‘Our 2nd Life’ Documentary Will Go Inside the Lives of the YouTube Supergroup

Someday, when the concept of the YouTube celebrity makes sense to us all, footage from a documentary being shot right now about Our 2nd Life (O2L) will be shown over and over again. Think of it as A Hard Day’s Night for our time.

In a world where you need only YouTube videos to motivate thousands of tweens to jam venues, scream wildly and buy merchandise, there’s no point in being a household name. In this world, you’ve either never heard of O2L, or you really, really love O2L.

For those of us in the former category, O2L is the first “vlogger supergroup,” a band of boys from their mid- to late teens who upload videos about random parts of their daily lives, in place of perfect pop harmonies and flashy choreography.

Our 2nd Life is having such a moment that for its first North American tour, which swings from Boston to Cleveland’s House of Blues on Thursday, it has brought along Michael Goldfine to capture it all for a documentary feature film. This would be Goldfine’s second film about the world of YouTube stars, Mashable can exclusively reveal.

“I have a long history of capturing music and comedy on the road and a lot of big artists over the years, so I was interested,” Goldfine told Mashable by phone during a tour stop in Virginia. “But I wanted to make sure there was an interesting story to tell. Next thing you know … I’m on road with six guys greeting throngs of 14-year-old girls all over the country.

Goldfine was the Hollywood half of the brains behind Camp Takota, the film released in February featuring YouTube stars Grace Helbig, Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart. Their comedy about going back to summer camp made a profit before filming was even complete, thanks mostly to merchandise and preorders sold to their YouTube subscribers. Naturally, a follow-up is in the works.

But in the past weeks Goldfine has been along for the ride on the 20-city tour staged by O2L. Everywhere they’ve gone, the six boys hear the screams of camped-out fans, force the closure of city blocks, hire police escorts to get around.

Though Goldfine has worked with Duran Duran and was an executive producer on Kevin Hart comedy tour hits Laugh at My Pain and Let Me Explain, he tells Mashable that he’s “never seen the passion that I’ve seen for these kids. I wanted to capture that.”

Filming started as the boys of O2L began conceiving of and rehearsing a stage show version of their schtick, which includes some singing and dancing — none of it very good, which is, of course, the point. The girls eat up every last goofy, honest minute of it, shrieking like it’s 1956 and they’re seeing Elvis for the first time.

“When you see it and experience it on film, it’s going to blow your mind,” Goldfine said. “They do play some music and they do some comedy onstage … They do like a whole show. But it’s about the experience and the interaction with fans.”

The traveling show, assembled by DigiTour, ends in San Francisco later this month. Fullscreen, the Culver City-based multichannel network and fast-growing full service agency for YouTubers, including O2L, is producing the film with DigiTour and will handle its release.

“We saw O2L’s potential when Sam, Kian and Jc initially appeared at Digifest NYC 2013 — they are the ideal act to take on the road because of their huge community of engaged fans,” said Meridith Valiando Rojas, co-founder and CEO of the Ryan Seacrest-backed DigiTour Media. “We’re excited O2L is headlining DigiTour 2014 this summer and look forward to working with Fullscreen on the documentary.”

The six members of O2L — Connor Franta, Jc Caylen, Kian Lawley, Ricky Dillon, Sam Pottorff and Trevor Moran — who met through their YouTube endeavors and all live in Los Angeles, kicked off the tour on May 28 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Though it was their first in-the-flesh tour, they sold out $75 VIP tickets at all venues in less than 30 minutes.

When it all started online, the boys’ clout has only begun to grow. Collectively, the members of O2L have more than 8 million subscribers. The 1,990,282 subscribers on their main account rank them 313th in the world, but consider this: They added nearly 35,000 subscribers in the past seven days. Of the 312 channels that rank higher in subscribers, only 15 added more during that time.

“O2L’s massive fan base is difficult to rival and the live production gives them the ability to captivate and engage with fans in each tour city,” said Larry Shapiro, head of talent at Fullscreen. “The collaboration with DigiTour Media has been paramount in developing O2L’s first series of live shows.”

