What Drought

What Drought

Everyone in California is very aware of the drought. Still, the radio, newspapers, and TV insist on reminding everyone to conserve water. Vic Dibitetto is tired of it. He doesn’t even really believe there’s a drought going on. Drought my butt! There’s plenty of water in my glass of sand!


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Construction Workers React To Wrecking Ball

Construction Workers React To Wrecking Ball

In just one month, Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus has amassed over 200 million views spurring countless covers and parodies.

But has anyone noticed how dangerous Miley’s antics in the video are? Carelessly swinging a huge sledge hammer while riding a wrecking ball is certainly not following safety regulations.

College Humor certainly noticed, so they put on their hard hats to react to the pop music video as construction workers. 


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Sherlock Holmes Sucks At Deduction

Sherlock Holmes Sucks At Deduction

Sherlock Holmes is just so cool. The way he’s able to make such outlandish guesses and deductions from the smallest of clues is just so impressive. The problem is, the TV show only shows the moments when Sherlock is right. As this hilarious Pete Holmes sketch demonstrates, Sherlock is more often wrong than right. Actually, he downright sucks at deduction.


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When Equality And Social Justice Goes Too Far In School

Australian comedianNeel Kolhatkarparodies this concept when social justice and equality goesway, way too far in this latest viral sketch in which all students grades are averaged together to ‘be fair’ and their grade is lowered based on their privilege.


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Desperate Measures Comedy Sketch

As the famous phrase goes, desperate times calls for desperate measures. Have you ever been on the toilet, home alone, and you turn to discover there’s no toilet paper? Worse yet, there’s no one else in the house at all!

SMP Films imagined just that in their latest comedy sketch Desperate Measures.


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Amy Sedaris Teaches Jimmy Fallon CPR

Amy Sedaris Teaches Jimmy Fallon CPR

Jimmy Fallon had the lucky chance to host comedian and actress Amy Sedaris on The Tonight Show. As Amy had just taken a CPR course, she taught Jimmy how to save someone’s life if they suffered a heart attack or were choking. Many knowledgeably viewers couldn’t help but explain that her ‘lesson’ was all a joke and should not be taken seriously.  


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Play By Play Short Film

In this new hilarious video by UPROXX, a sports fan sitting in his car listening to a baseball game being broadcast on the radio seems to have stumbled upon a glitch in The Matrix.

After his friend gets out of the car to help a damsel in distress, the listener couldn’t help realize that the play-by-play of the baseball game seemed to be in perfect synchronization with the outrageous circumstances unfolding outside with his buddy. 


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Dark Knight Birthday

What kid wouldn’t want Batman at their birthday party? Well, the fun Batman at least. No one wants the Christopher Nolan. But that’s exactly the Batman this mom accidently ordered for her songs birthday. The video by sketch comedy crew  is featured on Neatorama, YouTubeTrends, and TheDailyWhat


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Dad Reenacts Conversation With Two Year Old Daughter

Convos With 2 Year Old is a brand new YouTube channel with an adorable premise. The concept is similar to the popular Kid Snippets channel where adults act out a previously recorded conversation between two toddlers.

In the new show, Dad acts as his two year old daughter while a friend plays his part. 

The initial episode has instantly gone viral, and is already featured on TastefullyOffensive and MostWatchedToday


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