A Somber Moment: Cubs Fans All Over The World Are Still Too Sad About Princess Diana To Celebrate The Cubs World Series

Last night the Chicago Cubs eked out a thrilling game 7 victory in the World Series against the Cleveland Indians and ended a championship drought that had lasted for 108 years. This is a historic moment to be sure, but there will be no smiling and cheering in Chicago: Fans of the Cubs are still too sad over the death of Princess Diana to do any celebrating.

I honestly never thought Id see the Cubs bring home the trophy, but everyone here is still too swept up with grief over Lady Di to really enjoy themselves right now, said Cubbies superfan Raymon Lindley, who was among the thousands of fans who gathered outside Wrigley Field following last nights edge-of-your-seat game to light candles in memory of the late Princess Of Wales. It would be macabre to celebrate the win in light of what happened to Princess Diana on that fateful August night in 1997.

Theo Epstein, the curse-breaking president of baseball operations for the Cubs, has shipped the World Series trophy overseas to Britain, where it is to be laid on the grave of the Peoples Princess. While the people of Chicago are undoubtedly proud of their Cubs, no parade has been planned, as the general feeling of the city is that it would be too gratuitous at this time.

I just called my 91-year-old grandfather, who waited his whole life to see the Cubs win the World Series, said longtime season-ticket holder Karen Hunter. We spent the entire call crying about Princess Diana together. She was so young.

I would give a thousand Cubs World Series wins if Lady Di could be alive for one more day, Hunter added.

History has been made, and the Cubs finally have their much-sought-after championship, but fans clearly still have a long way to go before theyre comfortable celebrating the historic achievement. Aside from the occasional outburst of Candle In The Wind by groups of bereft fans, Wrigleyville will remain a quiet and mournful place until the Cubs faithful are ready to party with their victorious hometown heroes. And its anyones guess as to when that will be.

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He Let His Bird Say Goodbye To A Dead Friend — This Will Surely Break Your Heart

For this bird and his owner, today is a terrible day. There’s been a death in the family — the bird’s best friend. Sadly he passed away, leaving these two to grieve together. But when it comes time to take him away and bury him, this feathery friend can’t bear to say goodbye.

The emotional reaction is truly heartbreaking…you may need more than a couple of tissues to watch.

You can’t watch that and say that animals don’t have feelings. Because like you, we felt that bird’s despair.

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16 Simple Things That You Can Do Every Day To Boost Your Mood

According to recent studies and metrics, people are more depressed than ever, and more people are depressed than ever. Plenty of people these days are also taking psychiatric drugs to combat the effects of depression, and many others are left wondering how they can combat the never-ending feeling of dread that they deal with every day without medication.

If you’re one of those people, you’re in luck! Here are some ways to boost your mood naturally.

1. Keep a diary.

Instead of writing down your frustrations each day, write down the positive things that happened over the course of the day and take note of things that you’re thankful for. Psychologically, it has been shown to improve people’s moods.

2. Volunteer.

Doing good deeds will make you feel like a better person, so look for places where you can volunteer in your community. You’ll help yourself and someone else in the process!

3. Clean your desk.

Clutter around your work area can make you feel stressed, and it also makes it harder to stay focused. The simple act of cleaning your desk can do a world of good.

4. Smile.

Simply smiling (even if you don’t feel like it) can have mood-boosting effects. Smiling activates happiness centers in your brain, so the more you do it, the more likely you are to genuinely feel it.

5. Turn off your electronics.

It’s easy to get lost in the world by staring down at your phone screen these days, but every once in a while, give those devices a break. Go out and experience the world without your electronics.

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6. Sniff a lemon.

Believe it or not, simply taking a whiff of a lemon can improve your mood. Japanese researchers have discovered that smelling lemons can turn down a person’s stress responses.

7. Don’t drink alcohol.

Alcohol is a depressant, so if you have a few too many drinks, it can really affect your mood. It can also give you a nasty hangover the next day, which is never fun.

8. Exercise.

Going out for a walk or a run or a lift can really lift your spirits. Exercise releases endorphins, which will make you feel better!

