Will Arnett Walks Barefoot Over A Bed Of Legos

If you happen to have friends who talk about those motivational stunts like walking over glowing ashes – show them this! Actor Will Arnett made the impossible and walked over a bed of Legos at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“In honor of his new film The Lego Batman Movie, Will walks barefoot across a bed of Legos.”

via: io9

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This California Thrill Seeker Went Out In The Most Epic Way Possible

Niagara Falls has a powerful allure, especially if you’re a daredevil. Every year, it attracts people hoping to join the privileged ranks of those who have gone over the falls and survived.

Back in 1995, 39-year-old California stunt man Robert Overacker hoped to join that exclusive club…until tragedy struck on his way down.

On October 2, 1995, Overacker arrived at Niagara Falls to execute a stunt to raise awareness for the homeless. He planned to Jet Ski over the falls on the Canadian side, deploy a parachute, and land safely.

In footage captured by witnesses, Overacker’s stunt appears to have gotten off to a good start.

But they had no idea that he was in for trouble.

After going over the edge of the falls, Overacker let go of his jet ski. Strapped to his back was a specially designed parachute with thrusters. These thrusters were supposed to deploy before the chute in order to ensure that he was far enough away from the falling jet ski. Somewhere along the line, however, there was a malfunction. The parachute did not open, causing Overacker to fall to his death.

His harrowing final moments can be seen in the video below:

Not long after the jump, Overacker’s body was found by the Maid of the Mist, which is a popular Niagara Falls tour boat. Crew members brought his body on board and tried to resuscitate him, but it was already too late.

(via LA Times)

While what happened is a tragedy, you have to admit that it is probably the most epic way that someone could ever go out. Here’s to you, Robert Overacker!

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Spider-Man Fails to Catch GMA Reporter Sarah Haines (Video)

Spider-Man misses his cue and drops Good Morning America reporter Sarah Haines on the floor during a live broadcast from Times Square. Spidey was there to promote ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2‘ but it seems his reactions ain’t what they used to be…

Video via Youtube. H/T: HuffPost UK

Guy Wakeboards While Being Pulled By Super Rare Ferrari F50 (Video)

Next time you’re bored, find a friend with a bright yellow Ferrari.

You’d probably also want to be somewhat awesome at wakeboarding, otherwise things could end horribly for you. If you’re still not sure where a wakeboard, bravery and a classic Ferrari get you, take notes from Jorge Gill.

The fearless 19-year-old suited up and hopped on his board before sliding into a waterway in the English countryside and being pulled at high speeds by a Ferrari F50.

According to Pixable, the wakeboard gets pulled at speeds of up to 80 mph in the video.

Gill isn’t just some crazed kid with no day job; he’s a professional wakeboarder and two-time European wakeboarding champion.

So, yeah — don’t try this at home. Check out the video above for a closer look.

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GoPro: Guerlain Chicherit’s Failed World Record Crash from Multiple Angles (Video)

GoPro has released unseen footage of Guerlain Chicherit’s crash during his world record attempt for the ‘longest car ramp jump‘ in Tignes, France. They filmed it from multiple angles and it is truly spectacular:

via GoPro

Bam Margera Kayaks Off 100-foot Waterfall in Oregon (Video)

Bam Margera Kayaks Off 100-foot Waterfall in OregonBam Margera Kayaks Off 100-foot Waterfall in Oregon

Jackass star Bam Margera and pro kayaker Steve Fisher recently plunged head first down a 100-foot waterfall in a tandem kayak. Margera got injured and hospitalized for hernia surgery after the fall. Video footage of the stunt, performed at Metlako Falls, Oregon, was released on Monday:

Skip to 1:16 for the plunge:

via GrindTV

I’m Not Sure What’s Going On Here But It Seems Like A Tremendous Waste Of Water

In 1957, the East German Trabant car was first introduced to the public. It was lightweight and made mostly of plastic. The leaders of East Germany envisioned it as communism’s answer to the VW Bug. Sadly, it was a colossal failure in terms of performance and safety. Still, it managed to survive the Cold War and now the vehicles are collectors’ items.
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While some choose to keep them locked up in pristine condition, others do this with them…

The firefighters in Oppin, Germany, decided to hook the lightweight car up with angled water hoses — and turned the pressure up. The result? A literal flying car.

It’s cool, but I don’t really see the point.

Also…isn’t that a huge waste of water? Silly Germans.

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