Tank Loading Fail (Video)

в бишкеке перевернулся танкв бишкеке перевернулся танк

Meanwhile in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan…

Different angles:

Videos found via Youtube. First spotted here.

I Live In My Truck With My Dog And Travel Across The Country (Part 2)

My dog, Bobby, and I moved into my truck and left North Carolina 90+ days ago bound for Alaska. This is a follow-up post and end to the first chapter of our

We’ve driven thousands of miles, picked up hitchhikers, hiked into the wild, and discovered that we were doing more than wandering

We’ve decided to stay for a few months to explore, make connections, and start planning the next journey

We’ve given up a lot to wander. We’ve found more

I didn’t realize how much I connected with Chris’ story until we got Alaska.

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Innovative RV-Boat Hybrid ‘Boaterhome’ Launches Boat Half Like No Other Truck

The most difficult task when owning a motor boat is properly launching the marine vehicle into the water. Most people just use their truck or suv that pulls their boat on a trailer to the water to carefully launch. 

But  caught a much different boat launching scene during a trip to the lake that DailyPicks has featured for being so out of this world.

A truck RV-boat hybrid of sorts seemed to be literally backing up into the water unlike any other trailer attempting to launch a boat would. 

Then the driver hit the brakes at just the right moment for simple momentum to pull the boat half of the RV off the hidden trailer and into the water.

“That was cool,” responded the boy witnessing the event. Even CarScoop is confused by the monstrosity of an RV. 


Read more: http://www.viralviralvideos.com/2012/12/06/innovative-rv-boat-hybrid-boaterhome-launches-boat-half-like-no-other-truck/

Russian Couple Has a Lucky Escape from Oncoming Truck (Video)

A couple driving in their Subaru Outback on the road from Tyumen to Omsk, Russia, barely escape an out of control semi-truck that was veering into their lane. No one was injured.

Original video found via Youtube. Spotted here.