Justin Bieber Gets A Tattoo of Selena Gomez, Tweens Cry

Justin Bieber gets a tattoo of Selena Gomez with angel wings on his arm and the cries of little girls are heard around the world. Well, people aren't exactly sure that it's Selena because according to our extremely credible source, Perez, it may be a picture of that little girl Avalanna Routh.

“Now, some fans believe this isn't a pic of Selena, but a common angel tattoo to represent the loss of a loved one. And in this case, they believe he's paying tribute to Avalanna Routh.
For those of you who need a memory refresher, Avalanna was a sweet young girl who passed away last year to brain cancer. Justin had a special relationship with her and even nicknamed her Mrs. Bieber. He commonly referred to her as his angel.”

But if that's a pic of the little girl then that makes Biebs one sick motherfucker. If you look closely the bitch on his tattoo has huge boobs. Whoever it is, we don't care we just have one thing to say: Bieber, can you stop tattooing ugly ass pictures on your arms? Thanks.

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Senator Almost Hit By Train During ‘Rail Safety’ Presentation

Senator Almost Hit By Train During ‘Rail Safety’ Presentation

Of course, we should all respect and be careful around the railroad tracks. Ironically, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal didn’t heed his own advice as he stood just inches from the tracks during his own rail safety presentation as can be seen in this KHON2 News video. 

Just as the speaker said, “Safety as you know is paramount,” a train whizzed by just inches from hitting the Senator himself!

That’s embarrassing and could have ended much worse!

The video has gone viral with over 650,000 hits!


Via MostWatched

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Spice Girls and Backstreet Boys Are Having A Reunion Tour

Or rather, this is MAYBE happening, they're currently in talks for a world reunion tour. These talks probably involve whether Victoria Beckham will bother to grace anyone with her presence not lip synced voice. All I know is that I want tickets and I can't wait to see which Backstreet Boys' hairline has receded the fastest.

Source: MTV UK

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James Franco Now Offering Acting Classes to the Masses

James Franco is now offering acting classes in New York as a part of his community service parole (community service parole crossed out) acting repertoire. What the fuck does he teach? How to be in love with Seth Rogan? How to be stoned as shit on camera? How to look ugly as fuck for an Instagram?  We're low key into these acting classes, which we're pretty sure are basically just getting high with James Franco. If there are any betches in New York, let us know if they're any good or if we should spend the money on shitty vodka.


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This Skydiving Dachshund Proves Some Dogs Are Tougher Than They Look (Photos)


Normally, when we think of fierce, fearless dogs, the bigger, tougher breeds, like pit bulls or Rottweilers come to mind. Dachshunds, not so much.

Well, Riley, a 4-year-old dachshund from San Francisco just turned the tables on everyone’s ideas of what “tough” means. He jumped out of a plane at 13,000 feet with his owner, Nathan Batiste.

That’s right: The pup went skydiving.

Batiste, 38, a seasoned skydiver, has made the plunge over 400 times but wanted to make his latest jump a little more special.

He had special goggles made for his puppy pal, strapped the little guy to his chest with a custom-made harness and jumped out of the plane.

According to Batiste, Riley loved his first-ever jump — so much so that the pair is already planning to do it again in the future.

Who needs goggles anyway.


That smile doesn’t lie: Riley is having the time of his life.


Here’s a picture of the pup and his owner from 13,000 feet:


There’s no turning back:


At least the humans have something to hold on to:


Close-up of the daring pooch:


Riley posing in his specially made “doggles:”


Safely back on the ground:


Watch the full video here:

H/T: Daily Mail

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WNG News Anchors Perform Epic Handshake During Commercial Break

WNG News Anchors Perform Epic Handshake During Commercial Break

Back in 2009, WGN News went viral with their unique video showing WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange performing their epic commercial break handshake. Their handshake started off simple, but over the years grew into an extravagant show. Now, five years later, Robert and Jackie are back with an even more elaborate handshake which is trending. 


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A Female Cop Is Seen Sitting On The Side Of An Overpass. When Drivers Take A Closer Look? Shocking!

It’s not everyday you’d get the opportunity to save someone’s life, but it IS everyday you can make a difference in their quality of life.

It doesn’t take much, sometimes all you need to do is sit down and take a listen to what they have to say – maybe nobody else has never cared enough to. One female police officer discovered just how big of a difference a simple talk can make when she and her partner responded to a call about a suicidal man on an overpass.

The guy didn’t trust male police officers at all and refused to speak with anyone but a female, so officers Brandi and Candace headed to the scene. They attempted to speak to him and bring him back over the ledge, but every time it seemed they made progress some passing driver would yell out that he SHOULD jump, it was shattered. These two officers had a message during a news interview that everyone needs to hear, check it out in the video below.

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