Man Runs Into a Black Bear While Texting and Walking (Video)

Man Runs Into a Black Bear While Texting and WalkingMan Runs Into a Black Bear While Texting and Walking

A black bear was filmed roaming the streets of La Crescenta, CA, Tuesday morning. Cameras also caught the reaction of a man who walked into the scene while texting.

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Girl’s Apartment Search Escalates With Awkward X-Rated Sext Twist From Her Broker

We can’t stop reading this botched text attempt from the broker: it’s art. 

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    Buckle up, this one escalates ferociously quickly!

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    Can’t pass up a solid apartment opportunity, huh?

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Everything You Need To Know About Sexting

Sext is natural, sext is fun, sext is best when it’s one on one. BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { if (BF_STATIC.bf_test_mode) localStorage.setItem(‘posted_date’, 1407878343); }); BF_STATIC.timequeue.push(function () { document.getElementById(“update_posted_time_3416077”).innerHTML = “posted on ” + UI.dateFormat.get_formatted_date(1407878343); }); Video available at: BuzzFeed Yellow / Via

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Guys Admit What They Do With The Nude Pics You Send Them

Have you ever wondered if the guy you sent nudes to shares those pics with his friends? Yeah, me too. (Thats why Reddit threads where guys spill their guts are amazing.)

In an ideal world,a guy wouldnt share a girls nudes with other people. But the rational part of me knows better: A guy would likely want some opinions, or to showoff the pictures he got.

Hey, if a guy sent me a nude photo of him, Id probably have a group chat about it with all my girl friends.But thats just me.

Here are 10 guys on whether theyve ever showed people a girls nudes:

This guy saves the good stuff for IRL:

I would show in person but would never send it to anyone.


This guy is too private:

The fact that a lot of people share private things with other people is the reason why I would never allow someone to record me doing things. Nope nah never not happening. You probably should just not do that anymore tbh.


This guy deletes them when he breaks up with her:

They get deleted once were [sic] no longer seeing one another.


This guy has only showed pictures of his ex once:

Like most have said, sometimes they do and sometimes they dont. Personally I have never shown pictures of the girl I am currently seeing to any friends. However, I have drunkenly showed a friend pictures of my ex before.



I just put it on pornhub.


According to this guy, only a certain kind of guy shares them:

I never share but i know some guys who do. Its really easy to tell what sort of guys will share nudes.


This guy thinks sending a girls nudes is fucking rude:

i used to sometimes when i was in my teens/early 20s since i was an asshole. i dont anymore because its kind of fucking rude.


This guy says most guys send them:

Most guys do. Most means 99.99% 0.01 percent wont.


This guy has them but wont share:

I never share them. Basically my rule is, we both own them. If one of us wants them deleted, theyll get deleted.I keep the vids/pics in encrypted form so even if my computer was stolen/looked through, nobody would get to them.


This guy admits guys will share them if they werent really attached to the person:

Some guys show other guys pictures of [sic] videos of people they have never had a thing with.


Women Read Offensive Text Messages From Guys [LABS]

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20 Texts Guys Send To Their GFs They’d Never Want Their Bros To See


People have collectively decided that finding someone to grow old with is one of those things you should probably do at some point in your life, but it’s important to strike a balance between that relationship and the ones you have with the people you’re not having sex with.

It’s not impossible to date someone without abandoning the life you once knew and loved, but a few things are inevitably going to change.

The mentality you have when texting girls is probably different than what’s going through your head in a group chat with your friends from college, and a relationship is only going to widen that gap.

All people text their significant others things they probably wouldn’t want other people to see (for a variety of reasons), which is fine when the SO is the only person who sees it.

However, if your phone falls into the wrong hands, some of these messages might be a little awkward to explain.