"Camp Takota" Exclusive Sneak Peek Party

Michael Goldfine (second from left) with the stars of “Camp Takota” at the February 11, 2014 premiere in Los Angeles.

Image: Rodrigo Vaz

Goldfine’s passion for his Camp Takota follow-up has as much to do with the emergence of a movement as it does with the exploding popularity of Our 2nd Life, whose recent mainstream crossovers included a partnership with Conan O’Brien to promote the MTV Movie Awards.

“This movie is not just for the fans,” Goldfine told Mashable. “It’s bigger than that. […] People who are trying to understand what’s going on with YouTubers, and all these kids connecting with this new form of entertainment, it’s for them, too.”

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New video shows Boko Haram members beheading Nigerian pilot


Boko Haram hasn’t been in the news much, but now there’s this gruesome update:

Boko Haram video shows beheading of Nigeria pilot http://t.co/0XKN2aykzJ

— India Today (@IndiaToday) October 3, 2014

Boko Haram video shows beheading of Nigeria pilot http://t.co/DgiA7Uzc0w

— FOX23 (@FOX23) October 3, 2014

This is important because it suggests that Boko Haram was able to shoot down the Nigerian military airplane, which the Nigerian government had denied.

And the video also allegedly shows that the now twice-declared-dead-by-the-Nigerian-government leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekauis, is very much alive:

NEW VIDEO obtained by AFP showing Nigerian Terrorists Abubakar Shekau Claiming he's still alive.: http://t.co/L58SRNsXHz via @ogundamisi

— Oluwashina Okeleji (@oluwashina) October 3, 2014

Not funny: Boko Haram video shows Abubakar Shekau alive, but Nigerian Army insists the man is DEAD. #nonfootballtweet pic.twitter.com/EUbpBWJOV7

— Oluwashina Okeleji (@oluwashina) October 3, 2014

Nigeria’s response?

Nigeria’s Defense Headquarters suggested in a blog that the insurgents had manipulated images and cloned “another Shekau.”

Exit question: Do we believe Nigeria’s claim that it has stopped the Ebola epidemic in “it its tracks” in light of their past claims about Boko Haram?

After nearly two dozen Ebola cases, Nigeria appears to have stopped the virus in its tracks. http://t.co/AfyL0GN1Zk

— The Scientist (@TheScientistLLC) October 2, 2014

And this is a happy thought to keep in the back of your mind:

If Boko Haram or IS wanted to use Ebola as a weapon it would be ridiculously easy to obtain & deploy -just matter few crazies willing to die

— cHiMp (@No_cod_chimp) October 3, 2014


Remember those kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls? Celebs don’t. 


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What If Mitt Romney And Barack Obama Were Pen Pals In The Fifth Grade?

Looking to bridge the red
state-blue state divide? Let’s help our future senators and congressional
representatives with an old school dose of communication and promote this
effort to schools. Do it for, you know, the kids.

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I Love This Bollywood Star's Approach To Dealing With Questions About What Being Gay Means

It was a sad day for the LGBT community and activists worldwide when
the Supreme Court of India ruled to uphold Section 377 of the penal code,
which criminalizes homosexuality. Indians in India and abroad
opposed this ruling, which leaves many people in fear of
harassment and, worse, punishment by the law. I give Bollywood actor Imran Khan
a thumbs up for his clever answers and for helping to educate people
on what it means to be tolerant.

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It’s something that affects 1 in 88 of us. What if every parent knew about this early sign of it?

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The Rolling Stones Sing About Zombies


The Rolling Stones, who played their first gig 50 years ago, have returned after a seven-year hiatus. The English rockers debuted a new single, “Doom and Gloom,” Thursday on BBC Radio 2.

A mopey lyric video accompanies the release and draws even more attention to the band’s zombie reference:

“I had a dream last night I was piloting a plane, and all the passengers were drunk and insane,” Mick Jagger belts. “I crash landed in a Louisiana swamp, shot up a horde of zombies but I come out on top.”

