Amazing Octopus Camouflage (Video)

Amazing Octopus Camouflage (Video)

An octopus shows off its incredible cloaking capabilities. You’ll probably want to replay this video several times and watch it very carefully cause that octopus appears out of nowhere!


Montreal Fire Truck Rams Police Cars to Reach Blaze (Video)

A fire truck pushes its way through two cop cars and a parked BMW to get to the scene of a fire in Old Montreal, Canada.

Video by Alexis Gravel. H/T: Jalopnik

Baby Gorilla Takes a Bath (Video)

Baby Gorilla BathingBaby Gorilla Bathing

Baby gorilla from Twycross Zoo in Leicestershire, UK takes a bath and loves every second of it. Bonus cuteness: a baby chimp keeps him company. Filmed in 1967, courtesy of The British Pathé Film Archive.


Fox Plays With Dog’s Toy (Video)

Lupe Johnson, a Chiweenie dog, is getting frustrated watching a fox play with a toy she left outside in her yard in Yukon, Canada…

Watch it in full HD:

Original upload by Samantha Ng. A copy first spotted here.

Winter the Lamb Bounces Down the Hall (Video)

Winter the Lamb comes bouncing down the hall when he’s called!

It’s a Vine video, so don’t forget to unmute the sound in the bottom right corner:


Cat Powered Fan (Video)

Cat Powered FanCat Powered Fan

This smart kitty is probably an electrician by trade…

via leandrodoro

Dog Alarm Clocks Compilation (Video)

Dog alarm clocks give cat alarm clocks a run for their money in the newest compilation from HuffPost. You be the judge who’s actually the best, cats or dogs:

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via HuffPost

Street Fighter Red Tape: Chun-Li (Video)

Pete Holmes tries to flirt with Street Fighter Chun-Li during an HR meeting…


via Pete Holmes

Extreme Teeterboarding (Video)

Cirque Du Soleil acrobat David Rimmer training a teeterboarding routine with his partner Steph. Insane stuff!


Stuck Prairie Dog Gets Rescued from a Hole (Video)

Some good people in Russia rescue a prairie dog that was stuck in its hole…