Hillary Clinton Turns The Tables On John McCain's Benghazi Grandstanding

Maybe I’d be more sympathetic to their case if the people who are constantly raising hell about helping Libya would stop blocking any effort to actually help Libya. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the Benghazi controversy, Sen. McCain spends until 5:41 laying out his case. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s response really takes off around 6:30

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I'd Never Say A Pop Star's Music Video Is Crucial To Watch, But I'm Making An Exception Now

It’s easy to be cynical of pop stars when they record songs to support causes. Typically, I am that cynical person. But this time I don’t care, because British pop star Ellie Goulding has recorded a beautiful song to shed light on this critical issue.

If Ellie’s song can get thousan

ds more people to see and understand what’s happening in this country, all the better.

If you are British: You can donate to Save the Children’s Syria efforts now by downloading Ellie Goulding’s “I Know You Care.”

If you are an American: You can donate to Save The Children here.

If you’re in Canada: You can donate to Save the Children here.

If you’re an Aussie: You can donate to Save the Children here.

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What Being Imprisoned Taught George Takei About America

When George Takei was only 5, he and his family were imprisoned in an American internment camp. While it might seem that World War II would challenge his faith in America, hear George talk about what he learned from that experience, his parents, and a segregated Japanese-American army battalion.

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Guess Where The 'Most Dangerous' Place In The World Is To Be A Journalist

Riding motorcycles, chasing ambulances, and dodging death threats? No, it’s not the plot of a new crime thriller — it’s the real story of a fearless few in search of a story few others would try to tell.

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I Support Our Troops. Take This Guy For Example. I Support Him.

Just like everything in life, perspective is everything. If the American people really want to support the troops, the answer isn’t a ribbon on a car. It’s listening to soldiers like this guy and refusing to tolerate war just because it’s not you and me on the front lines.

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A 12-Year-Old Egyptian Boy Flabbergasts An Interviewer. They Weren't Expecting A Political Genius.

This 12-year-old Egyptian boy is putting together some very complex arguments against the Muslim Brotherhood’s attempt to grab power in Egypt. If you think he’s just regurgitating a script or something, watch him answer a question about gender equality at 1:57.

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A Reporter Accused Her Of Teaching Hate To Children. Her Reply Is Angry. And Haunting. And Perfect.

This woman talks about one of the most controversial topics in the world in the only way she knows how: as a witness, a storyteller, an activist, and a human. I dare you not hear her angry, beautiful refrain the next time you turn on the TV and see media coverage of the turmoil she describes.

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You Know That Epic Courtroom Speech You've Always Fantasized About Giving? Someone Did.

This speech comes from an episode of Boston Legal (of all places) that first aired in 2006. The incredible closing argument touches on everything from Abu Ghraib to the criminalization of protest in America. You don’t want to miss this one.

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I Usually Hate Watching Moms And Kids Cry Their Faces Off, But Today I'll Make An Exception

When I think about my friends in the military, I just hope they make it home safe to their families to live long, healthy lives. Every soldier should get a return like this, and should continue to thrive on U.S. soil and be successful in life. Cheers to all of these beautiful families.

Unfortunately, many soldiers do not get this kind of return. They come back to huge economic hardships and mental and physical health problems. It is a terrible way to welcome home our veterans, and sort of embarrassing for us as a country. However, there are organizations that help our returning troops get the support they need, and you can learn more about them by clicking here.

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This Family Has Been Basing Their Life On 5 Words Since 1916

I know that the situation between Israelis and Palestinians is complicated, but we need to share the stories of people who are trying something surprising. The Tent of Nations has an unusual plan to build peace: refuse to be enemies. What if we all tried that?

On May 19, 2014, the Israeli government bulldozed the Nassar family’s farm, killing 1,500 olive trees and apricots that were almost ready for harvest. You can learn more on Between the Lines (a nonpartisan organization) and see photographs on the Tent of Nations’ Facebook page.

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