Cat Sits Like A Human and Watches TV (Video)

Cat Sits Like A Human and Watches TV (Video)

Just a cat wearing a dress and watching a Chinese TV show while sitting on a bed like a human. And warming her paws on a portable radiator heater in the process…

Video by Meng Shu Chang‎ via Facebook

Best NFL ‘Sound FX’ Sound Moments 2012

Raider Zahos is an obvious fan of the NFL who loves the new Sound FX feature when the players are put under the microphone for the fans to hear.

He sifted through countless hours of NFL footage from the 2012 season, and made this compilation of the Best NFL Sound FX from the players being recorded. 

The two month old compilation has erupted over the weekend, and has already accumulated over 200,000 views


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Too Much Couch Time Severely Affects Your Kid’s Health


Researchers found that children ages 9-10 who spend 75% of their time engaging in sedentary activities, such as watching TV or using a computer, are up to nine times more likely to exhibit poor motor coordination than more active children in the same age range.

The study also concluded that sedentary activity levels are an independent predictor of poor motor coordination in skills such as balance and jumping. In other words, it doesn’t matter if a kid plays in Little League, or if the only exercise he gets is walking home from school, he or she will still have subpar motor coordination if too much time is spent on the couch.

Published in American Journal of Human Biology, the Portuguese study used accelerometers to measure the sedentary and physical activity levels of 110 girls and 103 boys from urban elementary schools. These measurements were then compared to the results of a motor coordination test known as the Körperkoordination Test für Kinder.

Boys who spent a majority of their time on sedentary activities were shown to have worse motor coordination skills than comparable girls. Girls who spent 77.3% of their time on sedentary behaviors were four to five times more likely to exhibit lower-than-average motor coordination. Boys who were sedentary more than 76% of the time were five to nine times more likely to exhibit lower motor coordination.

The team performed a logistic regression analysis in order to determine the effect such variables as physical activity level, parental education and body type had on the results. The only variable found to consistently predict poor motor coordination was each child’s level of sedentary behavior. So, watching a few hours of TV cannot be effectively “cancelled out” by going for a jog, at least as far as motor coordination is concerned.

Lead author of the study, Dr. Luis Lopes told Science Daily:

“Childhood is a critical time for the development of motor coordination skills which are essential for health and well-being. We know that sedentary lifestyles have a negative effect on these skills and are associated with decreased fitness, lower self-esteem, decreased academic achievement and increased obesity.

The results demonstrate the importance of setting a maximum time for sedentary behaviour, while encouraging children to increase their amount of physical activity. We hope that our findings will make a valuable contribution to the debate on child health and encourage future investigations on this subject.”

This study emphasizes the real impact sedentary lifestyles can have on kids as well as adults. With more and more people working, playing, and living with an LCD screen, exercise is more important now than ever before.

Image courtesy of iStock, urbancow

This article originally published at Geekosystem

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Must-See TV: Jimmy Fallon Hosted An Impromptu Friends Reunion On The Tonight Show Last Night And It Was Everything

Okay, so we are still SHAKING with excitement over this incredible Friends reunion from The Tonight Show last night. Ross, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Monica, and Joey were all on hand for the completely unannounced and completely amazing event every Friends fan has been dreaming of for over a decade. It is just soooooo perfect!!!! If you havent seen it or just want to watch it again in all its incredible glory, check it out below!

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Philly News Anchor And Meteorologist Fight On The Air Compilation

Being stuck in an ongoing feud at work can be draining, but nothing can compare to fighting with the another TV personality on your news crew. 

But that is seemingly the case for Philadelphia CBS3 news anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson. At this point in their careers, neither hides their true feelings for the other, often dropping passive-aggressive remarks to cause the other to stumble. 

AmazingLife247 put together this news reel of the two duking it out live on the air that is now going viral. The video stands with over 400,000 hits, and has appeared on Gawker, UpRoxx, HuffPost, and MostWatched.


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The Voice Performs Hallelujah Cover In Honor Of Sandy Hook Connecticut Shooting Massacre

The country, and much of the world, is still trying to comprehend the utter evil which took place at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut on last Friday.

To honor the children and teachers slain in the unimaginable gun shooting massacre, The Voice performed a special tribute cover of Leanard Cohen’s timeless classic Hallelujah which already has over 1.9 million views

The video is further featured on Today, Yahoo, and HollywoodGossip.


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Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Talk In #Hashtags

Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake Talk In #Hashtags

Hashtagging online has serious gotten out of hand. #annoying.

