Anne Frank Center, Barbra Streisand, Nancy Pelosi demand Sean Spicer be fired for Holocaust denial

As Twitchy reported, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer stumbled uncomfortably around the briefing room Tuesday as the press corps watched in amazement and horror. To be charitable, Spicer was most likely trying to say that unlike Syria’s Bashar Assad, even Hitler didn’t drop chemical weapons on civilians unfortunately, it took him several tries, and he never did quite nail it.

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WHOA BOY: Sean Spicer parody’s reaction to Bannon leaving WH is totally NSFW (but you’ll still laugh)

You KNEW we had to check in on the Sean Spicer (@sean_spicier) parody account’s reaction to the news of Steve Bannon leaving the White House.

And it was … interesting.

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‘Like you give a CRAP!’ Sean Spicer parody makes Lefties even CRAZIER after Alexandria shooting

If you follow the Sean Spicer parody (@sean_spicier), like us you were waiting for the unhinged Left to get even more unhinged after the Alexandria shooting. Not that they were all that concerned that Republicans were being shot at (some justified it even), but they didn’t want their rhetoric and crap behavior over the past six months to be blamed. Priorities, right?

Spicier knew exactly how to bring the cockroaches into the light:

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A PLETHORA of stupid! Sean Spicer parody SUPER-DUPER-triggers Lefties with #ObamaDay tweets

You’d think by NOW these people would know that not only is @sean_spicierNOT Sean Spicer, but that Spicer isn’t even the Press Secretary anymore.

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The Daily Show turned the BBC guy into a GIF with Sean Spicer, Pres. Trump, Ben Carson and Kellyanne Conway

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Weiner, Hillary in a bathing suit, sexism and Lefties HUMILIATED -> Sean Spicer parody strikes again!

So much goodness on Sean Spicer’s parody account’s timeline today (@sean_spicier), it’s hard to find just one thing to write about honestly, BUT somehow we managed to get all of this hilarity into one headline, and one story. Although to be honest the idea of Hillary in a bathing suit had us running for our own safe space but hey … risk of the trade.

Plus this editor can never pass up a chance to make a Weiner joke.

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