10 Party Tricks With Liquid Nitrogen

10 Party Tricks With Liquid Nitrogen

Popular YouTuber Grant Thompson, aka The King of Random, has returned to the web to demonstrate 10 Party Tricks With Liquid Nitrogen.

Now you can bring some fresh LN excitement to your party, such as making homemade ice cream beads, self-tooting horns, more. 

But, as YouTuber ParoXsitiC so profoundly says, “While these are neat, I am not sure the general public should really be temping most of these.”

We would agree, so please just enjoy the video and don’t try these at home. 



Here’s the new safer version:


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It’s This Dog’s Birthday And She Is SO Excited. Her Reaction Will Make You LOL.

For Dakota’s birthday, her entire family decided to get together and throw her a party. Which you’d think would just be a small affair, especially given that she’s a dog. But instead, the family bought a huge cake and dressed Dakota up in a special birthday hat!

When they started to sing “Happy Birthday,” the excitement of the day finally got to Dakota. It sent her into a frenzy…just look how happy she was!

Happy Birthday, Dakota! May your future birthdays be just as exciting.

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Everything You Need To Know About Sex Toy Parties

I once had a guy ask me if girls having a sex toy party is the female equivalent of guys going to the strip club. I quickly informed him that our gathering is classy yet kinky while their outing is just dirty. They walk away with a lighter wallet and questionable diseases, while we strut away with tricks of the trade that make us that much more of a sex goddess.

For those of you who are clueless to what this entails: it’s almost like the modern day Tupperware party for sexually comfortable and fun betches. Friends get together, uncork a few bottles of wine and indulge in some fattening yet totally worthy dips. Betches have the pleasure of listening to and learning from a professional sexpert who has stories that even put your kinkiest experiences to shame. Rule #1 about attending a sex toy party: you HAVE to be comfortable talking about sex openly with your friends. And if you’re not capable of that, you’ve got way bigger issues to look at. Rule #2: What happens at the sex toy party, stays at the sex toy party. Just because Betch #1 had a threesome, Betch #2 owns a sex swing, and Betch #3 kissed a girl and liked it, doesn’t mean you get to go tell your boyfriend all about it.

A sex toy party works like many other shopping experiences. Some ladies go in with no knowledge, few expectations, and are really just there to window shop. Other girls have done their research, read the customer reviews, made their wish list, and come ready with questions and expectations. Your hostess will have a suitcase full of toys that would even make a stripper blush. Products will include toys, electronics, lotions, creams, powders, tools, props, enhancers, and even weapons. Stories of edible undies, leather bondage, risky role play, and even epic fails will be told, demonstrations will be done, and samples will be handed out.

After lots of laughs and mild embarrassment, you’ll ultimately decide: just HOW sexy are you? Feeling a dry spell coming? You might want to invest in some late night company. Have a boyfriend that needs a little pep in his step? Think of it as a gift that that will keep on giving. Ultimately all girls have one goal whether they’re shopping for shoes or buying sex toys: trying to get the most bang for our buck (get it?!)

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An Honest New Year’s Eve Party

After ASAP Science’s prediction of your New Year’s going to suck, College Humor presents us an honest New Year’s Eve party. This freshly uploaded clip is going viral right now with already over 300,000 views. Hopefully you’ll have a great party!

“It’s almost as if New Year’s Eve consistently fails to live up to our collective expectations.”

via: likecool

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This Is What Happens When You Play Hip-Hop Music Over A Party Video From The 60s.

When Taylor stumbled upon old footage of his grandparents partying in the 60s, he decided there was only one thing he had to do: add Hip-Hop music over it.

The outcome is pretty darn hilarious. It helps that the video is full of awkward ass grabbing, the funky chicken dance, a bottle getting passed around, a grandpa who clearly drank too much, and a number of other crazy bits. These people sure knew how to party!

(Source: Taylor Giddens)

Lets hope this starts a viral revolution of old videos being mixed with modern music. I know I have a bunch of videos from my younger days that would pair well with Taylor Swift songs.

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