Girl Plays On Thin Ice And Pays The Price

Gp Funny uploaded this video of a girl stepping on thin ice. As it is with thin ice, it is likely to break – so it does. And the struggle begins, without her friend giving a helping hand. But how should she get a trending video with over 300,000 views like this without filming?! It also needs time to get up with a clever rhyme for the title…

via: cartoonland

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The 46 Most Important Crotch Shots Of All Time

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Brother Pulls Wheelchair Bound Younger Brother With His Bike

Back in the 1993, h20eweup2‘s younger brother needed leg casts and became temporarily wheelchair bound. But that didn’t stop him from having fun with his lil’ bro. 

While dad caught the whole thing on camera, he basically created a wagon system to pull his brother’s wheelchair with his bicycle. And it worked surprisingly well. 

“Weee! Weeeee! Cowabunga!” Yep, definitely the 90′s.

Of course all fun things must come to and end, and like most things during childhood, end in a painful Ouch! 

The video is trending after being featured on Reddit.


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