Explaining SOPA And How It Will Destroy The Internet

Technology buffs and Internet users in the know are up in arms about a recent bill being proposed in the legistalature that could truly change the Internet as we know it. The bill, called Stop Online Piracy Act, or SOPA, would require websites that host or link to other site to be liable for any copyright infringement. Basically, Facebook, Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, even ViralViralvideos, would be drastically crippled, or even just shut down completely!  explains the entire bill and the repercussions in this 20 minute presentation. 


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Lindsay Lohan Live-Tweets Presidential Debate


How dare you not think to ask Lindsay Lohan how she was holding up during the debate?

If you thought presidential candidates Barack Obama and Mitt Romney were the only ones allowed to be nervous for the final debate, you are quite inconsiderate. The Liz and Dick star, who recently voiced support for the GOP contender, was a total wreck during the hour and a half event. Here’s what she tweeted about the affair:

Hear that, Romney and Obama? You weren’t the only ones freaking out during the debate. Lohan had a ton to be worried about, so don’t think for a second that you have a right to feel overwhelmed about the election.

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25 Crazy And Hilarious Political Satire Memes

Politics can be a divisive and arguably oppressive subject. But sometimes you just have to laugh at politics and some people have a knack for finding humor in these seemingly impossible situations. So, if you need a good laugh, you need to check out these 25 crazy and hilarious political satire memes.

























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Little Boy Cries That He’s Too Small To Be Governor Of New Jersey

Little Jesse is still in a booster car seat, but he is already having his dreams crushed. All he wants to be in the whole wide world is the governor of New Jersey, but, as Jesse exclaims, he’s too small! Don’t worry kid, this is America, and even small people can run for office. Your cuteness is bound to help in the polls.

3 Year Old Wants To Govern NJ – Watch more Funny Videos


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Senator Almost Hit By Train During ‘Rail Safety’ Presentation

Senator Almost Hit By Train During ‘Rail Safety’ Presentation

Of course, we should all respect and be careful around the railroad tracks. Ironically, U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal didn’t heed his own advice as he stood just inches from the tracks during his own rail safety presentation as can be seen in this KHON2 News video. 

Just as the speaker said, “Safety as you know is paramount,” a train whizzed by just inches from hitting the Senator himself!

That’s embarrassing and could have ended much worse!

The video has gone viral with over 650,000 hits!


Via MostWatched

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Australia’s Senate Is Mad And This Graphic Kinda Explains It

The Carbon Tax lives!… till next week.

1. The Senate has just refused the Government’s wish to axe the Carbon Tax. Here is kind of why.

The Senate has just refused the Government's wish to axe the Carbon Tax. Here is kind of why.

View this image ›


As you can see it’s a shambles…

2. Mr Palmer’s “demands” were reportedly not met… and the PUP’s three senators joined with Motoring Enthusiast Ricky Muir, sinking the vote 37 – 35.

Australian Senate @AuSenate

The committee of the whole didn't agree to the carbon tax repeal bills

3. Greens Senator Scott Ludlam observed the scenes in the chamber.

Scott Ludlam @SenatorLudlam

what remarkable chaos

4. And was left speechless.

Scott Ludlam @SenatorLudlam

um. wow.

5. Australian political oracle Antony Green made the point, the Government may have been counting its chickens instead of its votes.

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Obama Makes Mohawk Confession to NASA


Barack Obama called NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Monday morning to offer phoned in high-fives for the successful landing of the Mars Curiosity rover. After some initial chit-chat and congratulations, the president brought up the space agency’s most internet famous team member, mohawked flight director Bobak Ferdowsi.

Watch the short clip for Obama’s complete comment on NASA’s style evolution, but here’s a snippet of the transcription: “I, in the past, thought about getting a mohawk myself. My team keeps on discouraging me and now that he’s received marriage proposals and thousands of new Twitter followers, I think that I’m going to go back to my team and see if it makes sense.”

Twitter user @Darth decided to help Obama make a more informed decision about his possible mohawked future with a little Photoshop action.

So, Mr. President, to ‘hawk or not to ‘hawk?

Images courtesy of @Darth

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Watch A Nice Man Calmly And Gently Tell You To Go F*ck Yourself For Very Understandable Reasons

There’s a reason Comcast repeatedly has been voted one the worst companies in America. (Take that, Monsanto!) So, even though this clearly isn’t from Comcast, it’s way more truthful than anything they would ever release.

Also, there’s some very NSFW language, and I want you to be prepared for that.

Did you know Comcast is trying to become even bigger and more powerful by merging with Time Warner Cable? If the idea of a super-mega Comcast gives you the heebie-jeebies, then you should head here and make a comment by Aug. 26, 2014!

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President Obama Rationally, Passionately, And Emphatically Calls Out The Senate For Ignoring America

The Senate failed at their jobs today, refusing to give an up or down vote to background check legislation that specifically banned a gun registry while allowing for comprehensive checks.

“90% of Americans support universal background checks. Think about that. How often do 90% of Americans agree on anything?” —President Obama.

Just watch.

The highlights: 

Here’s the full speech, if you’ve got time for the whole thing:

Every single senator should probably know what they’ve done. So I’d share this.

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