Jimmy Kimmel: Terrible Christmas Presents Prank (Video)

Jimmy Kimmel Youtube ChallengeJimmy Kimmel Youtube Challenge

Jimmy Kimmel challenged parents to give their kids an early Christmas present, but to make it a terrible one. Christmas pranks have never been this fun.

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These Babies Are Experiencing Things For The First Time – And It’s Adorable.

Childhood is a time when literally everything is a wonderful new discovery. As jaded grown ups, we sometimes forget how exciting it was to experience things for the first time. For better (chocolate) or for worse (lemon), there’s nothing like the feeling of a life-changing epiphany.

Take a minute to embrace your inner child and check out these adorable little ones who are uncovering some of life’s little mysteries. 

The first time you see the sky explode with fireworks:

The first time you witness the magic of television:

The first time you realize ice cream is cold:

The first time you taste the joy of solid food:

The first time you taste the less joyful sour food:

…or spicy food:

…or a pickle.

The first time you realize chocolate is the best:

The first time you dive into a watermelon:

The first time the world disappears in front of your eyes as you go through a tunnel:

The first time you see two humans who somehow look exactly the same:

The first time you see your beautiful self in the mirror:

The first time you realize how soothing a head massage can be:

The first time you make a puppet friend:

The first time you experience the wonder of train travel:

The first time you find out how amazing cake is:

The first time you make a splash in a swimming pool:

The first time you see the marshmallow world of snow:

The first time you see beauty of bubbles:

(via BuzzFeed.)

These tiny tots are a great reminder to keep your eyes and mind open for all the things you might discover!

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