Horse Powered Treadmill Log Splitter (Video)

This log splitter uses only one horse-power. Literally.

Another angle:

Original video found via YouTube search. A copy spotted here.

Daily Timelapse: Rijeka – City in Motion by Goran Razic Photography

Rijeka – City in Motion from Goran Razic Photography on Vimeo.

Norman the Dog Hates Christmas Carols (Video)

Norman the Dog Hates Christmas Carols (Video)

A bullmastiff named Norman isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit. And he really hates his human’s singing…


Lassi Hurskainen Trick Shots: Real or Fake? (Video)

Finnish goalkeeper and trick-shot master Lassi Hurskainen challenges Remi Gaillard and calls out people who say his tricks are fake.

via BroBible

GoPro: Ethan Swanson’s Epic Roof Jump (Video)

Professional stuntman Ethan Swanson jumps off a building, slides down a roof, lands on stairs, and walks away like a boss…

via GoPro

PSY Gentleman (Video)

You’ll hear PSY‘s new singl Gentleman a lot in the upcoming days, so you might as well be among the first people to watch the official music video.

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Best News Bloopers of January 2014 (Video)

NewsBeFunny compiled best local news bloopers that hit the Internet in January 2014:

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Kimmel: Harrison Ford Won’t Answer Star Wars Questions (Video)

Harrison Ford stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night but refused to answer any Star Wars questions. That didn’t stop Chewbacca from crashing his interview. Watch what happened next:

via Jimmy Kimmel Live