Kate Middleton Photobombs A Selfie While Touring New Zealand

The most regal of photobombs.

1. New Zealand Redditor stasechatus on Tuesday uploaded this photo of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, photobombing the selfie of a young man (“his mate’s little brother”) in the crowd.

New Zealand Redditor stasechatus on Tuesday uploaded this photo of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, photobombing the selfie of a young man ("his mate's little brother") in the crowd.

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reddit.com / Via imgur.com

2. Based on Kate’s outfit, the picture was taken on Monday in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Based on Kate's outfit, the picture was taken on Monday in Christchurch, New Zealand .

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AP Photo / Anthony Phelps, Pool

3. Well played, your Royal Highness. Well played.

Well played, your Royal Highness. Well played.

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The Cambridge family has left New Zealand and will be touring Australia until April 25th.

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Dolphins Perfectly Photobomb Couple’s Wedding Day Shoot (Photos)



On their big day, newlyweds Alexis and Steve Espey weren’t celebrating in a church or on a sandy island beach. Instead, the pair tied the knot at Marineland Dolphin Adventure, a water park dedicated to the aquatic mammals in St. Augustine, FL.

Since the lovebirds’ wedding was unconventional, it only makes sense that their wedding photos would be, too.

Some romantic dolphins decided to get in on the fun of the celebration and ended up in a handful of the couple’s photos.

As photographers Sarah and Ben McLachlan took the iconic “first kiss” photo, a dolphin leapt into the air behind the couple. In another shot, Steve kisses his new wife on the cheek while two curious dolphins peer over a glass wall to watch.

Considering they got married at a dolphin park, we’d guess that the couple is pretty damn thrilled about the animals’ appearance in their wedding album.

Take a look at the priceless shots below.

This dolphin is getting ready to make his on-screen appearance.



Is this leap for joy celebrating the couple’s nuptials?



The curious dolphins can’t help but spy on the newlyweds.



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Bill Clinton Photobombed A Sad Little Girl And Absolutely Nailed It


Nobody photobombs quite like ex-presidents of the United States.

Redditor Fieldblazer posted an unbelievable image of a photobombed, moping little girl. The hilarious picture was reportedly snapped at a Democratic rally in Texarkana, Arkansas.

Bill Clinton, who was present to bolster midterm election enthusiasm, ducked his head into the frame behind the girl and gave a carefree grin.

The picture’s priceless, and it surely won’t be long before the Internet makes Clinton’s photobombing head into a meme.

The ball is in your court, President Obama.


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Spider Videobombs BBC Scotland News Broadcast (Video)

A big spider makes an appearance during BBC Scotland’s live TV newscast…

via Arbroath

21 Cat Photobombs That Are So Awesome, They Could Make The World Go Round

Cat owners will probably agree that when their furry friends want attention, they get attention. Sure, those rare times might not always (or, well…ever) line up with the times you need some snuggling, but on the rare occasion when you’re trying to give attention to another being, well that’s just not acceptable.

Which is why these hilarious cat photobombs are so on point, it’s impossible to not burst out laughing at their silliness.

1. “Oh, you think the baby is cute? I’M CUTER.”

2. Something evil is afoot.

3. “Mom, you’re in the way.”

4. A mad cat can really kill your road trip vibes.

5. “Gosh, I look so good!”

6. Three’s a crowd…

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7. “I peed on all the treats Santa gave you, Tom.”

8. He doesn’t like being overshadowed.

9. “Is there something on my back?”

10. He’d seen her take one too many selfies.

11. “Paul, that’s really not your best angle.”

12. When you’re in a two-cat house, there’s bound to be friction.

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13. “Just popping in…belly rubs now?”

14. I’m worried for this dog…and this human.

15. “It’s dinnertime, stop taking photos and feed me!

16. His timing is impeccable.

17. So much for that holiday family photo.

18. “Peekaboo!”

19. “Is this too close?” “Yes, Jim. For the 100th time, yes.”