The fad first appeared on Twitter where the strict ceiling of 140 characters restricts normal writing. #makessense. 

But now the trend has spilled over onto Facebook, Google+, and basically the rest of the Internet. #whatsthepointifyouhaveallthespaceyouneedtoexpressyourself?

To drive this point home, Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake held a hashtag-packed conversation on Jimmy’s Late Night program that is trending online.

Already, the new video is featured on UpRoxx, Vulture, Atlantic, and DirectLyrics


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A Simple Guide to the Aereo Supreme Court Case


A view of the Supreme Court in Washington, Wednesday, June 27, 2012. Aereo will face off against television broadcasters starting next week in a case that will have ramifications for the technology and media industries.
Image: Evan Vucci/Associated Press

Next week the United States Supreme Court will hear a case pitting Aereo, the startup that streams free-to-air broadcast TV to your home, against the broadcasters that provide this television content.

Mashable will be producing a variety of pieces to help understand the ramifications of a case that will resonate throughout the technology and media industries, regardless of which side wins.

To get started, here is an explainer on the case. If you have any questions after reading this, please put them in the comments.

How does Aereo work?

When you sign up for an Aereo account, what you are actually doing is leasing a small antenna and cloud service.

Each person with an Aereo account is assigned an individual antenna that accesses the broadcasts of free, over-the-air TV. These antennas, which are about the size of a dime, are grouped together and placed in an area to receive good reception.

Aereo antenna

An Aereo antenna vs. a dime.

Aereo then takes the television broadcasts from the antenna and streams them to you. It also stores the television broadcasts that you tell it to, like a DVR.

There’s debate about the legality of the antenna structure. However broadcasters’ brief to the Supreme Court dropped disagreements over whether Aereo’s antennae operated individually or in the aggregate.

The company has posted more info about its system and the legal questions at a new advocacy site —

So far, so good. What’s the issue then?

Broadcast television is the subject of copyrights, which protect the rights of content creators. Television stations pay licensing fees for broadcast content, otherwise they would be in violation of copyright law.

Aereo pays no such retransmission fees

Copyrights? Where is this headed…

Copyright law complicates this debate. We’ll try to make this simple.

The question revolves around public and private performances — how and where something is shown.

If you buy a DVD of a movie, you have the right to watch it in your home; that is considered a private performance. You are not allowed to play that DVD in a theatre and charge for tickets; that is considered a public performance and is a violation of the copyright.

So why can Aereo stream copyrighted material to a bunch of people?

Over-the-air broadcast television is free to air, meaning you are entitled to watch it privately without charge. You are also allowed to record it, say to a VCR, and watch it later.

Aereo’s argument is that it does not transmit to many people at once. It transmits to you, individually, from your antenna, through your cloud service, into your computer for your viewing only.

This, Aereo argues, constitutes a private performance. You are controlling the content privately as you would from your roof antenna. Aereo merely houses it for you.

In other words, Aereo could bill itself as an antennae leasing and cloud storage service. Neither of those things are illegal to operate. Aereo argues there is no difference between its service and having your own antenna to watch free TV.

But Aereo’s entire business plan is to retransmit!

True, but that in and of itself is not illegal. On its side are previous court rulings between Cartoon Network and Cablevision. These cases established that playing individual recordings of television (via DVR or cloud storage) was a private, not a public, performance.

One important difference here: Participants in this case were paying a license fee to transmit content. Aereo pays no such fee.

Who’s buying this argument?

On Aereo’s side is the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit — the second-highest federal court in the country. It ruled 2-1 (a panel of three judges hear cases like this one, which appealed a lower court’s decision) in favor of Aereo, deciding the company’s offerings were essentially an off-site DVR and should not be considered public performance.

Who isn’t buying this argument?

A judge in Utah. He granted a preliminary injunction against Aereo on the grounds that the company had violated copyright law. The ruling disagreed about the interpretation of the relevant copyright law.

Neither is Judge Denny Chin, the dissenting voice Aereo’s 2-1 victory in the Second-Circuit Court decision, who said: “What Aereo is doing is not in any sense ‘private.’”

These judges take a macro approach: Aereo is commercially retransmitting these  performances on a wide scale. Regardless of if it uses thousands of antennae or one antenna, they reason that Aereo is retransmitting copyrighted programs to the public.

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iTunes Now Offers ‘The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson’


Apple’s iTunes said “Hi-yo” to footage from The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson, as Carson Entertainment Group on Tuesday unfurled 15 hours of archived clips from the iconic late-night TV show exclusively for download on iTunes.

