When You Add Up These 3 Numbers, You Don't Get A Sum — You Get A Disaster

Next time someone asks about the weather, talk about what the weather will be like in 15 years instead. Because according to these numbers, the forecast is pretty much “sunny with a chance of human extinction.”

Check out Bill McKibben‘s recent Rolling Stone article that tackles climate change’s number game.

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A Dangerous Disease Is On The Rise, And These Wildly Intelligent Teens Are Here To Explain Why

Did you know that Type 2 diabetes (Wait! Don’t click away yet!) is on the rise in young people? It’s an issue that’s ridiculously important but also incredibly complicated. What’s causing it? How much blame can we place on the youth themselves? What do race and class issues have to do with it? Well, let me tell you: This performance nails every part of it. Every. Part.

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Please Like, Share, Comment, Like Again, Post, And Don’t Forget To Comment

Facebook, along with the rest of the Internet, is having a profound impact on our brains and psychological behavior. Check out this chart for more info, if you can focus on it long enough. 

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Cities Are The Opposite Of Nature, Right? Here's A Futuristic Twist On That.

What do Berlin, Chicago, Mexico City, Montreal, and São Paulo all have in common? Well, for one thing, a lot of wildlife. Many urban areas are doing a lot to foster plants and animals as well as improve the standard of living for humans. There are big challenges, but cities are where it’s at. Enjoy this trippy journey into how the urbanized world might look in 2030 and beyond.

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Just How Fair And Balanced Are The Olympics, Anyway?

When you look at it this way, every region in the Olympics is an underdog.

Gustavo Sousa, who created this project, says he didn’t include a color key because “you can almost figure that out as you read through; I thought that process of discovery was interesting.” But for those of you with less time on your hands, here’s a quick reference guide:

Oceania: blue. Europe: black. Americas: red. Africa: yellow. Asia: green.

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The Next Time A Guy Ogles Me, I'm Going To Stop Him And Show Him This Video

This goes out to the creepy dude on my morning walk to work. I see you. I KNOW you see me. These two women sound off to the comments that I tune out with headphones. They’re braver than I am.

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It Was Really Funny And Kinda Gross And I Laughed … Until The End. Then It Was Awful. Point Made.

Trigger warning: This video depicts domestic violence toward the end.

I think it goes without saying that we’re not trivializing domestic violence by likening it to things like nose-picking. However, in case it needs to be stated, the point is that just about anybody would look at these situations and feel that they’re not exactly socially acceptable. And yet we don’t always take domestic violence as seriously as we should — we say things like, “Why didn’t she leave?” and “He shouldn’t hit her, but she stays, so she’s allowing it.”

So let’s get this right: Domestic violence is never, under any circumstances, OK. And there’s no “but…”

(I do have to disagree with one part: It’s totally acceptable to dress funky and be yourself.)

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