‘Media in a nutshell!’ Rob Lowe slams CNN’s (lack of) Ukraine coverage


Actor Rob Lowe slammed CNN for its Ukraine coverage. By coverage, we mean lack thereof.


Ah, “real journalists”!




As Twitchy readers know, it likely didn’t surprise Mr. Lowe. He has called out the lapdogs over at CNN before. Fellow Twitter users aren’t surprised either.


Yep. Hey, maybe this would help:



And this suggested tagline for CNN is the exit win:




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21 Excellent Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About “Wayne’s World”


1. Mike Myers wanted Wayne’s World to be about a local cable access show because hosting one was a lifelong dream of his.

Paramount Pictures / Via pepp3rland.tumblr.com

In 1992, he explained that he never had one in real life because he “couldn’t get around to filling out the forms and stuff.”

2. Though the film is set in suburban Aurora, Illinois, no parts of the film were actually shot there.

Paramount Pictures / Via netflix.com

In 1992, the year of the film’s release, Myers said he had never been to Aurora, but “liked the sound of the word.” After some research, he also thought Aurora’s demographics were similar to his hometown of Scarborough, Ontario.

However, the city of Aurora’s official website has a hunch that some scenes were actually filmed there.

3. Stan Mikita’s Donuts doesn’t actually exist, either.

Paramount Pictures / Via netflix.com

Mikita, a former Chicago Blackhawks hockey player, told Blackhawks Magazine in 2009 that when Lorne Michaels realized Aurora was right outside of Chicago, they thought it was the perfect opportunity to give their local fictional hangout a more relatable theme.

4. Mike Myers originally intended for the character of Wayne Campbell to be introduced on Canadian TV.

Paramount Pictures / Via mcaubergine.tumblr.com

After joining the cast of Saturday Night Live in 1989, he presented the character to American audiences. The sketch was a hit.

5. Paramount Pictures was initially on the fence about backing the film.

Paramount Pictures / Via cinecat.tumblr.com

The sketch did well on SNL and the film grossed over $180 million on opening weekend, but Myers has said the first reaction was a note from the studio saying they didn’t fully understand the concept.

6. Mike Myers has said on several occasions that he would have left the film entirely had “Bohemian Rhapsody” not been included.

Paramount Pictures / Via freddiesfangirl.tumblr.com

Producers wanted a Guns N’ Roses song, but Myers insisted that the public needed to be re-introduced to Queen’s masterpiece.

7. While filming, Myers didn’t think the headbanging scene was funny at all.

Paramount Pictures / Via adrixu.tumblr.com

Director Penelope Spheeris has said she had to “negotiate” with the actor, and after making him do it over and over again, he was apparently very upset with her.

8. Myers and director Penelope Spheeris did not get along.

Paramount Pictures / Via metallicure.tumblr.com

They have reportedly made up since then. Spheeris has said, “We’re all getting too old to be pissed.”

9. Thanks to the iconic headbanging scene, Queen experienced a mainstream comeback.

Universal International Pictures / Via captainmobscene.tumblr.com

According to Vanity Fair, “Bohemian Rhapsody” shot back up to No. 2 on the charts following the release of the film.

10. Myers wasn’t too keen on Robert Patrick’s cameo, either.

Paramount Pictures / Via netflix.com

Myers said in 2013 that he didn’t think including the Terminator 2 reference would be funny, but that “people went shithouse over it.”

11. Gary Wright re-recorded his hit “Dreamweaver” specifically for the film’s soundtrack.

Paramount Pictures / Via weknowmemes.tumblr.com

It plays every time Wayne sees Cassandra from afar.

12. During the famous car hood scene, Mike Myers is really laughing, but it’s from exhaustion.

Paramount Pictures / Via netflix.com

Director Spheeris revealed the scene was filmed on the last day of the shoot, and the two were in a “laughing fit.”

13. Dana Carvey based the character of Garth Algar on his real brother, Brad.

Paramount Pictures / Via prettyinprink.tumblr.com

Brad Carvey has been described as having the same “shy smile and soft, occasionally squeaky voice” as Garth, and he loves the drums.

14. And Carvey can actually play the drums.

Paramount Pictures / Via kajsacecilias.tumblr.com

He really played them while shooting the film.

15. After a rights dispute, the original “Stairway To Heaven” guitar riff in the music store scene had to be changed following theatrical release.

Paramount Pictures / Via cam18lam.tumblr.com

As a result, Led Zeppelin “refused to allow those notes to appear in any versions of the film after its theatrical release, from VHS to cable airings.”

16. Rob Lowe has said he discovered his “hitherto untapped gift for comedy” after meeting Mike Myers.

Paramount Pictures / Via netflix.com

After his comedic success in Wayne’s World, Myers also brought him on to be a part of two Austin Powers films.

17. Robin Ruzan, who played a waitress at Stan Mikita’s Donuts, was married to Myers from 1993 until 2006.

Paramount Pictures / Via netflix.com

He has rarely spoken of their split and he remarried in 2011.

