Blake Lively Says She’s Tortured By Ryan Reynolds’ Sex Scenes

When you’re married to a hottie hot hottay like Ryan Reynolds, you’re going to occasionally catch a glimpse of him chopping wood shirtless (The Amityville Horror), smoochin’ Sandy Bullock (The Proposal) or participating in a sex montage without your fine ass anywhere in sight (Deadpool).

That’s show business.

Blake Lively visited The Tonight Show to vent about the majorly awkward plane ride she sat through on Father’s Day with her daughter, James, as the pair watched patriarch Reynolds enjoy a little mashed potato play.

She told host Jimmy Fallon,

It’s kind of torture these days because I’m on a plane and everywhere I look, every screen, is my husband in a sex montage, throughout the holidays with another woman. Because everybody wants to watch ‘Deadpool’ on the plane, everyone. But, like, for 14 hours having your husband having, like, mashed potatoes eaten out of his butthole it’s lovely. It’s a cruel and unusual form of torture.

James, on the other hand, is more than happy to see her dad after some time away, regardless of the circumstance.

Blake added,

My daughter goes, ‘Dada!’ and she starts, like, hugging and kissing the screen and waving at him and he’s not waving back and she doesn’t understand why he’s not waving back at her, because she thinks it’s like FaceTime.

The next time you feel jealous of Blake Lively or her flawless glamour baby, remember you’ve never had to spend Father’s Day watching your dad in a sex montage, you lucky sonofabitch.

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This Is Why The Deadpool Movie Is The One Marvel Fans Want. And NEED.

With the recent record breaking performance by Guardians of the Galaxy at the box office, some people are wondering what is next for the Marvel movie franchise. If Marvel knows what is good for them, they’ll start working on the movie fans have been craving since X-Men Origins: Wolverine came out…The Deadpool movie.

Who is Deadpool you ask? Deadpool is one of the most fun characters in all of comic books. He was a part of the Weapon X program that made Wolverine the ferocious mutant that he is today. What makes Deadpool unique is the hilarious dialogue that is employed in his comic books. While most superheroes are brooding and dark with a lot of pain, Deadpool is a funny mercenary who even breaks the fourth wall, as seen here.


Ryan Reynolds played the character in the Wolverine movie back in 2009 and did such a marvelous job that rumors immediately started circulating about a separate Deadpool movie. Unfortunately, to this day those rumors have yet to come to fruition.


But recently, test footage from the planned movie has surfaced and people are starting to get giddy again. Rumor has it, the test footage was released to gauge interest in the film to see if it will be the box office smash that studios hope it will be. Well, based on the amount of views on the video and the buzz that it created, fans are SUPER INTERESTED!

Deadpool Test Footage Released!! by invaderboom

One of the problems people find with the movie is that most summer blockbusters come with a PG-13 rating and a Deadpool movie would need to be rated R for it to be an authentic Deadpool movie, as Deadpool has quite a potty mouth and is known to be a quite gory comic book as compared to many of the other comics.


But that’s what makes it awesome and unique! It’s a funny, different take on being a superhero (or anti-hero as Deadpool is often classified). We’ve all seen the super heroes go through their struggles with hardly any kind of humor. Sure, there are funny throwaway lines in some Spider Man movies and Robert Downey Jr. has perfected the character, Tony Stark with his witticisms, but there is no hero quite like Deadpool. His movie would keep fans laughing and interested all while providing the action that would be necessary for a superhero movie.


So this is my plea to Marvel, Fox, Sony, whoever has the rights to the Deadpool movie (I’m not quite sure) – PLEASE MAKE THIS MOVIE. It will be awesome and you will make a lot of fans’ dreams come true. Honestly, before the movie came out, The Guardians of the Galaxy were a relatively unknown Marvel commodity. Deadpool has a cult following and would certainly bring in just as much, if not more interest and money as Guardians. That is…if it is done right.


