The Vintage Sex Toys Women Used to Buy Look Downright Terrifying. NOPE.

Doctors began treating “hysteria” in women during the 1800s to relieve their pent up (ahem) tension. Medical professionals originally treated their clients though manual massage. Soon, they developed some strange machinery in an attempt to make it easier for everyone.

Of course, business-minded folks saw the opportunity to cash in on the craze with their own cleverly marketed contraptions. I’m not sure how any of these would help get a lady “in the mood” for anything but a robot convention, though.

1.) Horse Exercise Machine

Endorsed by the Princess of Wales!

2.) Vibrating Chair

“You’ll realize thoroughly [sic] the joys of better health.”

3.) Star Vibrators Electric Weight Loss Machine

The most fun way to pretend to lose weight.

4.) Polar Cub Electric Vibrator

I don’t understand. Was it cold?

5.) Vibra-Finger Gum Massager

Sure, for your “gums.”

6.) Stim-U-Lax Junior Massage Instrument

Used in barbershops and bedrooms.

7.) Vibro Battery Massager

Not fooling anyone with “body.”

8.) Wahl Hand-E Massage

This chick knows what’s up.

9.) “Personal Massagers”

They got a little less subtle over time.

10.) Hitachi Electric Vibrator

The all-time favorite for customers over the years.

(via Gurl.)

It’s a good thing the sex toy industry stopped beating around the bush about their products. Some of these looked like they could actually make you go blind. How did people use…wait, nevermind.

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Man Reaches Into Cave Hole And Pulls Out Your Worst Nightmare

This unsettling video shows a man reaching into a hole in a cave wall and pulling out a squirming cluster of creepy-crawlies.

Basically, a dad pulls out a clump of “daddylonglegs” acolloquial namethat tends to refer to the 6,000 species of arachnids that fall into the Opolione order.

While this sight might fill you with nightmares, thebehavior of clustering together is pretty common in these species. They likely clump together for warmth in cool, dark caves, and todefend themselves from predators.

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Pinball Endlessly Stuck Between Bumper And Kicker

Pinball Endlessly Stuck Between Bumper And Kicker

It seems this pinball game is stuck in an impossible infinite loop!

Lilmul123 was playing at the 2014 Michigan Pinball Expo when the ball became stuck in between a bumper and kicker

He claims it went on for a few minutes before stopping, but not before racking up a ton of points! Sadly, he didn’t hit a high score. 


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Fishing under Ice (Video)

underwater fishing on lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finlandunderwater fishing on lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland

Some crazy Finnish guys diving under the ice of lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland, and putting a different perspective on underwater fishing…

Fishing under ice from Juuso Mettälä on Vimeo.

via Nerdcore

Geese Walk In Marching Band Line

For reasons only God knows, here are a row of geese in marching band line in Amsterdam. They are led by their leader and followed by the drummer. ‘Left! left! left, right, left!’ Or is it, ‘Quack! Quack! Quack, quack, quack!’?


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Girl’s Apartment Search Escalates With Awkward X-Rated Sext Twist From Her Broker

We can’t stop reading this botched text attempt from the broker: it’s art. 

  • 1

    Buckle up, this one escalates ferociously quickly!

    Via: @shodell

  • 2

    Can’t pass up a solid apartment opportunity, huh?

    Via: @shodell

  • 3

    Via: @shodell

  • 4


    Via: @shodell

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Isane Rube Goldberg Style Domino Tricks

Isane Rube Goldberg Style Domino Tricks

Dominoes masters Hevesh5 and Millionen Dollar Boy claim to have spent over three months planning, building, setting, and editing this truly ‘insane’ dominoes video.

And who could doubt them?

The collaborative dominoes video required over 20,000 pieces, and enlists stunning Rube Goldberg style tricks!

Amazing and mesmerizing!


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GANGNAM STYLE Without The Music

YouTuber  wondered what the music video for PSY‘s KPop super sensation, Gangnam Style, would be like without the music. Just the singing and sound effects. So he sat down for four hours and with an a cappella track and some sound effects completed what he set out to do. 

The resulting music video is difficult to describe. It is very odd, yet there is something enthralling about the stark contrast of outrageous dancing and visuals without the usual blasting club music.  


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Thousands Of Dead Lobsters Are Washing Up On Beaches In California

Beaches in California are turninglobster-red, literally,as droves of small crustaceans are washing up along their shores.

For about a week, numerous beaches from Orange County right down to San Diego have been frequented bythousands of red tuna crabs (Pleuroncodes planipes),many of which appear to be dead or on their last legs.

This species, which isactually from the lobster family, grows fromaround 2.5 to7.5 centimeters (1 to3 inches) in length. They can usually be found in waters off the coast of Mexicos Baja California. However, with warmer water temperatures,they tend to drift up the west coast of the U.S.

Scientists are hence pointing their finger towards El Nio as the culprit for this freak event, considering this years was such a strong one. Although it peaked some months ago, its after-effects are still being felt. One of which is the El Nioeffect, which alters ocean temperatures and currents in the eastern Pacific.

Typically such strandings of these species in large numbers are due to warm water intrusions, saidLinsey Sala, collection manager for the Pelagic Invertebrates Collection at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, in a statement.

Reuters reports that there was a similar mass stranding of this species in June 2015, whichalso coincided with an El Nio event.

Just in case youre already thinking about heading down there with some garlic, butter, and a frying pan, scientists have recommended that people dont eat them as there’s a chance they could contain toxins.

Dead and dying #redcrabs at #piratescove in #coronadelmar

A photo posted by Christine Lister (@psychprof) on May 13, 2016 at 9:03am PDT

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Big Red Hot Nickel Ball Dropped In Hot Water

Remember the science video of the ball of red hot nickel that was dropped into water to document its outrageous after-effects? That video currently stands with over two million views.

This time, the at home chemist Cars And Water used an even larger ball of nickel that he heated until it was red hot, and then dropped it into a cup of hot water. Interestingly enough, the ball of nickel reacts different from the last experiment.

As mavrick45 adds: “Sounds like me after I eat taco bell.” 

Umcarainteressante wonders what would happen if one threw “about 10 of these balls on a swimming pool!?”


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