Russian Climbs Skyscraper With No Safety Gear

Some may remember “the most dangerous job in the world” video that went viral of maintenance workers climbing to the literal top of a skyscraper. Well, this crazy Russian guy outdid that video by climbing Stalin’s Skyscraper in Moscow, with no safety gear at all. He wore a helmet camera, so get ready for a crazy trip. 


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Man Jumps Over Speeding Car

Twenty two year old Aaron Evans is a parkour master, and showed off some of his jumping skills in front of a large group. First he jumped a dude in a wheel chair, then he jumped five people lined up. But for the climax, he flipped over a speeding Acura NSX. The video is featured on WorldCarFans via Jalopnik.




Another angle:


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Twitter Kicks Off NFL Timelines to Supercharge Fans’ Second Screens


Image: Jeffrey Phelps/Associated Press

Good news, football fans: Twitter is making it easier than ever to follow the NFL this season.

Likely spurred by the success it saw with a similar initiative around the World Cup this summer, the company is launching special timelines for following both the NFL itself and specific games this season.

The new feature will allow users to follow tweets from their networks as well as from players, coaches, other fans, media and celebrities in real time.

If you search the #NFL hashtag, for example, you’ll see a tailor-made stream, as mentioned above and pictured below. The usual results from a hashtag search will be replaced with tweets from high-profile users and a slew of other relevant posts; the idea is to surface more valuable content while you watch the games.


The new #NFL timeline will run 24/7 during the season, but Twitter’s new feature will really come in handy when it comes to the game-specific timelines.

You can reach those by entering “#SeahawksvsPackers” or “#SEAvsGB” in the search field, for example, or by clicking over from the main #NFL timeline during Thursday night’s season opening game in Seattle. You’ll be able to view tweets from not only your network, but also NFL players, coaches, and national reporters.

Entering that same hashtag formula of “nickname vs. nickname” or “city code vs. city code” will work for any NFL game this season.

The potential benefits of the game-specific timeline are threefold: Following a specific game you can’t watch live; using it as a second-screen companion for a game you’re watching already; or using it to track one game while you watch another.

Tweets don’t need to contain a specific hashtag to show up in the new #NFL or game-specific timelines; algorithms will identify tweets from relevant users that contain keywords specific to pro football or particular games.

If this all sounds a bit familiar, you’re not crazy. Twitter launched similar features ahead of this summer’s World Cup in Brazil, which proved to be a boon for the company; it spawned 672 million tweets over the monthlong tournament and helped power Twitter to a quarterly earnings report that exceeded expectations in user growth and profit.

The World Cup’s global spectacle of unmatched intensity isn’t comparable to the grind of a five-month NFL season. But Twitter seems wise to implement at least one of its World Cup tools for America’s most popular sports league.

The special timelines will be available starting on Thursday via web and its iOS app, with an Android update coming soon.

Fake MSU Football Player Mannequin Prank

The preseason for Michigan State University Spartans football has begun. As players and coaches were heading in to practice at 6:30 AM, MSUSpartanVideo setup a hilarious football player mannequin prank. They had their prankster in full football uniform stand perfectly still at the entrance to the lockers.

As the players, coaches, and other staff made their way in to start the season, they were met with a big surprise. 


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4 Things About Race That You Will Find Funny Instead Of Overwhelmingly Depressing

All aboard the Race in America Express! Next stop, New Perspective Town, USA (population: I hope everyone)! You’ll mostly laugh; you’ll occasionally go, “hmm”; and you’ll become a better earthling after each viewing. Because this is a full-on vacation package, you get four new perspectives for the price of one click (of the “Play” button).

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Tennis Player Does The Funniest Thing When Giving His Opponent A Congratulatory Hug.

Tennis players Dudi Sela (who is 5’9″), and Ivo Karlovic (who is 6’10”) recently played each other in the second round of the Claro Open Colombia. Karlovic defeated Sela 7-6, but the post-match handshake looked a little bit different than normal. It started when Sela ran to the side of the court to get a chair…

(IMLA de Colombia 7 via: BuzzFeed) After the match Karlovic said: “After I won, I was going to the net to have a handshake and then I look at him and he’s going back to get a chair. didn’t know what he was going to do and then he arrives and he gives me a hug, which was unbelievable and hilarious. Obviously he needed a hug, so I hugged him back. He’s a really nice guy and I like him a lot. It was funny.” Share this hilarious embrace with your friends by clicking the button below.

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ChatSports Wants to Be the Web’s Curated Sports Page


Game recaps. Blog posts. Longform profiles. With the sheer volume of content flooding the web these days, it can be tough for sports fans to figure out what to read without being overwhelmed.

