Incredibly Intricate Egg Sculptures by Franc Grom

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Slovenian artist Franc Grom, aged 72, makes unbelievably intricate egg sculptures using just a tiny electric drill and enormous patience. According to National Geographic[1], when finished, each egg contains approximately 2,500 to 3,500 holes. While Slovene artisans usually paint their eggs using a technique called drsanka[2] by lightly scratching intricate patterns into the surfaces of colored eggs, carving them was solely Grom’s idea.


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Roof Snow Removal Fail Turns Into Win (Video)

Meanwhile, in Slovenia… a man clearing the snow off a roof displays cat-like reflexes that compensate for his lack of common sense.


EDIT: original video removed from youtube, switched to LiveLeak emebed.

Picture of the Day: Little Lake of Reflection


little lake jasna slovenia

Photograph by Gitta Sladič

Lake Jasna is a picturesque alpine lake that covers a modest surface area of 2.2 ha (5.4 acres). What it lacks in size it makes up for in breathtaking surroundings. Located in northwestern Slovenia, Lake Jasna is 2 km from the small town of Kranjska Gora which is on the Sava Dolinka RIver in the Upper Carniola region of the country. Although not seen in this picture, the lake is ‘guarded’ by a statue of a Zlatorog (golden horn), the legendary chamois of Mount Triglav. [Source]

For those curious, the surrounding peaks are the Julian Alps, a mountain range of the Southern Limestone Alps that stretches from northeastern Italy to Slovenia, where they rise to 2,864 m at Mount Triglav, the highest peak in Slovenia and former Yugoslavia.

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A Sublime Autumn Timelapse Through Croatia and Slovenia

Photographer Enrique Pacheco travelled through Croatia and Slovenia this past Autumn, capturing thousands of stunning photos of each country’s breathtaking natural beauty.

He compiled the photos into the timelapse above in what he called, The Harmony of Fall. Full-screen, HD and enjoy :)

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