Get to Know ‘SNL’ Newcomer Pete Davidson With These 5 Clips


‘SNL”s newest player may only be 20 years old but has a history in the business.

As SNL approaches the start of Season 40, changes were inevitable.

Just a few days ago, the show added Daily Show correspondent Michael Che to the Weekend Update desk (replacing Cecily Strong, who was an anchor for one season) and Monday it was announced that 20-year-old Pete Davidson will join the cast as a featured player.

Che and Davidson’s additions come on the heels a summer of exits, with NBC choosing not to extend the contracts of first-year performers Noël Wells, John Milhiser, and Brooks Wheelan. Additionally, Nasim Pedrad left the show in July to star in Fox’s upcoming comedy Mulaney and Michael Patrick O’Brien will not be returning to the cast. O’Brien, however, will return to his post as a writer on the show.

Staten Island native Davidson, the first SNL cast member to be born in the ’90s, got his start on the comedy circuit at the age of 16 and it wasn’t long before he attracted the attention of Nick Cannon, who began mentoring the young comedian.

At 17, Davidson, the son of a firefighter who died on 9/11, took part in Cannon’s Fresh Faces of Comedy Tour and soon began opening for Cannon as well.

By the time he was a legal adult, he became a series regular on Cannon’s MTV2 improv series Wild ‘N Out, where he didn’t hesitate to take bold jabs.

Davidson arguably best known — until now, at least — for his appearances on the MTV2 Girl Code spin-off, Guy Code.

The year that followed saw Davidson, who also appeared on Comedy Central’s House Party with Adam DeVine in 2013, book a few acting roles. First, he co-starred in a Fox pilot with Justin Long and Nick Frost called Sober Companion, which was ultimately not ordered to series for this season, and then he took a bit part on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

In April, Davidson scored a coveted stand-up gig on Jimmy Kimmel, which at the time had gone almost a year without featuring a comedian, Davidson later said.

Most recently, Davidson called attention to his collaboration with rapper and YouTuber Awkwafina, via his Facebook page.

But we’re willing to bet he’ll have much more interesting videos to link to quite soon.

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‘SNL’ Alum Reunite for Seth Meyers’ Farewell


Seth Meyers seen at the NBC/Universal Winter 2014 TCA on Sunday, Jan. 19, 2014 in Pasadena, Calif.
Image: Richard Shotwell/Associated Press

Saturday Night Live alum reunited on a Weekend Update segment to bid farewell to cast member Seth Meyers, who is leaving the sketch-comedy show to host Late Night.

Amy Poehler and Bill Hader (as recurring character Stefon) humorously predicted Meyers’ post-SNL life. For his part, Andy Samberg made a brief appearance to sing “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday,” before Meyers gave a final goodbye and thanks to SNL cast, crew, writers and staff.

Watch the full clip, below:

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‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Episode 3 Recap: High Plains Hardware


MackKenzie Davis in a scene from Episode 3 of "Halt and Catch Fire."
Image: AMC

Cardiff Electric’s PC venture is well underway in episode 3 of Halt and Catch Fire, but Joe’s ambition seems to be hitting the computer cooling fan — whether it’s Cameron stalling when it comes to the BIOs code, or Gordon’s team struggling with Joe’s laptop vision, the upload speed for Cardiff’s PC mission has slowed to a crawl.

Like the pilot episode, “High Plains Hardware” opens with the death of an animal — this time, a bird outside of Gordon’s home. Gordon solemnly watches the bird struggle, and even offers to take it in to get help. Donna and his neighbor, however, tell him to let the bird pass. Gordon’s sadness over the death of the helpless bird would soon be better understood — that day at Cardiff Electric, he would be forced to lay off 46 people.

‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Episode 2 Recap: Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt
‘Halt and Catch Fire’ Episode 1 Recap: Keep Your Stories Straight

The bloodbath at Cardiff (a consequence of the PC venture and exodus of clients to IBM) leaves Gordon with a small team of engineers tasked with building Joe’s near-impossible PC design: a portable computer the size of a briefcase that weighs less than 15 pounds. Most of the engineers scoff at that notion, though Gordon maintains cautious optimism that they will be able to accomplish the build.

Meanwhile, Joe is courting venture capitalists to infuse Cardiff with money for the PC venture, but gaining little ground. Investors know about the drama with IBM and are skittish when it comes to getting involved with Cardiff. Bosworth, however, has pull with old-money investors in the South — investors that completely undercut Joe’s brash authority. One man agrees to invest in Cardiff so long as Bosworth is in charge of all financial decisions; Joe reluctantly agrees.
Joe courts VC money in Episode 3 of “Halt and Catch Fire.”

Image: AMC

But when Bosworth totes Joe to a dinner at wealthy woman’s home, he reaches his boiling point — the wealthy woman treats investment like a social accessory, and offers $10 million for an 80% stake. Joe is flabbergasted by this lowball offer and subsequently flips out on her during dinner.

Cameron’s BIOs rut is briefly alleviated when she receives her first paycheck. She blows some of it on junk food, but also befriends some punk squatters and ends up buying a hotel room for them to all party in. The boozing and dancing helps distract Cameron from the work at hand, but she cannot escape her Cardiff mission for long — a shoddy stick and poke tattoo on her arm of geometric shapes inspires a manic coding mission on the hotel bathroom mirror that ends up going nowhere. She leaves the hotel, frustrated.