Everybody knows you do NOT touch a man’s Moscato without his permission


AKA “The Perfect Saturday”


Guys can be pathetically self-conscious too


It might be cute, but that’s exactly why you want to keep it a secret


Fresh to death


This is probably a lie you tell your girlfriend when you want to score bonus points, but good luck convincing your friends that’s the case


Guys, like Cyndi Lauper and girls everywhere, just want to have fun


Guys have pubes too


That’s one way to look at things


I’ve, um, heard they’re also incredibly comfortable


Sometimes your emotions get the best of you


That previous statement applies in multiple situations


Your phone should automatically turn off if you ever do this


Asking the important questions


And the more important questions


AND the somewhat less important, but still kind of awkward questions


Good luck explaining this one


It’s worth a shot


It’s therapeutic for everyone involved


It’s like a DVR you can have sex with


There are certain lines you just don’t cross


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Clever Actress Changes Her Stalker’s Name to “God” and Weirdly Inspirational Texts Ensue

Yesterday, the young and talented actress Madison Iseman who stars on the CMT show — “Still the King” — shared a series of unnervingly creepy texts she’d been bombarded with by, from a random guy (adept at ruining one’s personal space) she met. You’ve almost (almooost) gotta hand it to creeper dude for his display of blind persistence in the face of undeniably disinterested radio silence. But obviously, the real MVP here’s Iseman for swapping that contact info out for “God” to shed some humorous light on the shituation. 

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What Does Your Favorite Emoji Say About You?

*inserts moon emoji*

What Does Your Favorite Emoji Say About You?

  1. You got: The Jokes-turd

    You don’t take a lot of things seriously, like this shitty quiz. Although everything is a joke to you, you always seem to get your shit done when you have to. Keep up the fun and don’t let anyone flush your sense of humor away.

  2. You got: The Partier

    You and your homegurls know how to have a good time. You will come up with any excuse to wear a black leotard and weird pegs sticking out of your head. If anyone gets in your way, just kick ‘em in the face.

  3. You got: The Sassafras

    Sass is your middle name. You know how to tell it like it is. When words can’t describe how you’re feeling, a raise of the arm and a sassy look will surely do the trick.

  4. You got: The Optimist

    You don’t even know what negative means. When others are down, you can easily pick them up with your words of affirmation and cheerful mood. Make sure you always have a fresh layer of deodorant on, especially if you keep raising those arms in the air like that.

  5. You got: The Independent

    You are an extremely confident individual. There isn’t a moment that goes by when all eyes aren’t on you and your saucy outfits. Keep WERKIN’ your good side and don’t let the haters stop you from showing off your ankle.

  6. You got: The Expressionist

    It’s easier for you to show emotion with your body language than with words. You’re goofy and fun to be around and you know how to work a crowd, even with that wonky eye.

  7. You got: The Even-Tempered One

    DAYUM! You have a smile that is out of the world. You’ve pulled quite a few all-nighters in your lifetime, but you always know how to stay calm, cool, and collected.

  8. You got: The Believer

    You BELIEEEEVE! You tend to worry a lot, but it always works out in the end because you BELIEEEEVE! You think everything happens for a reason, including the results on this quiz.

  9. You got: The Sly One

    You’re clever, cunning, and smart. Some might call you mischievous, but you don’t curr what others think. How many phucks do you give? NONE, including this quiz.

  10. You got: The Princess… duh

    You appreciate the finer things in life. Some might call you privileged, but you just call yourself a princess. If anything, everyone should bow down to your royal emojiness whenever you walk into a room.

  11. You got: The Animal Lover

    You’re furrocious and not afraid to bring out the claws to defend yourself. No matter how sticky the situations you get yourself in are, you’ll always land on your feet. You live on the edge because HELLO, you have nine lives.

  12. You got: The Tough Cookie

    Don’t mess with you! You have tough skin and can handle almost anything thrown your way (except for sticks and stones). Just make sure to keep drinking your milk.

  13. You got: The Romantic

    People love you and YOU love people. You’re affectionate, kind, and not afraid to open up your heart to others. You don’t handle break ups well, but it’s never too much longer before you find someone else to obsess over.

  14. You got: The Prankster

    You get a weird satisfaction out of scaring others. You have a solid group of friends who love your spontaneity and appreciate your jokes. One thing is for sure: wait, where’d you go?!?!

  15. You got: Utterly Fabulous

    You’re fabulous. A lot of people are jealous of you and your upper class lifestyle, but who could blame them? You’re flawless.

  16. You got: The Homebody

    You’re a homebody and know how to properly relax after a long work week. There’s nothing you enjoy more than the company of your friends, White Zinfandel and Chardonnay. Cheers!

  17. You got: The Low Maintenance One

    You’re a laid back kind of person who knows how to have fun in any situation. It may sound cheesy, but you find value in the simpler things in life. Oh. And you really love pizza.