9. Get into a regular sleep schedule.

Getting enough sleep is key when it comes to feeling better. It’s hard to sleep when your body doesn’t have a schedule, so try to go to bed at the same time each night and wake up around the same time every morning.

10. Eat healthy foods.

Add some fruits, veggies, and lean proteins to your diet. You are what you eat, and if your diet isn’t good, your mood won’t be so hot either.

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11. Pray or meditate.

Praying has been shown to improve people’s moods because it helps people feel like they’re part of something important. Not a religious person? Try meditating instead.

12. Make your bed.

This seems simple, but it actually does wonders for your mind. Having an uncluttered room will put your mind at ease and immediately turn your bedroom into a relaxing sanctuary.

13. Get a little fresh air.

It can get a little stuffy if you keep yourself cooped up in the house all day. Go out and let nature take care of that stress for you.

14. Let some light in.

Opening your curtains or blinds to let sunlight in is a magnificent way to boost your mood. In a recent study, researchers found that 50 percent of depressed participants felt better after letting some light in.

15. Flip through old photos.

A study in the U.K. concluded that flipping through old photos helped increase people’s moods by as much as 11 percent. Reliving old memories with friends and family will help you focus on the good times.

16. Listen to upbeat music.

You may not be in the mood for it initially, but listening to upbeat music will make you feel better. Adele is great, but opt for some up-tempo music when you’re feeling down.

These are great tips and tricks that just about anyone can incorporate into their routine, but if your problems persist, never feel ashamed to ask for help.

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Heartbreaking: This Elementary School Teacher Has To Use Her Own Money To Ransom Back Her Students From Somali Pirates

If you need more proof that America’s education system is chronically underfunded, look no further than Townsend Elementary in inner-city Philadelphia. Sadly, recent state-wide budget cuts have hit first-grade teacher Rebecca Carpenter’s classroom there in unthinkable ways: This year, she had to use her own money to ransom her students back from Somali pirates.

This is simply infuriating. America should be a country that leaves no child behind in the clutches of their pirate captors.

Yep. With the principal breathing down her neck and zero money coming from her school, Rebecca had no choice but to pay the $600,000 ransom out of pocket to free all 40 of her students from a rogue nautical brigade taking prisoners off the coast of East Africa. With absolutely zero monetary help from her employer, she had no choice but to take a chunk out of her $49,000 annual salary, start a GoFundMe campaign, and deliver three duffel bags filled with cash to a pirate skiff in the Gulf of Aden all by herself.

Whoa, this is 100 percent not okay. What kind of country are we if we’re not even giving people like Rebecca the little blood money she needs to make sure our kids have the brightest futures possible? Plus, it’s not like our teachers are looting our schools for diamonds or gold. Rebecca worked overtime just to haggle pirate leaders down from their initial asking price of $2 million just to save the district money—and THIS is how we repay her?

We as a nation have to do better, and give America’s public schools the funding they need to rescue their students from imprisonment in a coastal town on the Horn of Africa. Teachers like Rebecca are doing more than their part, and it’s time the rest of us paid our fair share of the Somali pirate ransom.

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The Voice Performs Hallelujah Cover In Honor Of Sandy Hook Connecticut Shooting Massacre

The country, and much of the world, is still trying to comprehend the utter evil which took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on last Friday.

To honor the children and teachers slain in the unimaginable gun shooting massacre, The Voice performed a special tribute cover of Leanard Cohen’s timeless classic Hallelujah which already has over 1.9 million views

The video is further featured on Today, Yahoo, and HollywoodGossip.


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The Porcelain Unicorn

This video posted in 2010  was the Grand prize winner of the Philips Parallel Lines ‘Tell It Your Way’ international competition! It’s a short video with little speech, but it says so much more. Remember, we are all people and should love one another. 


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Paul Simon Performs Sound Of Silence At 9/11 10 Year Anniversary

World famous American folk singer, Paul Simon of Simon and Garfunkel, performed an acoustic solo of The Sound of Silence at the new World Trade Center Memorial during the 10th Anniversary services. 


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