Outrageous CONAN Season 3 Supercut Music Video

Outrageous CONAN Season 3 Supercut Music Video

NSFW Language Warning

It feels like just yesterday when Conan O’Brien was basically fired from The Tonight show on NBC and made the decision to jump ship to TBS on basic cable.

Thankfully, it all worked out for the best, with CONAN turning out to be a popular hit. 

To celebrate season 3, animators Smearballs and Cyriak assisted Team Coco to help make this impressive and entertaining supercut mash up music video from the best scenes from 150 hours of Coco footage. 

WTF never felt so good. 


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10 Actors Who Were On "The X-Files" Before They Were Famous

A lot of talent has come from one of the best shows in the ’90s. Video available at: http://www.youtube.com/v/5xQyROl62hg. BuzzFeedPop / Via youtube.com

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Which TV Office Should You Actually Work In?

Who says work can’t be fun?

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Which TV Office Should You Actually Work In?

  1. You got: Dunder Mifflin from “The Office”

    You’re a team player and don’t take anything too seriously. You’ve got a sassy side, but you know how to get the most out of your work day. Being stuck with a motley crew of co-workers sounds fun to you and accentuates your eccentric side. You love having a Dwight and Michael in the office just because it keeps things interesting.

    NBC / Via reactiongifs.me

  2. You got: TelAmeriCorp from “Workaholics”

    Productivity is not exactly your middle name, but as long as you have your best friends beside you, you can get through any hellacious work week. A good time is always waiting for you once your work is done. You’re a loyal and goofy friend who always finds a way to make the workday fun. Just be sure to hide that joint…

    Comedy Central / Via complex.com

  3. You got: Sterling Cooper & Partners from “Mad Men”

    As a member of Sterling Cooper & Partners, you could sell a “How to Quit Smoking” book to the whole office. You’re serious, smart, and don’t mind getting your hands dirty every once in a while. As blunt as you may be, you tend to stay guarded when it comes to your personal life. Go out and close that deal.

    AMC / Via ranker.com

  4. You got: 30 Rock from “30 Rock”

    In order to work at 30 Rock, you gotta be both funny and creative — two things that come naturally to you. You’re zany, smart, and can’t deal when work environments are monotonous. You can be a little spazzy and dramatic, just like Liz Lemon, but, people love you for it and it tends to make the day fly by.

    NBC / Via perezhilton.com

  5. You got: City of Pawnee Parks and Recreation Department from “Parks and Recreation”

    You are a caring and kind individual that just wants the best for your co-workers. You value the little things in life and you love to organize events and plans. You don’t mind working in a traditional office setting just as long as the people are interesting. Sometimes you’re feeling a little Ron Swanson-y, but can turn on your schmoozy Tom Haverford side in a second.

    NBC / Via eonline.com

  6. You got: Olivia Pope & Associates from “Scandal”

    Just like Olivia Pope herself, you work well under pressure and enjoy getting the scoop on all your cases. Glitz and glamour need to play a role in your office. You always dress for the job you want, not the one you have. You’re a very driven individual who loves seeing justice served. However, you secretly like a little drama in the office, because it keeps things interesting.

    NBC / Via chiasizo3.tumblr.com


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‘Breaking Bad’ Stars Before Meth and Albuquerque


Bill Nye And Tyne Dance The Cha Cha On Dancing With The Stars

Bill Nye And Tyne Dance The Cha Cha On Dancing With The Stars

In general, the Internet hive-mind isn’t that interested in Dancing With The Stars. That is, unless the star is an Internet hero like Bill Nye The Science Guy

Unexpectedly, Bill was invited onto the popular ABC show Dancing With The Stars, and danced the Cha Cha with Tyne for his first dance

Not surprisingly, the scientist didn’t receive the greatest reviews, but that hasn’t stopped him from trending online. 


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Sterling Says He’s No Racist, Bashes Magic Johnson in CNN Interview


Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, right, and V. Stiviano, left, watch the Clippers play the Los Angeles Lakers during an NBA preseason basketball game in Los Angeles on Dec. 19, 2011.
Image: Danny Moloshok/Associated Press

The disgraced owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, Donald Sterling, insisted he’s not a racist in an interview with Anderson Cooper on CNN Monday evening.

Sterling, who was recently banned from the NBA for life for essentially saying African Americans are not welcome attendees at Clippers games in recordings that his former girlfriend released. Though he still owners the Clippers, the other team owners are expected to vote soon on whether Sterling should be forced to sell.

During the interview, Sterling repeatedly apologized for his comments, saying his ex-girlfriend V. Stiviano “baited” him into saying what he did.

The owner also used the air time to “ask for forgiveness” from all the people he’s “hurt.”

Yet in the same interview, Sterling lashes out at Magic Johnson, former LA Lakers star who was one of the first prominent voices to call for his ousting.

He disparages Johnson’s battle with AIDS, asks what he has done to give back to people around him, and implies that African Americans do not give back to surrounding communities as much as other groups of people.

