Loudly Eating In The Library Prank

Loudly Eating In The Library Prank

Now that the freshness of the new school year has worn off, students are hitting their local libraries to cram for quizzes and test. The crazy pranksters of JStu Studios capitalized on this by trying out a new prank: loudly eating in the library. Annoyed students couldn’t help but crack a smile at the loud eaters who even brought in a watermelon, whipped cream, a sandwich maker, and more! 


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Google Blackmail Commercial

Google Blackmail Commercial

At first, Google Plus was super cool and exclusive as you could only sign up with a personal invite. But quickly, the hype died down. Google had yet another dying social network on their hands. 

So recently, they’ve force Google Plus on users by integrating the network with YouTube, and the community revolted.

Now, Google is done playing games. Either use Google+, or Google is going to blackmail you.

As CollegeHumor explains, they know all our secrets. 


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Dear Kitten

Dear Kitten

Popular YouTube personality Ze Frank narrates this adorable new cat video by BuzzFeed. As the household has taken on a new baby feline, the cat of the house takes it upon itself to inform the new kitten all about life with the humans. Sure, this is really just a subversive Friskies ad, but that doesn’t matter. If only all commercials were this enthralling. 


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Robot Hamster Trolls Russian Policeman

A new robot toy hamster is trending is Russia that repeats back whatever you say in a high-pitched hamster voice while bobbing up and down. This Russian driver was playing with his hamster when he was pulled over for a routine check.

But when the cop started asking him questions, the hamster simply repeated him. The driver couldn’t help but laugh. 

Finally, the policeman says, “Who is talking? Is it the hamster? Okay, everything looks fine, next time, no talking animals.”


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Taking Video Of People Who Are Smiling For A Picture

The famous creator of Marcel The Shell, aka Dean Fleischer-Camp, has returned to YouTube from their long term hiatus. But they haven’t published another adorable Shell video in the series.

No, this video, appropriately titled Smile, is a very awkward compilation of people smiling and waiting for their picture to be taken, only for the photographer to be recording video. As authors of the super viral and popular Marcel The Shell videos, this too has instantly gone viral. 


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Twight Light Fan Freaks Out After Hearing That Kristen Stewart Cheated On Robert Pattinson

NSFW – language

Apparently, Kristen Stewart was dating someone named Robert Pattinson, and she cheated on him. There’s even photo evidence. After hearing the news, die hard fan  had a vlogging breakdown.

She goes through a whole a slew of emotions, from anger, to disbelief, to sadness. It’s a crazy roller coaster that has gone viral for being so bad it’s good, and is covered on TheFW, Buzzfeed, and TheDailyWhat.


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Man Gets Back At Cat By Waking Her With A Loud MEOW

Nick T‘s “Vengeance Meow” seems to hit a nerve with all those thousands of cat holders who get waken up by them in the middle of the night. So why not turn the tables and wake them up when they are sleeping? At least this meow was worth it – 1.2 million views!

“Italics gets paid back for a week’s worth of early morning wake ups.”

via: schleckysilberstein

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Stop Motion Donkey Kong

Remember the classic Donkey Kong arcade game? YouTuber Guizdp has brought the game back to life using stop motion camera techniques.

With the help of his friends, they built all the familiar sprites from the classic game out of perler beads and moved them around countless times to make this stop motion animation that has gone viral over the weekend. Already, the clip stands with over 150,000 views.


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Story How Man Enters Spice Business Could Be Its Own TV Show

Story How Man Enters Spice Business Could Be Its Own TV Show

To promote his new spice business, The Reluctant Trading Experiment, Scott Eirinberg commissioned this video telling the story how a regular, suburban living man ended up in the spice business.

Somehow, he made a story about pepper interesting and captivating.


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