Dramatic Rescue of a Wolf from the Icy Limentra River in Italy (Video)

Dramatic Rescue of a Wolf from the Icy Limentra River in ItalyDramatic Rescue of a Wolf from the Icy Limentra River in Italy

A wolf named Navarre was rescued from the icy waters of the Limentra river in the Province of Bologna, Italy. The wolf was found seriously undernourished, with a paralysis of the hind limbs and with 35 lead pellets in his body.

Members of the Monte Adone Centre for Conservation and Research of Exotic and Wild Fauna sedated the wolf with a tranquillizer gun and brought him to the shore where they gave him a cardiac massage and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The rescue operation was carried out on January 9th and Navarre is recovering nicely. The Centre plans to return him to the wild. You can read the full story here.

Many thanks to Letizia for sending this amazing footage!

This Kitten Was Seconds Away From A Horrible Death, But Then A Hero Saved The Day

Tony Miranda is in charge of sorting through thousands of cans, bottles, and bits of paper in a recycling center. He’s seen some odd items come down his conveyor belt, but he was shocked one day when he spotted a pink-nosed kitten among the debris heading into the compactor. He quickly scooped the tiny kitten out of the trash. The poor thing was seconds away from being crushed to death.

But after enduring that horrible ordeal, the kitty received the best holiday gift of all — a loving home!

It’s a good thing Miranda was so attentive on the job that day. If he hadn’t been so vigilant, this kitten’s story would’ve had a heartbreaking ending.

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If You Thought You And Your Best Friend Were Cute, You Haven’t Seen These Two

There are people out there who spend hours at a time watching compilation videos on YouTube, and most of those compilations center around the ridiculous antics of hilarious pets. I would know, because I’m one of those (sad, sad) people. And if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably seen the video below.

This clip shows Lottie and Grizzly — two four-legged friends that are decidedly adorable — sharing a nice little hug. If you haven’t seen it yet, you haven’t lived (or maybe you have a social life, unlike myself).

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Who's your best friend?Ft. Grizzly

Posted by Lottie on Thursday, December 3, 2015

But what you probably didn’t know is that this hug didn’t start as some precious ploy to gain followers on social media. These two are actually attached at the hip, and the cold, cruel world is a better place because of it.

This is a picture of Lottie and her mom, Taylor Duguay.

And here’s Grizzly. No one was sure how Lottie would react to the new addition, but much to their delight, the pup took to Grizzly instantly.

As their lucky human explained to BuzzFeed, “Lottie and Grizzly have been inseparable since day one. Lottie truly believes that Grizzly is her own puppy.”

Judging by these photos, I think it’s safe to say that the dynamic duo wants us to drown in our own tears.

And if that’s the case, mission accomplished.

In case you haven’t been thrown deeply enough into this chasm of unadulterated cuteness, Duguay said that Lottie started hugging Grizzly on her own while they were working on some other tricks.

I can tell from these pictures that Lottie and Grizzly’s two favorite activities are hiking and being perfect.

If you need me, I’ll be wheezing and sobbing on the shoulder of my very, very confused dog.

(via BuzzFeed)

As evidenced by these two, there is some good left in the world. To keep up with their preciousness and to start the world’s largest collection of human tears, be sure to follow them on Instagram and Facebook! Your mental health and overall worldview will thank you.

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Stuck Prairie Dog Gets Rescued from a Hole (Video)

Some good people in Russia rescue a prairie dog that was stuck in its hole…


People Rescue Dogs All The Time, But For This Woman, It Was The Other Way Around

Spend five minutes online and you’re bound to come across stories of humans saving animals in need.

They pull cats from dumpsters, puppies from boxes on the side of the road, and old dogs from painful lives spent on dirty street corners. They do important work for those who cannot do it for themselves — animals that rely on human kindness that will never come.

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But if you have a pet, you know that they do just as much saving. They do it every day. They curl up in our laps when we’re crying and run around like crazy when we’re laughing. They sit on the floor next to us when we’re too tired or too stressed or too sad to get up. Shannon Kopp knows that better than anyone. Had it not been for the love of shelter dogs, she may never have gotten up again.

The lifelong animal lover and accomplished writer dealt with more than her fair share of hard knocks growing up. Her dad, although a loving man, struggled with addiction. She dealt with a few demons herself, and those demons almost killed her.

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For years, Kopp fought an eating disorder that often left her feeling broken down and isolated. “My eight-year battle with bulimia started with a plan to lose some weight. Not to lose my teeth and hopes and dreams,” she writes.

But as the years wore on, that disorder slowly stole everything. In an effort to regain control, she saw therapists. She took medication. She spoke to strangers on hotlines across the country in an effort to feel grounded from where she sat, and sat, and sat next to the toilet that collected every meal when it came back up.

