What did viewers take away from this unprecedented access to Mitt Romney and his family?




Of course, not all were won over by the film.


Exit question:


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Bill Nye Ripped Into This Astrologer On His Netflix Show, And I Am Not Here For It

Bill Nye is everyones favorite science guy, if youre into science but I am not, nor have I ever been.

In fact, I think scientists are idiots. Theyre always the last people to figure out the shit that mystics, psychics and regular-ass peoplehave all known for decades.

For instance, did you know that scientists JUST proved that dogs can sense our feelings?

.I mean, LOOK AT THE DOG, you lab coat morons. You needed to spend weeks in alab with a dog to find out they could pick up on your vibes?

For a bunch of so-called geniuses, scientists have little-to-no emotional intelligence or insight.

If they do, they choose to ignore it it in favor of the boring and belabored Scientific Method, which takes too long and is forced into every conversationwith the religious fervor of born again Christians.

Which explains why, when Bill Nye debated the astrologer Samuel F. Reynolds from Ebony Magazine on his Netflix show, he showedno ability to listen.

Samuel F. Reynolds referred to astrology as an interpretive art.

Youre referring to it as a pseudo-science, Reynolds began, but in order for astrology to be a pseudo-science, I would have to first believe that its a science. I dont believe its a science.


Bill Nye went on the defense.

Nye ignored that point, and continued to press on, as if Reynolds didnt that astrology wasnt a science.

Nyes tonewascondescending and sanctimonious, with slow speech and patronizing posture, as if he was speaking to a child lost at the mall.


This didnt bother the astrologer one bit, as anyone who is into astrology is used to being spoken to by skeptics like they have no clue what theyre talking about.

At one point, Bill turned to another guest to ask how she felt about what Reynolds was saying about astrology.

I want it replicated in a lab, she answered.

She wanted to see astrology, an interpretive art, replicated in a lab? Is that what she said when she heard David Bowie sing about aliens in Life on Mars?

The most frustrating thing about this, for lovers of astrology, is that its the only art form that scientists troll with questions like whats the point?

Both Bill Nye and his panel guests asked this question of Reynolds, over and over again.


Nye himself asked, Of what use is it? Although his tone was more exclamatory than questioning.

His panelist Jamila Bey asked, Can youmake my life better with astrology, in any way?

To this, Reynolds clapped back:


Ultimately, Reynolds won the argument.

Nyebegan the debate by trying to debunk astrology as a pseudoscience.

But as Reynoldscontinually clarified that astrology is an art, not a science, Nyes debate unravelled into a sanctimonious tantrum about how science is just better than astrology.

I gotta say, uh, as a scientifically literate guy when you realize whats really happening in the universe, whats really happening in the cosmos, its far more inspiring [than astrology].


Nyes opinionof course, is subjective, and cant be which is problematic for a SCIENCE GUY, isnt it Bill?

Id really like to see that of yours replicated in a lab.

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Ms. Frizzle And “The Magic School Bus” Are Getting A Face-Lift With A New Reboot

“Take chances, make mistakes, get messy!”

1. A reboot of the ’90s children’s animated series The Magic School Bus is coming to Netflix. In 2016, 26 half-hour episodes of the rebooted series, produced by Scholastic Media, will be available to Netflix users worldwide.

Ms. Frizzle And "The Magic School Bus" Are Getting A Face-Lift With A New Reboot

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Scholastic / Via vivala90s.tumblr.com

3. But don’t expect the same Ms. Frizzle. The newly titled The Magic School Bus 360° will have computer-generated animation, an updated bus, and a modern Ms. Frizzle.





6. According to Ted Sarandos, Netflix Chief Content Officer, the updated version will be “even more relevant and entertaining for today’s kids.”






9. Get ready to binge!


An earlier version of this post stated that Netflix was rebooting The Magic School Bus. The post has since been corrected to accurately state that the upcoming The Magic School Bus 360° will be produced by Scholastic Media and will launch exclusively on Netflix.

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Netflix Is Bringing ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ To Life

Paramount Pictures/Lemony SnicketParamount Pictures/Lemony Snicket

Paramount Pictures/Lemony Snicket

The inner 12-year-old in me is jumping for joy.

Netflix is going to produce an original series based on Lemony Snicket’s book collection, “A Series of Unfortunate Events!”

Netflix and Paramount Television, the company that produced the 2004 movie, will be working together to bring these books to the small screen.

Unfortunately, there is no premiere date, but who cares? We’ll finally be able to get what the movies stopped giving us!


The books are actually penned by Daniel Handler — Lemony Snicket is his pen name — and he’s said to be working closely with the production.

The series follows three orphaned children, Violet, Klaus and baby Sunny┬áBaudelaire, as they face countless unfortunate and often death-defying events in pursuit of discovering the truth behind their parents’ death.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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‘Oh, Hello’ Stars Nick Kroll, John Mulaney Open Up About Netflix Special EXCLUSIVE

Nick Kroll and John Mulaney have been channeling eccentric, cantankerous, tuna-loving old men Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland for over a decade, butwhen it came to filming their Netflix special, they decided to add a new, darkly cruel undercurrent to their tried-and-true characters.

