What It’s Like To Be A Real Life Mermaid

What It’s Like To Be A Real Life Mermaid

Countless young girls dream of being a mermaid when they grow up. Sadly, that’s impossible. But three young women have actually realized their dreams of becoming mermaids. Erin, Lauren, and Katie are real life mermaids who work at the Florida Aquarium. OK, they’re not real mermaids, but they sure are as close as it gets. BuzzFeed interviewed the three to see what it’s like to wake up and be a mermaid for work instead of going to the office everyday. Best job ever!


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Watch Now Convicted Rapist Ched Evans Plead His Side Of The Story (VIDEO)

This is a statement that Ched Evans, the convicted rapist and professional footballer, put on this website yesterday. In the statement, Ched talks about his desire to clear his name and go back to his career as a professional footballer. He is joined by his long term girlfriend Natasha Massey, who has stood by him during the storm.

 The Hacked Tweets

Ched does not offer any apology to the victim, instead he continues to insist upon his innocence. His website is structured towards exactly that. One of the main points of contention for his case are the tweets below that he claims were sent by the victim after Ched’s original arrest. He claims all these tweets were tweeted by the complainant between 8 October 2011 and 15 November 2011, approximately 5 months after Ched and Clayton McDonald had been charged with rape and approximately 5 months before Ched was convicted and Clayton acquitted.

Whilst they had initially been deleted, Ched’s website states that it took hackers to recover them, and he seems to think this points towards the victims motives and his innocence.

‘Remind me never to tell @XXXXXXX when I win big!…..  She’s going to kill me! #scaredformylife! Haha!’

‘@XXXXXXX I will get us matching pink Mini Coopers! Haha! Just seen them pictures on Facebook, I forgot bout XXXXXXX! Haha! X’

‘@XXXXXXX I’ll make all your dreams come true XXXXXXX haha.’

‘@XXXXXXX aww,well obvs I’d treat us to an amazing holiday x’.

The victim had to be given a new identity after the case due to the amount of threats she was receiving from members of the public. Only a few days ago some Internet trolls exposed her new identity, meaning that she may have to do it all over again. 

The only thing that seems certain about this case is that we haven’t heard the last of it. We want to hear your opinion, should Ched be allowed to play professional football again? And what do you think to his video statement?

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The Type Of Headache You Get Can Reveal A Lot About Your Overall Health

For those suffering from headaches it can be a horrible experience. Once they come on the throbbing and irritable nature can bring even the strongest person down. It turns out, the type of headache you have, can actually reveal some other health factors.

Here a doctor will reveal the warning signs that take place in the form of headaches. There are different kinds with varying intensities. They can come along with other neurological deficits. Numbness and/or vision change can mean something serious.

Check out the video to find out what a headache means for you health.

This information hopefully will give you some insight into what you are experiencing when a headache comes on, and whether you should see the doctor when and if it happens.

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