Zombies and exploding heads aside, “Doom and Gloom” is a track from GRRR!, the group’s forthcoming three-disc greatest hits compilation due out Nov. 12. The Rolling Stones made headlines in the tech world earlier this year when a clever 404 error message on its website surfaced.

Are you digging the band’s new tune? Does it make you want to watch The Walking Dead right now, too?

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Looking to Hire Top Talent? Try Recruiting With Video


Josh Tolan is the CEO of Spark Hire, a video powered hiring network that connects job seekers and employers through video resumes and online interviews. Connect with him and Spark Hire on Facebook and Twitter.

The typical recruiting process is inefficient. This is the best explanation for why so many recruiters are turning to platforms like Facebook to Pinterest and beyond to source candidates. In 2011 the average cost per hire was $5,054, and the traditional recruiting process takes an average of 45 days to fill a position. This is a lot of time and money disappearing. Is it any wonder why more recruiters are looking at the popularity and usefulness of online video?

According to comScore’s 2012 US Digital Future In Focus report, 105.1 million Americans are watching online videos every day. Another recent study showed 56% of people are watching online videos at least once a month on their mobile devices. With the amount and portability of online video, recruiters have begun to look at the benefits of this technology.

Recruiters should take advantage of this growth in online video to shorten the hiring process and find great people. What are some ways recruiters can get hiring faster with the power of the smallest screen? Below, we’ve outlined a few ways to use video in the recruiting process.

Brand Your Company

Video can be a great way to brand your company as a fun, innovative place to work. Interested job seekers want to know more about the company culture and what life would be like as an employee. The small paragraph at the bottom of your job description might be fine to give job seekers a taste, but it doesn’t tell them all that much. With video, you can give a clearer picture of the company values and what day to day life in the workplace looks like.

The latest instance of a great company video is this low-budget outing from Twitter. In this parody, Twitter pokes fun of the typical company recruiting video. While doing so, the Twitter team still manages to show off the company culture, while branding themselves as a great place to work with an equally good sense of humor. Recruiters can use video to play up the most important aspects of the company culture so they’ll attract candidates with similar values who will want to stick around. Video is a quick, creative, and relatively cheap way to instantly brand your company as a good place to spend eight hours (or more) a day.

Enhance the Job Description

Sometimes the traditional job description can be a bit lacking. Maybe because job seekers are usually just looking at a list of skills and attributes with little background information. Recruiters can now use video to put a more personal touch on the job description. In less time than it would take to draft an exhaustive list of qualifications, recruiters can record a video discussing the position, the company and the attributes of the ideal job seeker. Putting a face on the company will engage prospective hires while at the same time portray more information in a shorter amount of time.

Interview Top Talent

One of the best ways to use online video for recruiting is during the interview process. Online video can really shorten the traditional procedure of finding and interviewing top talent. Here are a few of the ways video can be used to enhance or even supplant the tired old routine:

  • Video Resumes: If recruiters can sell their companies and positions on film, job seekers can now do the same with video resumes. But it’s not just job seekers seeing the benefits of video resumes. For recruiters, video resumes allow soft skills like personality fit and communication skills to be evaluated earlier in the hiring process. Now recruiters can save themselves a phone call or in person meeting with a candidate they immediately know is wrong for the position.

  • Recorded Interviews: For the recruiter who just doesn’t have time to spend a half hour on the phone with a potential candidate, recorded interviews can help. In this scenario, recruiters pose interview questions to potential hires, which they then answer on video. It’s like combining the typical application process with a normal interview. Best of all, these videos can be viewed by anyone on the team at any time, making interviews easy to fit into even the busiest schedule.

  • Live Interviews: Live interviews work just like a regular in person interview session, only without all the hassle, since they’re done online using video platforms. Recruiters can avoid travel costs and scheduling conflicts and job seekers can avoid getting stuck in traffic.

What are some ways you use video in the recruiting process? Please share with us in the comments.

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