But all of that changed when she stepped into the San Diego Humane Society. Therapy never worked, prescriptions never helped, but shelter dogs saved her.

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In her words, “It was there, in dirty kennels and tiny rooms, that an unexpected and transformative kind of healing took place.”

“The anxious and broken person who walked into the kennel faded into the background, and in its place, there was simply an outpouring of love between a girl and a dog.”

As anyone who has ever suffered with emotional or psychological trauma will tell you, those wounds linger. But instead of making room in the pit of her stomach, Kopp now spends her days making room in her heart for the dogs that come into her life and change it forever.

Kopp wrote a book that pays due reverence to her struggles and celebrates her triumphs that rode in on the backs of shelter dogs.

To hear the rest of Shannon Kopp’s story, be sure to grab a copy of her book. For a front-row seat to her many adventures, follow her on Facebook and Instagram.

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Houston Firefighters Save Construction Worker from Burning Building (Video)

A construction worker gets rescued by firefighters from a burning building on the AIG campus in Houston, Texas, just moments before part of it collapsed.


Brave Syrian Boy Fakes Death To Evade Sniper Fire And Save Girl (Video)

Heart-pounding footage uploaded by activist group Shaam News Network shows a young Syrian boy risking his life to save a girl as bullets flood the air.

It isn’t until about 30¬†seconds in that the camera finds a boy, who looks to be about 7¬†years old, lying on his back to evade the snipers up ahead.

Shots are fired as soon as he gets up and begins running toward a car, stopping in his tracks after a bullet appears to pierce his chest.

But he is only playing dead to lose the snipers’ focus.

He grabs a young girl hiding behind the car and rushes her to safety, miraculously avoiding death once again.







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They Found A Dog With Her Stomach Split Open — Her Rescue Is Miraculous

This is Lola.

She was found in the trash on the streets of India, desperately in need of a miracle. Not only was she malnourished and alone, but had a gaping wound on her stomach. It was possible she was attacked or hit by a car. Either way, she needed emergency vet care…stat!

That’s when the workers of an animal rescue organization, Animal Aid Unlimited, showed up to do the impossible. She was on the verge of death, but they worked quickly to save her life.

Her reaction to seeing humans will make you reach for some tissues.

Thanks to the incredible work of Animal Aid Unlimited, not only is Lola fully mended, but she’s on her way to getting off the streets forever.

If you’d like for more dogs like her to have a second chance at life, please consider donating to make it a reality.

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How This Dog Lost His Jaw Will Make You Sick. But Where There’s Unspeakable Evil, There’s Also This…

It’s hard to understand how people can be so cruel to animals. They are innocent creatures. Even when animals are dangerous, they don’t have a mean bone in their body, they just do what comes naturally to them. When you see what one person did to this collie, you’ll be sick. Lad (as he’s now called) was found in Daviess County, Kentucky. He was emaciated and badly abused. He was taken into a rescue near death… because someone shot him in the face.

Lad was found in terrible condition. A person shot this poor dog straight in the muzzle. It was a miracle he was alive.

Thankfully, The Arrow Fund rescue rushed him to an establishment where he could receive emergency veterinary care.

They were able to save his life, but not his jaw. The tissue had become incredibly infected and needed to be removed.

The gunshot wound was at least 6 days old and Lad was severely underweight, only 41lbs.

Lad is currently at UC Davis, recovering. They are also exploring solutions for his lack of jaw.

An investigation is underway regarding the cruel individual who abused Lad.

There is unfortunately no information thus far on his shooter.

If you know anything about Lad or who hurt him, please report it.

Lad is recovering (and receiving LOTS of love) at UC Davis. The wonderful people there have even created personalized bibs for Lad to help catch his drool. (My favorite being the one that says “drool is cool.”) It’s unsure what his future holds, but at least he now has a chance to be happy and healthy. If you’d like to support The Arrow Fund in their fight against animal cruelty, please visit their donations page. Source: The Arrow Fund It’s a shame what happened to Lad. If you are moved by his story and want to help catch the person who did this to him, please share this.

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Ducklings Stuck Down A Storm Drain Get Rescued As Their Concerned Mom Looks On

A team of firefighters in Auckland, New Zealand, banded together to help a distraught mother duck after her ducklings fell down a storm drain. The team of heroes formed an assembly line to pull the tiny babies out while the notably anxious mom duck watched.

The moment the chirping cuties are reunited with their mother is one that will put a huge smile on your face.

I’m so glad someone took the time to get a closer look at that drain once they heard the quacks coming from it. It’s people like these fine firefighters that make the world a better place. I’m sure this momma duck will be forever grateful for their kindness.

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