Ever Wonder Why You're Allowed To Say Whatever You Want On The Internet?

In the murky universe of Internet law, defending free speech becomes a lot more complicated than just knowing the First Amendment. Take a moment to acquaint yourself with the law that protects your Internet freedom and mine every day, courtesy of Craig Newmark and the legal wizards at the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Know your (Internet) rights!

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When Women Are Able To Decide *When* To Have Kids, Look How The World Can Change

Thinking about how to help bring the world’s poorest people out of poverty can feel overwhelming. So overwhelming that for a lot of people, it’s more appealing to move on to less challenging problems with easier solutions. But here’s a basic solution we might want to consider, and it gets bonus points for being empowering, too.

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Why People In Other Countries Wouldn't Get The Premise Of 'Breaking Bad'

Some folks have called “Breaking Bad” the best show in the history of television, and speculation is already building around a possible return.

One thing’s for sure: The premise pretty much only made sense in this country.

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Here's How Advertisements Might Look If They Stated The Things They Make Many People Feel

We’re so inundated with images of “ideal” women that whether we intend for it to happen or not, those superficial images — and the ones we never see that might actually represent so many of us — can sometimes affect our feelings about our appearance and self-worth. I know the standard response is, “Well, don’t let it bother you!” But that’s easier said than done, particularly when we are bombarded with the standards from a very young age.

This photo series, called “Stop the Beauty Madness,” is intended to start conversations about ageism, racism, fat shaming, body image, eating disorders, sexuality, and more — all the madness that we’re presented with regularly thanks to today’s beauty “ideals.”

If ads (or a lack of certain types) displayed the words that we sometimes feel because of them:

If we could respond to the negativity, it might look like these:

And then, of course, there are the messages that begin for girls when they’re very young:

Wouldn’t it be nice if the images we saw better represented all of us? If you want, you can share this using the Facebook and Twitter buttons below.

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If They Can Make A Horse … Umm, 'Do Things' In Video Games, Why Can’t They Make Games Accessible?

54 million people have some sort of physical handicap. These can range from color blindness to deafness, muscular dystrophy, and more. But most video games are not designed to accommodate folks that could really benefit from being able to do what gamers do.

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Why Cheaters And Liars Think They're Honest, Wonderful People

Why do so many good people do not so good things? Dan Ariely and his intriguing accent explain. 

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What This President Said About U.S. Security Needs To Be Tattooed On Every Congressperson's Hand

Delano Roosevelt laid out a Second Bill of Rights, or an Economic Bill
of Rights, in 1944. Little did he know that 70 years later we’d
still be fighting for what he knew this nation needed.

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