The Truth About Phones On Airplanes

These days, being cut off from your smart phone is more than annoying. So nearly everyone moans and groans when flight attendants ask passengers to turn off their electronics, including smart phones, during a commercial flight

For some time now, nerds have been slowing gathering the courage to question this silly regulation. Thankfully, Anthony of DNews Channel has taken to YouTube to tell the truth about phones on airplanes

Not only is the electro-magnetic risk from smart phones completely benign, but these days, nearly all pilots use tablets for flight information, and the wifi is on the entire flight. Come on FAA.


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5 Of Einsteins Boldest Predictions About The Universe We Havent Yet Confirmed

More than 100 years after the publication of his groundbreaking theories, Albert Einstein continues to be proven right. Earlier this month, the observation of gravitational waves further confirmed Einsteins work on space-time. Will we soon learn that these five other predictions are true as well?

1. Coffee is equivalent to hot chocolate

For general relativity to hold true in all cases, Einstein believed that coffee and hot chocolate would have to be two instances of a single substance that can exist at any point along a spectrum between (1) water of infinite temperature and (2) candy of infinite flavor. Though this hasnt been proven, 40 years of quantum mechanics rest on the assumption that it is true.

2. The existence of the Andromeda Teleprompter

One of the most striking implications of Einsteins theories is that somewhere in the neighboring Andromeda galaxy, there has to be a teleprompter pointed directly at Earth repeatedly displaying the message I FELL ASLEEP ON A BUS AND I DONT KNOW HOW TO GET HOME. Now that we have telescopes of sufficient resolution, physicists believe it is only a matter of time before the Teleprompter is observed.

3. There was a second gunman, also named Lee Harvey Oswald

Aside from his thought experiments with relativity, Einsteins work on electromagnetism suggests that President John F. Kennedy would have to have been murdered by two identical gunmen, both named Lee Harvey Oswald, standing on each others shoulders.

4. There are lobsters on the moon when no one is looking

Einstein postulated that whenever no one is looking at the surface of the moon (and there are no scientific instruments recording the moon), there will suddenly be lobsters all over the moon, right up until the precise moment at which someone looks at the moon, at which point the lobsters will hide inside the moon.

5. Einsteins brain will remain dormant until it is needed most

Yeah, Albert Einsteins brain, mighty gray beast lying in wait, in silence, as Einstein himself foretold, for decades low and invisible, until the wild and final calamity descends on the Earth. Then, only then, in our dire hour of need, shall Einsteins brain rise to claim the mantle of the guardian, Earths ageless protector. Amen.

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This Insane Experiment May Prove What Came First: The Chicken Or The Egg

Some questions aren’t supposed to have answers. Until today, I thought this question was one of them: What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Well according to a new video, chickens can be grown outside of their eggshells. Of all people who could have discovered this, it was a group of Japanese high schoolers and their teacher who figured out the way to hatchchickens without eggs. According to Daily Mail, this actually isn’t the first time this technique has been performed, but evidently, it’s simple enough to figure out that these high schools students were able to do it.

That would make sense because the process to hatcha chicken without its eggshell isactually surprisingly simple and easy. The students really only needed a few things: an incubator, a plastic cup, plastic wrap and eggs, of course.

They make a plastic wrap pouch, secure it to the inside of the cup, crack the fertilized egg over the cup to land in the plastic wrap pouch and then put the contraptionin an incubator. After three weeks, a fully functional chick was born!

The video clip came from what appears to be a JapaneseTV programwhere a few viewers were shown the hatching process. I’m guessing your reactions will be the same as their reactions.

This woman’s face says it all: “You’re going to do WHAT?!”

She’s basically in disbelief.

She cannot even process what she’s about to witness.

Oooooh, ahhhhh, close-ups are fun!


You can see how rapidly the chick develops even without a shell.



As you can see, the viewers’ faces pretty much tell all. Humans can officially hatch chickens without eggs, and it’s amazing. God, I hope this science isn’t seriously abused to address the world’s ever-growing demand for meat, but, hey, I don’t know anything.

Check out the clip at the top for a closer look at how these chicks are born without eggs, as well as all the hilarious reactions from the viewers. A longer clip can be found here.

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Ferrite Interactive Ferrofluid Sculptures

Ferrofluid is a liquid which is highly susceptible to a magnetic field. Ferrite is a new designer sculpture with Ferrofluid built inside. The user can manipulate the fluid in countless extremely cool and unique ways. 

This new promotional video for the products as gone viral since debuting over the weekend, with over 650,000 hits so far. 


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