37 Odd College Mascots

John Green of Mental Floss is back with another interesting list of trivia information. In this episode, John discusses 37 Odd College Mascots, including an ancient car full of bees, a bushel of wheat, and many more. 


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Dad Adorably Video Bombs Daughter Singing Let It Go

Dad Adorably Video Bombs Daughter Singing Let It Go

While his daughter was singing the Frozen classic Let It Go, one father took the performance into his own hands. He sneaked behind while his daughter was singing and video bombed her in the best way possible by adding a passionate lip dub performance in the background. 


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Rescued Seals Released Back Into The Wild

Rescued Seals Released Back Into The Wild

Who doesn’t love cute seals?

The web sure loves ‘em.

The Animal Planet posted this short video from their North Woods Law reality show of Warden Rick LaFlamme helping release a group of rescued seals back into the wild. 


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Cat Sings The Blues

The life of a kitty is hard. Sometimes, you just gotta sing the kitty-cat blues. This adorable video of a cat ‘singing’ along with someone playing the blues on guitar has been shared, re-uploaded, and posted all over the web for the past month, and is featured on HuffingtonPost and IAmBored


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Pony Goes Crazy! (Video)

Watch out, this pony is out of control! :)

Stick with the video, you won’t regret it – I promise! He goes full blast at the 1:25 mark.


Ron Burgundy Sings Mayor Rob Ford’s Campaign Song ‘Working For The Weekend’

Ron Burgundy Sings Mayor Rob Ford’s Campaign Song ‘Working For The Weekend’

While visiting with Conan O’Brien, Ron Burgundy admitted that he was asked by Toronto’s controversial mayor Rob Ford to sing his campaign theme song for his reelection.

Appropriately, that song happens to be Working For The Weekend by Lover Boy. 

“Everybody needs a second chance.”

As expected, Ron pulled out the flute.


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Huge Saint Bernard Is Adorably Needy

Huge Saint Bernard Is Needy

Sully the Saint Bernard is one giant pup. After his dad came home from work, he literally smothered him with his giant body as he was in much need of attention. This cute video by Mallemay has over half a million hits!



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Dog Balances Fruits And Vegetables On Head

Dog Balances Fruits And Vegetables On Head

Lemon beagle Maymo is a very popular dog just for his adorable face. In this silly video, his owner balanced 100 fruits and vegetables on the patient dog’s head, just for fun. Just look at that face!


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Fake MSU Football Player Mannequin Prank

The preseason for Michigan State University Spartans football has begun. As players and coaches were heading in to practice at 6:30 AM, MSUSpartanVideo setup a hilarious football player mannequin prank. They had their prankster in full football uniform stand perfectly still at the entrance to the lockers.

As the players, coaches, and other staff made their way in to start the season, they were met with a big surprise. 


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Babies Tasting Lemons For First Time In Slow Motion Is The Cutest

Babies Tasting Lemons For First Time In Slow Motion Is The Cutest

There are literally countless videos of babies tasting lemons for the first time. But this new compilation, aptly titled Pucker, by David and April Wile and Maciborka is just too good to pass up. 

It just goes to show you that editing is as important as content if you want to go viral. 


Via Tastefullyoffensive.

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