“Heeeeeere’s Johnny!” the @iTunesTV account posted on Twitter, accompanied by a download link.

The release is part of the group’s ongoing effort to digitize Carson‘s archive, which spans from 1962 to 1992. Previously, footage of the “King of Late Night” made its way to YouTube in 2011 with videos uploaded each week, sometimes based on YouTube users’ requests.

In addition to the two iTunes compilations (one volume is priced at $14.99, the other at $19.99; or download both for $29.99), you can purchase up to 50 different alert tones with catchphrases like “here’s Johnny,” “hi-yo” and “we’ll be right back,” priced at $0.99 each. Carson’s Facebook page teased some of the highlights, revealing that Robin Williams, Ellen DeGeneres and Jay Leno will be among some of the first appearances.

Johnny Carson on iTunes

iTunes listed the following description for the compilations:

This hilarious combination is a must-have for any Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson fan! It features the most memorable moments throughout the decades, a TV special of Johnny’s return home to Nebraska, the final two bittersweet Tonight Show episodes, the funniest stand-up comedian routines, laugh-out-loud animal visits and highlights from sixteen classic episodes of the Tonight Show each with their own sidesplitting monologues and legendary guests!

Are you a Johnny Carson fan? If so, are you planning to purchase these archives on iTunes? Share with us in the comments below.

11 Things I Learned Being Killed Off On "Scandal"

This is what it feels like when you learn that creator Shonda Rhimes is going to have your character be brutally murdered and finally come to terms with what happened.

Dan Bucatinsky won the 2013 Emmy Award for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series for his role as James Novak on ABC’s Scandal. After James was killed off in the March 20 episode of Scandal, BuzzFeed asked Bucatinsky to share his experiences.

View this image ›

1. Wear man Spanx.

Wear man Spanx.

View this image ›


If you’re going to be lying on the ground for long periods of time on camera — and they will see your whole body in close up — it doesn’t hurt to look trim, young, and cute. Even if you’re all dead and everything.

2. Fake blood can stain said man Spanx.

Fake blood can stain said man Spanx.

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Dan Bucatinsky

I had no idea when we set out to shoot the, well, shooting scenes of my last episode, how much fake blood we’d actually need. Take after take, they poured fake blood onto my coat, shirt, and into my mouth. And as that cold, rainy night on the streets of Hollywood pushed into early morning — I had no idea how those pesky blood stains would settle in under my nails, on my lips — and yes, into my reliable men’s Spanx tank. After several washings, I still see a yellowish round stain on my tank — a not-so-gentle reminder of that dramatic final scene between me and Scott Foley — and a fateful night for James Novak.

3. Grief is grief.

Grief is grief.

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Dr. Kubler-Ross’ famous stages of grief really come in handy when faced with your character’s death off a show you love. Upon hearing the news that James would not survive after Episode 314, I made an almost textbook transition through the five stages:

DENIAL. Surely, this couldn’t really be happening. Why am I getting calls about fitting me for FIVE different trench coats because of the blood stains? What blood stains? Oh. I know! I’m getting Josh Malina’s calls by mistake!

Then I transitioned into ANGER. How could they do this to me?! We all love one another. We’re a family! And since when do family members hurt one another? OK, bad example. How will I pay for my Botox? Oh wait. I won’t need Botox. I’m not on TV anymore. I soon moved into BARGAINING…with a series of emails to Shonda and the writers: “What if James was just injured? Kidnapped by aliens and dropped in the woods, left to gnaw on his restraints and drink his own urine till he claws his way back to the White House on hands and knees? Too much? Oh! James could have a twin! Yes?? Hello?”

After that, I sunk into DEPRESSION. I was just sad. Sure, I had to say good-bye to this extraordinary family of actors, crew, and writers. But what about the clothes? Good-bye, Paul Smith. I love you…so much. Soon came the requisite bowls of cereal that help to stuff those pesky sad feelings… and then, of course, I remembered I still had to appear on camera?! (See item No. 1)

And at long last — I managed my way to ACCEPTANCE. After all, Stages 1–4 didn’t really work. I was still dead. And my drive-on at Sunset Gower Studios was revoked and those frantic waves from the street had lost their charm.

4. It’s hard to keep your eyes open in the rain.

It's hard to keep your eyes open in the rain.