Deadpool has such a cult following that he is one of the fan favorite cosplay heroes at Comic Cons across the country. And these people know how to do it right.


The Deadpool movie would have to be equal parts funny and action-y. But I have faith in the big guns in Hollywood to take care of this. I beleive in Deadpool and I believe in the Deadpool Movie! SO MAKE IT ALREADY!


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9 Celebrity Couples You Won’t Believe Existed

Opposites attract…sometimes. Video available at: BuzzFeedVideo / Via

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Ryan Reynolds And Blake Lively Just Welcomed Their Second Child

Back in April, it was reportedBlake Lively and Ryan Reynolds would be having their second child.

The former Gossip Girl star was spotted with a little baby bump in her wet suit while filming The Shallows. SORRY BLAKE, we caught you. The jig is up, stop hiding.

Blake and Ryan had their first child back in 2014, soI guess its time for them to add a new member to the fam.

Ugh, they are so cute, I just cant handle it.

At the end of August, Ryan Reynolds shared his wife was extraordinarily pregnant so we knew the baby was coming some time soon.

Well, you guys, the day is finally here. Blake Lively and her hubby just welcomed their second child!

On Friday morning, Page Six reported Blake gave birth, and Taylor Swift even visited Blake and Ryan to congratulate them. LMAO, Tay. The girls everywhere.

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This Is What Ryan Reynolds Would Do If He Got Stuck In An Elevator With Zayn

Sorry, Directioners, but I think Ryan Reynolds might be a better fangirl than you.

I mean, the man is ready to die in an elevator with Zayn Malik just to get in a few more hours of manlycuddling.

OK, I’ll give you some more context to that. (Although, really, there’s not that much more to tell.) The “Deadpool” star just did a Q&Aon Twitter, and he answered each question with a video because apparently there is a God.

Some blessed soul asked Ryan what he would do if stuck in an elevator with Zayn, and Ryansaid,

Well, yeah, you stay in the elevator… And you stay as long as you can… until you die holding each other.

If you listen very closely, you can hearthe sound of one hundred Microsoft Word docs being opened to write the fanfiction for this scenario. Do, please, send me links for those when you’re done.

The Q&A included a few other gems, too.

Ryan’s favorite emoji is the unicorn, obviously.

Heis all fora “Deadpool” crossover with“Twilight.” #TeamFun

Hestole two items from the “Deadpool” set.

Of one of the items, Deadpool’s suit, Ryan said,

I waited 10 years to do the film, so I’m keeping the f*cking suit.

Don’t worry, despite the skin-tight costume, Ryan’s balls are doing just fine — all three of them.

And trust me, that butt was never photoshopped in.

Thank you, Ryan Reynolds, for sharing such beautiful thoughts with the world today.I think we all learned a lot from this.

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Taylor Swift Visits Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds After Birth Of Second Baby


I gotta hand it to Blake Lively. She had this baby on the DOWN LOW. Nobody has had an undercover baby quite like the Shallows star.

All we really knows is that at some point over the past few days she plopped this thing out (medical lingo for gave birth) and that the baby and mother are doing ok.

We dont know the gender, we dont know the name, we dont even know if the baby has a studio deal yet.


If there is one person who is the key to all this info, its Taylor Swift as the squad leader. Why? The Kanye West nemesis is close friends with the Reynolds-Livelys.

Remember this iconic Instagram post from the summer?

RIP Hiddleswift.

Reportedly, Taylor was one of the first people to make the trip to upstate New York after the baby-plopping once again, this is very legit medial lingo and not something I just made up happened.

She then apparently went back for a second time this past weekend, as Taylor Swift is a Hollywood Don and Blake is one of her most trusted consiglieris.

Emily Blunt was also rumored to have made the trek to visit baby Rake (Ryan + Blake = Rake and I refuse to call it anything else), though she reportedly made the visit without hubby Jon Krasinski.

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