GoPro: Ethan Swanson’s Epic Roof Jump (Video)

Professional stuntman Ethan Swanson jumps off a building, slides down a roof, lands on stairs, and walks away like a boss…

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A Seven Tonne Mango Went Missing In Australia

Three stories high, bright orange, and missing. Mango my God.

1. Updated 1:22PM AEDT: Big Mango disappearance revealed to be a publicity stunt set up by Nando’s.

Video available at:

2. Updated 12:24PM AEDT: Courier Mail reports the giant mango has been found in bushes behind the information centre.

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4. The town of Bowen in Queensland, Australia, is apparently missing its largest mango effigy.

margaret river wine @winebybrad

Perhaps @sorrentoseal stole the Bowen mango?

8. Or what’s happened to it.

Hayden Mack @haydenmack

Hello publicity stunt. RT @pourmecoffee: 7-tonne, 10-metre high mango stolen

15. And some people are just blaming The Wiggles.

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Motorcycle Rider Does a Backflip onto a Pickup Truck Bed (Video)

Jack Field demonstrates the coolest way to load your bike onto a pickup truck…

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