In past iterations, most notably skits on Krolls Comedy Central sketch series, Gil and George have always complained and bickered about the world around them, but never one another. It felt like it was always them against the world.

But in Netflixs, which is currently available to stream, the comedians twist the characters,revealing that Mulaneys George is actually a vicious bully to Krolls Gil behind the scenes.

Elite Daily caught up with John Mulaney and Nick Kroll to talk about the added cruelty in their characters, and how John grew to loveyelling at Nick night after night.

: One of the things that stood out to me, knowing the characters from like the Kroll Show skits and everything before, is in those like earlier skits you see them as such good friends and you think, They hate everyone else, but theyre always with each other

Yeah, I had a problem with that. I didnt like it at first. It was Largo where we decided that [Gil and George]would fight. It was the Largo show in LA, and I was like, Nah, nah, its them against the world, we shouldnt do this. And I remember the first time we ran it, I was like, I dont like yelling at Gil.And by the end of Broadway, I loved yelling at Gil. And I would stomp my feet I loved screaming and being mad so much. But the first time, I was like, No, no, it should be them versus the world. They prank other people; they dont get pranked.

Every night when George starts reprimanding Gil for the show, breaking the fourth wall, every night right by the staircase, when [to John] youre like, You think if you ODed anyone would give a shit. It was stuff like that and then it was like whatever

Like Youre Gods bottom.

So every night it was a different thing.

That white-hot meanness was so fun. And it also helped us really dial into the emotional arc of Oh, Hello. At a certain point its so fun to do but when youre doing it 138 times youre like, Tonight Im just gonna be like: Im George and Im mean!


: So when the decision came to have that conflict with one another, how did you decide who was going to be kind of the instigator?

Well, because George was always a little meaner to people during the prankings, and a little blissfully unaware of how cruel he was and how misogynistic he was but he does have a daughter, so hes a good guy. Hes a good dad like Louie. So that might have been it. I always was a little meaner to guests. But what became evident was because I never yell at anyone in real life I have so much saved up. So it was always there.

I think its a chance for both of us to exercise different things. Someone at some point described the show to us as George is an asshole and Gil is a baby. Theres a thing where John doesnt get to be an asshole, so playing George was really fun and Im sure a release.

Such a release. And then when the show was over, I would go to the gym for hours and get in physical therapy because I got this thing out of my system every night, where I got be like Youre fing dirt compared to me, that type of thing.

For me, you know, I like to have fun, but Gil is a true child who likes to be led around.

Nick is very sharp and Gil gets rat f**ked every night.

is available to stream now on Netflix.

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5 Drug-Themed Things To Watch On Netflix If You Finished ‘Narcos’

Narcos Season 2finally arrived on September 2.

If youre like me, you probably binge-watched most of it over the weekend (or finished it altogether).

Finishing a series can be really emotional and leave you wondering, Where do I go from here?

I get it, Ive been there. But Im not going to let you go through this alone.

If youre feeling a little lost and dont know what to watch next, dust those Doritos crumbs off of your shirt, pull yourself together, get some more snacks and check out one of the fantasticmovies, documentaries or TV series from the list below.

Ifigured it might be hard to stray into other topics so soon after Narcos (its hard to let go), so all of these suggestions are drug-themed to reduce stress and maximize entertainment.

Breaking Bad

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‘The Get Down’ Becomes The First Netflix Original Drama To Not Get A Second Season

It was the day the music died on Netflix.

The streaming giant announced on Wednesday it would not be picking up a second season of Baz Luhrmanns sprawling 70s hip-hop drama for a second season, marking the first time Netflix has canceled one of its original dramas after just one season.

It sounds like the reason for the cancellation had to do with Luhrmanns busy schedule. The director posted on Facebookhis undivided commitment to the series has kept him from pursuing other projects, and although he wishes he could continue making the show, he is going back to working on movies.

marked Luhrmanns first television project.


The creator did tease that some plans for a future continuation of have been discussed, particularlya stage show, but it sounds like Baz is going to be refocusing his career back to movies now.

The cancellation is a notable move for Netflix,considering the platform is known for renewing its original series for multiple seasons almost without fail. Every other original drama on Netflix either has already had or has been renewed for a second season.

The only original programs Netflix has ended after one season are,, and,two of which are comedy revivals that felt complete after a short reboot, and the last of which was simply meant as a quick showcase for contemporary sketch comedians.


Alongside Baz Luhrmanns high demand, another reason for the shocking cancellation is likely the insane cost of.

The 12-episode first season of the show reportedly cost Netflix a whopping $120 million to make, according to Deadline. Additionally, it famously suffered from a number of production delays and split its first season into two parts airing 8 months apart.

Despite the show being canceled, its young cast, largely full of previously unknown actors,is set up for a promising career because of. The shows lead Justice Smith (Ezekiel Book Figuero) is cast in,Shameik Moore (Shaolin Fantastic) is set to voice Spider-Man in an upcoming movie, andYahya Abdul-Mateen II (Clarence Cadillac Caldwell) is going to be in.

I guess the exciting bit that we can take from this sad news is that Baz Luhrmann is working on new movies!

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