Windowless Airplane Will Give Passengers High-Res Panoramic Views


Any scene can be projected on to the interior screens in high-res.

You don’t need a window for these views. Paris-based design company Technicon Design recently won an award for their IXION Windowless Jet Concept. The idea is to provide a 360-degree view using cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior to capture the scenery and then project that on high-res screen on the interior cabin walls and ceiling.

And actually any scene could be displayed on the interior. Let’s say the view is mostly clouds or ocean. How about displaying a rainforest? A flight through the Grand Canyon? A trip to the Moon?

Solar panels on the exterior would help power the displays.

Removing windows has its advantages, too. It reduces the materials and cost needed as well as reducing the weight of the plane. Not having windows allows for a greater flexibility of the interior design of the aircraft, too.

“The ethos of the project is simple, to challenge current thinking, and propose something a little different, but not just a fantasy. It has to be credible and relevant, yet provoke discussion,” design director Gareth Davies said in a press release.

See the video below.

Other aircrafts are exploring similar ideas of transparent cabins. In 2012 at the Paris Air Show, Airbus presented an aircraft with an interior fuselage made of displays. And earlier this year, Boston engineering firm Spike Aerospace unveiled a windowless supersonic jet with displays.

If these aircraft designs are any indication of the future of flight, we are looking forward to flying.

This article originally published at Discovery News

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Missing Soldier Turns Up After 10 Years Of Being Presumed Dead

You know when you join the army and then one year later you realise it isn’t really for you so you go on a 10-year-long exile under the pretence that you’re dead?

This guy does.

As reports have it,the nameless30-year-old Russian man (presumably he does have a name, we just don’t know it) joinedthe military in 2003 and was stationed in the remote Kamchatka Peninsula.

But then a year later he wandered off…

“He lived in Kamchatka all this time, mainly hiding in the forest.He got by with odd jobs and did not attempt to get in touch with his family.”

Regional branch of the interior ministry statement

Back when it initially happened, the search for the deserter was called off when his family falsely identified a dead body as his. They then even buried the mystery man.

The soldier is said to have built himself a house out of waste building material on thePetropavlovsk-Kamchatsky outskirts. He made his money working on a private pig farm and collecting scrap.

Although Russian deserters can face seven years behind bars,the head of Russias Committee of Soldiers Mothers, Valentina Melnikova, doubtshe will receive prison time for his offence, saying:

“There were lots of deserters in those days in the far east. Weve had cases when some would hide in a basement for years, but they would go through a psychiatric examination and would be set free.”

It’s not really sure why he came back but police have since apprehended him.


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Girl Booted Off YouTube For Singing Happy Birthday To Hitler

The internet is great, anyone with access to it has the opportunity to spread their message and be heard worldwide. On the downside,anyone with access to it has the opportunity to spread their message and be heard worldwide.

Racist YouTube vlogger Evalion, who has over 40,000 subscribers, has been suspended because of her vile videos. The videos uploaded include her singinghappy birthday to Hitler, a guide on how to recognise a Jew and a vlog on why Hitler wasn’t evil.

Evalion is thought to be an 18-year-old living in Canada. Her innocent tone of voice is in direct contrast to the nasty nature of her content.

Evalion was brought to the public attention by YouTube starLeafyishere in his video “THE MOST RACIST GIRL ON ALL OF YOUTUBE”. At first he thought she was satire, but he investigated further and came to the conclusion that she was “crazy”.

A quick glance at her Twitter account and you will see more offensive comments. In one tweet she says “Anne Frank died of typhus, her diary is a forgery written by her father after the war.”

Despite her horrible content, people have still been discussing whether or not she should have been banned.One Twitter user–@Polite_Critical – said: I don’t support what Evalion says, but I defend her right to say it. For the most part, though, people agree that it was the right decision to ban her.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

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People Are Going Berserk Over This Woman Who Lets Her Husband Spy On Her With An App


Privacy? Meh, who needs such a thing. Certainly not this couple anyway. Two days ago, teacher Catharine Higginson, 45, told The Mirror about a discovery she’d made regarding her husband, James, 42.

She said:

“After 10 years of marriage I had always believed husband James and I didnt have secrets from one another.

Turns out there was a huge, totally shocking one that I only discovered by accident.

Last year I was teaching in a particular building at school where there was no mobile phone reception which meant I missed a text from my bank with an activation code to make an important financial transfer.

When I got home I started to apologise to my husband James who immediately replied, “Oh, don’t worry about it – I’ve sorted it.”

When I looked at him, puzzled, he continued: “I was able to get into your phone and locate the code to activate the transaction” before casually adding: “I don’t need you here to be able to read your text messages.”

How could he do such a thing? Well, it turns out that he has installed a tracking app by Cerberus on her phone and those used by her children Daisy, 19, Tilly, 16, and Max, 12, from her first marriage.


Run, run for your life.!! Apparently not, she added,  “while I was very shocked at first about the extent of the snooping I ultimately don’t have a problem with him doing this because I’m not up to anything. But I can see that for those for whom cheating is in their DNA, they’d panic about being caught out.”

