Honest Trailers Takes Down The Entire “Spider-Man” Trilogy

Honest Trailers, the lovely channel-within-a-channel from Screen Junkies, takes the entire Spider-Man trilogy to town with this destructive mockery. “The Godfather trilogy of Superhero movies, in that the first two are great, and the third one sucks ass.” Video available at: http://youtube.com/watch?v=KUkdEV9_O_s. Via paisleybeard.com

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Man Discovers A Spider’s Been Living Inside His Body For 3 Days (Photos)


An Australian man’s tropical vacation was invaded by a spider that found a home under his skin for several days.

Dylan Thomas, 21, woke up in his Bali hotel last Saturday with a mysterious red trail on his abdomen, according to NT News.

He was horrified to find that it had grown a few inches by the time night fell.

Doctors told Thomas on Sunday that this was merely the result of a minor insect bite and would go away with some antihistamine cream.

But blisters began sprouting on the trail the following morning.

Thomas told a local news station,

That’s when it became painful, it was a searing burn.

He went to see a dermatologist and was in surgery soon after.

Thomas recently had his appendix removed, and the spider had managed to crawl into the scar.

He said the bug was “a bit bigger than the size of a match head.”

After spending three days inside Thomas’ stomach, the spider was removed without trouble and taken to be tested.

The exact type of spider is yet to be revealed.





via NT News, Photos Courtesy: Dylan Thomas

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Spider Wraps Its Prey Amazingly Quickly

Some dude captured a huge wasp, and made it duel with a similarly sized spider that had made a web near the window. But the wasp was too stuck on the web to put up a fight, and lost the battle. Then, the spider picked up the wasp, carried it over, and wrapped it up with ferocious speed. Nature is amazingly scary.  


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