Story How Man Enters Spice Business Could Be Its Own TV Show

Story How Man Enters Spice Business Could Be Its Own TV Show

To promote his new spice business, The Reluctant Trading Experiment, Scott Eirinberg commissioned this video telling the story how a regular, suburban living man ended up in the spice business.

Somehow, he made a story about pepper interesting and captivating.


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Patton Oswalt’s Magical Black Man Animation

Patton has proven to the web that he is a master of nonsense after his Star Wars filibuster went viral. Knowing talent when they see it, The Onion‘s A.V. Club invited the stand up comic to tell a story which they later animated in the same Blank On Blank PBS radio fashion.

Patton Oswalt tells the story during the early years of his career when he met his Magical Black Man.


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Woman Tells Heart Breaking Story About Walmart Cashier Having Worst Day Ever

This touching story has exploded on Facebook with over 20 million views!


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Locals Wanted To Euthanize Her, But Thanks To Recusers This Dog Gets A Second Chance At Life

It’s always heartbreaking to see any stray animal alone, on the streets, hungry and trying to survive. And on the streets on Bulgaria, it’s no different. An anonymous woman contacted Rudozen Street Dog Rescue concerned about a very sick dog wondering around in her neighborhood. The rescue team sprung into action to go find and help her. 

  • 1

    Alone, Sick and Struggling

    Via: Street Dog Rescue

    Local authorities wanted to find the dog in order to put her to sleep because they feared she would spread diseases. Thankfully, the case drew the attention of rescuer team member Tony and they decided to drive around 70km to her general location to try and find her. When they finally found her, she was starving in a literal sense, and looked to be suffering from an assortment of issues.

  • 2

    The Meeting

    Via: Street Dog Rescue

    When trying to retain her, they thought it might be difficult.. given that strays are not much trusting. However, when tony called for her to come over, she did so, trusting him instantly. 

    Tony saw how bad in shape she really was then. She Had no hair and her body was covered in fleas and ticks. She had un attended wounds and had infections on her body, making her skin painful. Her front leg was crocked and they saw it was hard for her to walk.

  • 3

    Welcome Khaleesi

    Via: Street Dog Rescue

    Naming her after the television show character off Game of Thrones, they quickly set off to work on improving her health. 

    Due to over crowding at the shelter, and the fact that she needed medical care and attention, Khaleesi was provided a bed at the Rescue’s office kitchen. 

    Then the amazing support began to flow in. 

  • 4

    A Brand New Dog

    Via: Street Dog Rescue

    It was the support that allowed Khaleesi to heal so quickly. Due to the generosity of people who began to donate medicine and providing treatments like medical baths, helped bring her skin back to life. They also managed to fix her front leg!

  • 5

    Thank You Rudozem Street Dog Rescue!

    Via: Street Dog Rescue

    Khaleesi, in a short while,  started to grow out hair and gain weight. Just look at her now! She’s unrecognizable! Thanks to the amazing team and people at Rudozem Street Rescue, Khaleesi gets a second chance at life. :)

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This Video Perfectly Captures What It’s Like When Couples Try To Come Up With A Cute Story For How They Met

Is meeting cute even, like, a real thing anymore? BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1409339828); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3432587”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1409339828); }); Video available at:

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Scary Smash – Written By A Kid Short Story Stop Motion

 have a new web series where they talk with a kid and ask them for a story which they animate. They start off Written By A Kid with Brett who titles his story Scary Smash. It’s an action packed alien monster adventure with the milk man and the SQUAT team. 

 The day old video is covered on TheAwesomer and LaughingSquid.


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What One Photographer Did To Help His Wife Stricken With Cancer Will Brighten Your Day

What One Photographer Did To Make His Wife Stricken With Cancer Smile Will Brighten Your Dad

Bob and Linda Carey were crushed when they found out Linda had breast cancer. 

Bob felt helpless and didn’t know what to do or how to help his soul mate.

He decided to seek therapy for Linda doing what he knows best as a photographer. To bring light and happiness into her life, he took professional, yet goofy, pictures of himself in a pink tutu. 

At first, the photographs simply made Linda laugh and smile, but after awhile even Bob began to heal from the project. 

Now, The Tutu Project has gone viral, and has been featured in this German tele-com commercial


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Andy Samberg’s Facebook Profile Was Created By Mark Zuckerberg

Andy Samberg’s Facebook Profile Was Created By Mark Zuckerberg

Actor and comedian Andy Samberg is well known for his hilarious role in musical-comedy group Lonely Island and for his work on SNL. One of his best impersonations is of Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg. While on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Andy recalled the humorous story of how he admitted to Mark that he didn’t have a Facebook account, and how Mark basically made one for him. 


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Kit Harington Revealed Jon Snow’s Fate To Cop To Avoid A Ticket

Without a doubt, one of the hottest shows on TV today is Game of Thrones. Fans simply can’t get enough. Apparently, even police officers. After being pulled over for speeding,Kit Harington on The Tonight Show how he got out of a ticket by telling theofficer what happened next season.


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