Jazzy Super Mario Bros. 3

The soundtrack to Super Mario Bros. 3 is well known to anyone who considers themselves a gamer even slightly. The music is soft and jazzy. Here’s a nice version with all real, acoustic musical instruments. I can listen to this for hours. The video is being shared on TodaysBigThing.


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A Cappella Cover Of Super Mario Bros 2 Theme Song Will Take You Back

A Cappella Cover Of Super Mario Bros 2 Theme Song Will Take You Back

Before Xbox, PlayStation, and smartphones there was just Nintendo. Even non-gamers will remember the catchy tune to the Nintendo classic, Super Mario Bros 2. 

Video game a cappella singer Smooth McGroove goes back in time to cover the popular theme song with only his voice. 

The nostalgia!


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Fingersnapping Super Mario Theme Song

Fingersnapping Super Mario Theme Song

Sure, you can snap your fingers. But can you snap your fingers to the tune of the Super Mario Bros. theme song? Probably not. 

Swedish nerd Emil Axelsson can! Watch as he covers the classic Nintendo video game tune we all love with just his fingers. Nice. 


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Super Smash Wars 3: Return Of The Hero Part 1

Super Smash Wars 3: Return Of The Hero Part 1

After their viral Empire Strikes Back spoof, mash up master James Farr has returned with the third episode of their epic Star Wars-Nintendo mash up.

Naturally, this episode parodies Return of the Jedi with all your favorite Nintendo and Mario characters. Wario makes a perfect Jabba the Hutt. 

They really need to make this a movie. 


Thanks April!

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Super Modern Mario Bros.

World 1-1 of Super Mario Bros. is probably the most famous video game level of all time. Even non-gamers recognize the iconic music, sound effects, and look of the classic 80′s side scroller. 

There are countless remakes and tributes to 1-1, but none as realistic or dark as BlueMasters studios‘ latest titled Super Modern Mario Bros that is featured on Geekologie, BroBible, and GeekoSystem


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