18. Paramount Pictures created a trailer for the film that only appeared before showings of 1991’s The Addams Family.

Paramount Pictures / Via youtube.com

In a 1992 interview, the president of Paramount said he saw potential for a crossover trailer since both films had been inspired by TV shows. Myers said the preview “got people talking” about the film.

19. Mike Meyers says filming was “a blur,” because his father’s health was dwindling at the same time.

Paramount Pictures / Via ceinwen92.tumblr.com

“I remember finishing the film, then I remember my dad dying,” he said in an interview in 2013.

20. After directing the film, Spheeris had a difficult time getting hired to direct anything that wasn’t a comedy film.

Paramount Pictures / Via filmandtvquotes.tumblr.com

She directed Little Rascals and The Beverly Hillbillies following the success of Wayne’s World.

21. Dana Carvey and Mike Myers had a falling-out after Carvey believed Myers stole his Dr. Evil impression for Austin Powers.

New Line Cinema / Via darbyd0ll.tumblr.com

Apparently, the Dr. Evil impression was originally Carvey imitating Lorne Michaels. In 2013, director Penelope Spheeris said the two have since made up.

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Rob Lowe is ‘done’ with Starbucks over the red cup

Add actor and Twitchy regular Rob Lowe to list of those unhappy with Starbucks’ new red cup:

But here’s the thing. As we told you earlier this morning, Starbucks didn’t have “Merry Christmas on their cups last year:

So, why the outrage this year?

And are we sure this thing hasn’t been made up from the start?

We’ll end it with this. Definitive proof Starbucks doesn’t hate Christmas:

Game over red-cup haters.

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Rob Lowe remembers ‘two young pups’ on set of ‘The Outsiders’ [photo]


The movie “The Outsiders” was released over 30 years ago, and actor Rob Lowe was recently reminded of the early days:


Time flies!


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Sochi snark: Rob Lowe notices something missing from Olympics coverage


Amen. And that’s not all:


Including Twitter! As Twitchy reported, Rob Lowe also weighed in on the Sochi Olympics by zinging Putin over the empty seats and American Exceptionalism.

He upped the funnies with this tweet about bathroom-door-busting U.S. bobsledder Johnny Quinn as well:


And then came this Sochi snark:


Ha! Yes, funny that.



“The Outsiders” author S.E. Hinton replied as well.


Sad truth. But, speaking of “The Outsiders,” here is an easy-on-the-eyes distraction:


You’re welcome.

Never change, Mr. Lowe. We’ll leave you with this Waffle House-loving (again) Rob Lowe retweet:


What would Waffle House do? Words to live by!


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Who else wants to see Rob Lowe vs. NY Mag lib writer? Here you go!


You may not have expected it, but it happened. As Twitchy reported, actor Rob Lowe weighed in on Burger King and the dangers of “high tax rates.” New York Magazine’s Jonathan Chait responded:


Rob Lowe didn’t let it pass.


Ding, ding, ding!


Lowe was gracious as always.


Other Twitter users had some points and questions for Chait.


Yep. Chait did score in one area, however.



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‘Nails it’! Rob Lowe shatters Obama’s lame ‘wrong side of history’ remark about Russia


Talk about an understatement.

As Twitchy reported, Barack Obama apparently thinks he can persuade Vladimir Putin to leave Ukraine alone by declaring that Russia’s “on the wrong side of history.” Count Rob Lowe among those thoroughly unimpressed by President Peacemaker’s finger-wagging:


Oh, snap!


Lowe understands that Putin isn’t suddenly going to grow a conscience. Putin won’t be guilted into changing his mind — or threatened into it, as Sen. Feinstein pointed out today:


Even Dianne Feinstein knows Obama’s brand of diplomacy is getting nowhere. So what’s it gonna take for the president to wake up and smell reality?



‘Like Putin cares’: President Cliché warns Russia not to be on ‘wrong side of history’

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Rob Lowe reminisces about corrected ‘oversight’ on ‘The West Wing’


Actor Rob Lowe tweeted text from a document released by the Clinton Library pertaining to his former show “The West Wing.”

In 2000, Samuel Berger remarked that there was no character on The West Wing corresponding to his position as National Security Adviser. A person responding to Lowe seemed to recall that there was a character on the show with that job:


Lowe replied that a National Security Adviser was added to the show’s second season as a result, and joked about the reason (at least we think it’s a joke):


Lowe then made a related comment on events today in Ukraine:


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Rob Lowe: ‘Are you happy your tax dollars helped free’ Libya?


U.S. Rep. Ed Royce (R-Calif.), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, issued a statement Saturday on the evacuation of staff from the U.S. Embassy in Tripoli, Libya:

“Unfortunately, this development was predictable, given the lack of direction and leadership from this Administration since it ousted Muammar Gaddafi. Our diplomatic absence will make the hard task of achieving political stability in Libya even harder. When security conditions permit the return of our diplomats, the Administration must give them a new charge to help end the fighting and move Libya forward.”

Actor Rob Lowe doesn’t seem impressed with the United States’ financial investment in Libya. Where’s the outrage?



US Embassy in Libya evacuated amid ‘significant deterioration in security’; President golfs


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