We once again see how far Joe is willing to go to manipulate people to get what he wants. In order to capsize the deal between Bosworth and his wealthy female friend, Joe privately seduces the wealthy woman’s “boyfriend,” who Joe discerned earlier is actually gay. In one glance after the hookup, the woman realizes Joe sees through her showy relationship with the man and is humiliated — she pulls out of the investment deal, leaving Bosworth to ask Joe what the hell he did or said to throw it under the bus.

(Later, it’s implied he and Cameron sleep together once again — the attraction between them seems to grow when work becomes intense.)

Throughout “High Plains Hardware” we watch Donna quietly battle with her own perception of her husband — Gordon is having trouble assuming a managerial role at Cardiff, given his docile nature. And during a meeting at Texas Instruments (where Donna works), Donna encounters an old high school peer with whom she seems to share a spark — when she embarrassedly recalls being in the high school band, the handsome, charming exec replies, “You were just marking time, waiting for something better to come along.” His comment reads on Donna’s face — her clearly thinking of Gordon.

It doesn’t help that Donna’s mother is in town to remind her of the life that is available to some women in the world — travel, luxury. Nevertheless, Gordon and Donna do share a bond. It is Donna who inspires Gordon with a sophisticated way to tackle the Cardiff PC space issue, though Gordon does not credit Donna when he presents it to his team. Donna is intelligent, but craving more from her marriage.

Gordon and a Cardiff employee — who has been rubbing Gordon the wrong way throughout the episode — are driving in a car when they are suddenly T-boned. The near-death experience shifts something in Gordon, and he promptly fires the man from Cardiff on the spot, still in the smoking car.

When he arrives home, Gordon swears he can still hear the bird chirping outside, struggling through its final breaths. It did not die that morning, or the next day, or the next day. Donna asks Gordon to handle it, but Gordon, bloodied from the car accident and bleary-eyed from work, refuses.

Donna has to take matters into her own hands, carrying out the task that would typically be ascribed to the “man of the house.” She goes to the garage and picks up a shovel — from High Plains Hardware — and heads outside. There, she finds the bird still vaguely alive, but covered in ants. Gordon remains inside, not wanting to be involved. With one deft movement, Donna mercy-kills the bird, and, perhaps also, an era in her marriage.

AJ Marechal

AJ Marechal is a writer and entertainment journalist based in Los Angeles. She has held editorial positions at Allure, Harper’s Bazaar and Playboy, and most recently served as Variety’s TV reporter. At Variety, AJ covered all aspects of the televisio…More

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WNG News Anchors Perform Epic Handshake During Commercial Break

WNG News Anchors Perform Epic Handshake During Commercial Break

Back in 2009, WGN News went viral with their unique video showing WGN News anchors Robert Jordan and Jackie Bange performing their epic commercial break handshake. Their handshake started off simple, but over the years grew into an extravagant show. Now, five years later, Robert and Jackie are back with an even more elaborate handshake which is trending. 


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9 ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Actresses In and Out of Character

Prison scrubs are a tough look to pull off.

The characters in Orange Is the New Black accessorize with neck tattoos, dreadlocks and meth mouth. But the actresses look much different from their mug shots on the red carpet — the comparison might surprise you.

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8 Quirky ‘Arrested Development’ Protest Posters

Everyone’s favorite dysfunctional family, the Bluths, are making a highly anticipated return to a Netflix-screening device near you. But first, we remember all the antics that made the Arrested Development gang so entertaining for three seasons.

Antics like Lindsay Bluth Funke’s erratic, yet passionate, devotion to various charities is a fan favorite (can anyone say “Neuter Fest ’98”?). Lindsay’s shenanigans prompted Shutterstock to wonder what causes the other members of the Bluth family would support. The company created posters for each of the characters based on their, let’s just say unique, interests.

Check them out below, and catch the return of Arrested Development on May 26.

George Bluth Sr.

Michael Bluth

Gob Bluth for “Equal Rights for Puppets”

Buster Bluth for “Hook-Handed Awareness”

George Michael Bluth for “Marriage Equality (for Cousins)”

Maeby Funke for “Teenage Executive Rights”

Tobias Funke for “Fire Safety Awareness”

Lucille Bluth (Can’t Be Bothered)

Breaking Bad Simpsons Couch Gag Introduction

The Simpsons introductory couch gag is one of the most famous parts of the long running animated show. For their latest gag, FOX‘s most famous family takes on AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad. Since debuting over the weekend, the video has amassed over 1.3 million hits.    


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Conan O’Brien And Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

Conan O’Brien And Alex Morgan Review Just Dance 4

Late night host Conan O’Brien is not a gamer. That’s what makes his hilarious video games review series so much fun. 

This time, he teamed up with USA Soccer gold medalist Alex Morgan to review the not-yet-released dance game Just Dance 4.

Conan playing video games is hilarious enough. But Coco playing a dance video game? Pure comedy gold.  


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Outrageous CONAN Season 3 Supercut Music Video

Outrageous CONAN Season 3 Supercut Music Video

NSFW Language Warning

It feels like just yesterday when Conan O’Brien was basically fired from The Tonight show on NBC and made the decision to jump ship to TBS on basic cable.

Thankfully, it all worked out for the best, with CONAN turning out to be a popular hit. 

To celebrate season 3, animators Smearballs and Cyriak assisted Team Coco to help make this impressive and entertaining supercut mash up music video from the best scenes from 150 hours of Coco footage. 

WTF never felt so good. 


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