In the video below, CNN hosts a small roundtable discussing Sterling’s apology and why so much of it focused on Magic Johnson.

However, Johnson, who is CEO of Magic Johnson Enterprises, a company that strives for “community/economic empowerment,” seems to just want to move past the situation.

But for Sterling, the audio hits keep on coming. In another recently released recording of a formerly private conversation, which you can listen to below, Sterling says he only made the racist comments because he was trying to have sex with Stiviano.

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Xbox Video and Xbox Games Apps Come to Windows 8


Xbox Video and Xbox Games are coming to Windows 8; this means that starting on Oct. 26 — when Microsoft’s latest OS launches — users will be able to purchase and rent content from the Xbox Video store on their Windows 8 devices.

What’s more, they can browse the Xbox Games catalog for titles that are PC-compatible, including games that can interact with the Xbox console. Along with the new Xbox Music service, this brings a host of new entertainment options to Windows 8 right at launch.

Until now, Microsoft hasn’t offered access to its video catalog outside of the Xbox. When Windows only ran on laptops and desktops, this made sense. After all, users could download or stream video from various services, not to mention watch DVDs. But now that the Surface and other Windows 8 tablets and hybrids are about to hit the market, having access to a more robust content ecosystem is essential.

Plus, with Xbox SmartGlass, Windows 8 users will be able to push video from their Xbox to a Windows 8 device (or vice versa) with the tap of a button.

While the title selection of the Xbox Video store isn’t as comprehensive as what iTunes offers, the catalog still has a wide selection for both movies and TV. For users who are already invested in their Xbox ecosystem, bringing the content onto the PC is a no-brainer.

Microsoft says it’s committed to extending the Xbox brand beyond gaming, and moving beyond the console. It’s no wonder: Xbox is one of the most valuable brands within Microsoft. Bringing Xbox services and extending its content to more devices only makes that brand more powerful.

Xbox Video and Xbox Games are just the latest entertainment-focused apps to hit Windows 8. Last week, Netflix released its official app for the OS. On Monday, Hulu Plus got the Windows 8 treatment, and it looks great.

Again, the real potential of these app-specific developments is when you look at Windows RT tablets, such as the Microsoft Surface. Out of the gate, Windows 8 will have support for the biggest entertainment video platforms and the ability to easily connect to an Xbox account to play games or view achievements. In the future, we can envision multiplayer games getting released on Xbox and Windows 8 simultaneously, with the option of users picking up a match from one device to the next.

Are you excited about Xbox content making its way to Windows 8? Let us know in the comments.

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Sarah Palin set to host new outdoors show; Haters hope she gets shot


Sarah Palin will soon be starring in her own outdoors show, “Amazing America,” on the Sportsman Channel:


Naturally, the news has attracted some haters:


Charming. But some dirtbags weren’t content to stop at just run-of-the-mill nastiness; they had to up the sickening ante:





Twitchy coverage of Sarah Palin

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E!’s (Not-So) Fun Facts at the Golden Globes Inspire Meme

The E! Entertainment Network is famous for its award show red carpet coverage, which usually involves a fancy new GlamCam or Mani Cam or other cam spotlighting the dolled-up attendees.

But this weekend, the inclusion of E!’s “fun facts” scrolling across the bottom of the TV screen at the 71st Golden Globe Awards made waves instead. The lighthearted trivia tidbits quickly shifted from fun to WTF.

Twitter lit up Sunday evening when a fact about actor Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s diagnosis popped up on the screen.

Michael J. Fox

The factoid felt insensitive, considering the actor has charmed audiences since his Family Ties days and has tallied up a great deal of trivia-worthy facts that don’t involve his health. For instance, his middle initial doesn’t stand for anything; it was added to differentiate himself from another Michael Fox in the Screen Actor’s Guild.

The network apologized on Monday, according to a statement obtained by Entertainment Weekly:

The network said it regretted the insensitive remark. In its statement, E! said that “We understand the serious nature of the disease and sincerely apologize.”

But that wasn’t soon enough to stop the meme-makers from having a field day with the gaffe. Take a look below.

80 Years After Bonnie and Clyde, Audiences Still Mesmerized


Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway play the famed outlaws in the 1967 film ‘Bonnie and Clyde.’
Image: Flickr, Laura Loveday

They were the crime world’s Romeo and Juliet.

For 80 years, the tragic tale of the rebellious Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow has fascinated audiences. Back in the early 1900s, the star-crossed lovers raised hell in the states, murdering and robbing banks with their gang of outlaws. After becoming infamous for their deadly antics, the pair was (spoiler alert) ambushed and killed by law officers in on May 23, 1934.

But pop culture isn’t ready to let them go. For decades, the story of the young and reckless criminals has been the subject of movies, musicals, TV shows and popular songs. Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty cemented the duo’s iconic status on the silver screen, while Jay Z and Beyonce ushered the legacy into the 21st century.

Here are six pieces of pop culture that will never let Bonnie and Clyde die.