  18. You got: The Immature One

    You have a tendency and talent to find the hidden meaning things. Some might call you immature, but you’re just vigilant. You notice details in life that people often tend to overlook. Keep dicking around, it suits you.


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Guy Epically Shuts Down Tinder Match Who Makes Rude Comment About His Height

Fellow vertically challenged men, lend me your ears (or eyes, in this case).

Some dude completely shut down a girl on Tinder who took a shotat his height, and we can all learn from his sass.

I’m not sure how the conversation was going before this happened, but I assume there was some mention ofhow tall the guy is.

Then, it looks like the girlreveals she’s 5 feet 1 inch tall before saying after,“I prefer tall guys lol.”

Hang on, isn’t pretty much everyone in the world taller than you if you’re 5’1″?

The girl (who already lost major points with that first comment) goes on to say, “I’m kinda biased about heights lol I’m gonna try to be open-minded though.”

Now she’s asking for it.

The guy’s response to all of this is pure gold.


*Celebratory airhorns like the ones from a terrible rap song*

Such a deep burn.

Let’s not rule this pair out yet, though — they might be a match made in heaven.

Their lives couldbe blessed with tiny, unattractive kids in years to come — but probably not.

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This Girl Was Ghosted Twice By A Guy Who Vanished In The Middle Of The Night

This week we have Angela* who was ghosted not once, but TWICE by a guy her friend set her up with:

I got ghosted by the same guy TWICE.

A mutual friend set us up, thinking we would be a good match. It took us about a month before we finally went on a first date, but that entire month beforehand, we were texting nonstop.

I even texted him every single day of my vacation, pissing off my travel mates in the process.

Before I even met him, I was head over heels. He was insanely witty and made me laugh at just about everything.

Things got better when we finally met. We had a four-hour date that was constant laughter and talking. To boot, he looked like my celebrity crush, Jake Gyllenhaal.


After date one, we went on a few more, but we never went past kissing. I liked him a crazy amount more than Id ever liked anyone.

I brought him out with friends one night, and while it was kind of strange night (my friend got pretty drunk), we had an awesome time laughing nonstop and constantly kissing each other at the bar. My friends thought we were already a couple.

That night, he slept over, but I was still hesitant to sleep with him. The next morning, I dropped him off at home and that was the last I heard from him.

I texted him a few times with no response and finally sent him this FB message because I was so hurt:


He never responded.

Fastforward one-and-a-half years later, and I go to a party to meet a friend. Lo and behold, there is my ghoster. I was embarrassed and tried to avoid eye contact with him, talking to other guys at the party instead.

I was alone for one moment, making myself a drink, and he WALKED UP TO ME. I was being insanely standoffish, but he pressed on.

I got a little too drunk at the party, and we actually ended up having a really good time together. He was making me laugh just like before, and I started to think that maybe I had done something wrong or it was just a misunderstanding.

I brought him back to my place later on in the night. We were making out, and things were getting hot and heavy. I broke away and asked why he stopped talking to me and explained how shitty it made me feel.

He couldnt have been more apologetic, saying we had something so good and he messed it up. He also saidI was beautiful, and he thought we could have been something, too.

That night, he also confessed thathis grandmother had passed away when we were seeing each other, and he was just so messed up from it that he shut down.

I knew he was really close with his grandma, so I gave him the benefit of the doubt. I still had my guard up, though, and refused to sleep with him that night.

We fell asleep cuddling. But the next morning, I woke up to see he hadvanished in the middle of the night, leaving my sliding glass door (that leads outside) slightly ajar.

I was FUMING. I couldnt believe I let him in again. I messaged him on FB again after that because I was honestly so in shock that he was that much of a coward.


And guess what? He never responded.

I dont understand.




Weve featured stories about people who were ghosted twice by the same dudein this column before, but the whole thing still really confuses me in this case because they were introduced by a mutual friend. Now, youre making your friend look bad!

Also, if you have a mutual friend, odds are, youre going to run into each other at some point. So why in the world would you opt to set yourself up for such awkwardness?? It just doesnt add up!

Have you ever had an experience similar to this? Do you see where this guy was coming from? Have you been ghosted twice by someone?

Comment your thoughts below!

Again, if you have your own submission for Boom, Ghosted feel free to email it over to


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