Unsurprisingly it ignited some opinions on Twitter.



Even the Mirror, who broke the story, had a columnist criticise the behaviour.


Buzzfeed contacted the man in question and he told them.

“People need to bear in mind that we use this app passively – it’s there if we need it. I don’t sit behind my screen monitoring my family! There are loads of other apps like messenger and whats app that pull exactly the same type of data. The only difference here is that we are using the data rather than some big organisation. Equally they’ll find my iPhone feature is an integral element of all iPhones – is this spying?!”

Tell us what you think, is it creepy or is it caring?

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Hilarious Love Letters Between Husband And Wife Show Exactly What Marriage Is Like

It’s not that long term relationships’s can’t be sexy or are devoid of romance. It’s more that you grow so accustomed to one another that you let your guard down. The other half literally becomes that, a half of you.

What we have here is a great example of a loving wife making an effort for her husband, her husband not noticing, and the wife giving him grief for it. What makes it so good is that between all the venting and hot air in these letters, there is definitely mutual respect and love.  This relationship feels a lot healthier than most.



Maybe all married couples should communicate like this.


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People Think That Drake Just Tried To Kiss LeBron James

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Toronto Raptors in game 6 of theEastern Conference finals, and one person who’s very happy about that, is Drake.

A vine, showing Drake going up to congratulate LeBron James, has gone viral as it pretty much looks like Drake triesto kiss LeBron, right on the mouth….

Check it out:

While he was probably just talking to him, people on Twitter are sticking with the story that it was an attempted smooch, and to be honest, when you look at it that way, it is funnier:

Kiss, or not? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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Japan’s Fastest Train Floats on Magnetic Tracks


Japan’s JR Central Railway Company recently unveiled plans for a new high-speed train propelled by magnetic fields.

Reaching speeds of more than 310 mph, the Series Lo prototype is a maglev train, meaning it runs on varying shifts in horizontal magnetic tracks. Basically, the train floats above the tracks and nearly cuts travel time in half.

The commuter train will reportedly carry up to 1,000 riders in 16 cars per trip. The streamlined nose, similar to that of a bullet train, reduces wind drag. Moreover, the maglev technology will produce a quieter, smoother ride for passengers while significantly reducing maintenance costs for the train operators.

The Series Lo is expected to make its debut in 2027, running between Tokyo and Nagoya. By 2045, the company plans to expand its routes to Osaka, with the cost of all the new lines at about $102 billion. In addition, Japan’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism is examining proposed routes that run through the Southern Alps to the northwest of Mount Fuji. Watch the video below for a brief unveiling of the Series Lo.

This article originally published at PSFK

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Man Caught On CCTV Having Sex With A Drain Pipe

Nothing turns me on quite like a drain pipe, especially a big, long,clean one.

The great thing about a drain pipe is that there’s always thepossibility thatyour member may get a little rinse in the process. This dude in China knows the scoreand he wasn’t about to turn down this particular pipe as it seductively protruded from the wall, flirting with him.

Away he went, shagging the drain pipe like a boss and, even better, a CCTV camera picked it all up, and so now he can relive the moment for the rest of time. Lovely.

You probably won’t be surprised to hear that this footage has gone viral after being posted on the Chinese social media site Weibo. We’re not sure how long it went on for, but this video only lasts 32 seconds. I can’t imagine it was much longer than that, with drain pipes being so goddamn sexy and all that.

What a time to be alive…

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Microsoft: Yes, We’re Bringing Back the Start Menu


Image: Mashable, Pete Pachal

In a surprise announcement, Microsoft said it would bring back the Start Menu to the Windows desktop. It’s not a part of the coming Windows 8.1 Update, but will come in a future upgrade.

Microsoft’s Terry Myerson showed off the new version of the Start Menu to an audience of developers at Build 2014 as he explained that users would be able to find apps via the menu. Users would also be able to run Modern (aka “Metro”) apps within windows on the desktop.

In a demo, Myerson showed that the new Start Menu looks similar to as it did in Windows 7, but it includes a minimized version of the Start screen right beside it.

The Start Menu’s return follows Microsoft’s announcement that apps across all its consumer platforms can now be “universal,” meaning they will run across phones, tablets and PCs with little to no re-coding.

For developers, universal Windows apps have clear benefits. It means a developer needs only create a Windows app once, then make minimal adjustments to them to optimize the experience for devices with different screens and capabilities, since the platforms share APIs, security and other resources.

For users, the benefit is a consistent experience across every device they have running Windows software. Another plus: You won’t have to buy the app again and again if you want it on both your phone and tablet.

Microsoft said the Xbox One would also be able to run universal Windows apps, although it didn’t give a timeframe.

Microsoft also announced new tools for to help develop apps across other platforms, introducing WinJS, or Windows library for javascript, an open-source resource that will help developers make Windows apps that work on the web, iOS and Android, too.

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