But the startup ChatSports claims that it’s found a way to cut through all the noise and get fans the stories they want when they want them. The site lets fans choose teams to follow, then aggregates content from more than 2,000 sources around the web every day. It just got a major makeover, with an easy-on-the-eyes layout that resembles a Pinterest board and a new feature allowing non-registered users to access personalized content.

Once you sign up and select your teams, you get an aesthetically pleasing tile board of articles about those teams, while the site’s algorithms track what you click. So if you live in the Bay Area and don’t want to follow the Giants after baseball season, avoid clicking those articles and they’ll show up less frequently. Click more Warriors articles, meanwhile, to get a larger serving of basketball content as NBA season begins. If you don’t want to sign up for ChatSports, click the homepage’s “Local” button for geographically relevant content selected according to your IP address.

While the new UI and features just launched this week, ChatSports got its start in a rudimentary, blog-like beta form back in late 2011. Its two co-founders bring experience from Verizon, Motorola and The site is on pace to break 400,000 monthly unique visitors for the first time this month, and has so far raised over $400,000 from a small group of investors. Co-founder James Yoder says he hopes the launch of the site’s final form, along with a mobile app coming at the end of this year, will accelerate that growth; that, in turn, will lead to more funding and let the team focus on the nuts and bolts of monetization, he adds.

Of course, ChatSports isn’t the only service to develop a curated model for smart content delivery for sports fans. Bleacher Report’s Team Stream app narrows the flood of content for fans, and just launched a personalized, Twitter-style viewing option. Apps such as Flipboard and Zite expand the broader concept beyond just sports to news in general.

But Yoder says he thinks ChatSports’ extremely broad range of content sources and upcoming social integrations will set it apart. Users will soon be able to receive Facebook notifications, for example, when their friends read the same articles to facilitate engagement.

“Our core concept when we started ChatSports was to do what Flipboard has done for news and Facebook has done for the social network,” he says. “We want to be the centralized platform for sports news and conversation.”

Do you think ChatSports can score with sports fans? Let us know in the comments.

Thumbnail courtesy Flickr, srsphoto.

Get Your Tickets to Mashable Media Summit

The Mashable Media Summit 2012 will explore the impact that technology is having on media, and how digital media is affecting our lives and changing the world. This one-day conference will bring together the brightest minds in media, including content creators, technology leaders, entrepreneurs, social media executives and journalists.

Date: Friday, Nov. 2, 2012

Time: 10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Location: The TimesCenter, 242 West 41st Street, New York, NY 10036

Tickets: Purchase early bird tickets on Eventbrite.

A Look Back at Last Year’s Mashable Media Summit

Kim Kardashian, iPhone 5 Top Bing’s Most Searched List


City Of Santiago Erupts In Cheering After Chile Beats Spain

City Of Santiago Erupts In Cheering After Chile Beats Spain

Most Americans aren’t paying that much attention to the World Cup taking place in Brazil. But the rest of the world is glued to their televisions, especially South America. The moment Chile beat Spain was a great moment indeed in Santiago. 

Mamu Vásquez took out his camera the just as Chile beat Spain and captured the intense moments that followed. You can literally hear the city cheering in delight! This video has instantly gone viral with over 700,000 hits!


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NFL Player Refutes Obama’s Concussion Comments on Twitter


While the countdown to Super Bowl XLVII marches on, something else is competing with the Big Game for attention and press time: the long-term impact of concussions and whether or not tackle football is actually a safe game to play.

A series of violent off the field incidents and increased awareness about the devastating toll repeated blows to the head can take have cast doubt upon the future of the NFL in some people’s minds. President Obama himself chimed in on the debate during an interview with The New Republic that was published this weekend.

“I’m a big football fan, but I have to tell you if I had a son, I’d have to think long and hard before I let him play football,” Obama said. “And I think that those of us who love the sport are going to have to wrestle with the fact that it will probably change gradually to try to reduce some of the violence.”

Carolina Panthers tight end Greg Olsen, apparently, doesn’t see things the same way. In a tweet addressed to Obama on Tuesday evening, he wrote:

The statement immediately provoked a slew of responses from followers, including a number who took his post rather seriously:

That also led to Olsen expanding on his position on the hottest topic in American sports:

For more, you can check out Olsen’s timeline. It’s not exactly ground-breaking stuff, but was nonetheless very interesting to see a high-profile NFL player use Twitter to debate with fans (and Obama) about a controversial, hot button issue. But what do you think — does football deserve the bad rap it’s getting, and would you let your kid play? Give us your take in the comments.

Image via Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

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