20. Do you see it?

21. “Yoga? Relaxation? Naw.”

My dog loves to photobomb, but she’s not nearly as skilled as these cuties. Mad props!

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18 Of The Best, Most Well-Timed Photobombs We’ve Ever Discovered

Even if you never get to see your perfect timing or clutch positioning, a well-executed photobomb can feel like you’ve hit the jackpot. Somewhere in that person’s album, home video, or newscast, they’ll find your hilarious face and realize you ruined that prized moment. Sweet, sweet glory.

But reaching the near-professional level these people have takes time, patience, and a lot of practice.

1. What are they teaching kids these days?

2. I’ll give that lift a 10 out of 10.

3. Work it, work it!

4. That’s a Shaq attack if I’ve ever seen one.

5. The creep factor here is so high.

6. “Hey, is it my turn in the spotlight??”

7. I like how the cameraman really embraced this one.

8. Slay.

9. Tina Fey has had years of practice…

10. I mean, she’s really mastered her style.

11. You see, it looks like this was unintentional, but we all know, Jim. We all know.

12. Same with you, Todd.

13. This is why I stay away from Times Square.

14. The hazards of “field” reporting.

15. I love that she’s so cool with this.

16. Good, clean family fun…with Jimmy Fallon mixed in.

17. “What…oh…can you still…yeah?”

18. The thought was there, but this guy needs some work.

We can all learn a thing or two from these folks. Now go forth and practice your photobombing skills!

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42 Perfect Photobomb Moments From Weddings. Say I Do… To Hilarity.

Everyone has high expectations when it comes to their perfect wedding day. Even if they’re trying to keep things simple with the decor, guest number or outfits, they still want the day to be as special and wonderful as possible.

…but they never account for the dreaded photobomb. These photobombers took their wedding invitation as an opportunity to wreak some havoc. And it’s hilarious. 

1.) Winner of worst best man photo.

2.) A very nosey horsey.

3.) You can already see how this marriage is gonna go.

4.) Maybe she’s just another bridesmaid, guys.

5.) Coolest officiant ever.

6.) Is this a Captain Morgan ad?

7.) “Look at all these sweet people waving for m– oh.”

8.) Well, he wanted to know where babies come from.

9.) Not the best time for an, ahem, adjustment.

10.) The best seats for the ceremony.

11.) Romance really is everywhere.

12.) “Grandma said she’d be a little late, but you’ll know when she gets here.”

13.) Hopefully the horse didn’t leave them an engagement present.

14.) Remember planking?

15.) This guy is just a big fan of weddings.

16.) This guy is just so happy for the newlyweds.

17.) The Zach Braff bomb.

18.) Maybe it’s their favorite weird street performer.

19.) Lots of good catches this day.

20.) Hint: the bottom right corner.

21.) So elegant.

22.) This groomsman is over it.

23.) “Hey why wasn’t I the flower girl??”

24.) She’s more surprised than the woman being proposed to.

25.) This kid probably isn’t used to not getting all the attention.

26.) This dad has a lot on his hands.

27.) “Oh gosh, you look so pretty!”

28.) I think the goose was just as confused as we are about why they would pose like this.

29.) At least it’s not the groom.

30.) Still mad she wasn’t picked as maid of honor.

31.) Jumping for joy at their beautiful union.

32.) I don’t think this guy was even invited.

33.) Just popping in.

34.) I’m not sure the llama approves of this union.

35.) Pro-tip: do not let your proposal get in the way of a baseball fan’s view of the game.

36.) “Why didn’t you tell me the photos had started?”

37.) Back off, Elvis.

38.) The bride does not seem amused.

39.) Everyone is a champion!

40.) The lighting wasn’t right anyway.

41.) This is just delightful.

42.) “Fiiiiiinally.”

I do believe each and every one of these is priceless. The bride may be mad at first, but she’ll probably get over it by their golden anniversary.

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