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Dan Bucatinsky

Lying on the cold, wet pavement for that first scene in “Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang” when the police and CSI team peel back the sheet where I, the corpse of James Novak, had supposedly been lying for 12 hours on a giant stain of dried blood. I forced my eyes into a blank, open stare, take after take. But then the rain started to fall. Giant drops landing on my face. Plink. Plunk. It took every drop of self control not to twitch or blink or wipe the water away. This, I thought to myself, is as close as I will ever get to an AWARENESS of being inside my own cold, lifeless body. An interesting existential exercise. But not one I care to repeat.

5. Enjoy the kumbaya moments with castmates.

Joe Scarnici / Getty Images for Variety

Michael Buckner / Getty Images for LOGO


They are there for you — truly a family of generous, supportive and talented artists. Try not to think they all should’ve been killed off instead of you. This one’s not so easy.

6. Get ER’s Dr. Robert Romano to direct your death scene.

Get ER 's Dr. Robert Romano to direct your death scene.

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Warner Bros. Television

Not only was Paul McCrane — having been killed off ER himself — sensitive and intuitive as he directed the episode, but he knew so much about how to play the actual physiological symptoms of James’ final moments. “Your lungs have bullet holes in them,” he said. Blink. Blink. I stared at him.

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Dan Bucatinsky

“Imagine trying to fill a bag with a hole in it — no matter how hard you try to fill it with air — it doesn’t fill.” And so it went. Trying different gasping sounds. Wheezing. Coughing. This wasn’t something I had a sense memory for, nor something I’d rehearsed in any acting class. A llama, I had to be once — also a cucumber. But I was really bad.

7. When Shonda calls, you answer.

When Shonda calls, you answer.

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Slaven Vlasic / Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

“Hold for Shonda.” I remember clearly how loudly I could feel my heart pound in my chest as I pulled over to the side of the road. I knew what this call was about. The previous episode had left all of us in the dark, figuratively and literally, about the fate of James and David at the end of Episode 313. Which of us would be shot — if it all? Maybe it was a misdirect. Maybe it would be a surface wound.

Everyone had theories — the actors, crew, hair, and makeup — everyone. And from what we were told, even the writers were uncertain of which path they would take. So now I’m on hold. And my heart is pounding in my chest.

“Hi,” said Shonda as she came on. And then I heard the words: “James has to die.” And there it was. She explained how it was the only organic path for the story to take. “We have to stay true to the story.” She promised to let me read the script before the next table read and she thanked me for taking it so well. That was before I stopped taking it so well.

8. Read your death episode ALONE first.

I took Shonda up on her offer to allow me to read the script before we all congregated for the table read. And I am glad I did. I sat in my friend and Scandal writer Pete Nowalk’s empty office and read through the episode. I should have backed a Kleenex truck into the room. Instead, I used the bottom of my sweatshirt — as I’d told my 6-year old son NEVER to do (“Wipe on a tissue! Wipe on a tissue!”) — but I didn’t really have a choice. So I ate every single thing in the mini-fridge… and then I lied about it.

9. Don’t do your own stunts.




The same rainy night of my death scene, we also filmed the actual shooting. The director wanted me to run as fast as I could and then, when the shots were fired, squat to the ground. I told him I would be happy to do the drop to the ground but he wasn’t having it. I had to prove to myself that I could do it. Josh Malina was filming it. He encouraged me. I ran. Scott yelled “BANG,” and I fell to the hard, wet pavement. I got up, proudly, and smiled my best “that’s how it’s done, people” smile.

I refused to let on that I had skinned my knee, possibly broken my arm, and twisted my ankle. Moments later, a young man of about my height, wearing the same trenchcoat and scarf as me — and glasses like mine — stepped onto the street. This was Curt, my stunt double. Did I mention he was young? Like 26. And thin. And well… I didn’t like it. Who wants to come face to face with the younger, cuter, thinner, and more stunt-a-licious version of yourself?

They lay down a giant mattress where the camera was stationed, and for this take, they let me run, hit my mark when the gun fired (and it was loud!), and leap face-first onto the mattress and out of frame. I did it. Three times. I also pulled my neck out and possibly caused the dislocation of several of my internal organs. What was I doing? I still had a lot of acting to do that night — and Curt was trained in leaps and falls. I limped back to my chair and suggested Curt finish the heavy lifting.

10. Use a PASSWORD on your phone.

Use a PASSWORD on your phone.

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Michael Buckner / Getty Images Entertainment

Don’t let them take pictures of you in your bloody dead makeup on your phone and then give it to your kid to play Candy Crush. They’ll find the picture. And then they’ll ask, “What happened to Daddy?” And have bad dreams. Awkward!

11. Don’t tell your Mom they’re killing you off your show by saying, “Mom, I have bad news. I’m dying.”

For obvious reasons.

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