Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation 2012

Girls‘ are obviously one of the most popular genres online, so it’s no surprise mixing ‘girls’ with a little bit of ‘fail‘ would result in a viral video. 

 did just that, and just over the weekend, their new ‘Ultimate Girls Fail Compilation For 2012‘ video has garnered over 615,000 views


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Classic FAIL Compilation

Now that Web 2.0 has been around for so long, it’s hard to keep track of all the great FAIL videos out there. Some of the greatest fails are a bit older, and many people still haven’t seen them. As they say, if you haven’t seen it yet, it’s new to you. So without further ado, here is a great compilation of classic and epic FAILS you may have missed.


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News Reporter Hit By Snow Sled

This old video from 2008 went unseen for years. Just in the past couple days it became popular. A news reporter is doing a fluff story about two sledders coming down the hill. But then all of a sudden, one sledder slams the reporter and the reporter flies into the air and flips over. He takes it like a champ though, and closes properly saying, “That was a bad idea. At Riverside Park, Rob Left, Global News.” Then he drops his head in the snow.


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April Fail Compilation

Keeping up with all the Fail videos out there is near impossible, so dedicated fail compilation channel  does the work for you. Here all of the best and most painful fail videos from April, 2012. 




For double the fun, here is a second great April Fail montage by 


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The Terrifying Tarantula Hawk Is Just As Horrible As It Sounds

There isn’t much that creeps me out more than massive spiders do.

Sure, tarantulas make great pets for a lot of people, but no matter how hard I try to picture them the way their beloved owners do, I just can’t see past their giant fangs. However, if I had to choose between getting bitten by one or being stung by this insect, I’d immediately pick the spider bite.

Wasps are already horrible creatures, but tarantula hawks are a special kind of horrible. It is a spider wasp that actually hunts tarantulas.

Because of their ability to adapt to different climates, these freaky critters can be found in a variety of areas, including India, Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, the U.S., and South America. They actually happen to be the state insect of New Mexico.

The wasps’ blue-black bodies (and huge stingers) serve as a warning to potential predators that they pack an incredibly painful sting.

When a female is ready to lay her egg, she hunts and stings a tarantula. After the spider is paralyzed by her venom, she drags it to her nest, where she lays an egg on its abdomen.

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As soon as the larva hatches, it digs its way into the tarantula’s body and eats its insides while the tarantula is still alive. What’s worse is that it purposely tries to keep the spider alive by staying away from its vital organs as long as possible.

Surprisingly, tarantula hawks are pretty docile when it comes to human interaction and don’t attack unless provoked. When they do sting, however, you have to suffer through excruciating pain and possible paralysis for up to five minutes. The only insect sting more painful is that of the bullet ant.

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If you’re wondering exactly how nasty a tarantula hawk sting really feels, just watch our friend Coyote Peterson from Brave Wilderness writhing in agony.

Who’s extremely thankful that they’re not a tarantula right now? Me too.

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